Friday, September 30, 2016

Lovely and Lacy

I love these new dies.  There's so much
you can do with them since you can 
place them anywhere on the paper. They 
only cut the design, not all the way through
the paper, so you can place them in the middle
if you wanted to!  Very cool.

You will definitely be seeing more cards
like this.  I also ordered some Tim Holtz
mini crazy birds with all kinds of 
accessories, like glasses, hats, etc.  I can't
wait to get them!  I always put my walmart
reciepts in at the site to see if someone else
has better prices and I had more than 50. 
saved up so I treated myself to them.  I
think I'm going to be getting an HDMI hub,
too.  They have a nice one with a remote 
for only 15. but I have to check with Cody
first to make sure it's the right one for me.
Electronics are not exactly in my realm.  I
am getting better, though!
It's been cold and rainy the past few days, but
I hear it is supposed to be really warm next week.
Just a teaser and then comes the bitter weather.
I hate winter.  Have I ever said that before?
Happy birthday to my friend Karen.  I think
you're 25 again this year, right? 
Thought so!!  :)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A word of thanks

First I would like to thank Hobby Lobby
for moving in practically next door to
me so I have no money left at the end of
the month.  It's all their fault.  Secondly, I 
would like to thank my new friend, Kat,
who is the ultimate enabler.    She posted 
a few cards she made recently and used
Tim Holtz's mixed media dies.  I've seen
them in Hobby Lobby but wasn't sure
how it would look on a card.  Well....
thanks to them moving here, I ran up
and got a set.  There's another set I 
would like, of course, but won't get them
right now because I'm so broke I can't
pay attention.  Anyway, here is the card
I made with one of the dies.  It's a set of 4.

I really like how it turned out, but I wish
I'd used a little darker portion of the
hombre cardstock to make the hello.
Another use of this same die for the inside
of the journal I showed yesterday:

I'm absolutely thrilled with how this turned out!
Now, before I go further, I must clean my desk
because I can't find the bottom of it to work
on.  I have so many projects going on at a
time because I am always wanting to try something
I've seen and haven't finished the project before.
I do finish them eventually, though.  
I need to work on my assignment for next
Monday's class, too.  it has some words
I'm not familiar with and can't seem to keep
the sign in my head for some reason.  
One more picture in closing:

You can't see her face super well,
but this is Bri dressed up as Hermoine 
for Harry Potter day.  Isn't she just
the cutest?  Oh, to be that young again.
At 16 I had already royally screwed up
my life and haven't figured out how to fix 
it yet, unfortunately.  At this point I
think it's just a little late.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Praying hands

Another journal.  Are you sick of these
yet?  I'm making three, possibly four
of these for Christmas presents.

At first I didn't have the fibre on it and
it looked so perfectly lined up that it
was just wrong.....So I thought adding the
fibre to the spine would break things
up a bit and I like how it turned out.
I'm not finished with it yet.  On the inside
I'm going to put a pocket on and include
a bookmark, probably with the Lord's
prayer on it.  I just love journals.  They're
a gift that will last rather than get used up
quickly.  That's always the best gift, I think.

I made the trip to Ft. Wayne yesterday to get
the birds groomed.  While there I met a 
man who has two amazon parrots and when
he saw Luna he really loved her.  The problem
is that one of his birds had to have surgery
recently for a benign tumor.  He's kind of
strapped.  I told him I would come down on
the price and gave him my phone number.
I'm really  hoping he can come up with
the money because he is the kind of person
I'm looking for-someone who knows birds,
knows they need a special vet and will give
her a loving home.  A prayer about this
would be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday evening my shoulder suddenly
felt like something was stabbing in it.  This
is not good.  I just had the cortisone shot
a month ago.  I really, really don't want to
have surgery.  It wouldn't help with my signing,
for sure.  I'd still go to classes and just
work on receptive skills, I guess.  But I'm
hoping it will stop hurting.    It's not even in
the same place as before.  This is right at
the top of my shoulder.  Not good.  Sigh.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Playing with elephants

I ordered this pattern last week because it
was just so darned cute.  I made the
journal in regular size and then scaled
it down to make an atc size to fit on
the post it note cover.

