Friday, September 22, 2017

Another Christmas pointsettia

Someone sent me these last year and
I liked them, but never knew what
to do with them.  It fits
nicely in the centers of the 
stitching cards .

It looks like they were made for
each other, doesn't it?!
I'm going to visit my mom this morning.
My dad told me she had a bad day
yesterday.  I'm not sure what happened
but he told me she didn't want to eat
and was upset.  Hopefully she will be
having a better day today.
Helping at the church yesterday was 
boring and when I go in to help
 next month I'm going to take a book! 
The people coming out said he took
like 15 pictures of them.  I guess if
they have lots of poses you might be
more inclined to buy them?  I can't
afford the pictures.  They are the same
company that came to the school and
took pictures of Cody when he was
in HS.  I took him to Walmart.  I'm
sure they are very good pictures but
I'm not a multimillionaire.  I'm
not even a plain millionaire.  Although
I think I'd be pretty good at it.
 (looks upward...hint, hint!)
I'm sure God gets a lot of amusement
out of me.  I think I must keep
Him laughing!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Christmas candles

I just love this image.  It's so

Some areas were a little challenging to cut
out, but well worth it in the end, I 
think.  I'm not sure, now that I look at
it, about the colours I chose, but all in 
all I like it.
I'm supposed to go help with the church
pictures this afternoon.  I was up until after
1 A.M. sick and still don't feel real great
(something I ate, I'm sure) so I'm hoping
I feel better this afternoon.  I don't
want to let them down.  
This is a card I've had forever and
didn't know what to do with, so I
added some embellishments and I hate it
but I'll show it anyway.


I don't know WHY I hate it, I just do.  Which
is why I will add it here rather than show
it as a post feature, LOL
Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Have a beautiful day!

I ran over to Hobby Lobby yesterday
after having lunch with Dianne.  It IS
right there, seems a shame not to at least
visit...anyway, I got a new stamp.  It's
only a small one, so not much, but I also
had a 40% off coupon.  Gotta love the 
smart phones.  You don't have to worry
about forgetting your coupon!

I think next time I order some patterns
I'm going to get Christmas ones (Karen,
not a word out of you!)  It does take a
little time to stitch them and I usually send
quite a few just because I like to make the
cards.  I still have some left from the
last time I ordered, though.
I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep.  
Tomorrow I'm going to church to help
with people coming in to have their
pictures taken for the church directory.
I scheduled mine, I think, for next week.
Whatever day it is, it's a Saturday so
I can just stay after class and not make
another trip.   I'm helping again 
in October.  I'm really glad I have a car
I can depend on-that I need to get the
oil changed in soon!
Next week I'm going to the fair in
Auburn with Judy!  I've never been
there and am really looking forward
to it and spending time with you, Judy,
since we don't get that much time together!
Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Christmas candles

I think this has got to be my 
favourite so far just because of
the image.  I think it's beautiful.  
I also figured out that if I tilt my
phone it doesn't glare.  of course 
the picture is at a weird angle, but
at least you can see it.

I really like the colours, too.
Saturday's class was....challenging.  A very
young mother (maybe 22) brought her 
3 month old baby because she "wanted
her to learn sign".  She's barely learning
how to hold her rattle.  I was annoyed because
the baby was fussing and then she 
proceeded to nurse.  In class.  Now, I'm
not against that, but this is a class, not
a nursery.  Bring the kid back when
she's 7 or 8 months old.  Better yet find
a class that teaches BABY signs, not "my 
name is".  Then she informs us that her
friend is coming next week with HER baby.
Well, I'm going to be out of town this weekend,
so I guess I don't care, but I don't think this
teaching stuff is for me.  I have no patience
for things like this.  Tomorrow Pam and
I are going to a small group Pastor is leading
on how to lead a small group.  Question
one?  How to deal with this type of situation.
Next topic, because it gets me so aggravated.
Yesterday turned out pretty good and I was
happy with how I signed.  Pam was VERY happy
which is saying a lot because she doesn't
usually give us much-if any-feedback.  I think
she thinks we might view it as criticism.  I
want the feedback.  Especially if I've signed
something wrong.  I need to know immediately
so I don't get used to signing something
I've got a super busy week ahead and
Thursday I leave for my weekend at
The Great Banquet.  So I probably won't
make another post until next week.
Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Note card initials

I got this initial pattern singly rather
than buy the entire alphabet-Who is 
going to use an 'X"?  Ok, maybe 
Xavier, or Xander...  But since I
don't know anyone that has those
names I thought it made more sense
to order just one.  This will be a
set of 6 when I am finished with it.

