Sunday, April 30, 2017

New computer!!

Thanks to my amazing son, Cody,
I now have a new computer!  One
that he says is WAY more than I
need because he built it for gaming.
You know how fast things go out of
date, so  now he has an even newer
gaming computer and I get this one.
I'm so happy.  He asked for a very
reasonable price, too, especially since
he did so much work getting it rebuilt in
a new case, recovering my bookmarks,
etc. which he didn't think he was going
to be able to do.  Thanks, Cody!!

I made this last night and I like how it turned
out, but I must say, it was a real pain.  It's
not a good picture.  I have yet to figure out
how to photograph that satin paper.  It 
catches the flash no matter where I put it
and if I don't have the flash on it doesn't
show up well.    I really love the paper though!
 The pearls are a light pink, but again, don't 
seem to photograph well.  You get the idea, right?!

We had an awesome thunderstorm last night.
I turned off the TV and crawled into bed.
I love sleeping during thunderstorms.

This is Bri all dressed up for prom and
her daddy, Nathan.  He's as bad as
me.  He doesn't dress up unless it's
 an emergency!  

I'm not signing this morning.  Time
to take a break.  Plus, I don't know
the songs that well, LOL.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Soggy month's end

April is apparently going to leave us
With some good rain. Which is fine with
Me but I'd rather have storms. My needs 
And wants are never taken into
Consideration by mother nature.  I'm
Just glad she's back on her meds.

I'm pretty happy with the card 
I made last night, too. My muse
Has returned and all I can say
Is its about time!

I inked the mat, then ran it through
My paper crimper. It used to   be
All the rage to use those. Mats
Are usually 4x5 1/4. I ran the first 
One through and its too short.
Since I am a little dense I  thought 
I must have cut it wrong.  I
Do it all over again. Its still too
Short. Now I'm mystified. I looked
At it for a minute or two and then
Realized the crimper was making it
Shorter. Duh. I cut another longer 
Piece, but I don't think I got it quite
Right. At any rate, here is the inside.

I'm thrilled to say that Cody has
My computer built and was able 
To recover everything. I can't wait.
Typing on this tablet is maddening.
We have to find a day when both
Of us are available because he had to
Upgrade to windows 10 and he wants 
To explain a few differences.

I went to deaf coffee chat last 
Night and a few of the first level
Graduates showed up. That was
Exciting. Today is the last Saturday class.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Love in blue

This card came out exactly how I imagined
It and I'm so happy with it! The only 
Thing I wonder is if I should
Have used blue for the card base.
Still, though, I think it came out really
Well. I found a mother's day stamp
At hobby lobby so this  will 
Probably be a mother's day card.

I did nothing outside yesterday. I kept
Waiting for it to rain but it
Never did. Then I noticed that
B'Elanna's eye was red. I called the vet
And they were able to get her right
In. My vet was off but I like
The one that took care of her.
As I suspected, she has an eye
Infection. She had one years ago
In the other eye. 

Tonight I'm planning on going
To the deaf coffee chat. I'm looking
Forward to that even though I
Mostly watch. I'm not confident
In my skills. I also look forward to 
 the frozen Caramel frappuccino!!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Light show!

I didn't get home until about 1045 last night 
And all the way home I got treated
To a beautiful light show!
It stormed earlier, but no rain on the
Way home. It was so far away I didn't
Even hear thunder, but I'm hopeful
For today!

This is probably going
To be a mother's day card for someone
I told I was make one for. I don't
Have any mother's day stamps and without
A computer I have no access to my 
Printer to generate a sentiment. I may
Go to hobby lobby at some point and
See if they have any now that it's
Close. Can you believe its 
Almost May??

Maybe if it doesnt rain I'll go 
Out and move some vinca around.
I had the brilliant idea that when I 
Dig out the weeds from the rocks 
Along the front of the house, I 
Am going to replace them with 
Vinca runners and see if they 
Will cover the rocks!! If the weeds
Can grow in them, then so can
The vinca. Good reasoning. Huh?!

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shake that phone

Last night I told my sister in law, "I already
Put this in an envelope,but here is a
Picture of a shaker card I made". 
I handed her my phone. She started
To shake the phone. I thought at first
She was trying to be funny, but, no,
She had a brain fart. She can be scatter-
Brained sometimes...

I embossed the "get well soon" in black
On clear vellum, then folded it
Around cardstock, filled it with various
Sequins and sealed it. Then I put
Foam tape all around the back and adhered
It to the card front. Viola!
A frameless shaker card. I saw the idea 
On pinterest. Naturally.

