Thursday, March 31, 2016

Just be held

I usually listen to a Christian
station on Pandora in the morning.
Today a song came on that
I love, by Casting Crowns, called
"Just be held".  Part of the chorus:

"So when you're on your knees and answers seem so far away
You're not alone, stop holding on and just be held"

I think sometimes I need to
remember those words.  I get so
caught up in things I can't control
and no answers seem to be coming.
I feel like my prayers are just
bouncing off the ceiling.   I think
I need to just relax back into the
arms of Jesus and just let Him
hold me.  I really do need to
let go of these concerns.  I can't control
things or people and there's no sense
in trying.  But I do anyway.  I 
know that's not what He wants us
to do.  Why is it so hard to just
let go and be held?

It's been raining off and on since
late yesterday afternoon and I
love it.  I have just a touch of
a headache, so the barometric
pressure must not be changing
much, thankfully.  I love the rain, 
but of course, I'd like a thunderstorm,
too. Beggars can't be choosers,
I suppose.  I'll take it!

This is another stamp I rarely use, mainly
because I can never get it to stamp
properly.  So don't look closely.
It does lend itself well to the wheat
die cut and word "dream" though.

I'm finally using things I don't use
often enough.  I love this lattice
background.  It is also a die cut.  It's
a pain to adhere, but very pretty.
I'm still in my black and white
phase, with a little gold thrown in.
I would rather have used another 
colour  flower than pink, but
nothing else looked good.  All those
colours and all I can come up with
is pink!  Very girly.  Truth be
told, I am not a girly girl.  Give me
a pair of blue jeans and a tee shirt
any day and I'm happy!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Yesterday's sad news

Anna (Patty) Duke died yesterday.
I was shocked and saddened.
She was an amazing actress in
spite of all her struggles with bipolar
disorder.  She was also a tireless
advocate for mental illness
working closely with NAMI
(National Alliance on Mental Illness).
I read her book years ago, "Call me
Anna" and didn't even see myself in
her words.  It took me many years
 of pain and anguish for anyone
around me, to be diagnosed with
bipolar disorder.  It's a rough illness
for the one who has it and even moreso,
I think, for those around that person.
Thankfully I finally found a doctor
who was able to adjust my medication
to a perfect level and I have been
fairly stable for about 12 years.
She was also president of SAG
(Screen actors guild) from 1985-
1988.  She made a huge impact
on me and I'm sure many others.
I pray she knew God although I
never heard her talk about it one
way or the other.  Someday I would
like to meet her in person.

This is called a split panel card.  I should
have taken a picture of it standing up.
The top and bottom panels of the
card are open, being held only by the panel
in the center.  It love how it looks.
I haven't used that flower vase
stamp in forever.  I have many like
that!  I'm a little bummed
 that I didn't notice the mark to the 
right of the flowers.  It's
not extra ink, it's a flaw in the paper.
Oh, well.  I thought about trying
to cover it up with a tiny butterfly
or something but decided not to bother. 

I think it's supposed to be warm today.
At least I hope so.  I am so
ready for warmth.  I feel like
I haven't been warm in forever!
Have a good day.  :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another day

I made it through the day.  Was there
any doubt?  It's the getting 
through to the other side that
sometimes is hard, but I always manage,
with God's help, to make it there.

Sign class was awesome last  night
and I'm really looking forward to
next week.  We have a field
trip!  We are going to Ft. Wayne 
for "deaf, deaf world"
That is deaf people running a
real-life simulation.  There are
stations such as a store, hospital, 
real estate office, etc.  You get a card
to tell you what to do such as
"I have a burned foot and need
a doctor".  You have to convey
this in any way possible-without
using your voice!  Every time you
get caught talking you get fined
a quarter!  I'm going to get some
to take with me, lol.  Any person
of any level of sign can participate.
My teacher had had two classes when
she went the first time.  I am
really excited about it.  If I am
going to learn sign to communicate
with deaf persons I need to learn
the culture as well.  They have to
live in our world.  This gives us a
chance to live in theirs.  I wonder
where all this is leading?  I guess I
will have to wait for God's good
time when He reveals it. 

