Saturday, April 30, 2016


I got exactly what I wanted for
my mother's day card!  Since
I'm seeing her later in the day
I will just deliver it.  It's a little 
bulky with the flowers, and besides,
it's nice to hand deliver.

Card, inside and envelope.

Deaf chat was OK.  A man I know,
who also stuck by my side at Deaf world,
was there.  We call him "French Dave"
to differentiate from another Dave.
I don't remember his last name, 
but it is French (obviously).
He's so nice.  I stuck close to Pam 
and just observed.  I thought they
would consider that rude, but they
don't.  After some of them had left
I went and sat by him and He and
I chatted in sign, the things that
I knew.  Practice is practice, I guess.
I did speak to one of the leaders
of Deaf world for just a moment and
told him I had been there.  He understood
me and told me his name and I told him
mine.  I also introduced myself to a
young friend of Pam's.  Pam interprets for
kids in school and she was one of Pam's
former students.  It was interesting.
There was a group of students there
from one of the local high schools
that offer a sign class.  These teens'
hands are just flying like crazy.  It
was a little intimidating.  But they were
also very nice.  One of them, a senior,
spoke with me for a few minutes-
not in sign, just speaking.  She's so
good.  I wish I could take that class!  I
wish I was young enough to be in HS
again!  Well, maybe not.  It wasn't the
best of experiences.  I might go
again next month if someone I know
is there.  I leave you now with
another picture of Lili as she was
thinking about eating the phone....

Friday, April 29, 2016

Deaf chat

I've never been to one of 
these before.  I don't know
how many people go and how
many are deaf, or hearing.
I don't feel in the least prepared,
I don't feel I know enough to 
communicate with a deaf person.
But I guess there comes a point
where you just have to jump in,
hope you do OK and learn
something in the process (hopefully)
So I will go tonight.  My teacher,
Pam, says she will not leave my
side.  I hope she doesn't!  I'm really
nervous, but she says it won't
be as bad as I think it will be.
I suppose that anticipation of 
something is worse than the
real thing as a general rule.  You
tend to build things up in your
mind-at least I do-and it never
turns out like you had envisioned
it.  So everyone say a little prayer
that I don't make a fool out of
myself and remember enough
to have a basic conversation
with someone.

I like this one a little better than
yesterday's but still not what
I want.  The problem is, I don't
know what I want.  That is a
problem.  I hate it when I
get restless like this.
Plus, Dianne went on a short
little vacation and as usual
my muse tagged along.  I'm
not sure why she feels the need
to follow Dianne rather than
stay here with me where I need
her.  I think it's kind of selfish.
After all, She leaves me to
try to think of cards all by
myself!  I think I need to
trade her in on a new muse....

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mother's day card

I am so not happy with this.
I've never done a card
like this and I don't like how
it turned out, so I may make
another mother's day card.
It won't stay closed hence the
paper clip.  If I did  use it I would
put some ribbon around to hold
it closed.  I've done many "gate fold"
cards before, but never one with
a  double aperture. Oh well. 
There's time yet.

If I do use it, I'll just hand write
Happy Mother's day

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Note to self:

Make sure the coffee maker is
COMPLETELY cleaned before
making coffee and drinking it.
First, it doesn't taste good.  
Secondly, I'm pretty sure it's
not good for you....I only took
a small drink because I choked 
when I got it in my mouth and it
didn't taste like I expected it to.
I've been running water through
it ever since.  I doubt I hurt
myself, but I sure don't want
to do it again!

Did I say yesterday that it was 
getting warmer?  It's not.  It was
just a teaser, I guess.  I hate the
bait and switch routine.  From people
or from weather.  Moreso from
people, I think, but just the same...

I'm not crazy about this card.  I think 
I should have rounded the corners
on the white part as well, but
it's OK, I guess.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

You've got me...

It's been so warm!  I'm loving
it and I'm finally becoming
convinced that warm weather
is here to stay.  I hope.  We had
a small, wimpy thunderstorm
late last night.  I saw some
lightening while I was up getting
a drink and heard a little thunder,
but that's all.  Maybe we'll get some
better ones soon.

Front and inside of a card I made
this morning.  I need to find the perfect
person to send this to.  Perhaps my
sister?!  I love the sentiment!

The anniversary of my cousin Ronnie's death
is on May 3rd.  I can't forget it since it
is also Cody's birthday (he will be 29!!)
I made this card for Cathy to let her know
I'm thinking about her.  I remember when we
went to the memorial service, who knew that
in 2 short years John would be gone, too?
We just never know when the Lord will
call us home and we need to be prepared.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Here's to new (and good) experiences.