I have to take my in laws
To the airport in a little while
So they can fly to Florida and bask
On the warm sandy beaches.  No worries,
They are not flying United.  I hope
They get sand stuck between their
Toes for the entire week. No, for two 
Weeks. May you have sand stuck 
Between your toes for an entire
Week after returning. Mean, aren't I?!
I have an appointment after that
And then I told someone I would help 
Them out in the afternoon, so it 
Will be a busy day, I like
Keeping busy and helping people.
Besides, I don't want to weed 
And if I'm doing something else I
Don't have to feel guilty for not weeding!
Clever, huh?!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stained glass vellum

I'm pretty bummed that yesterday
Was the last day of finger spelling 
Class. Marvin and I learned to
Get along, though.  I went from 90 wpm 
To 145 wpm! I thought at first 
That I was misreading it. I missed
So many words, I thought.  Pam said
My brain is recognizing the words
Even though I don't realize it.
Well, I didn't realize it! I haven't
A clue how I did that well.
Granted, its not nearly was good as some
Of the others, but they've been
Doing it a lot longer than me.

On to the card.
On this card, I embossed the flowers
In gold. Then I coloured them on the back
With sharpies. One of these days
I am going to get some prisma
Colours but they are pretty expensive.
I like how it turned out.

I should be out weeding today, but
The poor birds have been in their cages
For two days straight and they
Need some time out. And I don't
Want to weed anyway!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 24, 2017

I'm happy for Bluetooth!

This will not be quite as easy as doing it on 
The computer, but I paired my phone and 
Tablet together (because I can't use my
Tablet to take pictures) and now I can
Keep up with my blog. Ingenious!

 This is the second  card I made with the smackin'
Acetate technique. After trying all those years
Ago and having poor results, I'm really happy
With how these came out, I want to do another
With pinks, and maybe a little yellow.  I have
An image in mind for those colours. I'm 
Pretty happy with these!

Church was great yesterday. I signed the
First song I ever signed way back on
1st January, "This I believe" I remember back
Then practicing and practicing and praying, " God,
Just let me sign it perfectly once.."  Now I have a firm
Handle on it. "Almighty" not so much. I messed 
That up in a couple of places. Oh well.,

Tonight is the last finger spelling class and Saturday
Will be the last religious signing class. I will 
Miss going! I'm not sure when the next ones
Start or what will be offered.

Happy Monday!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

purple vellum card

Sorry about the fingers, but the vellum
wouldn't lay flat enough to see the
stamping inside.  I love how this 
turned out and may try more.

The "thinking of you" is stamped on
the outside, but I was getting a glare 
and it looks like it's inside.  I think it 
turned out so cool. 
We had an awesome thunderstorm 
this morning and possibly more later
on.  At least I'm hoping so!
I may be offline for a day or two.  My
computer keeps freezing.  I'm hoping it's
just the mouse, but I'm going to take
the tower over to Cody and he's going
to check it out on his computer and
see if he can figure out what's going
on.  Just what I need.  Another expense.
I hope it's something easy and cheap
that he can fix!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Do it yourself

I've been using Aleen's tack it
over and over for probably 6 years
and still have the original bottle.
Obviously I don't use a lot of
glue dots.  But this is what the glue
dots I make look like:

You can make them any size
you want and it's a whole lot cheaper
than buying them.  This is some old
paper I had from glue dots ages
ago.  I thought I'd pass that along.
On to the card:

Isn't this cool?  The nice thing about
it is that you don't really have to
line anything up because with the
distress ink it makes a white spot
on the piece below it, so all you have
to do is place it there.  Easy Peasy!
I'm going to Fort Wayne today to go
to Olive garden with my friend, Dianne,
then get some bird food which Lili
is almost out of.  Dianne is not a good
passenger-hey, I gave her the option
of driving!  I told her if she freaks
out I'm dropping her off on the side
of the road!  My driving isn't that
bad!  Thank you, Karen, for teaching
me how to drive.  Sometimes I
get in the car and remember that
rainy day -VERY rainy day-
on Remount road.  That was a scary
day!  But I managed to keep the 
car on the road and not hit anything!
I know you were plenty scared, too.
I miss those days!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Marvin the computer program

Marvin has been out to get
me the whole time the finger
spelling class has been going.
The guy that finger spells has
no emotion on his face and if you
get the words he speeds up.  If you
miss enough words he     will    
go       slow.  VERY SLOW.  Yesterday
I almost doubled my last score.  
Granted, it is still slow.  But I'm
getting better and that's the point. 
I have a program on my computer
that I can practice finger spelling  
with.  The two things that are
different is you can replay it until
you get it right (Marvin won't 
let  you) and it doesn't tell you
how many you missed, just the
ones you got right.  So you don't
get a wpm score.  But it's good
to practice with.  And it's free!

