Sunday, November 19, 2017

I see Santa and the reindeer!

Santa just flew by the moon.
Seriously.  See for yourself:

I thought I had seen a die cut for this,
but it was a stamp.  Nothing wrong with
that.  I wished it had been a bit bigger 
but it's supposed to be off in the 
distance anyway.
The silent breakfast was fun and every
one got a lot of practice.  One girl spoke-
oops.  Then PAM did!  Double oops!  I
got to speak if someone needed something.
Pam and I went and saw "Wonder" yesterday
afternoon.  I highly recommend it.  My
beautiful, awesome daughter in law-AKA
the other Pam-took B'Elanna out for me
so I could stay in town to practice songs
as well.  although, driving home last
night in the dark and rain I was beginning
to think I should have just gone home
after the movie.  It was pretty freaky.
Soon.  Soon I want to move to Waterloo.
But for now I can't because my parents 
need me closer.  The new car sucks down
gas like I'm manufacturing it in my own
kitchen.  It's got a huge tank and isn't
as efficient as my old car.  Oh well.  It's
a good car (with the exception of eating
my cd which I need to get taken care
of soon) and it gets me from point A
to point B.  But I miss my car!  
Done whining.
Happy Sunday

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thunderstorms in November!!

What a surprise.  last night it started
raining and I thought I was hearing
thunder but it was so faint I just
decided it was wishful thinking.
Then all of a sudden it was really LOUD.
So cool!  A thunderstorm.  In November.
Who would have thought it.

Another card for you, Nancy:

I was really happy with how this came
out.  I remembered that I had a
pointsettia die (I have so many it's
hard to remember them all).  It was
the first time I've used it and I was really
happy with how it turned out!  
Guys like flowers, right?!
My arm is hurting pretty bad after
the shot yesterday.  I didn't sleep 
very well again last night.
Usually it doesn't
bother me much at all.  The first
one was brutal when the anesthetic
wore off, and this one is pretty
close.  But for a couple of months 
of pain relief and sleep I guess
it's worth it.
I suppose I should get ready soon
for the breakfast. 
Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 17, 2017

A snowman and his sign

I love these little snowman images.
Isn't he just the cutest?  I'm glad he
doesn't have a sign that says "let it
snow" though.  I wouldn't think he
was so cute in that case.
I couldn't get the photo without a
little shine, but you can still see
what the image is.  The stitching was
done with the metallic thread.  That
is very hard to work with but
I love how it looks and I thought with
the stars it should be brighter than
regular thread.
Saturday is our "silent breakfast".
Pam referred to it as our "graduation"
from this semester.  She also 
appointed me interpreter....She had
mentioned it but I didn't realize
we had agreed on anything, LOL.
I guess she is the teacher and can
do what she wants.  :)  that's just
for ordering, of course.  I think
it's going to be a very small group
and they will probably just point
on the menu.  Or write something
down.  I look forward to these because
as much as Pam and I agree we will
have a silent meal it never ends up
that way.  The worst part is, when
you decide you are just going to sign
you can't think of anything to say!
But with more people that won't
be a problem.  It never has been anyway.
I'm glad it is finally Friday because I
get my cortisone shot today and
believe me when I say I need it!
I haven't been getting a lot of
sleep the last month.  But I'm
still not in enough pain to tell
him I'm ready for surgery...
Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Snowflake snippets

I was waiting for my hair appointment
and looking for a snowflake embossing
folder-which I did not find-and I saw
the snowflake snippets dies again.
I resisted buying them the first
time around, but when I looked at
them this time I saw possibilities.
Besides, I always have a 40% off
coupon!  I bought a  few other things
and they all came up to a dollar less
than the dies would have cost in
the first place!

It's a pain to glue down a tiny piece
like this, but well worth the effort.
I mounted it on some blue foil card
stock-blue for a boy- and here you go,
Nancy, card number two.  Hope you
like it.
I have to go clean for my friend today.
I'm glad it's not pouring down rain
like yesterday.  We never did get a 
thunderstorm, but it sure made for
a soggy day.  I started hearing some
pretty serious wind about 3 am but
it seems to have settled down, at 
least for the time being.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Merry Christmas, friend!

