Sunday, December 10, 2017

I'm glad I live here!

The reason I'm glad?  My sister
got eleven inches of snow!  They
are more than welcome to keep it,
too.  So, while I hate the cold and
snow I can find a reason to be glad
I'm here and not there!

This card is pretty simple, but I think
sometimes simple is more elegant.
For a friend whose mother just died.
She was a sweet lady that I had the
pleasure of meeting on many occasions.
Oops, I already signed it!
I'm singing three songs, one of which
is "Angels we have heard on high".
I cannot get the second verse memorized. 
You'd think it would be easy, but it's
just not for me.  It doesn't help that the
 word "shepherd" is 3 different signs:
sheep, care, person.  It can get quite
confusing.  Wish me luck!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Project finished (lots of pictures)

I love how the book turned out except
for one thing.  I wasn't paying attention
and put two of the same picture in, LOL

I didn't take pictures of the inserts because
they are pretty much the same friend quotes 
as the one I showed a while back.  The first
page is a waterfall and I meant to take a
picture of it semi opened and I forgot.  For
those who don't know what it is, when you 
pull gently on the ribbon at the bottom, the pages 
go upward .  This was a 5 page so I didn't know
if it would work.  I've never seen more than
4.  I didn't know if the whole thing would work,
so when I finished I was just thrilled.  On
the pages are the words to a song by Amy
Grant.  I realized later that I left the bridge
out but it probably wouldn't have fit then.
I'm just so happy with how it came out!
It's snowing.  But not as bad as my sister
got, or Georgia or Texas.   So I'm trying
not to complain!  It's really not all that
bad out now that the wind has died down.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Where is my desk?

I have several projects going right
now.  I always finish everything
but I see things I really like and
start them.  So today before I do
anything else I'm going to clean the
craft room and then keep myself
to one project and finish that.
Yeah, right.  

I saw something like this on pinterest
and I like how it turned out.  I have
decided, though, that I am going to
quit going to pinterest unless I want
to look for a specific item.  They have
more ads than pictures and they keep
giving me pictures "based on your recent
activity".  I'm pretty sure I haven't
searched food or kid crafts...I would
love to complain to someone but
I can't find anywhere that says "contact
us" so I'm just going to quit using the site.
It's frustrating to see so much junk.
The ads I can understand, I guess, but
they really go overboard.  Like
every third picture is an ad.
Come on, guys!
Rant is over.  The coffee chat
last night was really fun and my dad
popped in-I didn't even know he was
there!  He got to see Fred again and
was thrilled at that.  I was at the
other end of the table so Pam
interpreted for them.  Dad has met
Pam before so he was comfortable
with that.  What am I saying?  My
dad is a people person.  He would
have been comfortable with anyone
interpreting, LOL.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

It has happened.

SNOW!!  Yuk.  I hate snow.  I 
hate cold.  I hate winter.  OK,
rant is over.  LOL

I'm pretty sure I've done this design
before, but I thought all in blue was just
beautiful and I have nothing new to show. 
Well, I have this, but...

I like the design.  I just didn't know what
to do with it once I finished stitching.  The 
stars are there because I got something on
it and had to hide it, LOL.  One star wouldn't
have looked great so I added a few.  It just
looks plain.  I'm going to be so busy today 
I don't know if I will have time to finish
the other project, but if I do I will post tomorrow.  

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The "S" word has begun

While I was out with B'Elanna today
I saw snowflakes.  I think if I don't
say the word (kind of like you-know-who-
in Harry Potter) then it won't come to
be, but obviously that isn't the case.

I really like how this card turned out.
I have been working on a project that
was slow to get going but is going
really, really well now, so I may
have pictures of that tomorrow.
It has been extremely windy the last 
two days and now all my neighbor's
leaves have blown into my yard.  I just
got mine raked.  He, obviously, did not.
and they are all up against the house
which is kind of irritating to come 
out and see all the time.  It's right by
the door I use to take the dog out. 😠
I have to take Cody to get his car in a
little bit and I have a couple errands I
want to run.  Hobby Lobby has lots of
 paper and no neutral colours.
Weird.  But I know JoAnn Fabrics
has it so I'm headed over there.  I had to
do something else, too, but I don't remember
which is why I always write things down-
when I remember to.  I need a rembrall (from
Harry Potter) but, as Neville says, "I can't
remember what I've forgotten" .
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Non traditional

The colours I chose for this card
aren't exactly traditional Christmas
colours, but they match the gorgeous
image inside the square.

My Christmas bears are up.  Now
to keep B'Elanna out of them.  She
thinks they are her toys.

I looked on Ebay one time for the bears
I'm missing and people wanted 45-50 dollars 
or more for them!  Are they insane?
It's cold and windy out, but last night
I heard thunder for a while!  Gone are
the mild days, I'm afraid.  Soon the
"s" word will be on everyone's lips-
and shovels.  I hate the "s" word.
All day yesterday I worked on a project
that I've been putting off.  I made mistake
after mistake after mistake.  I am still
working on it, and hopefully I will
finish it today.  But first, lunch with
Dianne.  Since I overslept I need to
get around.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Happy Hatchday!

Lili is 5 years old today!
She's as bratty as a 5 year old,
too!  Actually, she's a really sweet
bird.  Everyone cautioned me 
against getting a scarlet macaw
and I debated it as well.  They are
known to be much nippier than
other macaws.  And while she
clamps down on my fingers 
occasionally, she knows how much 
pressure she can put on me without
hurting me.  She's never bitten me.
That's just a scarlet thing.  She's
a great bird!

This first card is a remake of one I made
a week or so ago, but all in gold.
The sentiment is embossed in gold.
I love how it turned out!

This last card is one that I made for
a friend who is having surgery today.

I used the gasket to emboss this,
also.  It works very well.   I went to 
JoAnn's yesterday and guess what I
found?  Yep!  Embossing pads.  I
don't think I even looked at the price,
but I bet I got the gasket cheaper at
Menards.  Who knew you could
craft shop there?!  Even more shocking
is that I spent nothing there! 
Bonus-Pam and I still had lunch,
just a shorter one so she could get
to the bridal shop to watch her
daughter try on wedding dresses.
I didn't realize you started so soon!
I never had a desire to parade down the
aisle in a 500.00 wedding gown.
Pomp and circumstance is just not
my style.
Happy Monday!

I'm glad I live here!

The reason I'm glad?  My sister got eleven inches of snow!  They are more than welcome to keep it, too.  So, while I hate the col...