Friday, July 21, 2017

Absolutely awesome

This is the coolest stamp ever.  
And it was 40% off.  You can't
beat that.

I've never made a starburst before, either.
 I think that turned out pretty well.
I saw the stamp, though, and I just
had to have it and had someone in mind
for it before I ever picked it up off the shelf. 
I love this stamp!
I think I have grass spiders again.  I used
to have them in the bushes which is one of
the reasons I wanted them gone.  Now they
are all over the grass again and also in the
vinca.  I don't see funnels in most of them 
but I did see one in the yard that had a funnel
down to the ground and a hole in the ground.
 I'm not sure how to get rid of them short of
calling pest control and having the yard 
sprayed.  My neighbors do that every year
because of ground bees-which I have had
three times.  I imagine it's expensive.  I
sure don't want them coming into the
house, though.  My house is locked up
pretty tight and I rarely even get a fly in
here, and although I'm not technically
scared of spiders, I would prefer not
to live with them.  Maybe I'll call the
pest control peeps out and have them
give it a look.
Yesterday my brother in law and sister
in law came over and we tore apart that
huge 80's tv stand which has been dominating
my living room for the past 18 years.
I can't BELIEVE how much better
 it looks in here!   It looks a little bare at
the moment because I'm used to seeing
that behemoth, but I'm loving the
cleanness of it.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Playing with hairspray

Whaaat?  Hairspray in the crafting room?
It's true.  Crafters come up with some
strange things.  I've been thinking of
trying this technique for quite some
time, but I didn't have pump hair spray
and never remembered at the store. 
This time I put it on this list!
You use glossy card stock and pump
enough hair spray on the card to
make it moist but not dripping.  Then
you sprinkle alcohol inks on it-as many
colours as you like.  I wish I'd taken a
picture at this point, but forgot.
I took my finger and smeared the
ink around the card.  It didn't turn
out as pretty as the card on pinterest
but not too bad.  I then pumped a
few more sprays on it and it came out
like a galaxy on the orange one! At least
I think it looks that way, even though
it's orange.

This is the card I came up with for the 
purple one.  I haven't done anything with 
the orange one yet.  I was busy playing
with a new stamp I got at hobby lobby!

I'm not super crazy about it to tell
the truth.  it seems kind of plain.  Maybe
with the orange one I will leave it as a
background and not cut it.  It's hard to
see some of the stamping on the inchies,
also.  I guess that's from the flash.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Another sympathy card

I hate having to make sympathy
cards.  It's so hard to lose someone. 
My friend, Nancy, whom I met online,
lost her husband yesterday.  He had
cancer.  It's hard to watch them die
and it's hard to be left behind to pick
up the pieces.  I will be praying 
for you, Nancy. 

When I heard the news, I remembered
I'd seen this card somewhere and was
able to find the pattern.  I think it's 
 a perfect image for a sympathy card.
On a lighter note, my grandson, Sammy
got his card exactly on his birthday.
 Isn't he a cutie?  All three of them look
like their momma, but I think I see
some of their daddy, Andy, 
in them too.   I like that she sends
pictures of them when their cards
or something else I've sent arrives.
I'm lucky to have three fantastic
daughters in law:  Heather is Andy's 
wife, Crystal is Nathan's wife and
Pam is Cody's wife.  Maybe someday
I'll have all of them together at
the same time and we can have
a picture of the three of them.

I'm hoping my brother in law and
sister in law will be able to come over 
today or tomorrow and help me start
tearing down this behemoth of a TV
center that was John's.  It takes
up two thirds of the living room and
as it is from the 80's or who knows, 
maybe even the 70's.  No one wants
that stuff anymore.  Everyone want
small and compact.  So rather than
try to drag it out to the street and
hoping  someone will take it
we're just going to disassemble  it
and get it over with.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Polished stone technique

I will get the cards over  with before
I rant and rave about last night!

I've seen this technique before but
never tried it because A-I didn't have
re-inkers and B-I thought it looked
too much like alcohol inks.  A friend
of mine sent me a bunch of re-inkers
(Thanks, Kat!!) a while ago, but I
just kind of forgot about them.  Then
I saw this today and decided to give it
a try.  It's really different  from alcohol
ink, I think.  Much softer.  So here's
my version.  I stamped the images in
distress ink which stays wetter for
longer, then embossed it in clear
powder.  It almost looks like glitter,
but there's none.