Not super happy with this as I
see things I could have changed.
The trees didn't get a good crisp 
stamp, but it's OK.  I made it
for my ex's grandfather.  We were close
 until John got sick and then I kind
of lost touch .  I contacted
Allen's aunt and got his address as
he is now in a nursing home and have
been sending him cards.  I guess
I should get his phone number and give
him a call as well.  He's such a sweet
man and always considered me
his granddaughter even when Allen and
I divorced.  I love him like my
own grandfather.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Two years

Today marks the two year
anniversary of John going home
to be with the Lord.  For some 
reason I've been having a much
harder time this year.  I've been
crying a lot.  I miss him so
much.  But it's comforting to know
where he is and that I will see him again.
Not that that makes it any easier.
Two years ago, My sister, Robin,
son, Cody, Daughter in law, Pam,
and I sat around John's bed.  I whispered
all the wonderful times we had together.
Aquariums we visited, zoos that we
enjoyed so much.  I told him it
was OK to go, that I would be
OK.  That was a hard one.
 I had heard that sometimes loved
ones were reluctant to leave because
they worried about the ones they left
behind.  I didn't want him to be concerned
about that.  Before he died he raised up by
the shoulders and stared straight ahead.
What he was seeing wasn't in this
world, we all knew that.  I saw a
movie by Bruce Marchiano called "The encounter,
Paradise lost" .  As the man was ready to
go with Jesus, he looked back at his
wife and Jesus said to him, "don't worry,
I'll take care of her."  I like to think that
as John stared ahead he saw his Savior
saying, "Don't worry, I'll take care of
her."  Then he laid down and died.
Yes, God has taken care of me this past
two years.  That's not to say it's been
easy because even if you haven't
lost someone you know it's not easy.
But I've been OK.  That day changed
all of us in a way that none of us
can explain but that bonded all four
of us together forever.  You can't experience
something like that and ever be the same.
I'd never seen anyone die before.  I don't
want to ever again.  But His last wish
was to die at home and I was able to
honour that.  I miss him so much.

I hope no one who reads this minds hearing
the story, but I just really needed to put it
in words this morning.

I love black and white together.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

He is not here

For He has risen!

Matthew 28:6

Happy Easter!  Let's remember what
this day is all about!  The Savior 
has risen!  

Our church is having a brunch 
after the service.  What does one
do when one signs up to bring 
a pastry?  One calls her
sister in law!  Hey,
she owned a restaurant and
knows all about this stuff!

I picked the wrong picture and
this one is sideways, but you
get the idea.  It is a cherry pie 
square.  I think everyone will love it!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

golden butterfly

Again, this didn't come out as I imagined
it, but I like it, I guess.  I wish I 
hadn't put the black flowers on, or put one
on the other side to balance.  Oh, well.
I was in a gold mode this morning!
I hate gold jewelry, but I like
gold in cards.  It adds some 
elegance, I think.

Another class day.  This class is
much harder than just learning
vocabulary, but that's what makes
it challenging.  You have to
have enough vocab in order to take
the class because they sign
questions to each other, things
like that, and you have to write
down what the question was. 
That was last week.  I'm
not sure what this week will
entail, but I'm sure it will be
challenging as well as fun.  I
was encouraged because I
understood most of what Anthony
signed to me, but he was patient
and took his time if I was not quite
sure.  The dvd for this class
does not do that, although she
will repeat a section if
someone isn't sure they got
it.  Then we get chosen
to write on the board what
the questions (or whatever
the section is about) were
asked.  I got  most right
last week, missed a couple
of numbers.  But I don't do well
with numbers in the hearing
world, either!  The questions
I missed two out of 5.  What would
that be in school, a D+?  I 
wasn't entirely sure what
we were supposed to be doing
at first and there is NO TALKING.
Do you know how hard that
is for hearing people?  Naturally, there
was a few times we "forgot"!
The dvd explains it, of course, but
still, I just wasn't totally sure.
So, all in all, I'm looking forward
to the class this morning. 

Friday, March 25, 2016


What  happened to the warmth?
I was really bummed out yesterday.
The TV starts scrolling "severe thunderstorms"
for our area.  High winds, etc.
For about 3 minutes we get a semi
hard downpour.  No thunder rumbles
or anything!  What a disappointment!
and since then it's been cold, damp
and a breezy.  I long for warm 
weather.  Enough of that.

I made a card today that looked
a lot better in my head than it turned
out.  Sometimes they look just
like I imagine, sometimes not.
I'm not sure if I like it or not....

The word "believe" looks almost
red here, but it's more of a deep
pink.  It just looked much better
in my head.

