Friday, August 26, 2016

For we walk...

By faith.  That's hard, isn't it?  At
least for me it is.  I want to know
what's up ahead so I can plan.  I've
heard it said, "We make plans God
laughs."  I'm pretty sure He's laughs
at me sometimes!  So I try to pray:  "This is
what I have planned for today"  Leaving 
it open for God to change my plans.
Sometimes He does, sometimes He
lets me go on my merry way.  But
at least I know I've done my best
to turn over my new day to God
and wait and see what He might 
have planned for it.

The front is the first picture.  It's
a gatefold card, so I couldn't
get it to stay together very well, hence
the paper clip.  I would have put
a belly band on it, but I think it would
interfere with the flourish.  I glued that
on then carefully cut it in the middle so
it would be on both sides and match up.
for the inisde I used the raindrops stamp again
and I'm not sure if it shows up, but the inked
panel has drops on it, too. I flicked water
on it and then dabbed it off.  It looks pretty

My leg itches like crazy even after 2
days!  I woke up at 5 am digging at it so
I put some more cortisone cream on and
took a benedryl hoping that that might help.
It's not so bad now (6:45)  but still hurts.
I've been stung before but never have I
had this reaction.  I looked it up and I
think I have a very mild allergy, but I think
mainly it's just a reaction to the sting.  It's
not swelled or anything.  But it sure is
driving me crazy!!  As John would say, 
"Short trip...)!!

My daughter in law, Pam, is becoming
quite the celebrity!  Another photo
showed up on the Walmart FB page.
She didn't want her picture there, but since
she is the manager she got drafted!  I think
it's awesome!!
Have a good day, everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


I got the lawn mowed yesterday.  I also got 
stung in the leg by a hornet.  I saw it on
my sock so I know it was the culprit.
I'm glad I wore shorts because if I had had
jeans on it might have gone up my pants leg!
I guess it was just a lone bee.  I was
afraid I had another ground nest.  I don't
see any evidence of that thankfully.
My leg still hurts this morning!  No welt
or anything, but it hurts and itches.
As I finished the last strip, looked up and
said, "Well, Lord, if you're going to let it
rain let 'er rip" and -true story- I felt
sprinkles on my face!  It only sprinkled, 
but it was pretty funny!!

I've been seeing these raindrops stamps all
over the place so I just had to have one.
Doesn't it look 3D?  I thought it was the first
time I saw it!  I love how it looks!  I'm 
planning on using it with things that don't have
anything to do with water necessarily and
see what I can come up with.  The artist
has other stamps as well.  She does
beautiful work!

How cool is this?  My DIL, Pam, is the manager
of the cold section at walmart and they used
a picture of her on their fb page to show off
a new product.  It says:
New item alert!
Looking for a new sweet treat? Stop by and check out our new hostess deep fried Twinkies! They come in 2 flavors chocolate and original golden, Only $4.76! Stop by the frozen department and pick them up!

I've never liked twinkies and I think deep
fried twinkies sounds gross, but apparently
other people like them.  No accounting
for taste, LOL!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Aren't friends awesome?  Of course, Jesus
should be our closest friend, but He
gives us some pretty amazing people
here on Earth.  They can be people totally
unrelated to us or family members (Nancy!)
Friends make our lives so much richer.
This card is for my friend, Dianne, because
I couldn't resist the old ladies and sayings, lol.

The gold washi tape I picked up in NC.
I've really not been into washi tape because
the stuff around here is pretty boring.  But
the store we went to, AC Moore (which we
don't have around here to my knowledge), had
tons of it and I fell in love with this design.  It
is so versatile and so pretty!  I'm not good
at colouring but I think it came out pretty well.
I'm still working on the card with the other
stamp I got and eventually I will make a
card with the 3 old ladies that go with this
set of stamps.  There are hilarious sentiments
with the stamps.

About a year ago I decided to put up foliage
around the top of my cupboards.  I've seen
it done before and loved the way it looked.
Yesterday I picked up some battery operated
tiny lights and put them up there too.  They look 
fantastic and really make a nice night light.

Aren't they pretty?

In the next couple of days I'm planning on picking
up a roku stick so I can stream pureflix.  I have 
netflix right now which I rarely watch and pureflix
is Christian movies only and I think maybe series,
I'm not clear on that.  I think I will enjoy it more.
Speaking of which, I got the movie "God's not
dead 2".  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend
it.  As with the first one, it is an awesome movie,
but more, it really shines the light on the trials
that Christians are going through.  Jesus said
it wouldn't be easy and I think we know that
it's only going to get harder.  The world seems
to have become so evil.  I think part of that is
because we are made more aware of it through 
the media, but it just seems more evil.  I keep thinking
surely Jesus will come back soon.  But before
John died we were going to a church in Camden,
Michigan and the pastor was talking about that
very subject.  He explained that in Jesus' time
things were very, very evil.  So I guess we can't
use that as criteria as to Jesus' return.  The world
has always been evil.  Thankfully we are only
passing through.  For John's memorial Robin
put together a picture montage and the background
music was from Building 429's "I'm not home
yet".  I love that song.  It reminds us that this
is NOT our home.  We are only here temporarily.  
When I hear it I think not only of John, but
also my cousin Ronnie who died from brain cancer.
As much as we would like to have them here in our
lives, no way would we want them back.  They
are HOME.  We will be there someday.  But 
for now we have to deal with this world the
best we can and spread the word that this
is not really  home.  All that to say the movie
is amazing and you should really see it soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Always good to say thank you

OK, I know I'm late, but it's Bri's
fault (I told you I was going to say
that, Bri!)  She stayed the night with
me and we were too busy having fun
for me to remember to post the blog!

I have a thank you card today that I
think turned out really well.

