Thursday, August 17, 2017

Girls rule!

I went to my in-laws, Larry and
Laurel's last night to play cards.
We usually play phase 10 and then
a few games of Farkle.  We just call
it dice.  I never even knew it had a
name until a few years ago.  Anyway,
I won cards.  I also won one dice.
Laurel won two dice.  Larry won
nothing.  Sorry.  Girls rule!
We are extremely competitive
and try to set each other in cards
all the time.
It gets very crazy when we play!

I am having so much fun with these patterns.
I ordered a bunch more the other day and
got an email yesterday that they have
shipped.  This time I ordered the 3D sheets
with them so I don't have to figure out what
to put inside the design.  I wasn't sure the
first time around  how big the patterns 
would be, what the sheets would look
like, etc. so I only ordered one.   I just think
this company does such beautiful work
and it relaxes me so much to work on them.
I made a little building the other day and
made the same mistake as Tim Holtz-
a huge designer of crafts and dies-
(at least I'm in good company) by putting
the roof pieces on and forgetting that
I had a second story to add.  The roof
pieces added too much bulk and it
didn't sit right.  I got aggravated and
threw it away.  The stupid part was
TIM HOLTZ had already made that
mistake and even though I watched 
the video and had the opportunity to
learn from his mistake, I forgot when
I went to assemble mine.  So....I have
another cut out and I'm going to give
it another shot.  Maybe I should watch
the video as I'm making the structure.
No, that would be too easy.  Do it
first and if it doesn't work then look
at the instructions.  That's my philosophy!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chocolate tomatoes

I  have never in my life heard of
chocolate tomatoes, but when
Dianne brought me tomatoes the
other day she included some.

I know they don't taste like chocolate
(of course) and I looked them up
but there's not much info on them 
other than where to buy seeds and
that they're rare.  I'm nervous to
eat them!  

Isn't this a pretty card?  It was a little confusing
on the middle of the square stitches but It only
took a moment to realize the easiest way to
do it and they came out perfectly.  Since I
had this little girl image with pink I thought
she would look very pretty in the center.
Lili has taken to screaming in the mornings
more than usual.  I think she's trying to make
up for Luna.  At this rate she's going to lose
her happy home, too.  Just kidding.  Her
screaming isn't like nails on a black board
and doesn't last all day long.  But it is annoying.
I can shut her up if I get her out of her cage
but that's a bad precedent to set and
I'm going out this morning anyway.
I told my dad I would visit my mom this morning.
I hope it goes better than the last visit.  she's
been difficult all her life and the dementia 
is only making is worse.  My dad hasn't been
going every day like before because he still
isn't feeling up to par.  I think as hard as
it is he should stop going every single
day and maybe go every other day.
There is such a thing as a phone call. 
 Wish me luck
I listened to the songs for this Sunday.
I'm glad Coleen is doing the first
two! I have never heard  one of the songs
I'm signing and not too comfortable
with the other two but it will work out
OK.  One of the songs is "counting on
Your name".  So I'll count on Him and
it will be fine. 
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sign language Jesus

The jury is out on if I like this
design or not.  I will tell you
that the way I stitched it is
much better than the pattern.  I
have done tons of patterns (as
you know) and this was one of
the most complicated I've ever
seen.  So I just did a stem stitch
(kind of like a back stitch)
and I think it turned out OK.
 Looking more closely at it, I think
the middle finger is touching the
palm.  I thought at first it was 
the index finger.  See what you think.

I think I could have done a better
job on the card.  It seems rather plain.
I got the nicest compliment yesterday
from a friend that I clean house for.  He
said that he and his brother had been
talking about how much I had changed
over the past year and that I seemed
happier than I've ever been.  I was
surprised.  I didn't think it was so 
obvious, but I am happy.   I love signing,
love my friends, love my church.  AND
most importantly, I feel closer to Jesus
and that's what makes me the happiest.
I feel like I'm right where He wants me
right now.  

My laundry philosophy!
I don't sort.  I don't have any 
problem washing/drying. 
Folding rarely happens, I usually
use it from the basket-if it makes
it to the basket.   I never, 
ever iron!  Perfect for me!
Yesterday I got two new dies (thanks,
Robin, for the Amazon gift card) to
go with the Tim Holtz originial village
dwelling.  They are add ons to make
special roofs and make it into a victorian
dwelling which I've seen most people
do in a Halloween theme-very cool.
BUT.  I have no desire to play with 
them right now.  It's like some kind
of crime or something.  These neat
new dies and I don't want to play with
them???  Hopefully I get in the mood
soon.  Any other crafters have this problem?
I hope I'm not the only one!
Happy Tuesday!


Monday, August 14, 2017

Late for Pastor's birthday

You'd think you could count on a
sister to tell you when her brother's
birthday is...especially when he's
the pastor!   But no.  Pam handed me
a note in church yesterday that said:
"FYI-Pastor's birthday is tomorrow".
So his card is going to be a little late!