I was pretty pleased with how it came out.
I know I showed this pattern before, 
but I messed it up the first time and 
thought I hadn't redone it.  I looked at
 earlier posts but missed it. So here's 
another version of the same pattern.

I just can't get a good picture without
Today for sure, I am going to attempt
to sign the announcements.  No communion
this morning.  There are no deaf people 
right now, so I don't have to worry about
giving out wrong information, so it's
a good place to practice and learn.  I'm
going to the early service and get a heads
up on what will be announced and practice
that and the prayer.  I'm doing 4 songs, just
not the first one because I don't think 
I've ever signed it, so Pam is going to
do it.  I think she misses signing the
songs anyway!  I feel very strongly that
this is what the Lord wants me to do so
I'm expecting Him to take my hands 
and use them for His purposes and glory.
Yesterday I observed, no teaching,
but I don't think this is going to
work out for me.  I'm not a teacher.
Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Meanwhile, back in Holland...

I LOVE how this card turned
out!  I don't know if  you can 
see it well, but I made two score 
lines to the right of the stitching.

It's a little hard to see because when
I finish a stitching I use tape to secure
the entire piece.  You might see sparkles
sometimes from the flash catching the
tape underneath through the holes.
Anyway, scoring through the thick 
packing tape is a little hard.  it looks 
better in person.

We got some rain during the night and
for some reason lost power somewhere
along the line.  I didn't hear any storms,
so I'm not sure why.  It probably just
blinked which is enough to set
everything off.  When I got up at around
6 am, the stove said it was 2 am and that
didn't seem right.  It was kind of dark
but it just didn't feel like it was that
early in the morning.  That's when I
noticed the stove light flashing.  I'm 
hoping it will be rainy all day long
but I don't think it's supposed to be.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tip toe through the tulips

Dianne asked me to make a birthday
card for her sister in law.  She
was hoping for some day lilies
but all I had were tulips, etc.  So
she went for tulips.

I like how this came out but I wish
I had put the tulips closer to the design.
I had a nice visit with my mom today.
She is getting herself around in the
wheelchair now, with her feet and
using her hands.  I think she got
tired of waiting for someone to come
get her.  I see lots of the ladies doing that.
Tomorrow she and my dad are going
 to the senior center for a "picnic".
It's going to be held indoors.  Which is
a good thing considering this wonderful 
weather we're having.   It's not horrible,
but it's not warm either.  
Shout out to my friends and family in 
Florida-BE SAFE!! 
Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Half done!

Since these books are very little
(3 1/4 x 4 1/2 ) They don't take
much time to make, and I'm doing
them assembly line style, so that
makes it even quicker.  I made
40 yesterday and then got tired
of it so I went back to stitching.

Isn't this a cool pattern?  Sorry I got
the gloss on the rose, I have trouble
photographing these because they
are shiny.
B'Elanna is getting all prettied up at
the groomers this morning and she
looks forward to that.  Mostly the
car ride.  She loves the car.   I'm
having lunch with Dianne after, so I'm
looking forward to that.
Classes start up next Monday so I need
to brush up on my 3rd level words.  I have 
to admit, with the exception of church,
I have been very lazy this summer and
not worked on signing much.  I'm
not a particularly self disciplined person.
I know it.  I own it.  I try to change...
So far it hasn't worked well!  :)
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Beautiful rose

I LOVE this design!  I did it in the
shiny thread.  Not so easy to work with
but well worth the effort.  It looks better
in person.  This time I decided to
do the border and use beads, something
I've never done before.  I'm not sure
If I  like it or not.