I heard from the hospice coordinator
yesterday.  She is going to start
sending me their newsletters and
is trying to get in touch with one
of the people she wants to help
with the orientation.  I guess 
she is in another part of the state
settling her husband's estate.  She
told me it would be early April 
anyway, so I wasn't thinking much
about it.  It turns out Dianne will
be presenting part of it, as well.
The end of life section.  Sorry
if I've already said that. 
Speaking of Dianne, she loved the
journal and cards.   I always worry
when someone asks me to
make something for them that
it might not be what they
want, but so complaints!

I suppose I should get the birds
out of their cages.  They tend to
get cranky if I don't!  Since I goofed
off and had lunch with Dianne 
yesterday I suppose I should also
clean the house today.  Not
sure why as not too many
people come over, but I guess
it is more for me than for anyone
else.  I like having a clean house.
I just don't like doing it!!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Great day yesterday!

It was wonderful meeting Anthony
and using my fledgling skills to
communicate with him.  He seemed
excited that I was learning.  Not once
did he appear confused by what
I was saying, or look to Cody for
an explanation.  Cody doesn't know
as much sign as me, but they have
developed a way of communicating.
I had to look at Cody a few times, though, 
when they started talking computers!
They both like to build them and 
Anthony showed me one that he
built.  It was very cool, the
case was clear so you could
see the inside.   He brought his
little 3 year old boy, Noah.  He was
such a good little boy, but at the
end got a little restless, naturally.
I signed bored to him (he is
learning a little bit) which is the
finger on the side of the nose.  He
didn't quite see what we were doing and
put his finger IN his nose.  Of course,
that made us all laugh, so he just kept
doing that even though his dad even
placed his finger in the right place.
Such a cutie!

Unfortunately, I have occasion to make
yet another sympathy card.  LuAnn, after
losing husband, Dennis, only 5 months 
ago, lost her oldest friend to a massive
heart attack yesterday.  She was only
48.  No warning or anything.  No heart
problems that anyone knew of.  Pam 
was best friends with this lady's daughter,
so naturally, she was like a second
mother to Pam.  It's been difficult for them.

 It's rainy and dreary out today.  I love
days like that, but would like
thunderstorms better!  But what
it signals to me is that Spring is here!
I've seen it snow in April, though,
so I'm not holding my breath just
yet, but one can hope, right?!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Today is the day!

Today I am going to meet Anthony and
use my sign language for the
first time with a deaf person.  I am
anxious and scared to death!  I hope
he will understand me and that I will
understand him as well.  This is
why I have been learning, to be
able to communicate with someone
who is deaf.  If God called me to this
as I believe He did, then He will work 
things out perfectly.  Not that the
communication will be perfect because
I know it won't be.  But that we
won't be too uncomfortable with each
other.  Cody and Anthony's wife
and possibly his two small children
will be there, so I won't be flying
solo, lol.    Sam and others have
told me that deaf people are thrilled
when hearing people go to the 
trouble of learning their language
so they can communicate.  He and
Cody communicate fairly well, Cody
said, through some sign and some 
made up stuff, maybe writing it
down.  I am really looking forward
to the experience.  Next month
I plan to attend "Deaf Deaf Deaf world".
More about that later.  It is quite
an experience, I am told.

My muse has been working overtime
this morning, and I made two cards
 which I am pretty happy with.  The 
Easter card is for Dianne.  I usually
don't make Easter cards, but
I saw a few pretty ones and it sparked
my creative juices.  This one is
not a CASE  (copy and steal
everything), but just a jump off
idea from other cards I've seen.  So
get to it already!!!

The next one, I
have had this stamp for a long
time and keep forgetting to
use it.  Unfortunately I have a lot
of stamps and tend to use
certain ones over and over
again.  I really need to
stretch and use some of the
other things I have.

The daisy die cut is from the
other set that I got for 30% off.  It
has 3 sized dies.  I love it.  I
will probably use it often.  Well,
if I remember, that is!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Psalm 23

I finished the inside of the
journal for Dianne's friend
and also another card.
I love how it turned out.  
I included Psalm 23 on a
bookmark to slip in the pocket
and it can hold a few sheets of
paper in case she wants
to save something.  I wanted to
put some pearls in the center
of the flowers, but that would
have left a dent in the
pages eventually, so I opted to
leave them plain. 

The card turned out well, also.
I just got the die for the cattails
the other day at 30% off!  I couldn't
resist.  I also got some daisy dies.
When it's that cheap you have to
take advantage of it!

