Thursday, January 19, 2017

Yellow and orange

Here are the flowers that
are NOT in pink!!

I'm not sure I like the corners but
I needed something different.  I was
getting tired of the same old thing.
I found a site that has tons of
pricking patterns--for FREE!!
Some of them are just the patterns
and don't tell you how to stitch but
as many are just abstract, borders,
etc.  I can figure those out for myself.
I am so excited!  I just think the stitching
is so pretty and it's relaxing.  Another
bonus is that I can do it in the living
room rather than my craft room.
Speaking of which, I finally got a
new cutting pad for my desk.  The other
one is soooo old and keeps coming up 
on one corner, even if I turn it around.
They're expensive so I've been putting
it off but finally I'd had enough. And
then stupid me, I realized I had a
20% off coupon at JoAnn's and could
have gotten 40% off at hobby lobby.
I was in Walmart and I just decided
to get it.  I really need to think these
things through more carefully.
I took B'Elanna out this morning
and I swear it smells like someone
sprayed perfume in the air.  Sickeningly
sweet perfume.  I have no idea where
it's coming from, but I'd rather smell
the break from McDonalds!  Yum!
Going out to lunch today with my
friend, Dianne.  How about you?
I hope you have some fun plans.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Colo the gorilla

I saw today that Colo, who lived in
Columbus, died yesterday.  At 60, she 
surpassed the normal gorilla age
 by two decades.  I don't know how
Ringling brothers treated their
elephants, and I'm sad to see
the circus go, but (and forgive me
if you are a PETA advocate) this
proves that animals are doing
well in zoos.  We went to the
Columbus zoo several years
ago and the animals there
had lots of stimulation,
toys to play with, and seemed
to be enjoying life in enclosures
that resembled their lives in
the wild as closely as possible.
Yes, things go wrong.  But overall,
having these animals in zoos not
only helps keep them from going
extinct, but as Steve Irwin was
fond of saying, "If you see the
animal you want to save it".
Animals in Africa, the rainforest,
wherever, are wonderful.  But we
don't have any personal knowledge of
them and will probably never
travel to Africa or the outback
of Australia.  This will be the
"normal" person's only chance to
see them.  OK, I'm off my soapbox
and my sympathies go out to everyone
at the Columbus zoo as they  mourn
the loss of this beautiful animal.

Onto the card:

This card has the marbeled cardstock
background.  I think it would have
been better with a darker colour
because it doesn't seem to show off the
corner die cut as well, but it's a
little darker in person.  If I do
something like that again, I may
do a black and white and then
the sentiment in red.  I think that
would be striking.  I like those
three colours together.
It's rainy and windy out this morning,
but I hear it will be in the mid 40's later.
As long as it's not snowy and icy I
guess I'm not complaining-too much!!
Happy hump day!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January rain

It's been pouring rain since last 
evening.  I haven't heard any
thunder, but I'm hopeful.  I'm
always hopeful!  

I was feeling kind of low yesterday
so I decided some retail therapy
was in order.  I spent a whopping
$6.00! But I got 4 patterns
out of it.  I've been addicted
to the stitching  for months
now.  It's so relaxing for me.

After I made this I decided maybe
the flowers would look better
in yellows so the one I'm working
on now will be in shades of yellow.
Yellow is not really my favourite 
colour, but it's a popular flower
colour.  I think.  I'm not really into
flowers, but I love the swirls!
 I woke up at 4 am and couldn't
go back to sleep.  NOW at almost
7 am I'm getting sleepy.  Of course.
I have two appointments today,
so that's not going to fit into
my schedule until late afternoon.
By then I won't be sleepy anymore.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hummingbirds are back!

Well, not in real life, but in a card.

I was pleased with how this turned
out.  I would have liked to have had
an extra mat on it but if I'd made the
pattern any smaller it would have
been difficult to prick the holes. 
I like how it turned out.  
The centers of the flowers are
gold seed beads.
I would like to say I did great on 
the song yesterday.  The truth is I
don't remember!  Apparently I practiced
the first part of it backwards.  So I
saw Coleen do it backwards from me
and I got all turned around.  I have
no idea if I messed it up or not.  I just
pray God took my hands and signed
the song for me!    Coleen was going
through the song list for the next two
months and asking Judy and me which
ones we wanted to do.....there are a
couple I'm fairly sure about.  I need to
learn more of them, I guess.  But little
by little is good.  I have an issue with
having to be able to do it as perfectly
as possible or I'm not even going to
try it.  Up front, that is.  I know,
I know.  Other people (other than the
signers) have no clue if you mess up
or not.  But I know.  I need to get
over that.  I need to just trust that
God has this and let Him do the rest.
Something I need to work on in
2017.  "I trust you, Jesus".  That
was something from a devotion in
the book "Jesus calling".  My brother and
sister in law gave that to me a few years
ago and you can read it every year and
still get something new out of it.  By
the time you get to December you've
forgotten what was in January anyway!
I see on weatherbug that we have a
chance at thunderstorms tomorrow!
I'm not believing it, of course, but a
girl can dream.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fear not!