Yesterday I dropped off my in laws,
Larry and Laurel, at the FW airport
so they could fly to Florida.  Once there,
they will hang out for a few days with
a friend and then drive his car back.
He would rather take the train,
but since he winters there, wants his
car.  They do this exchange twice
a year and he wines and dines
them while they're there.  Must be
nice...Anyway, I had time to kill
between then and church so I stopped
at McDonald's and had a little
breakfast.  While there I got a
text from a woman in my sign class
saying she hoped I would come
to church.  I told her where I
was and that I would be there.  She
waited at the door of the church so I 
would see a familiar face when
I walked in.  Wasn't that so nice
of her?!  So I made her a card:

The flowers on the outside are
embossed in white embossing
powder. I was very happy with
how it turned out.  I'm planning on
going back and I can tell you that
watching her, Colleen, and Pam,
the teacher of one of the classes,
that I am going to get a huge education!
I learned several words just by watching
them sign the songs and later, Pam, the 
service.  So I am excited about learning
more and possibly more quickly.  Although
I wonder how much my brain can hold
in, lol.  I have always considered
by brain a sieve. I have learned so
much in the past year and I want to 
keep learning as long as I can.

I was exhausted yesterday after getting
very little sleep the night before between
the concert and getting up early to
go to the airport.  But I did manage
to get the lawn mowed and weeds
whipped.  I don't mind at all doing
the lawn and now that I have a
dependable self propelled mower,
it went quickly.  I'm not so fond of
weed whipping.  I sprayed all
the stray weeds and will probably
pull them tomorrow.  I don't think
they're quite ready to be pulled yet.
My shoulder must be getting somewhat better
because I was able to pull start the mower.
That was quite a concern last year. Maybe 
someday it will fully heal.  That's what started
the injury in the first place.  When I went to
start my old mower the string quit
working.  I pulled, it stayed.  That was
horrendously painful.  But now I can mow
the lawn, enjoy the sun and get some
exercise.  Looking forward to summer!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

What an amazing night!

I've seen the Newsboys in concert
three times now, and it will never
get old!  As always, they were
just amazing!  Afterward we got
their autographs-second time for
me meeting them in person.  They all took
my hand as I went through the line.
When I got to Duncan (the drummer)
I told him I loved him and he took
my hand and said, "how are you,
sweetheart?"  I'm in 7th heaven today!

Duncan in the sunglasses and Michael
Tait, lead singer.  We couldn't
get a good picture of all 4 of them,
too many people in front and when
we got closer the guards were telling
us no pictures as they were moving people
through as quickly as possible.
That's my grandson, Anthony, in the
blue shirt getting his shirt signed.

The first pic  is a screen shot of Duncan
from instagram.  The second, again, not my
own as I was no where near close enough
to get something like this, is Duncan spinning
drums.  I would be so sick.  The whole platform lifts
up, turns sideways and spins.  It is something
else to see.  Come back to FW, guys.  I can't
get enough of you!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Today is the day and I am
beyond excited!  I can't wait!
So excited I don't think I have
anything to even talk about!
so here is a card:

I love  how this came out.
I had a couple of the chicken
wire die cuts laying around
for some reason., so I thought
I may as well use it and it turned
out to make a great background.

Dianne and I had lunch yesterday
and there is a restaurant here that makes
a salad with chicken on top and they
will toss it in hot sauce (or mild) if
you want them to.  It is so good!!!
It really adds a zest to the taste
especially with ranch, and isn't
overpowering.  My new favourite
food!  I may even try it at home.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hello, my name is...

From pretty much the day John
died, the engine light in the car
has been on.  I knew what it was
and it wasn't something that needed
to be dealt with.  Then on New Years
Eve I had to have the battery changed
and the light went out.  Well, a couple
of days ago it came back on.  So
in the interest of making sure it 
was still the same thing, (it was)
I took it to be checked.  I had left
my cd on-fairly loud-not thinking
about it.  He turned on the car and
Matthew West came on singing,
"Hello, my name is".  Instead of
reaching over and turning it
down he started to sing with it!
So there we are standing in a
light rain singing together!   What
a blessing! 

I made a couple of things for
Robin's Pastor's granddaughter.  She
is trying to encourage him, but I
think being able to take a special
surprise for her might lift him up as
well.  Besides, I just like making
girly things!

