Sunday, December 31, 2017

Countdown to the new year!

For the occasion, I have this
card to show:

The gold is such a pain to work 
with but it sure makes the results
stand out.  I was super pleased with
how the card looked when I finished.
One year ago tomorrow is the first time
I signed a song in church.  It was called
"This I believe" .  I'm not signing today,
but we ARE singing that song, so that's
kind of cool.  What a whirlwind this
year has been.  I've even attempted
part of the sermon already!  I am no
where near ready to actually do one,
but it was good practice.  There is
a program, class, not sure what you
call it, called CITI in May  in
Fort Wayne .  I think it stands for "church
interpreter training institute"  It's not
cheap, but I'm planning to go .  A few
months ago I would have told you no
way would I EVER go to something
like that.  That's where I've come
from to today.  So many changes
this year, as always happens in people's
lives, but on this day we become
 introspective and evaluate the good and
bad of the year.  There are things I could
have done much better.  Things I wish
I hadn't done at all.  But for the most
part I am happy with this past year
and that's saying quite a bit, because
most of my life that would not have
been my declaration at the end of
the year.  I hope everyone else
can say the same!
Happy New Years Eve!!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dinos rule!

This is one pattern I didn't have,
so it must be relatively new.  I
could not pass it up-it's too cute!

Aren't they adorable?!
I decided not to go to coffee chat last
night.  My dad said coming out of Meijer 
in Angola he slid and south the weather
was supposed to be worse.  I don't
think it ended up to be anything big-
at least we didn't get any snow-but the
black ice concerns me.  I travel at 70
(well, about 72-73😁) on the highway and
if you hit a patch of black ice it's all over.
God saved me once this year, He might
not be so inclined to do it again....LOL😜
I'm just hoping the weather will be good
tomorrow for New Year's eve.  Another
year gone by.  How does that even happen?
Kind of like Camden, Michigan-
blink your eyes and miss it.  Oh, sorry,
did that sound unkind?  Didn't mean
it to be!  🤣 
Happy Saturday! 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Love birds

They aren't real lovebirds, of course.
Those are more orange and green
usually.  But these two birdies love
one another just as much!

I think maybe I should have done
something in the top corners.  Maybe
I will before I send it.  It just seems
a little bare at the top.
I woke up at 330 this morning and
could not go back to sleep so I finally
gave up and got up around 4 AM.
I'm going to be tired tonight.  Deaf
coffee chat is tonight and I'll have
to be driving in the dark (and possibly
snow) so maybe I'll try to take a nap
this afternoon.

B'Elanna was not amused when I woke
her up to take this picture!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Flamingo heart

Isn't this cute how their necks
form a heart?!

I got the heart punch at JoAnn's yesterday, 
having braved the cold for  just a bit.
It was half off, along with a couple other
things I got-like card stock.  Like I need 
more paper/card stock.  But it seems
I never have the colour I want when
I'm making a card.  I mean-not even a
shade of a certain colour.  Some  I use
more than others, too.  At half off
you can hardly go wrong.
I am  not even poking my  nose out
the door today except to take B'Elanna
out.  All I do is stand in the doorway
and hurry her along.  She likes to
sniff and take her time.  One of these
days her little paws are going to freeze
off.  Won't she look weird then?  I usually
wrap her in a blanket when we come in
and she wears a little coat.  In the house
I keep her in a little shirt or her pj's
since it's pretty chilly in  here.  I
haven't noticed Lili fluffing so she 
must be warm enough.  I'm sure
they are both warmer than me!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Turtle love

There's only 4 more of these
animals in love, lol.

It is freezing outside and in.  I turned on
my oven but it doesn't seem to be helping
 much.  It should be against the law to be
so cold outside that your furnace can't
even  keep it warm.  I was thinking about
going to the post office and then skulking 
around JoAnn's for a bit but I think I'll
just stay under my blanket.  Someone
else is keeping warm too.

She stayed next to me under the blanket
for most of yesterday.  Here she is in
her pajamas:

She's looking like that because she
didn't want to stay still to have her 
picture taken!  🤣
Happy Wednesday!  Stay warm!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bunnies in love

Christmas is over.  I wish I could
say the same about the cold weather.
It's so cold outside that the furnace
can't keep up.  I wondered why it
was so cold last night and it's
68 this morning.  Trust me, I keep
it warmer.  I pay the bills.  It's my
right to run it full blast at 100.
Ok, I only  keep it at 72, but still.

So, I am making some cute 
Valentine animals.  I got this
set ages ago and since then they have
actually made these same animals with
hearts in the pattern.  Well, I have patterns
with hearts on them already so I just 
added them in and I think it looks adorable.

I love how they look into each other's
eyes. I hope never to have that
look in my eye ever again.

This is what I won yesterday at the
left-right gift exchange.