This is for my grandson, Bradly, whose
birthday is next month.  After I embossed
it I looked more closely and though, "Oh,
no, I didn't get the whole image stamped!"
When I looked at the actual stamp, it's
not fully drawn out on the grille.  I was

It's hard for me to say which one I like
better.  I think I like the green/brown hues
just a little better because they are more
subdued, but this one is so
pretty, too.
Now, on to the concert!  WOW! There are
no words to describe it.  We were standing in
line and I heard someone behind me say,
this will be the third time I've seen them.
I said, "My fourth!"  Everyone was so excited.
The opener, and sorry, I can't remember his
name, sang several songs, one was, "I need
you" and Coleen and I signed the whole song.
We also signed some of the Newsboys songs
although they were singing a few that we
either didn't know well or were new.
I had such a wonderful time!  They are so
talented, and it is always such an experience
to be worshiping with so many people
all at one time.  I told her on the way home
that even though I'm not ready to go, I
hope that if I am alive when Jesus comes
in the clouds, I hope it is at an awesome
time like that.  Not that any time wouldn't
be awesome, but you know what I mean.
In November we are going to see Matthew
West!  I love him!  He's got some songs
that speak to me so deeply.  Coleen got
4 tickets, and Judy, you'd better be
ready to go-November 11.  We'll make
sure Pam is going too, or we'll have
to drag her there by the hair, LOL!!
Happy, Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Clear embossing

I'm sure I've done this before and
perhaps even put a card like this on
my blog before.  If so, sorry for

I think clear embossing on black is
just so beautiful.  The sentiment is
embossed in silver.  This card is going
to a pastor in NC.  I wrote a year ago
about his granddaughter, Mya, and her
struggle with cancer.  They have a page
that he writes on and I'm subscribed.
Their grief is still so raw.  I cannot
imagine the pain that would come
with losing a child.  Especially one so
young.  What he wrote yesterday just
brought tears to my eyes, so I wanted
to send him a card and let him know
I was praying for him and his family.

I'm signing two songs today, "Almighty",
which I already know, and "He knows
my name" which I've never heard 
before.  It's slow, though, so I can
handle it.  Sometimes I have to jump
in and do songs even if I don't
know them well or they are fast
and I'm not comfortable with it.
If I don't, I will give up too easily and
I'm not about to do that!

I'm beside myself with excitement
for tonight's concert!  Coleen and
I are going to have so much fun!
We always do.  She's a blast to be
around.  And seeing the Newsboys,
well, what can I say?  I think if I
had the money I would be a groupie, 
but I do see them every time they
come to this area.

Quick joke I saw on facebook this
morning:  A pastor came to dinner at
the home of one of his parishioners.
After he left the woman told her
husband, "I think the pastor stole one
of our spoons!"  This bothered her
for a whole year but she didn't say
anything.  Finally they had him to
dinner once again and she couldn't
hold it in any longer.  She said, "Pastor,
last time you had dinner here, did you
steal one of our spoons?"  He replied,
"No.  I put it in your Bible."

 Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Just be held

I'm listening to the song "Just be
held" on Pandora.  It's by Casting
Crowns.  It's something I need
to remember.  God's on the throne.
I need to stop hanging on to things
and just let Him hold me.  I think of
John in Heaven seeing God every
day and being held in His arms for
real and it's a very special comfort.

On to the card.  Another one I 
stole off pinterest.  I changed it
just a little but not much.

I love the feather.  It kind of looks
like antennae in a way.  OK, not really,
but I'm going for a poetic  moment here.  :)
My mom's doctor changed her medication
and she didn't do well with it.  I guess
she got nauseous.  She told them she
wasn't going to take it anymore.  I 
tried to tell my dad that that is a common
reaction to new medications, but he
was not a happy camper.  The slightest
little reaction and my mom decides she
is "allergic".   She's not exactly the
easiest person to deal with in any
circumstance, but especially with
medications.  She hates doctors
and anything they represent.
I'm going to practice tonight, but I don't
have high hopes of signing tomorrow.
They are doing songs from before I
came and these are songs I literally
have never heard much less signed.
I listen to Christian music all the
time.  How could I have missed
so many songs?  So we will see.
I Can't wait until tomorrow!!!
Happy Saturday!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Branching out

I bought this die set about a month
or so ago and even though I thought
it would be great, I just couldn't
get anything to look right.
I think I finally figured out how to
place the flowers to make it look
good.  Again, I am no good at
flower arranging, so when I see
other cards I think I can do it and
come to find out....I can't.  I can't
even copy someone's flower arranging
and get it to look the same!  I have
challenges in that area.  Also in
making straight lines!

