Thursday, October 27, 2016

No new car

I'm sad to say that Mark will not
be getting that new car.  :(  We are
so used to doing things certain ways
and NOT so used to having our hand
in a certain position for more than 2
days (with 10 minute breaks every hour) 
and he accidentally lifted his hand.  I'm
so sad for him.  After 2 days and about
4 hours, to lose was hard.  They had
already lost about 16 people by then.  It's
just not natural to have to keep your
hand on a car for hours.    I hope he gives
himself a pat on the back for having
lasted that long but he's probably
mad at himself instead.  I'm
proud of him for even trying!

This is the start of another set
of cards.  I am so in love with the metallic
thread that I can even put up with
the tangling that happens.  The thread is
a little bit stretchy which makes it tangle
much easier.  Sometimes the tangle
is too difficult to get out and you
have to start with a new piece of thread.
I got a text yesterday from Pam with
my "homework" for Monday's class.
I have to review the story of the three
little pigs and consider how to tell
the story from each character's
perspective.  I had to read the story!
I totally forgot about the wolf falling
in boiling water and dying and that's
how the pigs escaped from his clutches-
in addition to having the strong brick
house, of course.  It's pretty sad that
I had to read it again to remember
such a simple story!  That's what getting
older does to you, I guess.   I never
liked the story anyway.  Even as a
child it insulted my intelligence, LOL.
Yeah, yeah, I know there's a reason
for the story.  "Do it right the first
time and you won't have to do it again."
At least that's what I get out of it.
But it's still a dumb story.  I doubt
I told it to my kids.  I did read Dr.
Seuss but hey, he's a literary genius.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wishing you joy

I'm not sure if I really like
this card or not, but I don't
dislike it, either.

I was playing around with embossing
vellum.  I wasn't sure if I had vellum
that wouldn't tear when it was embossed
and it didn't.   Then I had a piece of
pretty embossed vellum and had to
do something with it!  I think it
needs something more, but I
don't have a clue what.

This is an antique car I made a while
back.  I'm glad I don't have to drive
around in a car like that on a day
like today.  It is truly a fall day.
Chilly-well, cold-and very rainy.  I
love rain.  I love storms.  I don't care
for icy cold rain, though.  I can't
believe it will be November soon!
Where in the world do these days go??
My brother is still hanging in there.
its been about 49 hours.  He's still
awake.  They can probably rest their
eyes but then run the risk of dozing
off and their hand coming up off the
car.  There are judges walking around
watching for that!  I think at last count
they  had lost about 15 people.  Maybe a
few more by now.  That's cut down by half.
I'm really rooting for him
Do you know what today is?
"It's hump day!"  said the camel.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pegasus for Kaiden

Kaiden is a 4 year old little girl
that was severely abused and is in
rehab to learn to walk and talk again!
The swappers group that I belong to
requested cards to cheer her up.  Right 
away, this pattern popped into my
head.  I think it's something a little
girl would like.

I have three kids and boys at that,
so I understand kids can drive you
crazy at times.  What I don't understand
is hurting a child.  Having to learn
to walk and talk all over again is 
bad enough.  The psychological scars
this little girl is going to live with for
the rest of her life are unimaginable.
Class was difficult last night, but everyone
said they understood my signs.  We had
to retell a story again.  I hate Aesop!  LOL.
I forgot an important part of the story I
was signing, but oh well.  I don't think
interpreting is what I'm going to do
with this, but again, you never know
what God has in mind.
Yesterday I learned that Scott Hamilton
has another brain tumor!  I think this is
the 3rd in addition to the testicular 
cancer he survived many years ago.
The other tumors were benign and
i assume this one is as well, but it
is also life threatening, they said.
And one final thing-my brother needs
good thoughts sent his way!  He has been
up for about 24 hrs now, with his hand
(literally) on a car.  They started out
with 30 people and I think they are down
to 24 now.  The last person standing gets 
the car or money.  He didn't get picked
for the contest last year.  It went for
77 hrs.  He's getting tired.  He's an old
man, lol.  So he needs lots of good thoughts!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Pretty in purple

Nope, I didn't mean pink, I meant
purple.  This card was made for a 
friend who loves the colour purple.