I've never had it but it looks very rich.
That game was a blast.  It was the first
time I'd ever played it.  At a couple of
points the story was saying left and right
so quickly that I couldn't pass the gift
fast enough.  But everyone had a good 
time.  Coleen's mom got my gift and I 
think she liked it.  They are all really great
people and I appreciated their including
me in the holidays.

I'm having lunch with Dianne today,
doing a little shopping, then coming 
home, crawling in a blanket and hibernating.
I'm never getting a large dog (I'd love to
have a siberian husky) because you have
to walk them.  B'Elanna is out 3 minutes and 
I'm freezing and she's sniffing around to
see who has been in her yard.  I hate winter.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Christmas!

Since all my Christmas projects
are done, sent out, given, etc.
I don't have anything Christmassy
to show.  Is that even a word?  I
know people use it.  However,
I do have a friend's birthday coming
soon, so here is the card I made for
that occasion:

I love the soft pastels of the flowers.
This is actually an old pattern, but
I haven't made it in many years.  I was
debating putting some bling in the middle
of the flowers, but I like how
the pattern has it . 
We got some significant snow yesterday
and coming back from church/lunch, the
highway was crawling.  But I made it home
OK. I did fall twice in her yard before 
I left!  I'm still getting used to how this car
handles in snow and I've never been the
best winter driver anyway.  I sure miss
my car.  I knew exactly what to expect.
Today I'll be going to my friend, Coleen's
parents' home and I'm looking forward to
it.  It will be more fun than sitting at
home which is what I would have done.
I have been incredibly blessed by
her friendship.  I've got some amazing
friends now, and I love my life.  I sometimes
think that if John hadn't died I wouldn't
have my friends, signing, all the other
things that make my life so fulfilled now.
It almost feels like I'm glad he's gone,
which of course, I'm not, but I guess it's
true that God can take something bad 
and make something good come of it.
Happy Christmas!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas eve eve

What's so special about Christmas
eve eve?  Nothing.  It just sounded
like a wonky title.

Cockatoos are such amazing birds.
This depicts a sulfur crested cockatoo.
They are also wonderful dancers.  If
you ever get bored, look up Snowball
the dancing cockatoo.  He's even been
studied because of his amazing ability
to keep up with the beat of any song.
It will brighten your day.  Truly. 
Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Gate fold birthday card

I closed this gate fold card with a ribbon
instead of a belly band and now I'm
wondering why I did that because I'm
not sure I like it.  On the other hand,
it gave me a brilliant idea to just make
a gate fold card and on the belly band
do stitching.  I wonder how that
would look?

This is the card closed

and without the ribbon.  To make the
effect I poked the holes right the first
time, then turned the paper over
and lined it up with the lines I drew
on the back and poked the holes again
so that they became mirror image.
This is the first time I've done this 
and I think it turned out pretty great!

I can't believe Christmas is in 3 days.
What I really can't believe, though, is
that we will soon be in another year.
Remember when everyone was so
excited to see  Y2K come in?
That was almost 18 years ago.  Think
about that!  Now do you feel old?  I
know I do!  I'd better get my shawl
and move to my rocking chair before
I get a chill.  I mean, there is an
arctic front coming through.

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Think Spring!

Yesterday was pretty nice considering it
was December 19th.  I came across
a tulip image and thought it would
make a good Spring card-I can hope it 
comes soon, can't I?!

I don't know, the tulip looks kind of
like it's floating in mid air.  Maybe
I should have put something behind
it.  It looks a little weird.

I'm not feeling the best today and
didn't sleep well last night, so I will
just say

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Birds, birds

Nope, not mine.  This is an African
grey parrot.  They are amazing 
talkers.  Larger parrots can actually
understand that they are looking at
themselves when you show them 
a mirror.  Babies are at least 18
months old before they can do that.
So, if someone calls you a bird
brain, be honoured.  They are
very intelligent animals.  Lili is
probably on the level of a 3 year
old human child.

This next picture I didn't make, my
father did.  It's for a Christmas gift
for a party I'm going to.

Isn't it gorgeous?  Much better in real
life, of course.  I love the barbed wire
around it frame and the frame is barn wood
that he probably tore off a barn himself.
He needs to stop doing things like that.
He has a younger friend that goes with
him, so I guess if he feels like he can do it,
more power to him.  That's what keeps us
young, I suppose.  Speaking of my parents,
my mother is home now, and settling in.
she's going to have to get used to having
no set schedule and no call button.
No one is around to talk to except my dad.
It will be an adjustment, but  I hope
it works for them.

B'Elanna got a new shirt.  I
couldn't resist.  She loves wearing
clothes.  She'll even sometimes raise
her paw to put it in the sleeve.  
Definitely no ugly sweaters for her!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 18, 2017

A little boy named Ryland and a surprise!

