Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hello shaker card

I love shaker cards and have
never been good at making them.  
But there's a new tool...yes, Karen,
I got it finally! called a fuse tool and
it fuses the plastic together around
whatever you are using inside your
shaker.  I'm still not good at it, but
it's a learning curve.  The plastic isn't
super flat, but this is the first one
I made.

Maybe eventually I'll get better.  It's
OK for now, I guess.  That tool is fun
but you have to be careful not to let it 
sit for long.  Just steady speed.  Also,
you don't want to cut too close to the
fused area or everything falls out
all over the floor and you have to
go into the closet and get the broom
and dustpan and pick up all the
sequins that are all over the floor.
Not that I would know about that,
of course.  Just a scenario.  And it
stinks, too!
We had a little thunderstorm earlier
this morning and it's been raining since.
I was supposed to go to lunch this 
afternoon, but she has been sick so 
we're going to an early dinner before
deaf chat tomorrow night.  I
think I'm going to trot off to Fort 
Wayne and get my ears pierced again.
That is, if they don't do it at the
Claire's here in Fremont.  It's such
a small store I don't know if they
do that or just sell things.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blue vellum and flowers

I'm still playing with vellum.  A long
time ago John ordered a pack of
vellum pieces in multi colours
because it's hard to find anything 
but clear around here.  I've looked
everywhere.  After all these
years I've still got a great deal
of it left, especially red which I
don't use a lot of.  I need to figure 
out a card with some red in it.

I'm not overly thrilled with this card
and in the picture you can't read the
sentiment.  It's from 
Deuteronomy 6:5
"Love the Lord your God with all your
heart and with all your soul and with
all your strength."
It's a little more visible on the card 
but not as much as I would have
liked.  I guess I should  have matted
it first, but I didn't think that far ahead.
It looks like fall this morning with
frost all over the ground.  But it's not
too cold out so I'm happy about that.
Our dinner was nice last night.  We
had a good time hanging out and
visiting.  I'm very blessed to have
three daughters in law that I love
very  much and one ex daughter in
law that I also love.   I didn't get
my girl, so they are the  next best thing!
And I didn't have to change diapers 
with them!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another year

Three years ago today my husband,
John, went Home to be with his
Savior.  I miss him so much, but
I'm so grateful to know I'll see
him again someday.  Cody, Pam and
I are going to go to the Great Wall
Buffet which was one of his 
favourite restaurants and celebrate
his life.  He was a good man and
we are fortunate to have had
him in our lives.  💖

Aha!  I just figured out you can
use emoticons in this program!  
Look for more!  😉

This is also a larger card.  I took a picture
of the flap opened, but the card itself also
opens where the plain paper and script meet.
So, half way.  I cut two inches off the
front of the card.  The flap tucks under
 the nested shapes medallion.  Carefully.
It's popped up on foam tape which isn't
very secure.  I glued it to the foam tape
but I have doubts on how well that will
hold and the rest isn't glued.  I had to
use two pieces of foam tape to get it
up high enough.    So it's one of those
cards you open CAREFULLY!!  But I 
absolutely love it!
It's so nice and warm this morning.
I have an appointment at 1030
(which I should be getting ready for)
and then lunch with my friend, Dianne.
I am really  looking forward to that
as I haven't seen her in two weeks
due to illness and other scheduling
problems.  I miss her!  😄
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Seeing angels

I wish I could see an angel. As a 
little girl I knew someone who said
she had served lunch to someone
who later she realized was an angel.
Mainly because one minute he was
there and when she looked again
he was completely gone.  Just that
 fast.  The story always fascinated
me.  She was a devout believer
in Christ and I have no reason to
doubt her story.  I would  like to
see one one day.  On this side of
Heaven, I mean.