Afterwards-because that's how
it always happens-I thought it
would have looked really nice if I
had used the metallic thread.  I don't
have anything that's truly purple,
but one that has a purple tint to it.
Oh well.  Maybe I'll make her another
one some day and use that instead!
I was surprised with how well I did with
the songs yesterday since I only knew one.
Judy was signing and Coleen was standing
beside me, so she was telling me the signs
before the next part was sung.  Immensely
helpful!  It's not that I don't know the
signs, it's that number one, I don't even
know the songs and two, I can't keep up
on the fast ones.  But hey, I'm trying.  Thanks,
Pam.  All I needed was a push, I think.  I 
don't know what we're doing tonight, but
it will be interesting, I'm sure.
Today my brother is going to try and win a
car and needs prayers.  They narrowed down
90 applicants to 30 and those 30 have to
stand with their hand on a car.  Last person
standing wins it.  He said last year it went
to 77 hours!!!  That's three days!  So he needs
a lot of prayer support.  He could really use
a new car.  He still has 4 (I think) out of 7 kids
at home and he and his wife both work.  
He's forever fixing the cars for this and 
that and drives them until they choke 
and die.  So I'm really  hoping he can do this.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fancy border die

I shouldn't have, but I got another
die the other day.  This one is so
pretty and so darned delicate.  I need
to remember to use waxed paper when
I cut it out.  I put another paper under
it because it came out of the die  looking
a little funky.  I didn't want to re do it!

I think it came out pretty nicely,
I also made the penguin in all silver.  
He came out great, too!  I love the
iridescent paper behind it.

Finally, a picture of the necklace
I got yesterday.  I've been wanting
a cross necklace forever and Pam
(teacher, not DIL) sells Avon.  The offer
was 2 for $40. and I didn't want two
necklaces nor could I afford $40. so Coleen
bought one and we split the cost.  I was
a happy camper!

The flash reflected off the table but
when I put something underneath
it the camera wouldn't focus.  But you
get the idea.  In the center is a gem-
Cubic Zirconia I think.  I'm not sure
I spelled that right because my computer
is flagging it, but I think it's right.
I think I might have a home for Luna
and they live in LaFayette which is a
couple hours from here.  I'd be willing to
meet her or go all the way.  I just want
Luna to have a good home.
I must get ready for church.  
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Very holly Christmas

OK, the title is lame.  They always
are because I can't think of titles.
My grandparents lived in Anderson,
Indiana and outside their house they
had holly bushes.  I always thought
they were so pretty.  This card
reminded me of that.  I love how it
turned out.  It is so beautiful!!

I was just so thrilled with the card
when I was finished!  It makes me
want to buy more patterns!  They're
only about 1.30 each and it's an
instant download.  I shouldn't be
buying all these patterns, but
they are turning out so pretty!
I haven't even been outside yet
and I just know it's C.O.L.D.
I was right.  When I get home from
class today I'm going to curl up in 
a blanket and never come out again!
I'll watch some more purflix movies.
I watched two yesterday.  Wow.
I've never been a movie person, 
really, but the movies they have on
this channel are really powerful.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Dashing through the snow

Penguins ski don't they?  I mean,
they live in the North Pole.
OK, so some live in warm areas,
but maybe they water ski?

It's kind of hard to see.  If I make it 
again, I might do it in silver.  This card
used a bluish thread.  I'm having a 
great time with all these metallic 

I'm not as enamoured with this one.  I think
I should have done more different shading.
They look too close and then you have the
violet underneath that doesn't seem to 
match anything but the mat.  I may remake it.
I think I will also make the die cut stand up
a little more.  Maybe even put some shine on it!

I had a bite on Luna today and when I looked
up her phone number, I found she lives in
central Indiana!  So that sounds very promising.
We haven't really spoken beyond is she still
available.  I just want her to go to a good
home.  She is a sweet bird.  We are just
not right for each other, sadly.
I can't believe this is Friday already!  Tonight
starts the new series "Encounter" on pureflix
and I am so excited to see it!  
In a little while I will be going
 to  lunch at Pizza hut with Dianne
and then I have another card I'm
working on that I need to figure out
what to do with!  I have it half done
and now I'm stumped.  Where is
Reflections when I need her?   Again,
she has abandoned me.  Or should I
say still?  It's hard to keep track of her!

Happy Friday!