This card has a vellum overlay with the
trees stamped on the inner mat.  I like
how it turned out. on the inside
it says, "wishing you a Merry Christmas 
and Happy New year".  I need to go to hobby
lobby and see if I can find an embossing
folder with snowflakes on it.  I used
to have one, but I gave it away.  Don't
ask me why.  I gave away a lot of
things when John died that I shouldn't
 have.  That's why you don't make major
decisions when someone dies.  That 
wasn't a major decision, but a minor
irritant for sure.  Anyway, this is one
of your cards, Nancy, if you like it.
The group meeting went really well 
yesterday and it was cool to have the
 group  come to my house this time. 
B'Elanna was a little freaked about
going to Aunt Laurel and Uncle Larry's
for the evening.  She didn't want me
to leave even though she knows 
them well.  When I came back to get 
her, she was jumping on me and 
running to the door wanting to leave!
The only time I've ever left her anywhere
is at the groomers and she's used to that.
They said she had a good time and
cuddled with them on the couch.
We might get thunderstorms today!
I'll believe it when I see it.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Matthew West!

Isn't she a cutie?!

What a concert!  He really puts on
a great show.  And he sang some 
of my favourite songs, one being
"Stronger" .  That got me through 
some rough times.  After class, Pam
and I went to lunch, then did some
shopping.  We each got a coat at
Burlington (not Burlington coat
factory anymore!) and  beautiful
necklaces , a cross with swarovski
crystals- regular $60.00  necklaces
for only $10. !  You can't beat that.

Sunday my friend, Ruth came to
church and I signed 3 songs and also
the announcements.  Pam says I'm
getting much better.  I still need to
work on my expressions.  I'm pretty
transparent when I've made a mistake
and am frustrated with myself.  She said,
"smile like, 'Yep, I meant to do that' "!

Tonight the class I've been attending
led by the pastor (how to lead a small
group) is coming to my house.  I didn't think
anyone would want to since it is half an
hour away, but one of the ladies said, 
"You travel half an hour to get here."
I'm kind of excited about everyone
coming here.  :)

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Snowman attends church

Well, I think he's going to attend
church.  He's right outside.  I 
absolutely love this pattern!

I love snowmen anyway, but he's
just a cutie.  I was going to do it in
different colours, but when I started
I decided I would like to do  it all  in
blue and I'm glad I did because I
like how it turned out.
I also made a bookmark...

I'm not  thrilled with it.
For one thing, most of the
beads are on the backside for
some reason.  For another, I
just can't seem to get the hang of
this tool.  It's not very nicely made.
But I guess Pam will like it.  I should
have stamped something on the 
white part, and I don't know why
I didn't, but it is what it is, I guess.
It is COLD out.  I was going to rake
leaves yesterday-something I have
not done this year and probably 
won't-but it was too windy.  Today it's
kind of breezy but it is way too cold
to do anything outside.
I'm beyond excited.  Tomorrow is
the day!   I think Pam and I are going
to go to FW to a deaf festival, I'm not
sure what that is...and then meet
Coleen and Judy at the church for
the Matthew West concert.  It is
going to be so much fun!  I probably
won't post for the next couple of days.
Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

eclipse technique

Who knew that this technique
had a name?  I keep forgetting it,
too, and it's a kind of unique name.
How it came about it anyone's guess 
because it doesn't make sense to me.
I got my new alphabet dies a couple
of day ago and have been playing
with them.  This is what I came
up with for the first card:

I just think it is so cool.  I love
this Santa image.  While I was looking
for it I saw the script background stamp
and thought it would look really cool 
behind Santa and it does!  I'm pretty
happy with how it turned out.
I spent the day with Cody and Pam
yesterday in Fort Wayne celebrating her
29th (again) birthday.  I know.  We've been
through this.  She's really 30 but not
acknowledging that fact!  :)  It seems
like I'm on the run so much recently,
and I'm going to have a busy weekend,
so for the next two days I'm doing
nothing but hanging around the
house.  I've got a garage to clean and
leaves to rake.  Well, I should do that.
If it gets done or not is an entirely
different story.   But I still have a lot
of cards to get done, too, and I'm working
on Christmas gifts as well.  It would be
so much easier to just go buy something!
Happy Thursday!

Monday, November 6, 2017

I did it!

I signed three songs at church yesterday
and then communion.  I asked Pam later
if she was surprised I stayed in front and
she said yes!  :)  But she had a big smile
on her face and said I did really well.
The only comment she made was that
I need to hold the signs a little longer,
that it looked like I "couldn't get the sign
off my hands fast enough".  I've got lots
of things to work on yet, but I was not
unhappy with how I did for a first time.
Coleen only gave me a sign when
I really needed one, so I wasn't
depending on her which I tend to do.
She's my security blanket/mentor.  
Judy is my cheerleader.  I have a good
support system.