I absolutely love how this card turned
out.  I used a larger card so I could 
get on it what I wanted.  I was shocked
to find out I had exactly 8 brads of
the same colour.  That doesn't happen
very often!  I don't use brads much 
but when I do I never have the right
amount.  Sometimes I use embossing
powder on them so I can have the
colour I want, but these were the
right colour and I didn't want to use 
something else.   I was going to try to use
microbeads on the diamond folds but
it turned out to be too much work
so I just made another one and lined
the edges with gold.  I love how it
turned out.  I think it looks elegant.
I'm off to have an oil change and the
weather is very nice. Well, except for 
the rain!  I should stop and 
get the car washed and vacuum it
out, too, but I probably won't!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

gemstone flourish

While I was at Hobby Lobby the other 
day they had tons of things
on sale and the gemstone flourishes
were one of them.  These are beautiful 
to use on journals, but I found some
that were small enough to look very nice 
on a card.  And on pinterest I found
a really neat embossing technique
where you emboss a card, then
turn it over, stagger it a little  and
re-emboss it.  It does flatten the
first image somewhat, but it
gives you a really cool embossed/
debossed image.  Put the two together
and voila!  Here's the card.

Isn't that cool?  I'll have to play around
with a couple other folders and see if
they look good.  I saw one card with 
embossed pine trees, then she debossed
it and it looked really nice.  I don't happen
to have that one, but I have others that
might work.
It is supposed to be only 59 today.  
Yesterday it was in the high 60's and
warm in the morning.  It's all rainy
and chilly today.  With a cold
breeze to move the cold along.
Welcome to Spring, I guess. 
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Good times great

I was trolling on pinterest this
morning like I always do and
I saw a scored card that was so
cool.  I'm pretty sure they did
it with an embossing folder, but
I got out my trusty scoreboard and
played around until I came up with
something I liked.

I thought about putting pearls at the
intersections like the card on pinterest
but that seemed like it would be too
much for this card.
I also found something at hobby lobby
yesterday (hey I had an appointment
next door! ) that was half off.  I have 
always wanted to make rosettes but
I never seemed to have the knack.
Enter a punch that does pretty much
everything for you.

The rosettes wouldn't work very well for a
card unless you were hand delivering
it, I suppose.  They would make cute
gift bag embellishments.   This is just
the first one so there's nothing spectacular
about it.  Then again, my next and next
and next won't be spectacular either.
The punch cuts and scores, but you still
have to have the talent to make something
with it when you're finished.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Black and white with script

I haven't used this embossing 
folder in a long time.  I get hung 
up on one and don't use any
others and I don't really use
embossing folders that much
anyway.  This one just kind
of lends itself to black and white
because it reminds me of 
old-timey things.  

I love black and white together anyway.
I had an appointment with the
dentist for Monday and they called
me last night: can you come in tomorrow?
Yes!  That works much better for
me.  The dentist's nephew died and
they are having the funeral Monday.
I don't know  how old he is, but I 
am guessing that his nephew was a 
young man.  Very sad.  It's not
supposed to be the nature of
things for young people and children
to die before they've had a chance
to really live.  I guess we just have
to trust God on that one because we
will never understand it.
It's supposed to be almost 70 degrees
today!!!!!  I am starting to believe it
might actually get warm again.  
Last night we had an awesome 
thunderstorm.  I kept thinking I 
was hearing thunder but we  have
a few yahoos  around here who 
have loud cars so sometimes it's hard
to tell.  Then it got louder!  I was very
excited.  I ran B'Elanna out quickly
and then just enjoyed the storm.  I
guess the next two days we have
an 80% chance of rain.  So they
say now.  Someday I want to
meet "they".
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

So glad

 Sorry about the paperclip.  As
per usual, a multi folded card
doesn't want to stay folded
very well.  But I love how
it turned out and it fits in a
regular sized envelope.