Tonight I'm playing some cards with
John's sister and husband and I intend
to win!  I have been on a losing
streak for weeks and I'm tired of it!
So my motto is "take no prisoners".
Of course, that was my motto last week,
too, and it didn't work, lol.  We have
a lot of fun and are quite competitive.
We play phase 10 and then a few
games of farkle.  When I played that
in South Carolina it was just called
dice....So wish me luck!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Believe journal

This is the journal I made for
Dianne's friend.  I thought the
word believe made a nice sentiment
without having a sentiment.
Does that make sense??!!

I forgot to put ribbon along the side
before I put the pearl flourish on.  
Oh, well.  Inside I am going to make
a pocket across the front that
she can put papers in and it will
include a bookmark with the Lord's
prayer on it.  I guess the ribbon wouldn't
have worked anyway!  It would have been
in the way of the pocket.  I'm a genius
and didn't even know it!
On random pages I'm going
to stamp verses or other encouraging
things, like the word believe which I
have a stamp for.  It's one of
my favourites.

I'm really excited.  I think I'm going
to meet Cody's deaf friend Wed.
It will be a real test  of what
I've been learning the past year.
Cody says he is patient, so that's good.
I'm not good at understanding
what is signed to me yet, 
but I can tell him that in sign!  I
can also tell him "again" if I don't
understand, or "slowly" so I think
we will do well.  I'm a little
nervous (which I can also sign!)
I'm just really excited!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Sunday!

I have a few minutes before leaving
for church, so I thought I would
go ahead and update my blog.
I have to keep back spacing because
for some reason I can't type today, so
if there are mistakes I miss, I apologize, lol.

I didn't mention that I talked to the hospice 
coordinator  the other day and
in order to get some families to
follow I have to go through
an orientation.  That's no problem
and might be quite interesting-
other than the HIPA part.  It turns
out that Dianne is teaching part
of it; the end of life .  So that will
be very interesting, I'm sure.
.  After I get through HIPA which
I think is the first one, I will get assigned
some families, so I am really 
excited about that! 

Something else I'm excited about
is that I think I'm going to get
to meet Cody's deaf friend, Anthony,
soon!  I told him to tell Anthony that
I am just learning and that he has
to go slowly.  Cody said he's patient
with him, so no worries.  Whew!  I
talked to my cousin, Cathy, who's
parents are deaf, so sign is her
first language.  She said it is totally
normal that I am having trouble understanding
what is signed to me.  My new teacher
said they are two different skills.  So
I am feeling much better about that.
But if I'm not exposed to it, I will
never acquire the skill.  I
like that my new teacher signs much
more than Sam does. In first level
you are just starting to learn
and don't have the base
vocabulary.  By third
level you have much more
of a base to work
with. So I'm happy
that I'm getting that exposure.

This is the first card I'm making
Dianne for her coworker.  I just love
using the feather and the Angels
sentiment.  I think it really looks
neat.  The vellum piece on front
is embossed in white embossing powder.
It looks so elegant, but you have
to adhere it with ribbon like I did,
eyelets, or hide the adhesive under
some of the embossing.  I did hide
just a tiny glue dot under the butterfly.
The wings are not adhered to the card,
but I don't think it's really noticeable.  
Actually,  I think I'm going to remove
that and put it under the body
of the butterfly.  Sometimes I can
be so daft!  Anyway, I like how it
turned out, and I think Dianne will 
too.  When I finish the journal I
will be sure to post it.  I am hoping
to come up with an idea in the
next day or two so I can get
started.  I'm not putting a sentiment
on the front such as "prayer journal"
just making it look pretty.  (Hopefully!!)

Better get ready to go to church!  
Have a great Lord's day!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mr. Haupt

I do not  know this man.  I know
that sounds strange.  I heard about
him on the internet.  He is an
elderly gentleman in Canada
who lost his
beloved long haired dashund
from a mauling.  They are
asking for cards for him.  so
I contacted the person and
got his address.  I know just
how he feels as everyone
who has ever lost a pet
knows.  They are much, much
more than pets, they are our
family.  Sometimes much
better than the human family
we have!  My heart just
broke for him so I wanted
to send him a little comfort.
I heard that he is getting hundreds
of cards from all over the
world.  People can be so
loving and understanding to
someone they don't even know.
It gives me hope for the world.

I like how it turned out.  It's the only
dog stamp I have, but I don't 
think the image matters as much
as the fact that someone
is thinking of him.