In Isaiah 41:10 it says:

 So do not fear, for I am with you; 
do not be dismayed, for I am your God. 
I will strengthen you and help you;
 I will uphold you with my righteous right hand

 Does that mean don't be nervous???
Because I am, LOL.  The worship team
sings this song differently than I'm 
used to.  I went to practice last night
and Judy gave me a flash with all
the songs on it, sung by the worship
leader, so that helped immensely.  But
I keep thinking "I can't do this".  Then
I realize I CAN'T do this!
But God can do it through me.  
There's still more time to practice
and I'm pretty sure I practiced
all night in my sleep!  So
be praying!  Thanks!

I am also praising God today for no
ice or other weather and as a matter
of fact, it's kind of like a Fall morning.
There's frost on the grass and it's
nippy out, but really not all that
cold for January 15th!  I'm not

On to the card:

I may have made one similar to this
in the past.  This one is made on an
A6 sized card (larger than the standard
invitation size card) because I
couldn't get both corners on it the
way I wanted otherwise.  There's nothing
wrong with the larger cards, I just usually
don't make them.  They don't cost 
any more to send than the invitation
size cards.  You can do a lot more
with them.  Why don't I use them more?
I talk to myself quite frequently, so
no worries.  It's nice to have someone
intelligent to talk to who is totally
interested in what you are saying.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

No weather so far!

It looks like all the winter weather
is south of us and I couldn't
be happier.  Sorry for them, of
course.  It looks like we may get
some snow/sleet on Monday, but
the temps are supposed to go
way up later in the week!

I made this card a couple weeks
ago along with a few others that I
will probably finally get posted.
I love how it turned out even
though  flower arranging isn't my
strong suit.  I  just love that corner
die.  So pretty.
I bought two more patterns yesterday.
I just can't help myself!  I also got a
huge haul of rubber bands from
rainbow loom.  I'll have plenty to keep
me busy.  I'm pretty sure the food
pantry is this week, so I want to have
some bracelets ready to take.  The
rubber bands  are so cheap and 
usually get here in three days!  Yes, 
you heard right,  THREE days.  Have you 
ever heard of a company that got 
things out that quickly?  Me either.
I guess I'd better get around.  The 
birds are whining about getting out
of their cages.  Well, actually they
are screaming.  Lili is anyway.  The
bird room used to be our deck so
I have a nice sliding glass door I
can close when the noise gets too much!
They will have to go back in their cages
early today, so I'm getting them out
earlier than usual.  Lili has a stand
that she hangs out on and Luna
has a large cage.  She has a stand
as well but seems to prefer her cage.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Gatefold die

Who knew there was such a
thing?  It has open dies on the
outside and then a blank space on the
inside where the back of your card
is.  I happened to see it in hobby lobby
the other day.  I was looking for ONE thing
and came out with $30. worth of stuff.
The die itself was almost $30. and without
a coupon I most certainly would not
have bought it, but with a 40%  off, how
could I resist?  I think it was worth it.
Hobby lobby is a dangerous place for
me.  John would not have been happy
that they moved right into Angola!

Card closed

And open .  It came with 10 dies, the
main one, flowers, hello, butterflies
and the border for the inside.  It even has
little holes on the front to add a ribbon for
the tie.  They thought of everything!
In the picture they showed the border
around the front as a different colour.
I'm trying to figure out how they did
I'm having dinner tonight with Pam,
my daughter in law.   No guys allowed.
Cody horned his way in last time.
I love my son, but sometimes 
you just need some girl time.
I don't know where, though.  I've
asked her twice and she hasn't
answered, so I guess it's a surprise.
Since I will probably be driving, I
would assume I'll know before we
get there, LOL.
I had a bite on Luna last night and
she lives in Auburn which is only half
an hour from here.  Keep your fingers
crossed.  With my luck she won't
even get back with me.  It's almost
too good to be true.
Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!