Front and back of a mini notebook
that she can draw or write in and front
and inside of a card.  As you can see, I
do love my angels stamp!

One more day!  My daughter in law said
someone told her in Toledo they signed
cd's if you bought them.  I think I'm
going to buy a pair of Duncan's drumsticks,
too.  I was going to once before but
then changed my mind.  I don't
know where I would display them, but
I'm sure I could find a place.  Maybe
under my pillow??  LOL

I was sad-and shocked-to see that
Prince had died.  He was only 2 months
older than me!   Michael Jackson was
3 weeks younger.  What the heck is going
on here?  Everyone  was talking yesterday
about him and "purple rain".  My favourite
song of his was "Raspberry Beret".  What an
icon.  He and Michael Jackson made MTV
what it is today.  (which isn't saying much,
I realize.  I'm talking about putting it
on the map.)  If it weren't for them and
a handful of others there would be no
MTV.  That might not be the worst
thing in the world....some of their
programming leaves a lot to be

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rainy days and Thursdays....

No thunderstorms yet, but rain.  
That works for me.  April showers
bring May flowers and all that baloney.

Another three part card.  I'm making some
more cards for Robin to give to her pastor.
Last I knew she had two left, so I'd
better get busy!!  I'm going to make a couple
for his little granddaughter as well.

I love this one.  I'm getting more into
blending the inks and I think it looks great
as a background.

Soooo excited!  Saturday I am going
to see my favourite band--the Newsboys!
I can't wait!  I've seen them twice before 
and gotten their autographs on my cd.  Duncan,
the drummer, takes my hand and in his
beautiful Aussie accent says, "And what
is your name, Love?"  I melted in a puddle
and couldn't remember, lol!  Alas, he is
married with a couple kids.  Oh, well.  He's
missing out on me, ROFL!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Singing in the rain?

We might get rain today!  Better
yet, we might get a storm!  Oh, 
well.  I can hope anyway, right?

I haven't played with my edge dies
lately so I thought I'd pull them
out.  I like the double edge and
surprisingly I got it exactly straight.
That is a rare event for me!
The celebrate card is for a friend
I met on facebook who just retired.
Her husband has been battling
cancer off and on so now she doesn't
have to worry about taking time off
to take him to treatments or care
for him, so I'm really happy that
she was finally able to retire.
I'm off to the doctor today to
see about this cholesterol business.
Unless it's really high I don't plan
to do anything about it.  I've heard
too many horror stories about
statin drugs.  I guess I'll just have
to get myself back on the treadmill.  
I'm very bad about disciplining
myself in that regard.  As far as
the eating goes, I've never been
a good eater.  Take away my pizza
or diet coke and I become very 
cranky....So I'll just see what he has
to say.  Thankfully he is more of a
"country doctor" in that he actually
listens to his patients and isn't a
pill pusher.  I think that we can
get this under control (assuming that
it's seriously out of control which I
doubt) without resorting to drugs.
I take enough of those as it is!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring is finally here!

This is how I know:

Last year we had so much rain
that the cherries rotted right on
the branches.  I hope that doesn't
happen this year.  But isn't it

I am sad to see that Doris Roberts
died.  I never watched "Raymond"
but I loved her in "Mrs. Miracle".

Cody asked me to make him a
wedding card for some friends and
I was happy to do it.  I just love
how this turned out!  It was a little 
tricky getting the greeting to the
side in just the right place, but
I got it the first time, so no frustration
there thankfully.

I am still waiting for the orientation
for hospice to take place.  Last I
knew, the director was waiting for
someone to be available to teach
one of the sections, so she must
not have been able to get her yet.
I am anxious to get started.

Today I am going to look for lawnmowers
as the one I have, I have concluded, is
a POS.  And if you don't know what
that means, I will message you privately....
Anyway, I am hoping that I can
find a self propelled that I will be able
to pull start without too much difficulty.
That should be easy to do.  Not.  But 
you know what they say...."suck
it up, buttercup."   Who is this 
"they" anyway?  "They" say
a lot of thing.

Monday, April 18, 2016


Nope, haven't seen them yet, but
I had you going, didn't I?!
My friend, LuAnn, loves hummingbirds
So I thought I'd surprise her with
a card featuring her favourite birds.

This is such a neat fold I found on
pinterest.  The hummingbird part is a
card which opens and then the whole
thing opens like an ordinary card
would.  I need to make more of them.
I love how it turned out.

