Saturday, February 17, 2018

Thinking of you

I made another card set and I'm
debating who to send it to.  

Same card, 5 colours.  I love this design.
I found it on pinterest.  Yes, I went back.
Today I had pictures of sea horses that 
were "inspired by my sympathy board"
The first class of the semester is this
morning, and there will be classes on
Monday as well.  Sorry if I already wrote
that.  Anyway, after class Pam and I 
are going to spend the day together and
go to the basketball games tonight.  She
interprets for a cheerleader.  Deaf people
can do anything, they just can't hear.
Sometimes it's hard for me to comprehend
how you can cheer or something like that
without hearing, but she does and I think
that is amazing and awesome!
 B'Elanna's sister in law, Pam,
is coming to take care of her.  I used to 
call her "Miss Pam"  before they
were married.  Now I call her "Mrs. Pam".
LOL.  A joke between the two of us. She's
the best.  I did good choosing Cody's wife!
My arm aches from the shot yesterday.
It usually doesn't.  The last one lasted
so long that I decided rather than
make another appointment I would wait
until I felt I needed it.  He said, "I'm here
when you need me."  He's such a great doctor!
I'd better get ready.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Yellow rose (of Indiana)

The yellow rose is only of Indiana
because that's where it was made, LOL

I guess it's more pink.  Maybe it's yellow
in real life and just looks pink, I'm not
sure, but I like it nonetheless.
This is another swap I did recently

It had to have light pink, light
grey and gold in it.  I hope this is
what she had in mind.  It's a little harder
than the standard flower or whatever,
because you don't have a set idea to
follow.  I like them though!

I saw this somewhere, maybe facebook.  I
just thought it was so true.  We really don't
pay attention in today's society.  Everyone 
is paying attention to themselves and 
what they are doing.  Everyone seems to
have their faces buried in their phones
(me included).  I lost internet one day
and realized I didn't know what to do
if I wasn't able to check email, look at
pinterest, etc.  I wondered what I had
done before I had a computer.  It's
a little scary, actually.
Well, I need to get ready to go to Ft. Wayne
to get my cortisone shot.  I am happy that
the fog has lifted.  Unfortunately that
means the cold weather has come back,
but it's really not that bad out.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Abstract card set

I'm getting my hair cut today.  Mary
has been cutting my hair for years
and I love how she does it.  So I
decided to give her a set of cards-which
I'm going to do after I pay and run out
the door right after.  I hate having people
look at the cards while I'm there which
is why I almost always mail them even 
if I'm seeing the person the next day.

The picture is a little dark, but I love
how they turned out.  I found a really
great cross pattern last night which 
I'm going to use for another card set.
It's been kind of misty out with lots
of fog.  The driveway is pretty clear, just
a couple patches of ice.  Now I'm
hoping the rest of the snow will go away.
We need a good rain!  it's supposed to
get into the 40's again today, but into the 
50's-60's next week!  Bring it on!
Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Spring flowers

In honour of the warmer weather
to come in the next couple of days
I am showing my "Spring flowers" 
swap cards.  I love how they turned out.

I had to double up on one because
there was only 3 patterns in the set.
It's supposed to be in the 40's today 
and tomorrow with possible rain.  I
had heard the 50's tomorrow, but
they must have amended that.
Happy Valentines day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

More mini me's

As you can see, I'm having a good
time making all these mini's.  I'm
pretty sure these animals don't have
blue eyes (especially the panda) but
it's the only teeny tiny gem stones I have.
I even had to cut them off some Christmas
gem stickers.  I need teeny tiny gems stones!
Anyway, the other thing wrong is that Pandas
do not have black tails, their tails are
white.  However, the pattern called for
them and for the sake of art I did not
disagree with the pattern designer.

I didn't have anything tiny enough for
the meerkat; even a pencil or pen wouldn't
have been able to get in there and make 
an eye so the poor guy has no eye.

Here is a card I made with the Panda
ATC.  The dragonfly is pink vellum and
I'm not sure I'm so crazy about it, but
it's there now.
I heard we are having 40-50 degree temps
in the next few days!  I'm so excited.  I
have to change my outdoor lightbulb
and no way am I getting on a ladder
and fiddling with that thing (It's really
old and sometimes hard to get apart) 
to put a new bulb in.  So warmer temps
will be appreciated for more than one
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mini me's

I have been scaling down quite a few
of the patterns that I have to make ATC's
and I thought, "how much fun would
it be to have mini's of the animals".
So here are a few of the ones I have
finished so far.

You'll have to imagine the puffin
with an eye because I forgot to put
it on before I took the picture and
was too lazy to take another pic.
I am sending the owl to the pay it forward
blind ATC trade.  I hope she likes it.
I showed them to Dianne and said which
did she like the best because I couldn't
decide and she said the owl.  Personally,
I think I like the Pegassus  the best, but
then, I wouldn't want to send that, would I?
Maybe I'll use it to make a card.
Here is another little mini

This is a card featuring an ATC:

I don't think I've already shown
this.  If so, sorry.  I love how 
it turned out!
The day didn't end too badly yesterday.
I didn't get to go to church but Cody said
he would take off a different Sunday and
go to church.  We all met with Pam for
dinner last night.  Pam, meet Pam..LOL.
We had a great evening!  Tonight I'm having
dinner with Pam, Judy, Coleen and Sam
to talk about the upcoming classes.  Pam
asked me last night what I was doing for
the Monday classes.  Um, I'm co-teaching
with Judy.  "Oh, yeah, I forgot!" 
 It's scary getting older.  I forget more than
I know anymore.  There's a popular theory
on that, though.  I think I read it in
Reader's digest.  When you go into a library
and there are 10 books it's very easy to
just find what you want.  When you go in
and there are 10,000 books, it's not so easy
to find what you want.  When we are young
we have very little information so it's
easy to access.  As we get older we acquire
more information which makes it harder to
acquire the information quickly.    That's my 
story and I'm sticking to it!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Blue jays longing for Spring

First it was 3-5 inches.  I ran out
and got gas in the can.  Then a possible
wintry mix with 2-3 inches.  Then
finally a wintry mix and no snow.
I went out with B'Elanna today and
it was freezing rain.  The 9 AM church 
service is cancelled, but we go to the
1030 service.  For the time being it
is still on and probably will go forward.
Without me.  It's just too dangerous.
I am so bummed I can't see straight.


Thinking of you

I made another card set and I'm debating who to send it to.   Same card, 5 colours.  I love this design. I found it on p...