It had an exclamation point with it but
It was separate from the dot at the bottom
and I dropped it somewhere.  I didn't feel like
cutting another one, naturally.

I got a couple of cool stamps yesterday, so 
I will have fun playing with them and show
you what I came up with tomorrow!
Then I need to mow the lawn....Anyone
want to help??

Monday, August 22, 2016

Back from NC!!

I had a really great time at
Robin and Steve's this past week!
Here's a picture of my new buddies,
my niece and nephew, Belle and Noah.

While there we went to the Greenville zoo
in South Carolina.  I didn't see any  palm
trees, sadly, but it was great being back
in South Carolina.  One day I hope to go
back to Charleston.  

I didn't write down the name of these guys
but aren't they cool?  One is a male,
the other female.  I think the female is
the one in the back.

This is a baby giraffe.  I think he/she was about
a year old.  Not much shorter than mom!

We also went to a nature preserve in 
Asheville.  this poor bear was so hot.  I accidentally
deleted the better picture, sadly, but stuff happens,
I guess.

I won't bore you with more pictures.  Suffice
it to say it was a fun trip. The trip home not
so much.  For some reason they funneled off
4 lanes of traffic from I 75 into Monroe Ohio.
No explanation and worse, no detour signs.  When
I felt it was probably safe to try to get back on
I ran into an accident before I could get to the
on ramp.  It was over an hour before I was back
on my way again.  That was annoying.  But I 
made it there and back safely, so I am very grateful
for that.

I should have a card tomorrow to add to the blog.  
One more picture to show, though.  I forgot.
Robin and I did some crafts while I was there.
She made this tray and I think it turned out

I also bought a little wooden dresser
which I  hope to make to match.  I've never
done anything like this before, so I  hope it
turns out well.  While I was there I also
started cross stitching again and found that
I can do it with almost no pain at all!  I
go today to get an injection for my shoulder,
but the problem was the radial tunnel I
have in both arms.  I'm hoping to make
some nice Christmas presents now that I
can do it again.  Hopefully I have time!!!
Where did the summer go anyway?


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Vintage day

My muse, henceforth to be known as
"Reflections", was in fine form yesterday.
I made 3 cards which are all basically the
same, but all different, too.  I was inspired 
by my friend, Karen's vintage pocket letter.
Pocket letters are ATC's that are generally
a theme and placed in a 9 pocket baseball
card protector.  That's usually what  ATC
artists  use to store their cards since they
are the same size.  Behind the atc's
small items are placed; buttons, ribbon,
stickers, etc. and a piece of candy
(Ghiradelli works well) or a tea bag.
I've made a few, but not super enthralled
with them.  I'm not good at themes.

I didn't have any brown ribbon so I 
sponged some brown ink on organdy ribbon
and it worked perfectly.  For the words
I cut 6 or them, glued them on top of
one another and then covered them with
crystal effects which makes them nice and
shiny and adds additional dimension.  They
look 3-D.  I was pretty pelased
with how they turned out.  With a couple 
more they would make a nice set.
I have a paper pack which has these
images on one of the sheets.  I may
go ahead and do a few more.
I'm going to be out mowing the lawn
by 830 this morning.  I hope the neighbors
aren't ticked but who cares, I'll be gone
for a week, lol.  I'm sure they will
be fine with it.  It's not too hot yet.  The 
problem is that some of the lawn is brown
and doesn't really need to be mowed, but
the rest will be horrible when I return
especially if it rains (yeah, right).

Tomorrow I'm planning on leaving at 6 am. 
I've done this before.  Why am I so nervous?
Maybe it's an excited nervousness, who
knows?  Once I'm on the road I'm sure
everything will go well.  Please pray for a safe
trip.  Thanks!!  Everyone have a great week.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just black and white

I love using just black and white.
It has such elegance.  I made
this card last night and was so happy
with how it turned out, but felt it
needed something more.  So...
I stamped a sentiment to the side on
the black using white ink.  Except I
used the wrong ink.  It came out very light.
Since it was a clear stamp I thought I'd try
to re-stamp it with a better ink.  I didn't
get it lined up perfectly, big surprise.  So
I made another one and I hated how
it turned out because I had the top leaves
in the wrong place.  So here is the
original without a sentiment.  I guess
it really doesn't need anything anyway.
And even it it does, it's staying the way
it is!

The flash kind of washed out the centre, 
but it is a true black.  It looks much
better in person.  Thankfully I took a picture
before I ruined it and threw it away.  I may
try to make another and be more careful
of the leaf placement because I think it 
looks so elegant.  The little pink flowers
on the lower right flowers are from my 
friend, Karen.  She sent me a happy package
yesterday.  I love getting happy mail!  Thanks,
Karen.  I love all the goodies you sent me!

I'm going to dinner with Dianne tonight.  We
haven't seen each other for two weeks and
of course, I will be gone this Friday and next 
which is usually the day we get together.
I'm planning on leaving early Friday morning (12th)
and coming back the following Saturday   (20th)
so I will only miss one week of church.
Speaking of church, I made God a deal
yesterday.  I'm wondering how long it will
be before He holds me to it and if I will be
brave enough to follow through!  With His
strength I can do it, but it will be verrrry scary!
Why do I do these things to myself?!  It
will be kind of like walking on water.  If
I look away from Him I will definitely lose
it.  I'll let you know more later.  Until then
you will just have to wonder.  No more clues!
But really, if anyone knows what I've been
doing these days, they can probably figure it
out if they think hard enough about it.  No
more clues!  Didn't I say that once already??

Tomorrow will be my last post for a week. 
I will miss doing the blog, but I know I'm going
to have fun in NC and have lots of things
to talk about and pictures to show!  Hopefully
I will have a great card to show tomorrow-
if it turns out right.