Not crazy about how this came out
but I wanted to try out the new
flourish stamp I got.  The sentiment
stamp is new, too.

Last Friday I was invited to a school 
play at the local high school.  Janet,
her daughter Jennifer, and I went
to see "Annie".  I loved the movie
and seeing it on stage was such a treat.
The kids did such an amazing and
professional job!  I can't tell you how
much I enjoyed the evening.  I'm
hoping to get to know Janet better.
I like her very much.

I finally had the blood test done
that the doctor wanted me to get
in December.  Hey, if they'd taken
the  cholesterol off the table I'd
have done it a long time ago.  I'm not
fond of fasting.  The food part is
OK, but take away my diet coke
and I get extremely cranky.  So don't
tell them, but I had a sip this morning.
Since my dog got me up at 530 again (I'm
pretty sure he has an alarm in his head)
I was grateful they opened at 630.  Note
to self: no waiting at 630 am.  She
told me last time to TRY to have it done 
before I came back in May.  I took 
that as a challenge.  She's lucky I got
in the mood to try.  LOL!

 I just saw they had an earthquake
in Ecuador.  My cousin, Rita,
was there for many many years as
a nurse/missionary.  Kind of scary
all the natural disasters that are going
on in the world today.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rolodex cards

My daughter in law, Heather,
has asked for my address twice
in the last couple of months.
I love her dearly but she's a little
unorganized.  (Sorry, Heather, but
you know it's true!)  I hope she's 
not reading this because I haven't sent
her birthday gift out yet.  In an
attempt to keep her a little more
organized, I made her a rolodex.  
Naturally it's more than just an
ordinary rolodex.  I used to trade
them on a site I belong to, but I 
haven't traded anything in a couple
of years so I decided I would
repurpose it.  And, yes,  I
already put my address in it!
The cards are decorated on the
front and a small area on the back
and there is plenty of room to add
any information, address, phone,
birthday, etc.

Looking at it now, I think I should
have added something to the puzzle
pieces, but it's in the box now.  I didn't
have a pattern for the bottom of the cards
but it's in the rolo box so who cares, right?!
 I was pleased with how most of them 
came out.

I have to mow today.  Last year
I was having so much problem with
the mower and I finally (I think) figured
out what the problem was and got a
part for it, but I don't know if it
solved it because my neighbors 
started mowing my lawn for me!  So I'm 
about to find out.  I charged it all
night so it should be ready to go.
Naturally my arm has started hurting again.
The cortisone shot hasn't lasted as
long this time, and I can't get another until 
after May 10.  But I'll take a little
pain if the mower works.....

Saturday, April 9, 2016


It snowed off and on all day 
yesterday and I get up today to
close to an inch of snow on the
ground!  (on top of ice, I'm sure).
I guess Mother Nature didn't look
at the calendar.  It's APRIL, Mother

I decided to try my hand at making
some faerie furniture.  This is just
a first attempt.  I'm sure (I hope) I
will get better.  I think I made it too
tiny and that's harder to work with.  I
will probably try a bed next as it gives
you a little more to work with.  But
I don't think it's bad for a first try.

Finally, my kids shot a selfie of themselves
yesterday so I thought I would share.

Cody and Pam at their finest?!  Lol
I wish he'd cut that hair.  He's been growing
it out and it's OK if he has it in a
pony tail, but I don't like long hair on
guys as a general rule and unfortunately
he inherited my curly hair so it 
doesn't look good on him in my
opinion, but I didn't get a vote!  His wife
didn't either, but she's being tolerant
as a good wife does.  Pick your battles,
I always say!  I love her like
my own, which is a good thing
since I never got any girls!!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Losses and life

This card is for a friend
I haven't seen in a while now.
Our friendship, if I can call
it that, didn't last long and while
I miss her, I know that sometimes
things like that aren't meant to be.
I'll never give it to her, of course.
It's kind of like writing a letter
to a deceased loved one to
get things out of your heart
that you can't tell them.
So, while I can't tell her how I 
feel, I can put it into a card
in memory of a friendship that
barely got started before she
moved on. 