Today I have a new class, Signing
Naturally.  I've probably already talked
about it, so I won't bore you, but
I'm anxious/nervous about it!
Anxious to take a new class and
learn about facial/body expression;
nervous because I don't know quite
what to expect.  Sam has shown
me a little of the course so I'm
not going in blindly, but still...

I had lunch with my friend, Dianne,
yesterday and she asked me to
make a journal for a coworker
of hers who  was recently
diagnosed with cancer.
She asked me also to
make a couple of cards
for this woman.
I love doing things
like that because she will
know that Dianne cares
about her and the more
people that care, the more
strength you have, I think.
Cancer takes all the strength
you have to face and hopefully
beat.  But in the end, as the
song by Mandisa says, 

"You're an overcomer
Stay in the fight ‘til the final round"
Sometimes the 'final round' isn't
in this world.  But what a wonderful
place we have to go to if God calls
us home.  I've been thinking more
about that as the 2nd anniversary
of John's death approaches.
It's been difficult to accept that
almost two years have
gone by.  I miss him very
much.  I hope he is proud of
the way I've lived my life
since then.  I hope he approves
of (most) of the decisions
I've made.  I know there's
a couple he wouldn't be too
happy with. I wish he
hadn't had to go, but as
I've said before, I know where
he is, that he is happy and that
I will see him again someday.
So as much as I miss him,
if I could, I would never
wish him back. As much
as he loved me I know he
wouldn't want to come back.
And I  know I have to go on.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wishing you joy

New card fold.  Sorry the first
one is blurry.  I didn't realize it
until I put it on the computer.  But
you get the idea.  I love this
fold and may make some more!
I don't know if you can tell by the first
picture, but it stands alone.  Most
cards do, I suppose, but not
this cool of a fold! 

The wind nearly blew me away
yesterday!  Still windy
today but not like yesterday.
I can't imagine going through
a hurricane like my sister and
my son, Andy, did with hurricane
Andrew.  I've been in 2 small
tropical storms in South Carolina,
but with the winds the way they
are, you get just a small taste
of a hurricane.  Andy was
visiting Robin when Hurricane
Andrew blew in. They were
scared going through it.  I was
scared because I couldn't get
any news from them.  Every
so often she would be able to call,
but this was way before cell
phones (not that they would
have worked either) and they
had to depend on electricity
to get phone service.  It was something
none of us would like to do again.
She moved to North Carolina
not long after that, LOL.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Angels watching over us

Another bookmark card.  I have
such a hard time with these
and this one was no different.  I
tend to veer off to the right while
running the perforation tool along the
ruler.  Then the whole card is
ruined.  I just got these
bookmark stamps, so I have to
use them, right?  I think
from now on I'll just make plain
bookmarks without them being
attached!  Anyway, I also screwed
up the bookmark because it seemed a little 
crooked.  So in my infinite wisdom
I decided to take a little off
the bottom.  I should have known
better.  I can't cut a straight line
with a ruler.  (I can't perforate with
a ruler either, apparently.)  But
with all that aside, I like the
card.  It's hand made, so I think
the recipient will overlook
the flaws.  And if she doesn't
I'll take it back, lol.
I'm enjoying the warm weather
but it's not doing much for
my headaches.  I was told
yesterday that bipolar people
tend to have more headaches/
migraines then other parts of
the population.  That was a 
revelation to me, but I
believe it.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Lots of pink!

Nancy, here is the bday
card for your  mom.  Pink
enough? LOL.  I hope you like it.
If not, I'll go back to the 
drawing board.

I have my first ASL class tonight
with a new teacher.  It is 2nd
level which I am also taking here
in Angola, so I'll have a head
start, but it will be good to have
a different teacher than Sam so I get
used to seeing other people sign.
On Saturday I'm taking a class
called "signing naturally" which is
about facial expression, body language
etc.  Facial expression is quite important
because they can't hear the inflection
in our voices.  It's amazing, if you
listen to yourself, how much you put
into your voice, conveying emotions, 
questions, things of that nature.  Listen
sometime!  Sam showed Dave (husband)
and I some of the things we'll be
studying in that class as she has
already taken it.  It looks interesting
and scary as well.  But it's time to
move on.  I can't keep taking level
one, lol, and that's the one that
she teaches on Saturday.
I'll miss her as a teacher.  I'm
so grateful God allowed me to find
her as I'm quite certain I would 
not have had the discipline to keep
up with studying on my own. 
Besides, on the computer it
isn't always easy to see the 
complete sign.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Stars in the heavens

I am beyond thrilled with
how this nebula card turned
out.  I wasn't sure what I would
put on it once it was finished.  While
I was driving to the store the verse
came to me and I think it fits perfectly!