I love how the journal turned out.  I wasn't sure
if it would look good with the paper but it
kind of looks like the elephant is standing 
under the tree.  I wish I'd thought ahead and
made it on some darker paper.  I inked the
entire image but it's not the same.
Class went pretty well yesterday.  I totally
spaced out on the word commit until ( naturally)
I sat down.  Then I remembered.  But overall
it went pretty well!  On the way  home I saw
a shooting star streak down from the sky.
I don't know where it landed-it probably broke
up in the atmosphere-but it was so cool!  You 
couldn't miss it if you tried.  I've seen shooting
stars before but they were really high up and
very dim.  This one was bright and coming
straight toward Earth.
I got my medicare all set and I'd say all in
all yesterday was a pretty good day!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Faith, trust and strength

It's interesting that Philippians 4:13 

13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

was presented to me twice yesterday.  Once
through a text from a friend and the verse
popped into my head as I was reading it.
The second time during the movie "God's
not dead" which was shown for the first
time last night on the UP (Uplifting) channel.
I really believe that God brings things to 
us in all sorts of ways just to remind us
that He's there guiding us and giving us
strength to do what He has called us to
do.  Yesterday in church I signed the
songs the best I could, some OK, some
not so well.  They didn't even do "We
believe",  the only one I thought I could
do halfway decently!  But He gave me
the strength to try and encouragement
from friends and I can't ask for more.

This card is for a friend who encourages me
 every chance she gets and 
I just want her to know how much 
that means to me. 

On to other things, I wish I had taken a
picture of my neighbor's trees the other
day.  They were so pretty, all dressed in
white-toilet paper, that is!!  They don't have
any kids that I know of and that's usually
why someone gets tp'd, but you know,
it really is kind of pretty in a weird way
to have all these white streamers hanging
from trees!

Tonight is class and I'm going to  need
an extra prayer or two.  I will probably
practice once or twice more, but
I think there is such a thing as over
practicing, too, so I'm just going to
be prepared but not stress myself out.
Or at least try not to!  Believe it
or not, I'm actually looking forward
to it.  Kind of.  I can't seem to make
up my mind which way it goes.  
It depends on the time of day, I guess!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Let's hear it for friendship

I consider myself fortunate to have
many friends that I know I can count
on in any situation.  I hope they know
they can count on me as well.  To have
a friend you have to be a friend, right?  
I try to be the best friend I can be.

This card came out pretty well.  The first
time I made it I made the music background
waaaay too dark.  So I redid it and stamped
off once before I stamped it on the card.  
Now it's just visible without being obnoxious.

I'm looking forward to church today as always.
If I can stay awake that is.  I had trouble sleeping
last night and as is always the way, I started to
sleep well very early in the morning.  Promptly
at 450 am my carbon monoxide alarm started
chirping.  Chirp................Chirp..............Chirp.
Well, I knew what the problem was, it wanted
new batteries.  As soon as I replaced them
it shut up.  Meanwhile, I was wide awake.  Sigh.

I've been working on my assignment for
tomorrow's class.  This is what I have to

Fortunately they will be reading it
sentence by sentence so you can interpret
it after they read the sentence.  I think
I will do OK.  In "real" interpreting, you are,
of course, not afforded the chance to read 
and learn what the person is going to say
ahead of time.  I recorded myself saying it
(my voice sounds terrible on a recording!)
and pause it after each sentence. I still
falter on a couple of words that I know 
but for some reason have trouble recalling
quickly, but other than that, I think I'll
get through it.  The interpreting isn't even 
the biggest hurdle, I don't think.  It's probably
 going to be nerves getting up in front of everyone.
I've survived so far, lol, so I guess I'll get 
through this too.   I guarantee you one thing:
Nehemiah is getting a sign name!  Finger spelling
that name every time will take me hours
and the class is only two hours long!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Another bridge arrival

Sadly, my friend, Dianne, had to send
her sweet kitty Lillie to the rainbow
bridge.  She's no longer in pain.
We hurt forever, I think.  God gives
us these precious animals, which I 
truly believe have a little of God in
each one of them, (how else can they
love us unconditionally?) and then we
lose them in such a short time.  They bring
so much into our lives.  I know having
B'Elanna and Neelix when John died
 made the loss a little easier. Sure,
I had the birds too, but lets face it,
with the exception of a cockatoo, birds
aren't extremely cuddly creatures!  So if
you could say a quick prayer for Dianne
and her family I'm sure they will
appreciate it.

Now for something interesting and strange...
I got a friendship request on FB from
Mandisa.  Seriously, I think it really is
from her camp!  I think maybe they went
through her instagram and possibly twitter
and sent requests to everyone on it.  It could be
someone just posing as her, I suppose, 
but I got a nice message this morning, 
"Let your requests be made known to God; 
and the peace of God will guard your hearts
and minds".  You are blessed today."
So even if it isn't from her camp, it is nice
to receive an uplifting message like that! 

I have class today, of course, and as always,
looking forward to it.  I'm hoping a few more
people turn out.  The Monday classes are
much larger than last semester so that's
really  nice.  I think it's wonderful that people
want to learn to communicate with the Deaf.
And on that note, I probably should go get ready!