This is what 70 mini composition books
look  like.  I cleaned out Walmart and  
pretty much cleaned out our dollar
store here in town.  Then....I realize I
am still one short!    Naturally.

This is what the finished version will
look like except that I redid the
labels and it will have a captial B on
the word book.  so if I don't show
up for a day or two
that's why.   They are for the
"Great Banquet" weekend.   I'm
starting to get excited, although I
think my sponsor is way more excited
than I am at this point, but she's 
already been through it.  Pam H.
also has and she said it was really
a wonderful experience.
I must go get blood sucked out
of me now to find out how my 
thyroid is doing.  
Happy  Labour day!!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

September blues

I long for summer all year long
and then not only do I get cold weather
at the end of August but now it's
September!  Pretty soon the snow will
be flying and I will be crying.
Enough of that.  Here's the card:

I just think these little girls are so cute.
I guess they are girls because they
have dresses on.  I didn't notice that
before.    This is the last one I have of
this sheet.  
I'm not signing this morning and I'm
glad because not only is there 6 songs
(unusual) but some of them are fast.  One
they are doing, though, is "This I believe"
which is the first song I ever signed in
front.  I just can't believe how much
has changed in the past year.  Classes
start this Saturday and I will be 
c0-teaching in anticipation of (so Pam
thinks) having my own class at some
point.  I don't know about that...
I marvel sometimes at how God has
changed my life in these past 3 years.
It was so painful watching John go 
through the chemo and radiation;
watching him get weaker as time went
on.  Even more painful was his death.
I know I will see him again one day, but
that doesn't take away from the pain I
feel here on Earth.  We are comforted,
though, in knowing that Jesus knows
exactly how we feel.  Even though He
knew He would raise Lazarus, He still
wept at the loss of His friend.    God has
used John's death to bring me to a new 
part of my life.  I want to follow what
He wants me to do and that includes 
teaching a class if that's what He wants.
It's not necessarily what I want...but 
that doesn't really matter if
I want to live my life for Him!
Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 1, 2017

A blast from the past

Here's the card, first.  I love black
and white together.  I should use it
more.  With just a touch of red.  I
wish I'd noticed how high the
flowers were, but it is what it is.
So...yesterday I went to visit my
mother.  It was an OK visit, not the
best.  On the way there I saw my
ex out in his yard.  Now, truth be
told, the only reason I knew it was
him is because his family has owned the
house forever.  My sister sent me a picture
of him a few years ago and asked if
I knew him.  I looked and looked and
could NOT figure out who it was.  I think
she got it from the school site.  Anyway,
finally had to have her tell me who it
was.  So if I had run into him at any other
time I would have had no clue.  He has
changed so much. Not for better on
the outside, for sure.  I hope he's changed 
on the inside because he was not a nice
man when we were married.  They
were having a yard sale and I just couldn't
 help myself.  I stopped and asked if his
name was Jason.  He said yes and looked
at me strangely.  I said, "Do you know who
I am?"  he said, "You look familiar".   I gave
him a few more seconds and then said, 
"I ought to look familiar, we were married."
Finally he realized who I was.  People say
I look the same as I did when I was in
high school, but apparently not enough
for him to recognize me.  I've satisfied my
curiosity. It's been at least 25 years since
 I've seen him and I will go the rest of 
my life not caring if I ever see him again. 
And on that note,
Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Orange rose

I have no idea what I'm going
to do with all these cards but
I sure am enjoying making them!

I do think it would have looked better
if I'd have flipped the design though.
I'm having a bit of trouble lately with
my arm/shoulder.  It wasn't even hurting
that much when I went in for my injection
and now has been doing a deep ache and
sometimes downright pain in the bicep
area.  I just can't give up stitching!  What
would I do with myself?  I am reading the
Harry Potter books (for the first time)
but when I read too much it makes me
sleepy.  This from someone who used
to read 4-5 books a week.  Of course, then
I was a young mother and needed an escape
from the kids, LOL!!
I'm probably going to go see my mother
today.  I'm hoping for a good visit again.
I wish I could find more information
on what behaviour to expect from
people with dementia but there's just
no "road map"  which is what I want.
I guess it's all in God's time and He
holds the road map.  We get to see
it as it unfolds and He unfolds it as
slowly or quickly as He deems best
for us and our lives.  It's hard to
understand sometimes...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Snow couple