Sorry, I forgot to crop it.  It looks
just like you are looking into
space!  At least I think it does.  
I'm usually not so excited about
a certain card, but this certainly
is one that I am excited about!

I don't use this word stamp
much because I can't seem to 
get a good image.  So I decided
to turn the stamp upside down,
lay the cardstock on it and rub.
After one try where I missed
some of the sides, it came out pretty
well so maybe I'll use it more.
I don't use the punch much either.
I need to start finding creative 
ways to use what I already have.
There's always new products
that look so fun to play with,
but I should quit buying new
things.  Did I just say that?
As I have an order coming
for some new stamps....
You did not hear that come from
my  lips.  There is no such 
thing as buying too much.
Unless your bills aren't being
paid, of course.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Just cards today

I have absolutely nothing
to say.  Most people would not
believe that statement, but my
life has been boring of late.
So here are two cards which
I am very pleased with and
I will leave it at that!  :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Volunteering for Hospice

I'm going to be making cards
for hospice.   They send cards
to people who have lost loved
ones (this seems very familiar, hope
I haven't already talked about it!)
for a year after the death.  So tomorrow
I will go sign a privacy paper and get
some names, I guess.  The thing
is, I'm a little concerned because the
ladies all get together and make cards
and that's just not how I work.
I don't have a clue what to take
with me to make cards.  I try this
and that before I finally come up with a
card I (usually) like.  I would have
to take my whole craft room with 
me. The cards that I have seen
from the other volunteers are very simple.
Not that they aren't lovely, I don't mean
that.  What I mean is that they don't
have layers and mats like I use on my 
cards.  So I'm not sure how that's going
to work out.  I will visit with them for a bit,
I guess and then beg off and go home
because I have an old dog
who needs to go out a lot.  I did
manage to find some doggie diapers finally,
though, so I'm glad about that.

Anyway, a card I threw together 
this afternoon and I hate it.  It doesn't
look anything like how I had it
in my mind.  That happens sometimes.
The colours don't even go together.
I should have used a different
colour flower.  I may take it off
and put something better there.
Something that matches...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Warm weather finally!

It's true!  The temps are in
the high 60's today!  I could
almost go out without a coat
except that I am always cold...
The problem is that when the 
barometric pressure changes
I get headaches.  I've had one
for 2 days now.  Finally broke
down and took an aspirin and feel
better.  But still, I'm not complaining.
I'm praising God and hoping
that it stays this way!!!

This is the gift bag I talked about
yesterday.  Not completely thrilled with
it, but it's OK.

My brother in law, Steve is having
a birthday later this month.
I saw a card with playing cards
for the age and just had to try it.
It makes a great "guy card" and
is unique.  Even if it wasn't
my original idea!  I thought about
colouring in the turtle but I think
it goes better with the black and
white (and brown...) theme.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Two more scroll boxes

Two scroll boxes, but one is
pretty unique in my opinion!
(I know, for what that's worth!!)
Anyway, these are for Robin's pastor
and his granddaughter.  
The pastor's is pretty standard
with scripture.  The little girl's
is the unique one.  The butterflies pop 
up when the box is opened.  Isn't
that cool?  I've used this technique
on cards before, but never
on a box.  I love how it turned out.

The little girl's box (sorry, don't know her
name) has sayings by kids in
it, like the one I posted in a card
earlier that says "You know it's
a good day if you didn't hit or
bite anyone."  I thought she would
like it and could use a
little cheer.  The final thing I'm going
to do before I send the cards and
boxes to my sister is make a gift bag
for her to put the boxes in.  I will
try to remember to take a picture of
it for tomorrow.

Yesterday was a great day, but sad
too, as two of the ladies in our
church have cancer.  One has had
surgery and waiting for the report to
see if it has spread.  The other is
due to have chemo and radiation.
I don't know them, but God does
and that's all that matters.  So if
you think about it, say a little prayer
for these two ladies.

