Monday, December 19, 2016

One Sheet Wonder

I haven't done one of these in quite
a while.  You take one sheet of
paper and cut it into various sizes
then make a bunch of cards all
at one time.  This set is for a gift.

These are just super simple cards.
Some people get very  fancy with 
theirs but I just wasn't in the mood.
I probably won't make another post
before Christmas.  My sister will be
here on Wed. evening and with 
everything else that's going on
I'm not feeling very creative.
So, I hope everyone has a wonderful
Christmas and New Year!
No "Happy Holidays" ....

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Eriovixia gryffindori

That's certainly a mouthful!  It's
the name of a new spider species
named in honour of Harry Potter.
I love it!  I'm not fond of spiders, 
but they are free to live outside my
home and I don't mind looking at 
them through glass.  Living with them
is where I draw the line!

Apparently I am back into these
flowers again, but I'm not sure
why.  It's not what I was going for
but it's what evolved.  I had a totally
different card in mind and somehow
I got sidetracked!  That happens 
with me.  I think I've got some
ADD going here.  Oh, look at the pretty
flowers!  Did you see that train
go by?  Wow, what about the snow
we just mind wanders.  It
is way too small to be out alone, lol.
We got snow so far, but nothing to
write home about.  Supposedly we are
to get sleet/rain, too, but I'm not sure
I believe that.  At least, I'm hoping
we won't.
I gave Dianne her retirement gifts
yesterday.  Yes!  I just couldn't wait!
She got quite a laugh out of the gifts.
I knew she would.  I know I got quite
a giggle picking them out.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Pretty in pink

I never saw that movie.  I'm not
sure why, I just never had a desire
to, I guess.  And pink is not my
favourite colour, but it's what I
had on hand right at the moment
and I didn't feel like looking
for another colour.

I'm fairly happy with it.  At first I
had the inside just plain white and I knew
something was wrong with that.  It
looked very  unfinished.  So I came up 
with a corner treatment on the right
side.  The card doesn't stay closed
by itself but it will stand up nicely.
My dad said my mom seems to be a 
bit happier since she found out Robin
is coming for christmas, except for
the panic of not having the house
"just right".  She has always been
that way, but it's worse because she
can't get around physically like she
used to ever since she had the hip
surgery 5 years ago.  Robin has talked
her into taking her pills.  Whereas my
dad and I fly off the handle easily, Robin
has negotiating skills after being a paralegal
most of her life.  Of course, the doctor's
word doesn't mean a hill of beans to
mom because they don't know what 
they're talking about, don't know her
body, etc,. etc.  It's frustrating on a good
day.  I don't know what is coming.  I
don't know how long this process has
been going on and how long it will last.
I don't know how to act, react, even
pray.  I don't have a clue how or what
to pray.  And as with John, I think I'm 
going through anticipatory grief.  I
have always hoped that some day my
mom and I could find our way to a 
halfway decent relationship. Now I
know for a fact that that will never
happen.  There's no hope where that
is concerned.  It's hard to accept
all the way around.  I guess I just
have to trust that when I fall God
will catch me because I don't
feel very steady on my feet right now.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Card box

This is not the card box I intended
to make but for some reason I could
not get the measurements right.
I could swear I've made it before,
but it didn't seem to fit the cards.

So I settled for this one.  I do mean
settled, too.  I don't like it, but beauty
is in the eye of the beholder, I hope.  I
can't figure out why the other one won't
work unless it's for smaller cards.  I
don't know how that can be.
It's freezing in here and the furnace can't
seem to keep up.  It runs for a minute or two
and then shuts off, then comes right back on
and still it is only 67 in here.  I don't know what
to think.  I'll call my brother in law at a decent
hour and ask him if that's normal.  It's like one 
degree outside, or some dumb number like that.
I'm thinking about kicking on the gas stove
but then I'd have to close the bird door and
it's chilly in there even with a small heater.
Is summer coming soon?  I guess I don't
have anything to complain about since I
could be homeless in this weather.  So, Lord, 
 forgive me  for whining.  But I'm still cold.

Here is what I got for Dianne for
her retirement gift.  I'm so worried she
will be bored, LOL.  These ought to 
keep her busy!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

bad news

According to the doctor the MRI
shows vascular dementia.  That
is scary in and of itself.  The most
scary part is that he told my dad it
would be a good idea to get all the
kids together for Christmas.  I don't
know if that means he thinks she's going
to die soon or that she might not 
remember us before too much  longer.
I simply don't know.  Since I have
her medical power of attorney I am
going to call the doctor today and get
an appointment to discuss the situation.
  I need to know, if possible, what kind of
scenario we are dealing with.  Maybe
he won't be able to tell me much,
but I need to ask.