Who to send it to?  So many
people qualify. God has brought
some amazing people into my life.
Some have stayed, some have
gone.  All have shaped who I
am today.  Without their influence 
I wouldn't be the person I am today.
I don't think I'm too bad, LOL.
Improvements could be made,
especially when I have a slow
person in front of me on the road!
I need to develop some patience.
I'm sure there are quite a few 
other character traits that could
be worked on, but I'm relying on
Jesus to get that under control.
Thankfully He's not done with
me yet and never giving up on
me, either!  Even with all the
awesome people in my life
there's only one who will  never
leave me or forsake me and that
is Jesus.  I hold tight to His
hand and let Him lead me.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Butterfly trails

I got this card stock at JoAnn's 
last Sunday because it was a good
deal and I don't really have much pastel
card stock.   Bonus!  I didn't realize
that it was pearlized!  It is so pretty!
I also got the cool vellum that's 
in the circle.  Isn't it pretty?
I also used a new product I got
with the dies which is called wink
of Stella and is a glitter that comes
in a paintbrush type of  applicator.
That way you can put it exactly where 
you want it much more easily.  I
outlined the leaves in it. 
I woke up in a bad mood this morning
which is incredibly rare for me.  I
was thinking of something that
happened Saturday and it just
wouldn't get out of my mind.  I
hate that.  Then I get on the blog
and it has removed my widgets so
I couldn't start a new post.  I looked
for half an hour before I finally figured
out how to change it back.  Technology
is great except when it isn't.
Yesterday my brother in law and
sister in law and I went to Applebees
and had dinner then played cards.  I was
so sad to find out that their dog, Frodo,
died sometime Monday night.  He was
a great dog, but had been failing for
quite a while now.  He was 16 years
old.  He was one of the reasons I
decided I wanted a dog.  I think he
is running the green hills of Heaven
with Neelix, John's dog, and all the
birds.  At least that's how I
like to picture it.
Rest in Peace, Frodo.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Stitched squares

I finally got my news toys from
Stampin' up!  It's stitched
shapes.  There's ovals, circles
and squares.  I chose the squares
 and  circle for this card.  I think they 
look so awesome!  I have a feeling
I'll be playing with these for a while.

I don't think I like the gems.
I thought about using pearls at
first and I think I should have just
gone with that, but it still looks good.

It's been a busy morning, I  had to
pick up my in laws after they dropped
their car off and I'll have to take them
back.  I DID have an appointment at
the dentist but they rescheduled.  I
won't be using Aspen dental again
after this situation.  I love my dentist,
but I thought they could do a 
better job making me a new partial. 
I don't like the service, not crazy about
the dentists, and they are S-L-O-W.
Tonight I'm playing cards with the
in laws and I intend to beat Larry.
We are ridiculously competitive!!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Purple prom dress

I thought this pattern was going
to be a lot prettier  than it
 ended up to be.

I'm just not all that enthralled
with it.
I took B'Elanna out just now
and I can smell the bread from
the McDonald's bakery.  It
doesn't get down our way too
often, but when it does, I just
want to inhale over and over!
We had an awesome thunderstorm
at 430 this morning!  Lightening,
lots of thunder.  I didn't hear
any rain, but everything is
wet.  I probably drifted back
to sleep before it started.
The songs went well yesterday.
I am still shaky on "Worthy, Worthy"
but I kept my promise to God 
about "Revelation Song".  I
just love signing the songs.  It's
such an interactive way to
praise God.  So much more
fulfilling for me than just
the singing alone.  Not that that
isn't wonderful, it is.  But to me
the signing just adds so much
to it.
I ordered a hand shape 
dictionary yesterday.  That will
come in handy when I know what
the sign looks like but not the
English word to go along with
it.  Which happens to me a lot,
I might add...!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Remember to smile

I really like this card except that
I messed it up and fixing it
would look even worse.  Hey-
it's handmade, right?  It's
not always perfect.

