Sunday, October 15, 2017

The first Noel

I'm pretty sure I've never done a card
that says "Noel".  If I did, then I lied
and it's not the first Noel, LOL.

I think it's pretty cool!  Especially with the
confetti thread.
Robin made it here safely yesterday from
NC and will be staying almost a week.  She's
not sure when she will go back.  It will give
her a lot of time with our parents.  She
stayed here with me last night so we could
go to church this morning.  My brother came
from Detroit yesterday and we had dinner
with my father so that was a fun evening.
Except we went to pizza hut.  On a Saturday
night.  With a big group waiting in line
in front of us.  At dinner time.  Not the
best choice of times and circumstances,
but the meal was good and the time together
even better.
Judy and I are splitting songs today and
I kind of cherry picked ones I am best at
-after all, my sister is here!  So we'll be 
switching twice, but it's just a quick turn
around since I'll be standing pretty much
beside her in front.  She's always so good
to let me pick the ones I am the best
at.  Thanks, Judy!!  Coleen won't get to
see Robin today as she is visiting at
her old church.  I will miss her.  If I
forget a sign Pam will just wait to see what
I'm signing so she can copy it.  She refuses
to give it to me.  Coleen will just keep going.
It's all good.  Pam keeps me on my toes and
Coleen keeps me going.  :)  We had a great 
class yesterday.  It is just me and one
other woman.  She's been through first
level and actually is pretty good, but still
makes some mistakes.  Every time she would
make a mistake Pam would just turn to
me and I would sign what she signed
then show her the right way.  Kind of
a peer review, I guess.  We had a good time.
Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Winter birds and the car

I made a card for my uncle to 
thank him for coming from Toledo
and taking my dad and me home.

The picture is a tad crooked.  Do you think
he will notice? I didn't even notice until way
afterward.  Oh well.  
I have been absolutely exhausted the last
few days.  I sit down for more than a few
minutes and my eyes start to close.   I guess my
body was trying to realign itself after the
trauma.  The worst I got was a bruise on
my right shoulder.  I don't even know how that
happened.  Anyway, here's a picture of the car:

Not a pretty sight.  I loved that car.
I'm hoping I can find another car like
it.  Small, I mean.  One that fits me.
The rental car is a full sized car and
it makes me a little nervous to drive.
It makes me a little nervous to drive period.
They had a smaller car but it didn't have
cruise control and that's just not an option
for me.  I do a lot of highway traveling.
I'm still overwhelmed by how God spared
all of our lives that day.  I don't know
what, but I believe He has things 
planned  for all of our lives. 
Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Not a great day yesterday

This is where I wish I was yesterday
instead of on my way to Toledo.
I never made it there.

I guess I grabbed the wrong picture
and not the cropped one.  Sorry.
So, about Toledo... Remember, folks,
cross traffic doesn't stop.  I didn't even see 
the guy coming and started to pull out 
on the road.  Everyone is OK.  Truly.
My car is totaled.  Completely.  Without
a doubt.  But for the Grace of God I would
have been killed had the guy not swerved just 
the tiniest bit.  My dad was with me and
he is OK, too.  I guess God's not done with
us yet.  I'm still trying to process it.  I'm
just thankful that God decided to spare 
our lives.  All of us.  I don't
know how many people were in the van
but it looked like several.  I don't
think I could have lived with myself if anyone
had gotten killed.  Thank  you, God, for
being there yesterday.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Thinking of you...

It is my personal opinion (for what
it's worth, LOL)  that everyone needs
a surprise in their mailbox every so
often just to let them know someone
is thinking of them.  So that's what 
 this card is all about.  I used the
shimmer paper that I got at JoAnn's
a while back.  I'm on my last piece
and since I can't get it here in town
I really need to make a trip to Fort Wayne
and see if they have any left.  It's so beautiful
and I just love working on it.  It's even easy
to write on.  The inside of this card says
"sending you a great big hug" and is 
stamped crooked.  That way you know it
is handmade-by me-who can never stamp
or put ANYTHING straight!!  :)

The outside of the sentiment I did in gold
pen and got it a little crooked, but fixing it
would have messed it up further and I
really didn't want to do it again.  I'm so lazy.
Besides, it was 930 at night.