Here is the third card for Dianne's friend.
Tomorrow I will have the card box to
show.  It is supposed to be for 5 cards
so they may move around a bit.  She only
wanted three.  But I don't think that
will really matter a lot.  It's such a pretty
box and I haven't made it in a long
time.  Very easy, too.  As you can see,
I'm kind of into the gold at the moment!
Robin is going to try to be on the road
next Wednesday.  It kind of falls
at a good time since the courts will
be closed for a 4 day weekend next week.
She has vacation time coming so if
the weather turns bad she can always
stay.  I think her husband, Steve, is going
to stay to keep an eye on the dogs and
birds so they don't have to pay a kennel
and person to come take care of the birds.
It would be nice to have him here for her
but we can all rally around each other.
It's going to be a hard Christmas for sure.
Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I survived!

The snow storm is over and everyone
survived it.  I had to get the shovel
out because the snowblower is so
temperamental.  My shoulder
isn't happy.  It's been very chaotic
here. My dad had to drive my mom
to  hospital in the storm.  They think
she's been  having "mini strokes" also
known as TIA's.  Which aren't "real"
strokes in the sense that they don't
cause brain damage, but can be
a precursor.  For some reason they
are keeping an eye on her heart as
well.  Dementia has also been
mentioned.  Good luck getting her
anywhere for an evaluation.  My dad
spent the night so he wouldn't
have to drive all the way back home.
So we had a nice evening.  I don't know
if she will be coming home today or not.

Then there was a minor issue
with the car which I think has been
resolved.  Hopefully.

All that to say that I didn't really
get to making any cards.  So here is
one I made last night which I'm
super happy with.

I finally got to use one of the
dragonflies I had cut.    I need to
make one more for Dianne to give
to her friend and I'm also planning
on making a nice box to put them
It occurred to me the other day that
as much as I don't like winter, cold
and snow (and everyone knows that!),
it is the same as the end of our lives.
We die and then are reborn into a
beautiful place.  Like the trees, grass,
etc., die and are reborn in the spring.
I am not saying I like winter any more 
than I ever did.  It's just an observation!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

S. N. O. W.

Not a happy camper today.  Yesterday
they said 6-8 inches.  Today they
are saying 7-10.  Make up your minds,
guys.  It's not snowing too hard yet, 
maybe and inch and half on the ground,
but it's supposed to pick up.  I'm
not going to church today for that reason
and also because my engine started
making funky noises yesterday and
then the oil light came on.  Naturally.
I was planning on getting the oil
changed next week.  So hopefully
Cody will be able to bring by a
quart of oil to put in until I can get it
to the shop tomorrow.  (insert mad
face here)  What a nice time for
this to happen.  I don't think the
oil light has ever come on before.  I
hope I didn't damage something else
running over that curb.  (insert another
mad face here).  I can't afford this.

Enough of my troubles.  Here is the
card I made for my friend Dianne
who also asked me for the anniversary
card.  She asked for 3 cards to give
to someone as a gift.  Not a problem!

I'm happy with how this came out.
I thought I had some tiny dragonfly
dies, but I guess I was thinking of
stamps, not dies.  All I had was a
big one.  So I went with the butterflies
instead.  I love the cream on cream
with embossing.  It looks elegant.  
Maybe I should have made the
flowers in blacks and whites.  Now
that would really have been elegant.
I will have to make another card
like that.  Muse, thy name is
Reflections and where the heck 
have you been anyway?
So I am planning on hunkering down
under my blanket with a warm dog
and watching some movies on pureflix.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Happy Anniversary!

My friend asked me to make a 70th
anniversary card for her. Can
you imagine being married for
70 years?  They must have
been babies, LOL!!