I slept badly last  night and woke
up late, so I have to leave in a 
couple minutes, but I did have
time to get myself presentable, 
so that's all that matters.  I'm
signing "Revelation song" and
"Worthy, worthy".  That one
I'm a little shaky on, but I can
watch Coleen and again, who will
know I mess up but them and
they don't pay attention to me,
they are signing/singing to God.
He's the only one that matters.
I don't think He notices either.  If
we are to make a "joyful noise" 
unto the Lord, a few stuttering
hand motions qualify, I think, LOL!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Positive and negative

I have to admit I made this card on
the fly this morning because I didn't
have one ready and didn't get home
until 11 PM.  The movie was great, I 
really enjoyed it.  Afterward Pam,
her son, Josh, and I went to Arby's
and had a bite to eat.  By the time
we got done I still had a half hour
drive back home.  She was sad that
the little boy she interprets for
wasn't there.  His family had plans
to come and at the last minute
they had car trouble.  The movies
are closed captioned in case we 
have any deaf people attend.

So here's my quickie card.  I like 
how it turned out for a card put
together in about half an hour.  I
should have put the flourish
to the left a little more  but I
wasn't sure what I was going 
to put in the corner and THAT
is what happens when you make
a card quickly.
It's cold and rainy out, but at
least it is above freezing.  I am
looking forward to class this
morning and band practice later.
Pam says I have to sign at least the
last one which is "Revelation song"
because I promised God last summer
that the next time they did 
Revelation song I would sign in
front of the church.  Well, since then
I've signed quite a bit so I don't
know that that would still apply...
But a promise is a promise, I suppose.
It would be nice if I could do
a couple others.  I'm not sure if
I know the other songs or not.  
Guess I'll find out later on. 
Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 17, 2017


My free pattern is a bonsai
tree with Happy Birthday at
the top.  You know, this is much
harder than it looks.  All these
little holes and it's hard to tell
which branch which one goes to.
I admit I guessed on a few of them
but who would know??

It's pretty cool, though.
Mother Nature apparently has
still not been found.  They need
to find her and shove that medication
down her throat.  We are under a
winter weather advisory for sleet and
freezing rain.  Fortunately only until 
11 AM if you can believe the forecasters
-which I do not.    It's getting really
dark out so we're going to get some
kind of weather.  I don't think
it's warm enough for just rain....
 My daughter in law asked me to
make a prayer journal for a friend
of hers.  She is shut in due to a
compromised immune system.
This is the journal I made:

I hope she likes it.  I also hope
I can get it mailed before the weather
hits.  I may have to wait until 
tomorrow or Monday.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Easter cross

I got a couple more stitching 
patterns.  Actually, only one
but they gave me a freebie for
rating their site.  How cool is that?
I don't usually send Easter cards,
but I've found some really
nice patterns and the stitching
keeps me busy/happy so I went
on the hunt for  more.

The pattern was shown in all
gold thread and at first I thought
I might not like it, but decided to
try it and it looks great.  I'm not
sure now, if it would look good any other
way.  I used the glitter paper for the
mat and pink gems for the corners.
Today I have nothing to do! 
Yesterday I ran around practically
all day.  Tomorrow evening I'm
going to church where they are
showing "Zootopia"  It looks really
cute and I'm looking forward to
seeing it.  Not so much that there's
probably going to be a bunch of
kids there.  I don't much like kids.
I like BABIES.  I never understood
that they became bratty little kids.
Missed that memo, I guess.
Maybe they will be well behaved.
Look, everyone.  I made a funny!
Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Embedded embossing

I haven't done this for quite 
a while.  I started a card before
this, ink on it and there
was no way I could fix it.  It was
too near the bottom to put on a flower
or anything.  Don't you hate that?  I
had to start over.  I like how 
it turned out. 

The white scribble along the
side was glued on, then the whole
thing run through an embossing
folder.  I've had the die for quite
a while, too, and don't use it very
often.  I think it was perfect for
this project.   I bet it would have
looked ever better if I had embedded
that as well.  I never thought about it!
It is ridiculously cold outside.
I'm grateful I'm not in New England,
especially the parts that got 2 feet
of snow, but still.  Didn't Mother
Nature get the memo that it's
Spring?  She needs to be found
and gotten back on her meds.
Happy Wednesday! 

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...