I know these cards look crooked when I
post them, but that's the only way I can
get a picture without having a glare from the
image. This parrot reminds me of my sister's
bird, Coco. This Amazon parrot is an
orange wing, I believe.  You couldn't
pay me enough money to get close to an
Amazon even though there are some that
are said to be real sweethearts.  They
give you no warning and bite quickly,
sometimes you don't even know why.
Robin wouldn't touch a macaw with
a ten foot pole because of the
large beaks.  I like them because
you KNOW if you are ticking them off
and they give you plenty of warning before
biting your finger off.  Lili has  only bitten
me once and that was because she was
caught by her leg band and was very 
scared.  Other than that, she clamps down
once in a while-not often-but she knows
exactly how much pressure she can exert
before she hurts me and stops just before
that.  Scarlet macaws tend to be a little
nippy, but she really isn't.  The only time
she even gets after me is if I want her to do
something she doesn't want to-like go
into her cage.  Typical three year old behaviour.
I think you have to have a strong personality
with a bird like Lili or they get the upper
hand quickly.  Any animal that can break
a finger easily, and trust me, she can,
needs to know who the boss is!  I let her
think she's the boss, though.  ;) 
I'm going to go visit my mom this morning
so I need to get around.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fog alert

Well apparently it's supposed to be
darned foggy out.  I guess I should
leave a little early for church.  With
my luck it will NOT be that foggy and I'll
get there too early.  I'm going to the
early service because we are having
communion today.  If I feel comfortable
enough after practicing, maybe I'll
give it a shot.  I'd like to do a bit
more than just the songs.  Slowly.  I
feel fairly confident about signing
prayers.  Not so much the 
announcements, LOL!

This kind of sort of is a Christmas
card.  It's not exactly what I would
call 'Christmasy' but it says "Merry
Christmas" so I guess that qualifies.
I was just messing around  yesterday
and this is the best I could come up with.
I was gone all day yesterday, too.  I
hope this week is a little slower.
I really need to go see my mom and
get a few things done around the house. 
But for now I think I need to practice
the songs again before I leave for church.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Christmas love

I've got some alphabet dies coming
in the mail.  The ones I wanted were
too expensive.  Waaaay too expensive.
The ones I've ordered look similar
to this word die, so I think they
will be fine.  Meanwhile, here is a
card that I made with one of the
word dies I got a while back.

I just love this look.  I think next
time I will add more depth to it, but
it still stands out.  This is the inside:

I had a little trouble getting the flash
to cooperate with the picture,
but you get the idea.  These two stamps
are really old (to me, but I think they
still sell them )  but my favourite 
stamps for Christmas cards. 
I'm signing some of the songs tomorrow 
but one of them I'm really not sure about
so I'm going to practice tonight and Judy
is going to help me with it.  Thanks, Judy!
Don't forget to "fall back" tonight.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Someone is 29 and holding!

I mentioned to a certain someone the
other day that their birthday was coming 
up.  She said she wasn't celebrating
and then decided she would just stay
29.  I know the feeling.  I'd like to be
 29 again, too.   Alas, that is probably
never going to happen.  I know you read
my blog sometimes, so here is your
card early, Pam.  Hope you like it!

I saw a card the other day with a lattice edge
so I decided to go with that.  I love how it
looks.  The inside is so pretty, too.
Yesterday I went with Pam (mine, not Cody's)
to Grand Rapids Michigan.  She had some
business to attend to and I rode along to 
keep her company.  It was rainy and dreary,
but mostly an easy drive.  The city of GR is
not so nice looking in my opinion, but you
know what opinions are like....  We got back
to Angola at about 6 pm, in time to go to
the coffee house where my first sign teacher,
Sam, has started a deaf coffee chat.  I met
a fellow that I've met once before, Fred, who
used to come into my mom and dad's tea room
years ago with his wife.  He remembered 
them, and I told him about my mom.  He
was sad about that.    It was a nice evening 
and I'm glad I went.  Pam said she was afraid
if she dropped me off at my house first
that I wouldn't come!  But then she had to
come all the way back to my house first
before heading home.  By that time it
was raining hard and storming.  She got
home safe and sound, though, and
that's what counts.
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A special girl

This card is for a special girl I
know, named Grace.  She is turning
13 on the 12th.  She is smart as
a whip and has the sweetest personality!
When she giggles she gets all red which
cracks me up.   She's such fun to have
in class.  Yesterday when she couldn't
remember a sign I just made a slight
movement and she got it right away.
Hope nobody saw me, LOL!