It isn't exactly how I wanted it.
I wanted to make a gold mat, then 
a white one, but the corners
wouldn't fit and still be able to
have the hearts in the middle.
I tried smaller hearts and that
looked dumb.  I didn't have anything
in between, naturally.  But I think it
turned out really nice anyway.
I'm pleased with it.  On the inside
is a beautiful gold peel off sticker
that says Happy Anniversary.
The whole sheet is all the same
and I almost didn't get it but then
noticed that it was 50% off, so
why not.
I went to JoAnn's today and they
have practically no scrapbook stuff
anymore!  Walmart has more than they 
do.  I wonder if they are phasing out a
lot of it because of Hobby Lobby.  But
they carried some different things.
I will have to go to Fort Wayne from
now on if I'm looking for something
hobby lobby doesn't have.  (Yes,
occasionally hobby lobby doesn't
have what I want!)  I'm kind of
bummed that they aren't carrying
much anymore, and probably won't
go there again.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 9, 2016

double dutch

Isn't that the name of a jump rope
technique?  It's also the name of
a card fold.  I think this turned 
out so pretty.  I was a little bummed
that I had to use a belly band to 
keep the lower part closed, but
that usually happens with a 
gate fold card.  At least to me it does.

With the belly band

Without the belly band so you can
see the fold.  It's actually a really
neat fold.  I like trying different folds
because the same old, same old.  
 gets boring. Some of them are quite
challenging, though, and I give up.
This one is pretty easy..
We didn't get the snow they were 
predicting-yet.  It's still snowing
and I hope it slows down a little
because I have a lunch date at
11 am.  Winter is bad enough with
the cold, but snow makes it even
worse.  I'm quite certain I've 
mentioned how much I hate winter.....
 Anyway...I had yet another bite
on Luna (get it, bite?!  I know. Lame.)
This one from New York.  I am
seriously considering looking into
shipping her because no one close
enough seems to have any interest.
I just don't trust they will get her
there safely and I worry how scared 
she will be.  I don't want her but
I also want to make sure she is
safe and loved.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

My way

Isn't this exactly how we feel a lot
of the time?  

I almost completely copied this from
pinterest, but I got such a giggle out
of the sentiment!  I know I feel this way
a lot of the time although I try not to.
I have to keep reminding myself it's
not all about me.  A friend once got
John a tee shirt that showed a circle
with ME in the inside of it and the
world revolving around the circle.
The sentiment said, "See, the world
does revolve around me!"  
My kidneys are no better, no worse and
I'll take it.  He has told me that I
will never get any better,  probably
just stay steady for years.  But I
was a little hopeful after last year.  
Steady is good.  He is such a
wonderful doctor.  Most specialists
are so detached.  He is very compassionate
and really pays attention to the person.
He said, "It's been almost three years
now, right?"  He remembers things.
We talked about my signing and he
was so excited about it and how I might
be able to help people with knowing
the language.  He even told me about
a movie he and his wife watched about 
a deaf couple and their struggles.  And
he told me how proud he was of me for
how I've been doing.  I got the best
when I got referred to him!
I am done with my Christmas cards-
finally-and now all I have to do is
address the last couple and get them
out.  NOW I have to clean my craft room.
it looks like a tornado struck it.  Debris
everywhere!  It won't take much time,
it's just doing it.
Larry and Laurel are coming over tonight.
Larry is going to put in the smoke alarm
that I  needed to replace and had
to actually order online!  I told him I
would let him win if he would help me.
Not that he doesn't win most of the time
anyway, but I'll let him think it's my idea!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Merry Christmas banners

I got some pretty silver pointsettias
yesterday from a swap and thought
of a great card to make with one.

I wish I'd have put it up higher but
I was paying attention to the glue that
was drying quickly and not to the placement
of the flower and banners.  Oh well.  It still
looks nice and there's glitter everywhere,
now, including, probably, me.
How nice will that be for my doctor
to see, huh?  I see my kidney doctor
today and I am hoping for good news
again.  Last year he said he thought
my kidneys were healing themselves-
something that NEVER happens- and
he was as surprised as I was, maybe
moreso since he knows more about
it than me.  Does God perform miracles
in this day and age?  Of course.  Can He
heal people?  Most certainly.  Did I think
it would ever happen to me?  No.  So
I will be grateful for a status quo
report and am praying for more than
that.  Only God knows and whatever
the outcome I know He is in control
and I trust that He knows what
is best for me.  Some people
would say, how would kidney disease,
cancer, or other things be what is
best for us and if God can heal someone
why doesn't he?  Why does he let these
things  happen in the first place?
It's all easy to answer in my mind.
A fallen world.  Sin.  God didn't create
the world this way.  He didn't want us to
suffer and die.  But He also uses these
things.  In ways we may not even
know about.  I do know and
fully believe that if John  had not
gotten cancer he would never have
been saved.  I also know that the
gall bladder attack I had is how I found
out I had kidney disease.  If not for
that I would probably have been on
dialysis by now.  Or worse.  So God does
use things even though it pains Him
that we have to go through them
in the first place.  He suffers with us
in illness and grieves with us when a
loved one dies.  And He never, ever
leaves us.  Even, as I said yesterday, when
we don't necessarily feel Him there, He
is always by our side.  It's best not to
trust our feelings in those situations
because it's a perfect time for Satan to
come in and try to turn our mind to
thoughts that Jesus isn't really there,
doesn't love us, etc.  That's where FAITH
comes in.  John had a hard time with that.
He always said he was from Missouri, the
show me state.  That's why it's called Faith.
God does show us things sometimes, but
other times we just have to trust Him.
So that's what I'm doing today, I'm
trusting Him that no matter what the
outcome of the tests, He is with me.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ugly sweater