This is the next to last stitching card of
the butterfly collection they just came
out with.  personally, I don't think
that looks much like a butterfly.  The
trail is kind of cute, I guess, but it's
not my favourite of the cards.  It's 
cheaper to buy them in a set but I'm 
thinking maybe I should have just
gotten a couple patterns and called
it good.  The last one I have
to stitch is pretty, I think.
It's chilly out again this morning!
I'm hoping it will warm up and I
can get some weeding done, but then
again, if it doesn't warm up I don't have
to do the weeding, so maybe I'm
hoping it doesn't warm up!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Special friends like you

I knew I wanted an elegant look
for this card, but I wasn't sure
exactly how I wanted it to come
out.  The card kind of created 
itself!  I wish they would all
do that.

I really love how it turned out.  It's
hard to see some of the colours because
it's the silky pastels.  The flowers
are a violet colour and the butterflies
are yellow.  I would love to find a
paper pad with the silky cardstock
only in bolder colours.  Not like
neon type colours, but bolder
than the pastels.  Colours that would
show up a little better on camera
and in person.
The service yesterday was awesome.
Coleen did really well on the Easter
songs.  We were all sitting down
since the choir was singing, so I
was facing her and I was signing,
only kind of lower that I would
normally.  She sent me a text later
saying I was an "awesome feeder".
That is someone who shows a sign
when the person forgets it.  I don't
think I was exactly feeding her,
I was pretty much signing along,
but I was happy she felt like I helped.
 We stayed long enough
to practice all the songs one more
time then left and got
coffee and came back for
the 1030 service. 
I just love signing the songs!  
She said she was going to make me
get "Glory to God" right if it killed
her.  It's not going to be pretty.  I
can't get that song for anything, LOL.
I can get parts, but other parts I
really stumble on. 
I hope everyone had an absolutely
wonderful Easter and didn't
eat too much candy!!
Happy Monday!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The third day

Luke 24:  4 While they were wondering about this,
 suddenly two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning 
stood beside them. In their fright the women bowed 
with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, 
“Why do you look for the living among the dead?
 He is not here; he has risen! 

Yes, indeed.  He has risen!!

Church was awesome yesterday.  
I went to practice and at one point
Coleen leaned over and said, "Jesus
is here" and pointed to the back.  I see
this guy come in and said, "he doesn't
look much like Jesus."  She said, "He
plays a really good Jesus."  Ok.  he's been
in a play at some point, right?  So the choir is 
singing "Resurrecting" .  We are signing.  
All of a sudden a light comes from my
left as the door opens and in walks
Jesus.  I quit signing just like that.
She said my mouth was open.  It
probably was.  I know my eyes
filled with tears.  It was amazing!
In the service, even though I knew
he was coming in, I still got very
emotional, but continued to sign.
We signed toward Jesus rather than
to our right as we usually do.  it was a 
very powerful moment for me.  I'm
tearing up right now!

On Easter morning the disciples saw Jesus' graveclothes
 lying on the cold slab still wrapped round 
and round the corpse. Only the corpse was gone,
 much like an empty chrysalis deserted by a butterfly
 who has left to soar free. "He is risen as He said," 
an angel told the incredulous disciples.
Have a blessed Easter and make sure
your children know it's not about the
eggs and candy, it's about Jesus!

Saturday, April 15, 2017


The good Friday service last night was
a community service with 4 other 
churches besides our own.  It was a
 beautiful service and included, of course,
communion.  There were two special
songs and one of them was the Easter
version of "Hallelujah"  She sang it 
beautifully.  It was very moving.

I made two more journals last night,
switching things up just a bit and I
have to say I like these MUCH better
than the ones I have done previously.

It's a hard call to say which one I like
better.  I love making these journals
and sometimes don't want to give them
to the people they were intended for.
This is one of those times!  But I 
already have two journals that I
haven't written too much in, so I guess
I should finish them first.  They are
each used for a different purpose.
Maybe I should make one for lists.
I'm always losing the lists I make!
It looks like it might have rained early
this  morning, but according to weatherbug,
cloudy skies all day.  Not true for 
tomorrow, of course, so anyone who
is participating in Easter egg hunts make
sure you have an umbrella handy!
Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

Although I can barely stand the thought
of what Jesus went through on
 Good Friday, I'm grateful He found
me worth it.  I will never be worthy,
of course, but He loved me that
much.  Would I die for one of my
children or someone I loved
deeply?  Yes.  Would I die for a 
stranger?  No.  Were we strangers
to Him?  I suppose we were, because
we weren't saved.  But we were also 
His children. I don't claim to understand
how all that works.  But more importantly,
He rose again on the third day.  We
don't serve a god who has long ago
died.  We serve a Living God!  
Only King Forever!!