And the snow is melting!  But I'm
not holding my breath as the LAST
time it got warm it snowed again
like two days later.  I am holding
our for warmer weather, though.
Maybe that darned rodent will
be vindicated yet.  But not soon
enough for me.  I still think he lied.
He's lucky I don't live in

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sad day

I just saw that Nancy Reagan died.
She was the true epitome of a lady.
So regal and yet so down to
earth.  She took such good care
of president Reagan while he
was sick and when she
touched his casket at the funeral
I absolutely dissolved.  She was
a wonderful woman and I know
she will be missed deeply.

Sam's husband, Dave, has been
sick for a couple weeks now.
He can't seem to shake this
lousy flu that's been going around.
So I thought maybe a card
might cheer him up and make
him get well sooner!  OK,
I know the card won't help him
get better, but maybe it
will make him smile. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hope and dragonflies

Well, OK, dragonfly singular.  I have
trouble coming up with titles.  Maybe I'll
just name them by date.....
I think this card turned out fantastically!
Bri spent the  night with me last night
and we had a fun girl time.  She's
off today to have more girl time with
her best friend.  Apparently BFF's
take precedent   over grandmas!
Imagine that!  What is the world 
coming to??

Friday, March 4, 2016

Light of the world

I love this lighthouse  image.  It makes a
very nice masculine card and it just
goes well with John 8:12 as well
as others, I'm sure.  that was just
the one I picked, but I'm pretty 
sure that isn't the only time Jesus said 
he is the light of the world.  I like
how it turned  out.  Another one for
my sister's pastor.  We are going
to shower this man and his family
with love!!

It's supposed to get warm this weekend.
I'm not sure if I believe it or not,
but I'm ready.  I'm having lunch with
my friend, our weekly get-together,
then later picking up my granddaughter
 Bri for some girl time.  She can only
spend the night tonight as she has
plans to hang out with a friend.  I guess
Grandma takes a second seat to
the girlfriends!  And that's how it
should be!  I'm so proud of her.
She is quite a wonderful young
lady.  But I've probably extolled
her virtues in some other post, so
I won't torment you with any more
bragging.  I hate bragging 
grandparents.....     :)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pray, Relax...

I love how this card looks.  It is
alcohol ink on  silver card stock.  Then
I rubbed black ink on top
of it to antique it.  I don't really
like the composition much, but
I'm just not sure what to do with it 
so I'm just going to leave it alone.

Snow again today....But I don't
think it's going to be significant.
I've decided to have a mental health
day and leave the birds  in their
cages.  I'm not even going to open the
curtains.  Just feel like having an alone
day.  Sundays are already designated
as "bird free" days so they are not
going to be happy but that's why
I have a glass door that I can
close to keep out the screaming!  
Most of the time they are fairly quiet
birds, believe it or not, so they 
will only complain a little.
Parrots are ordinarily quite
loud, but mine live in a very
quiet household so they aren't
as noisy.  But they do have
their times!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Secret cards

My sister, Robin's, Minister is
going though some difficult times.
His 6 year old granddaughter
has cancer.  So Robin has been
slipping cards in his study secretly.
She wants him to feel loved
and supported.  I think that is 
so cool!  So I offered to make
her some more cards more
appropriate for the situation
and less frilly!  :)
Here are ones I've done so far.

Inside says : "You're in my thoughts and prayers"

Inside says: "Give your burdens to
the Lord.  He will carry
them."  Psalm 55:22

Inside says: "Come to me all you who
are weary and burdened, and I
will give you rest."  Matthew 11:28

I really like how they all turned
out.  I hope she will too.  She's been
secretly delivering several a week,
so I want to make sure she
has enough to continue!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New technique

I am beyond thrilled with how
this new technique turned out.
Here's the card.  See if
you can figure out what the
flower is made of.  Only
one person that reads this
might know what it is and
you know who you are.  No fair
looking past the cards
until you think about it for
a minute!

Give up?  They are made from
fabric softener sheets!  I added
some glitter around the edges.  The
leaves didn't come out as good
because I didn't have any green
shimmer spray so it's not as
green as it would have been with
that product.  Maybe I'll get some.
It is not easy drawing glitter glue
around the edges of used softener
sheets.  They are so delicate and
kind of stick to the tip of the
bottle as you're trying to move it.
But I think they turned out fantastically.
They look much, much better in person.

We're supposed to get bad weather again 
today, and are under a winter weather
advisory until 1 am tomorrow.  I'm
hoping it will pass by, naturally.  I'm so
done with winter and this is March.  
Let's get to the warm weather already!!

Graduation day!

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