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
Here is the inside:

Isn't the butterfly corner so cute?
I have had that for years and years
and still use it quite a bit.  It's one
of my favourite punches.
I'm having lunch with Dianne today,
so I'm looking forward to that.  Then
I need to get the house cleaned.  I
mean, really cleaned.  Not just a spit
and shine, but CLEAN.  Who wants
to help me?!
Happy Tuesday!


Monday, October 30, 2017

Mustard seeds

If I've ever shown this card before, I
appologise.  I rarely make more than
one card the same (other than stitching
cards which are patterns), but Pastor was
talking yesterday about having faith the
size of mustard seeds so I brought out my
bottle of McCormick  yellow mustard
seeds and made three more cards.  I
just love how these cards look.  I used
to leave the seed free floating inside
the dome (which is a wiggly eye top) but
they tend to get static, so this time I
glued the seed before I glued the dome
down.  I think it turned out great!

I printed the picture on photo paper so
it would look nicer and the mat is the
glitter paper.
Yesterday I signed the first two songs in
church and then when the other three
were done I switched with Coleen and do the announcements
again.  The girl on the video talks so 
fast.  I'm going to have to hunt her
down and have a chat with her, LOL.
I've given up the freaked-out face.  I
have learned to not be stiff while signing
the songs. Now Pam tells me I need to
stop mouthing "I can't do this." !!!  I
really don't remember doing it, but she
said I did it like 4 times and-deaf people
can read lips- she reminded me.  I'm
getting there.  Slowly.   Coleen said
she was proud of me for staying in the chair
which is a reference to Pam when she
was just starting out and interpreting for
her teacher who is deaf.  After church he
told her he was proud of her for staying
in the chair.  Later I get a text from Coleen 
saying, "Congratulations for stepping out
of the boat, Peter. "  I sent her one back
that said, "Thanks for all the help, Aaron!"
She said that made her laugh out loud!  
I'm nothing if not funny.  ;)
I probably should get to the post office 
soon.  I'm expecting some toys for Lili
to come any day now.
Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Alcohol ink tiles

I got some ceramic tiles at Menards
the other day and have been having some
fun playing with alcohol ink designs on
them.  Twice I had to take rubbing alcohol 
and take the whole thing off because it
didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.
I finally discovered that if I let the alcohol
ink dry somewhat on the applicator I can 
come up with this:

Aren't they cool?  It was really rainy
yesterday so I couldn't take them outside
to spray with a sealer, but I will do that,
then put cork on the back so they can
be used for coasters or hot plates or whatever.
Last night was deaf chat and Pam and Coleen
didn't come for various reasons.  I get 
there, don't know this, and there is NO ONE
there.  Thanks, Judy, for coming.  I had a
great time even though no deaf people 
showed up.  I thought I was going to be
alone all evening.  You can't very well advertise
a chat and then no one show up if a deaf
person arrives.  Sigh.  The music was good
and we signed to it, so that was fun.  One
of the students from the beginners class
also came for about an hour.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Horsin' around

I stopped into Hobby Lobby 
yesterday (is there any place better
to spend your time/money?!) and 
saw this horse stamp.  Since stamps
were 50% off (when has it ever stopped
me if they aren't 50% off?) I decided
to get it.  I'm not enthralled with
the front of the card since it
seems a bit plain, but I couldn't
think of anything else to do because
the stamp is so big.  I do love the 
inside, though.

Isn't that a neat quote?!
It's not quite so cold this morning so
I spent a little extra time letting B'Elanna
sniff around.  I was busy sniffing the air.
If the wind is just right I can smell the
bread baking at the McDonald's bakery.
I'm not sure how far it is from me, I'm
going to say about two miles.  It's like
walking in Heaven to smell the bread.  I
wonder if God will have smells like that
in Heaven?  I'm thinking yes, since all
good things come from Him.  Speaking
of which, I'd better get back to my Bible
and see what Moses is up to.  :)
Happy Friday!

I see Santa and the reindeer!

Santa just flew by the moon. Seriously.  See for yourself: I thought I had seen a die cut for this, but it was a stamp.  Nothin...