The Texas church shooting last
month left one little 5 year old boy
without most of his family.  He doesn't
know this yet. He is still in the
 hospital and will likely spend the 
holidays there.  He loves
Christmas cards so they are asking that

people send him a card with a picture
of them, a pet or a $1.00 bill-
he is saving up to buy a go-Kart.
 The card I made him came together
so perfectly I wanted to cry!  I think
this is one of the best I've ever done.

The snowman is made with die cut
circles that my friend, Karen, made me
a while back.  I free cut the hat which
probably should have been a little
bigger, but I was happy to get something
that actually resembled a hat, LOL

This is the best part, though!  His name is
on a clear sheet and when he opens the 
card it will stand up.  I think you can
kind of see it in this picture.  I was so 
Thrilled with how it came out.

This is the envelope
Now for the surprise...Coleen and I
went to first service to practice.  We had
three speakers this week and when the 
third man went up she told me to interpret
for him.  We are all the way in back, by the
way, so no one can see us.  So I did, with
her help.  When the next service started
which is the one we sign, she asked me if
I was going to do it.  I said yes!  When he
was introduced we switched places.
I can only imagine what Pam was thinking
since she didn't know this was going to 
happen!  I think I did pretty good, but I
know one part I could have done differently
and I accidentally signed "parents" instead of
"man" .  But hey, you have to make allowances
for nerves!  When church was over Pam said
she wondered when I was going to get my 
feet wet!  I thought they were wet enough
with signing the songs.  On January 1st
it will be a year since I started doing that. 
I was pretty excited to have done that
little bit, though.  It was only about
ten minutes.  I also signed communion.
That's a little more nerve wracking
for me, but practice makes perfect-
or at least makes me better.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Last mini book

I finished this a couple days ago
but wasn't able to get it on the
blog.  The recipient, Judy, loved
it, so I was pretty happy about that.

I took pictures of the inserts this time.  I was really
pleased with how it came out.  I am pleased with
how all of them came out! 
No lunch with Pam today as she has her
family Christmas so I am going to come
home, curl up in a blanket, watch movies
and make some bracelets.  I'm going to
try to stay as warm as possible.  Maybe
B'Elanna will learn to use the toilet
so I don't have to take her out.
Well, I can hope!  :)
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

I had an issue...

Apparently when Firefox did their
update I got caught in the middle
and couldn't launch Firefox because
it was still running, but I couldn't get
to it from my desktop to shut it down
-the chicken and the egg.  My sister
 talked me through uninstalling and 
reinstalling it and I'm up and 
running again.

So here is the little girl in pink!

Isn't she adorable?!
I also have the last mini album finished
and will be posting that tomorrow.  It
turned out really well.  I'm glad I'm done
making things for Christmas now, though.
My craft room is cleaned up and I'm
back to making some rubber band 
Tomorrow I'm signing "Joy to the world" 
and I think It's going to be an easy
song for me to sign.  I guess since it
is the last one I'll be doing the announcements,
too.  I don't know if there will be communion
or he will wait until next week to do it.
The more practice the better but I'm still
daunted by it.
I hear we will be in the 40's next week.
I am beside myself and will be singing
"Joy to the world" that day for sure!
Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ain't technology grand?

Yesterday I couldn't get into my
online banking so I called, got
my password changed and everything
 is set to go.  Right?  Wrong.
The dumb system won't let me
in again today.  Another call.
The lady yesterday wasn't very
friendly.  I hope the one I get
today is a little more personable.

I like how this card turned out but
I think I would have been better
off with a different coloured butterfly.
I don't think it shows up well.  A lot of
times it looks OK in person and then 
when I see it on the computer , not
so much.  This is one of those times.
But I do like the mesh behind the circle.
It's really cold this morning.  Is Summer
coming soon? No significant snow  yet,
but I hear the snow we were supposed
to get the other day moved on over to
Cleveland and they can have it.  You're
welcome, Karen!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Second mini book

This post has a lot of pictures, too,
but as before, I didn't photograph
the inserts in the pages.

The blue panel on the left folds
out and then slides out of the envelope 
with another quote on it.  

All three of these little envelopes
has a friendship quote inside.

I'm super pleased with how it came out. 

I thought we were going to get a ton
of snow last night, but I think it went
southwest of us.  They can keep it.
Robin got 11 inches last week!

I deactivated my account with pinterest
(I couldn't stay off it otherwise)
and sent them an explanation why. 
Pinterest doesn't seem to care what 
it's users want and I'm not the only
one to make that observation.  Deactivation
was the only way I could even voice
my complaint.  I won't be back.  Today
they flooded my page with all these 
posts of cross stitching.  I have NEVER
searched cross stitching.  Paper stitching
is very different so it doesn't fall into the
category of "inspired by my recent
activity".  Idiots.  I wonder  how many
others they will lose due to this new
way of setting up their pages.  I hope
they lose tons of people.

Happy Tuesday!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...