Aren't these two just adorable?
I imagine them sitting there in
the evening watching the sun go down.
Hopefully it's really cold and they
won't melt.  I wish it would warm
up here, though!
My dad took my mom home for a visit
the other day-he's been hoping to bring
her home.  She says she hates it at
the  nursing home.  When he did, she had a
meltdown, I guess; said he was pushing
her too fast, expecting  her to do things
she couldn't do...etc, etc.  But she is
up now, walking more with her walker
and getting out of her chair with little
assistance.  He thought she would
want to come home.  Now he's
more depressed than he was before.
The financial aspect is worrisome.  We
are waiting for a medicaid waiver to
come through (hopefully).  Nursing
homes are not cheap.  I don't know if
it's the dementia or what that's causing
her to act that way.  All I know is I'm 
worried about my dad.  I know God
has this all under control but I can't
see it and I want to be able to know
what to expect.  That's not how He
works, I guess.  We don't know until
He's ready to let us know.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The eyes have it

The main reason I liked this
pattern is because, to me at least,
it looks like lots of eyes all the way 
around the edge!

It's a little creepy, actually!  I see I got
a shine on it which I didn't notice
at the time, sorry.  It is a grape bunch.
I have been invited to a "spiritual weekend"
called "The Great Banquet" in Bryan, Ohio.  I guess
it's all over the country.  I had never heard
of it.  My friend invited me and you have
to have an invitation, you can't just
join.  It's based on the story of the
great banquet in Luke.  Remember-the
master invited lots of friends and each
had an excuse as to why they couldn't 
come so finally he sent his servants
out to bring in anyone and everyone
so his house would be full.  I don't
know too much about it other than it's
life changing and brings you to a much
deeper relationship with God.  I
always want to do that!  It's next month
and I'm looking forward to it.  My 
awesome daughter in law, Pam,  has 
already agreed to babysit Lili and 
B'Elanna. Isn't she just great?! 
As far as I know the rest of the week is
going to be nice and quiet just the way
I like it.  I'm not signing this week either,
since Coleen put herself on the list.  I
didn't think she would because she's
doing sermons every other week now,
but I think she misses it!  
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 28, 2017

What a doll!

This is baby Kathryn.  Isn't
she a doll?

Yes.  Yes, as a matter of fact she
IS a doll.  The best baby I've ever
had.  She just sleeps.  And sleeps.
No crying, no diaper changing, 
no feeding and all I have to do
is dust her once in a while, LOL.
On to the card:

I'm pretty much out of these images
now and since I ordered 3D sheets
with my latest patterns you won't
have to look at them anymore.  :)
I'm so sad for Texas.  What a mess.
On the other side of the coin
we are getting a small amount of
rain and we really need it.  I'm sure
they would be happy to send some
our way if they could.
I think the warm weather is due
to come back this week.  At least
I hope so.  I've had enough of 50-60
degree weather in August!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

That's called Faith

Isn't she such a cutie?  The
last time I tried to photograph
this particular picture, for some
reason I kept getting lines around
her arm.  Weird.  This time it
came out great.  Maybe because
I tilted the picture.

I borrowed  something from facebook
 today that really spoke to me:

There  have been times in my life When I
think God was just wanting me to be
willing.  Kind of like signing the 
announcements.  I think He wanted me
to be willing but not necessarily do it
at this point.  Another instance is giving
blood.  I was willing.  I didn't end up
doing it-through no fault of mine-
unless you consider not drinking 
water my fault.  OK, so it is, but
that's beside the point!  I hate water.
Flavoured or not.  Apparently diet
coke is not very hydrating.  It's not
like I drink the caffeine stuff.  Sigh.
I just hate water.

It's chilly again today.  Enough of
this!  I want my summer back!

Happy Sunday!

Another Christmas pointsettia

Someone sent me these last year and I liked them, but never knew what to do with them.  It fits nicely in the centers of the  stitc...