The nursing home did call the paper
for my parents' vow renewal.  My dad
gave me a copy of it the other day.
Three pictures.  One of them in front of
the preacher.  One of the 5 of us.
One of "Bob Sanders placing the ring
on his wives finger".  I asked him how
many wives he had.  He said everyone
he showed it to said the same thing.
I wonder if they are in the market
for a new proofreader?  Sigh.
It has been ridiculously humid the
past few days.  I need to get out and
mow the lawn but I think I'm going
to let it go another day.
Only TWO MORE DAYS until Coleen
and I see the Newsboys!  I can't wait!
 It will be my fourth time seeing them
and I got to meet them in person twice.
My favourite group!  We are going to
have a blast Sunday night!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Last of the quilt blocks

Are you sick of seeing them yet? 
Well, here is the last one then.

This one was kind of a pain because
all those little flower dots melded
into one another.  I had trouble at
first distinguishing which pin hole
went with which flower.  But it
was all good.
I took B'Elanna to visit my mom yesterday.
It turns out that she can visit in mom's
room.  I covered her with a jacket so
she didn't see anyone and wouldn't
bark.  She and grandma had a good time.
My mom seemed really tired, though,
so we didn't stay long.  They were
going to an outdoor concert at
the park that evening so I thought
she might need her rest.  This is
the second one they've been taken to.
Now I know, though, that I can take
B'Elanna to visit with no problem.
She behaved herself very well.  I
was shocked-and pleased!
We got some thunder and rain last 
night.  I think we are supposed to get
some more rain today.  I thought about
mowing yesterday but never got
around to it.  It might be a couple 
days now.  

I'm having lunch with my friend Dianne
in a little while and then I need to do
some grocery shopping.  I'm going
to make meatless chili tonight.  It
sounds really good.  I am not a
meat eater to begin with, and I'm trying
to eat more plant based whole foods
now, so this fits the bill nicely.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Emoji birthday card

My grandson, Sammy, has a birthday
coming up soon.  I finally found a
use for those emoji dies I bought a
while ago.  This is so cute.  I have
to admit I borrowed this idea
from someone else.  I can't come
up with this stuff on my own, LOL.

Isn't this hilarious?!

Judy, Coleen, Pam and I had a great
time last night just signing.  It's good
for me especially, I think, because
Pam signs so fast and I have to figure
out what she's saying.  Sometimes I have
to ask her to sign it again, but I'm getting
much better at it.  I took a couple of
pictures of Pam and Coleen but they
would probably kill me if I put them online!
Suffice it to say they are very goofy!

I'm thinking of taking my dog to the 
nursing home this afternoon.  My mom 
loves her so.  But she has to be away
from people because she barks at
everyone.  I'm having my dad ask for
permission to bring her and then we can 
bring mom outside either in front or the 
garden and she can play with B'Elanna.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Rainy stormy day!

My favourite kind of day.  I need
to get the computer shut off
quickly, but I wanted to get
this blog done before I did.
Here is the next to last quilted
flower card:

Even though I'm not fond of flowers
I really like how these are turning out. 
They're really easy and quick to stitch,
Tonight we are having a silent dinner.
It will be Pam, me, Coleen and Judy.
We're the only ones who have consistently
shown up for class, so I doubt anyone 
else would show up even though they
received an email.  It is, after all,
summer and people have plans, vacations
and other things they want to do while
the weather is still nice.
My songs went well, I think.  I barely
remember the first one!  Didn't do so well
on the interpreting part, but that will
come-I hope.  I told Pam I tried and she
said, "You didn't try, you did it."  I guess
so.  I need to rely on the Holy Spirit 
more than on myself-and Coleen, LOL.
Happy Monday!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Shadowed Hello

This card didn't come out exactly
as I thought it would (what's new?)
I thought there would be more contrast
between the black and white.  In my
mind there was.  But it still turned
out OK I think.  I like how the hello
is shadowed backward.  White in
back rather than black.

This second card I've shown before
but not in these threads.  I will
probably go see my mom this afternoon
and I made this for her.