A prayer journal for a friend.  I had
some nice bling to put at the bottom, but
when I took it off the backing it got all
tangled up.  That's the problem with
using those beautiful gemstone flourishes.
I have another, but it's purple and not
what I was going for.  
I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and found
the paper.  It's called "faith" and I thought
it was absolutely perfect for a prayer
journal!  And...drumroll, please....
it was 50% off!  There was also another
 paper pack I was looking at and couldn't
make up my mind, so since they were
50% off I bought both.  Like I need more
paper.  I have enough paper to supply
my own store.   But one can hardly
pass up an opportunity like that.  Right?
Please tell me I'm right.  I need the
I supposed I should get moving.  I have
some things that I need to accomplish
today before church tonight.  I 
always have things to accomplish
but they never seem to get done!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Embossed flourish

I love this stamp and don't use
it very much.  I saw it all the
time on pinterest for a while and 
just had to have it and then only
used it half a dozen times.
I embossed the image in white
then used distress ink over the
entire piece, then rubbed off 
any ink that was on the embossed
image.  I think it turned out 
very nicely!

I love my distress inks and word dies!
On Sunday I'm going to be signing
the first and last songs, "Mighty Redeemer"
and "Only King forever".  Those are
my two strongest songs and even
though they are not in a row, it's
easy to switch back and forth with
Coleen.  It's going to be a busy weekend
so I'm going to run to the store in 
a little bit and then chill the rest
of the day.  
Yesterday I went to lunch with Laurel
(I might have mentioned that, too lazy
to look) then we went to the outlet and
I got a cute shirt and blouse to go
over it.  Now, I'm not wearing the shirt
alone since it is sleeveless.  I do NOT
wear sleeveless or even really short
sleeved items.  But I can wear the
blouse alone, too, so it was worth the
money.  I hate to clothes shop.
Absolutely HATE it.  But this was
relatively painless and Laurel has
good taste, so I trust her when she
says it looks good on me.  I don't think
anything looks good on me, LOL. 🤣
I wanted something different to
wear this weekend.  I remember...
Well, Robin called me and now I
don't remember whatever it was 
I remembered.  So,
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tarnished metal attempt

Well, I'm not going to try this
again, for obvious reasons...

This was my third-and final-
attempt. Sorry for the flash, frankly
I don't know how to take it off and
I'm not really in the mood to fool
around with the phone.  I guess 
I just don't have the talent to make
something like this, LOL.
I went to Easter choir practice
last night.  The words to the song will
NOT be shown (freak out face).  Although
I won't be signing, I want to sign anyway, 
so if Coleen forgets a part, she'll see me
doing it.  We're going to be seated anyway.
I've never even heard either of these
songs.  I don't think she has either.
I also want to pick up the last 2 
worship songs so she's not doing SEVEN
songs.  Don't you think they could have
eliminated a couple?!  And I am not very
good at Glory to God, but worse at the
first two songs, so I figure the last two
are a better bet.  I think I'm going to
just skip the service altogether!  Actually
I'm going to all three services, Friday will
be good Friday, then Saturday service
and two Sunday services, all for more
practice.  We only sign the second Sunday
service so we can practice without too many 
people watching us.  This is definitely going
to have to be a God-thing for me!  If
this is what He wants me to do, then 
 He will take my hands, use them for
His glory and take me and my doubts out
of the equation.  They have no place in
worship, anyway.
I'm going to the Great Wall for lunch with
Laurel.  Larry is on his annual brothers/
nephews/sons (anything but women) fishing
trip, so we will have girl-time.  I'm
looking forward to it.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Glitzy butterfly

This is the third of six new
patterns.  I added some bling to
the body and the antennae and I
think he/she turned out very pretty!

As always, had a great class last night.
My fingers seemed to work a little
better than usual.  My crooked little
finger causes me some problems.
I can blame it on anything I want!
Look what I got in the mail yesterday

Sometimes I forget the sign but
I can remember what the hand shape
is, so I think this may come in handy.
Also, just to practice what handshapes
make up what words.  We've played
games like that before-how many words
can you come up with that begin with the
"F" hand shape- for example.  And look-
my name is on the front cover!
We had not one, not two, but three 
thunderstorms yesterday!  One was 
at about 1130 pm and lulled me right to
sleep.  You can't ask for more.  I am 
hoping there will be thunderstorms in
Heaven, but of course, there won't
be.  My "human" idea of paradise-
watching a thunderstorm at sunset 
across the ocean with  palm trees 
blowing in the breeze.  Since it will
be paradise there will be no danger
of injury, of course.  Do you think
God will indulge me once in a while?
I can almost hear Him laughing!!
Happy Tuesday!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...