We had a great class last night, but I
am never going to get some of this stuff
which means that when I talk to a deaf 
person and I sign things the hard way they
will laugh at me and rightly so.  I mean,
some of these concepts just turn my mind
inside out.  Continually, repeatedly, etc.,
etc.   I try.  I really do.

It's chilly out this morning.  I hope the nice
weather isn't over for good.  I will be very sad.

And  as a side note, I gave Pat the book last
night and she loved it! 

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Class reunion book

A friend asked me to make her a record
keeping book for her graduating class.
This is what I came up with:
Hope you like it, Pat!

Their colours were maroon and gold and
the class flower was a red rose.  I
don't know how anyone would remember
that.  I don't even know what our colours
were or if we had a flower, song, etc.  
What's more, sadly, I don't care.  I hated
most everyone in that class.  I was an outsider
and was miserable to entire two years I 
was there.  I was a city girl, moved to this
country place where all the grades were
in one school.  Talk about culture shock.
I hope I don't still sound bitter.  Well, after
42 years you'd think I'd have gotten over
it by now, but apparently I never will.
 However, had they not dragged me kicking
and screaming from Maumee, Ohi0, to this
little teeny town in Michigan, I wouldn't 
have the life I have today, so I try not
to dwell on it.

Moving on.  We had class yesterday.  One
of my sentences had the word garage in it.
I had no idea what the sign for garage was.
We were using classifiers, which is a hand
shape to indicate an object.  In this case,
of course, it was a car.  So Pam said,
"What do you think the sign for garage
is?"  I used my classifier "car" and put it
under my non dominant hand.  She said,
"That is the sign for garage."  Surprise!
I am not good at classifiers.  I know them,
of course, but I'm not good at using them.
Practice, practice.   I need to practice my
finger spelling.  I am still slow and clumsy
at it.  It's just because I'm lazy and don't
work on it much. 

Happy Sunday!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Nature's wonders

I like this technique, but I think I made
the center too big to show it well.

It still looks good, but I think I should 
have had the center more narrow.  I like
it though.  Here's a better example of
nature at it's best!

I saw this leaf this morning and thought it
was just spotted, but when I touched it
I realized it was raindrops!  I had to run
in and get my phone to take a picture.
Remember when we said we had to get
our camera to take a picture?!  Things sure
have changed.  The raindrops on this leaf
are even more amazing in real life.
I'm going to church this afternoon to 
help with people coming in to have
their photos taken.  Tomorrow after
class is my turn.  I'm really looking
forward to it.  NOT!  I hate having
my picture taken.  Especially after 
being there a couple weeks ago.  The
guy was running really late and
one family had to leave because they
had an appointment.  I heard he takes
about a million pictures-more for you
to choose from if/when you buy them.
This is the same company that took
pictures for the school.  They are
really expensive so I took Cody to
Walmart.   I am not planning on buying
any more than one sheet of 9 wallet
size and only that because we get
a discount for the church.  It's still
outrageously expensive.  But we
get a free 8x10.  Whoopie.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Oh, Christmas tree...

I love this design but I don't like the
placement of the gems.  I wish I
hadn't put them so close.

It's cool how the stitching makes
up a tree.  I borrowed this from 
a pinterest post.  They have tons of
designs on their page.  Free for the
taking.  Nice of them, huh?!  Most, 
though, I have to fiddle with so much to
get them the right size so I only get 
one if I really like it. 

I  keep forgetting to post this.  I
think  it's absolutely hilarious and
since my friend, Pat, has the same
maiden name as me I had to send
it to her as well.

Isn't that a riot?!

I am doing nothing this whole day.
I've been running for the past two 
weeks and from tomorrow through
Monday, I will be running, so having
one whole day to do nothing is
great!  Lili likes it, too.  She hasn't gotten
a lot of out-of -cage time.   She gets 
cranky when she has to spend a lot
of time in her cage.  I don't blame her, 
I would, too.

She's such a nut!

Happy Thursday!

The first Noel

I'm pretty sure I've never done a card that says "Noel".  If I did, then I lied and it's not the first Noel, LOL....