Guess what?  The stitching site made a
pattern for the sign "Jesus"!  Isn't that cool?
The fingers don't exactly look like fingers
to me and I'm pretty  sure they used the
index finger instead of the middle finger
in the palm, but I will stitch it and you can
judge for yourself.  I just think it was so
cool that they did that for me!
Speaking of signing...I have songs next
Sunday.  One I know but have never
signed since it is new to our church.
Another I've never signed, it is also
new.  One I just plain don't know...
I need a lot of prayer this week!  And 
I will for sure be doing announcements-
or at least attempting to.  I think this
is the next step God wants me to take.
But I'm still kind of focused on the waves
rather than on Him, so that needs to change.

I'm hoping that this week will be a little
quieter and more relaxed than last week.
It was hard to believe that God was in
control of things last week when everything
felt so out of control, but I guess that's 
where faith and trust comes in.  He
got me through it, so that's what counts!
And He brought some blessings my 
way in the midst of all the chaos.
Thank you, Father.

Happy Anniversary to my son Cody,
and his awesome wife, Pam!  Have
a wonderful day!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hugs to you

Anyone need a hug today?  I could sure
use one.

It's been a very hard week.  My dad
got out of the hospital yesterday although
I think they should have kept him a few
more days.  He was so weak I wouldn't
even let him drive and we brought him
out of the home to the car in a wheel chair.
But he insisted on seeing mom because
it was their 61st anniversary.
I was told by someone I know and trust
that she is the most difficult person they
have there.  I totally believe and understand
that.  This person even asked how I
lived with her when I was growing up.
With great difficulty.  I didn't even spend
any time with her yesterday, I let them
spend time and dad fell asleep on her
bed.  I visited with someone who
works there and also one of the clients
that I have known for years from the 
restaurant that Larry and Laurel owned.
I'm going to the church picnic today.
I hope it lifts my spirits because right
now I'm thinking I'd like to crawl
back in bed.  I'll stop now before
I  bring everyone else down!
Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Customer service with a note

These are such neat dies, but what's
even better about them is the
customer service.  The dies came
on a piece of magnet.  They also 
included two teeny tiny cute little
tag dies.  But what was even
more awesome was the note
they included:

Such a thoughtful gesture and it brightened
my day more than the dies, I think!  So
now I have to make some cards using 
these cool dies.  But I do have a card
ready that I just absolutely love.

I think this is the best of the stitching
cards to date.
I haven't heard from my dad yet, but I
know he's going to be really upset
if they don't let him out today.  The
nurse said yesterday that a lot of 
times they introduce liquids then foods
slowly and want to keep you in the
hospital for that.  They haven't fed him
anything since he went to ER the other
day.  Water included.The pancreas has to rest 
or the pancreatitis gets worse.  He called the
home yesterday and they were going to 
tell my mom that the doctors wanted
him to rest and not take a chance of
anyone getting sick because of him.
Partly true; also called a "loving
lie" when dealing with people
with dementia.   She worries about
everything all the time and doesn't
need to worry about her husband
being in the hospital.  So, with God's
help he will heal quickly and be
able to go back to see her soon.
Tonight I'm going to Cody and Pam's
for a birthday dinner and tomorrow
is the the church picnic.  I couldn't go
last year because they had it on my
birthday and Cody and Pam were
making me dinner.  I think this is
going to be a yearly thing, LOL.  I
asked for the same thing, too.  Chili
dogs and dill chips.  I love both, but
if I buy them I eat way more than I
should.  This is more controlled!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just another day

Still no news on my dad.  I'm guessing
he hasn't seen the doctor yet or he
would have called.  They would not
let him out yesterday and also
would not feed him because the
pancreas needs to be rested.
Since he's not a drinker and doesn't
have diabetes, the only thing that
could have caused this is his Crohns
disease.  If memory serves, he had it
once before a year and half ago or
so.  I'm hoping  he can leave today.
We haven't told my mother.  I just told
her he was under the weather.  She doesn't 
need to know what's going on when there's
nothing she can do about it anyway.

My newest little girl.  The next card
I'm working on is going to be a
different style.  It's still stitching 
but, well, you'll see tomorrow.  This
little girl has a peach mat behind her
that is made from the shimmer
pastel card stock.  I think the muted
colours are very pretty and I was
getting tired of the same bright
pretty colours.  Sometimes you just 
want darker or more down to earth colours.
I'm getting my hair cut in a little bit and 
then mowing the lawn.  After that I'll work 
on the card and I think it's going to turn
out really beautiful.  I also have some new
dies that I ordered the other day that
are supposed to have been delivered late
yesterday, so I'm excited to get those
and play a little with something
that's not stitching.  Not that I don't
love the stitching (and plan to order more
patterns) but I imagine people are getting 
a little bored with them by now.   I really
love doing the paper stitching and bonus-I 
can do it in the living room in front of the
TV, not in the craft room.
I'd better get going, I have to leave in
15 minutes!
Happy Thursday!

Girls rule!

I went to my in-laws, Larry and Laurel's last night to play cards. We usually play phase 10 and then a few games of Farkle.  We j...