Everyone is jumping on the ugly sweater
bandwagon so I figured I may as well
ride it, too.  This is THE ugliest card
I have ever made, not even including 
the ugly sweater and I will probably
throw it away after this, but at least I
can say I made one!

Didn't I warn  you?!
Yesterday I was reading a devotion
from the book "Jesus calling".  I love that
devotion book.    Something really caught
me up as I was reading:
"Whenever you feel distant from me say
"Surely the Lord is in this place" (Gen. 28:16)
Then ask me to give you awareness of my
presence.  This is a prayer I delight to answer."
Sometimes God seems so far away and I
try to find him.  I've always heard that if
God seems far away it's your fault not
His.  So I start to despair not being able
to feel His presence.  I have never before
thought to ASK Him to help me be aware
of Him.  It seems so simple, really, but
something I never thought of.  It was 
kind of a light bulb moment for me. 
My sister's boss' wife was just diagnosed
with an inoperable brain tumor.  I hope
everyone will say a quick prayer for
Chris and Rebecca.  Thanks.  She's only
42 and they have two children aged 7 and 9.
Very sad situation.  There are days when
I just can't wait for God to come back so
all this horror will be over.  I am anxiously
awaiting His return always, but some
days I feel more desperate to have
all of this over with.

In the meantime, Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy hatchday, Lili!

Yesterday was Lili's 4th hatchday.
And yes, I sang to her!  :)

These are ghiradelli purses.  I was going
to take a picture of a candy peeking out and
forgot.  The candy packets fit in there 
perfectly and of course, you have to use
the peppermint bark for this time of year.
I love ghiradelli, but I'm not as fond of the
peppermint bark.  They came out OK, but
for the life of me I can't cut or fold straight
even with rulers and cutters.  It's aggravating!
Bri spent the weekend with me and we
went to the Bethlehem market place.  It's
the 27th year.  Cody and I even acted in it
once!  I was going to post a picture from
it but believe it or not, I could not find
even ONE picture of the marketplace.
If you've never been to one, they are
so cool.  I even got shoved by a guard a
few years ago when I told him Herod was
not King, Jesus was!  He shoved me and
told me to move along, LOL.  It's all
part of the experience.  

It snowed last night and I was so bummed.
I was supposed to go to church and hear
a concert by Jeffrey Benward.
I started out, but even the highway wasn't
too great and the snow was driving so hard
I was getting disoriented, so I turned
around.  I hate winter.  Have I ever
said that before?

Happy Monday!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Happy Retirement!

Sorry I have been MIA.  I haven't
been in much of a crafting mood
after my little stunt on Monday.
I picked the car up yesterday and
it cost me 475. to run over that
curb.  I thought they were going
to align the car as well, but they
didn't, so I need to get that done.
It could have been worse.
 I had to take a picture of their 
"tire tree".  I didn't have enough room
to get the entire thing, but at the
top was a rubber upright foot
ball kind of like the "star", LOL.

Isn't that great?!

My friend, Dianne, is retiring at the
end of this month.  I thought this sentiment
was so perfect for a retirement card!
I also plan to get her a colouring book,
crayons, puzzle book and some bubbles.
She will probably need something
to keep her busy once she's not working!

Last but not least, I put my Christmas bears 
out for the first time since John died.  I even
bought one this year.  The white bear in the
center and the one on the right end at
the bottom are both from Andy.  He's
the one that got me started and then
when they started putting the dates on them
I was hooked.  I'm missing a couple years
here and there but not too many.  I hope
 B'Elanna will stay out of them.  When I 
put the new one out she kept pulling it
off the couch to chew on it.  I'm thinking
maybe it will be a little intimidating
with a little army!
Happy Saturday!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...