I have plans for lunch today and then
I have to take the birds to the
vet.  I hate doing that.  Three
carriers and no  one to help me, so
it's difficult.  Not to mention they 
aren't too happy to go into their 
carriers for an hour drive to
Ft. Wayne (or anywhere else, for
that matter!)  But she's the only
avian vet around besides Indy.  
Toledo might have one, but that's
as far, and possibly farther, and I've
been going to this vet for about 14 years.
So, fun, fun.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Not landscaping.  I am terrible
at anything that requires a 
green thumb!  I haven't played with
my stampscape stamps in a long
time.  Stampscape stamps come 
in lots and lots of different scenes
and you use them to build scenes.
I don't have many, but this card
was made of three different stamps.
I got way too much purple in the 
right hand corner and when I
tried to fix it all I got was brown,
but overall I like the card.

Cody, Pam and I had a great time
at B-Dubs last night.  I ate
way too much, but it was all so
good.  We enjoyed time as
a family and I have leftovers
for lunch!

It's supposed to get cold again.
Rain, cold, rain, snow.  Who can
keep up?  What happened to
Spring?  And where is that
rodent?  I would like to have 
a word with him.....

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Finally it feels like Spring
with a thunderstorm this
morning.  However, they say
it's supposed to get cold again.
Maybe they'll be wrong.
I can hope!

I was waiting for the glitter on the butterfly
to dry this morning before I could put
it on the card.  It wasn't exactly
what I was going for, but that

Cody, Pam and I are going to
Buffalo Wild Wings tonight
to celebrate John.  We weren't
able to get together on the 28th, which
was the 2nd anniversary of his death.
He loved B-Dubs.    I love the
fried  dill pickles.  I didn't think
I would at first, but when I went to
see Robin last summer in NC she ordered
them and they are good!  So we will
have a family dinner and remember
all the fun times we had with John.
He could also be a colossal jerk, 
 so we always laugh at things
like that.  John was a know it
all.  Sometimes he did know it all.
Sometimes not.  More often than
not we just LET him think he
knew it all!  

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's a Deaf, Deaf, Deaf, Deaf World

What an experience.  The first thing
is that there were about 50 people 
there and not a sound.  Of
course, as hearing people, you can
hear people walking, whispering
as they are mouthing the signs,
that sort of thing, but it was
as close as a hearing person can 
get to the silence a Deaf person
experiences.  There were
6 stations, bank, cafe, hospital, 
job application, electronics store 
and real estate office.
One of the guys in our class, Dave,
stayed with me throughout and
that helped.  I was really nervous.
I did not do well at the job application
or the electronics store.  That one was
strange.  You were supposed to
tell them that your grandmother's
smoke alarm wasn't working
and you needed a new one.
OK.  Well, I knew a few of those
words but not all.  My teacher, Pam,
was there when this was happening.
The lady at the station was signing
it and I knew what she was saying
but I didn't have a clue what she was
trying to get me to say.  Turns out that
Pam didn't have a clue, either, so I
didn't feel so bad.  She's been signing
for 25 years!  For the first time I don't
think I did too badly.  Out of 10, I got
4 6's and 2 7's.  I did really well at
the cafe.  You were supposed to order
eggs, toast and coffee and then, OOPS!
you forgot your wallet!  At the bank you
were to get an 800. loan.  He asked
me if I was going to pay it back weekly, 
monthly, if I had a job, things like
that, so I did well there, too.  And I 
enjoyed the real estate office, 
as well.  Dave
doesn't play by the rules, lol.  So he 
robbed the bank!  They got a kick out
of that and wanted to know what he
was going to do with the money he got
in the robbery!  At the hospital he told
them he was having a baby and that
his water broke, things like that.  It 
was hilarious!  He had the most
points and won a prize.  I'm glad I 
went and had the experience.
Maybe if I go next year I'll do
better ( I SHOULD do better
after another year!)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Fun time!

Me and my grandson Travis.
He is going to be 21 on the 19th!
I can't believe he's getting that old!
We had a great time.  He went 
to church with me and was fascinated
with watching Sam.  He says
he's going to come back Thursday
for class.  We shall see.

As for me, I am looking forward
to Deaf, Deaf World tonight!  I'm
nervous, but I think it will be fun
and a good experience.  And I
will be sure to talk about it on
tomorrow's blog.

This came across my facebook feed on
April 1st.  What a great joke.  Bet he doesn't
fall asleep in a meeting again, LOL!!

And finally a card.  This is
a telescoping card.  I don't  know
if it will show up well or not, but
each layer is higher than the
one under it.  I was pleased
with it, but I wish I had had
another image.  I really don't have
a lot of image stamps, mainly
sayings, verses, etc.  I'm
not sure why that is.  Maybe because
I like words.  Who knows?

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...