Isn't it all pretty and sparkly?
I've practiced my songs over and
over and I can't get "Build your Kingdom"
very well.  It's pretty fast.  I mean, I 
want to make it pretty but when it's
going so fast it's hard to be pretty.
The other two aren't too bad.  
Sometimes I would rather stop
signing the songs (even though I
love it) because I feel so inadequate.
I keep remembering two things:
"I can do all things through Christ
who strengthens me" Phil. 4:13
and "God doesn't call the qualified
He qualifies the called.  If I give up
I'm hurting myself and also not
doing what God wants of me.
If I make mistakes it only shows
I'm human.  We all do. But we don't
quit when we do and I'm not going
to let Satan have that power over me!
Happy Sunday!


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Quilted Irises

I am not the hugest flower
fan so I'm not sure why I'm
doing all this flower stitching
except that that's the patterns
they have...

I like how it turned out.  
My dad and I went looking for a cat
yesterday.  The Angola shelter is
not the best.  It's smelly and all the
cats seemed to have eye infections.
I would like him to go to Fort
Wayne which is where we got
B'Elanna.  It is clean, well staffed
and friendly.  He's looking for the
same colour as his other cat.  I told
him it wasn't a good idea.  He should
know that.  They had a silver german
shepherd years ago.  She died during
a surgery for cancer.  They trotted
right out and got a look-a-like.  
She didn't have the same personality
and they ended up giving her to a
friend.  That's the same reason I
didn't get another blue and gold
macaw.  He will have to decide
this on his own, of course, but I
am going to encourage him to 
get a cat that looks different from 
the one that died a year ago.
I'm going to breakfast with Coleen
in a little while and we'll go over
the songs for tomorrow.  I'm signing
the first three which includes a
greeting, "go shake hands", my least
favourite part of any service.  More
than likely a prayer too.  I am supposed
to try to sign both.  It's not that I
don't know how.  But if I come across
a word that I don't know or can't quickly
change to another word, I get stuck
and don't keep going.  Coleen said she
will guide me through.  I'll go to the
first service tomorrow and practice.
They usually say/pray pretty much 
the same thing for each service.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Just to say hello

I've had a few people come to
my mind which I always trust is
God whispering to send them a
card, so I need to get busy
and get a few made.  This is
one I made this  morning:

I think it would have been much
better if I had inked the edges of
the white panel.  It would have
stood out against the white
card.  If I ever make another like
it, that's what I'll do.  it was hard,
though, to get the angle just right
because it kept moving.  I finally
got a couple corners glued where
I wanted them and then moved on to
the other two corners.
I'm hoping to talk my dad into going
to the animal shelter in a little while to
look at the kitties.  He wants one so
badly, and I think he needs a
companion, but I think he's also a 
little nervous about getting another
cat.  It doesn't help that he is very
overwhelmed right now which is
an excellent reason to get a cat
in my opinion.  He's very sad
right now and feeling quite a bit
of guilt for not being able to keep
my mom at home.  Not to mention
that he is also grieving.  It's a barrel
of emotions that he needs to share
and in my experience an animal
is the perfect person (yes, they are
people and you can't tell me otherwise)
to talk to, cry with, and just have
someone else in the house.  Please
keep him, and my mother as well,
in  your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Poor Uncle Ron

At my parents' vow renewal
my uncle was telling me how
much they loved the cards I
sent.  He said there was just one
thing wrong with them.  I said, 
"Oh, what's that?"  They are all
addressed to Connie, he replied.
So here is his.  A nice guy card
that I will write a little note of
thanks inside for making the trip
last Sunday.  I know it meant so 
much to my parents.

I don't know if you can see the
scoring on the outside mat all that well.
I wanted to make two sets of scoring
but the inside mat would have been
really small.  Which now that I look
at it, would have been fine. 
I took Pam (church Pam) to her eye
appointment yesterday because they
dilated  her eyes.   After we were done
(which was after 5 pm by that time)
we decided to go to dinner.  In the
course of conversation she told me that
the next time I am signing songs and
they speak-prayer or just general
comments, I am to interpret that.  
Period.  Um, OK....I get stuck on
one word I don't  know the sign for 
or can't recall and can't think of what 
else to use and they are 4 sentences
ahead of me.  Then I get freaked out.
Coleen said she would help me through
it.  Pam isn't usually very demanding
but she actually said she was pushing
me.  Which is exactly what I need....
So we shall see.  Maybe they will
only talk or pray during the time
Coleen is signing, LOL.
I'm going to lunch with Dianne in
a little bit and we always have
a good time, so I'm looking 
forward to that.
Happy Thursday!

Absolutely awesome

This is the coolest stamp ever.   And it was 40% off.  You can't beat that. I've never made a starburst before, either....