Thursday, June 29, 2017

Will you marry me?

My dad decided it would be really
nice to renew their wedding vows.
I didn't realize he thought in 
romantic terms....Anyway, he told
me he asked her yesterday if she
would marry him again and she
said....NO!  LOL.  Not until August
11 which will be their 61st anniversary.
I don't know, did I say all this yesterday?
If so, I apologize.  I was an hour early
for my lunch date with a friend 
yesterday.  My mind isn't working the
best these days.

I kind of messed this up but since
I didn't have another card, this had
to do.  I  need to make two more
birthday cards for my grandkids whose
birthdays are both at the beginning
of next month.  I really need to get
busy on that.  There's just so much
going on these days.  I can sit
and watch TV while I stitch and I
have to be in another room to make
a regular card, so guess which one 
is easier?!
Tomorrow was supposed to be our
deaf coffee chat for the month but the
coffee house we go to is closed due to
not enough staff.  It is summer after
all!  So she sent out a blanket invite
for the hog roast that the church is
having.  I wouldn't have gone but
since we will probably practice signing
a little bit (probably very little) I will.
I don't expect to have any other signers
attend, because our chats haven't
had too many people lately, but you
never know.  Since Robin is in town
she said she will go with me so
that will be fun. 
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Very awesome surprise!

We had the interview with the nurse
and social worker yesterday.  Nice
women.  Very young.  Why is it
that everyone looks young to me
anymore?  They were probably in
their 30's.  I  have two kids older than
that!  I am obviously getting old.
Anyway, it went well except that my
mom got tired out.  She'll be even
more tired out soon because my sister 
is on her way today.  They will both
be very happy to see her.  Here is an 
even more awesome surprise.  My dad
told me yesterday that he has a friend
who is a minister and asked him if
he would do a service with him and
mom to renew their vows!  He hasn't 
discussed it with her yet, but I'm sure
she would love it.  He wants to do it
while Robin is here.  He's already talked
to the administrator, Tena, and she loves
the idea and said she would have everything
set up for whenever he planned it and 
said she wanted to call the paper, too.
She was very excited as nothing like that
has ever been done at the home.  That
 would be cool if the paper came.  It's
Hillsdale, Michigan.  What else do they
have to report on?  Sorry, is my bitterness
showing?  I hate the place.

These are the last two cards of the
set.  I think they turned out beautifully, 
but I   like the roses the best.
  It was pretty easy to change the sentiments.
When I tape the card down on the back of
the pattern I draw a line around it so if
I want to make another I don't have to 
line the entire thing up again.  So 
putting the card in exact place gets the
sentiments lined up as well.
Speaking of such things...I contacted one
of the companies I get my patterns from
and asked if they would consider designing
a pattern of the sign "Jesus".  We emailed
back and forth a  couple of times, him
asking  me questions about the sign.
It is a double sign, but I told him half of
it would work because deaf people will
know what the other part of the sign
is.  Wouldn't that be so AWESOME?!

Coleen's birthday was Monday and we
surprised her with some balloons, 
cupcakes, etc.  Pam was at a workshop,
so didn't get to be there, but we said it
was from her as well.  I'm surprised
she didn't make us retake the picture
since she had her tongue out.  She
commented on it, lol.  She was just so
surprised and excited!  I love it when
you can surprised someone with fun
things.  That's why I send cards....
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Weather report

What happened to the warmth???
It's chilly again today and was
all day yesterday as well.  Isn't
this supposed to be summer?
Enough of my rant.
I've had a headache since yesterday
which surely has to do with this
weather change.  I hope it 
goes away soon  !

 Here are two cards and forgive me
if I am repeating them.  There are six 
patterns and I'm changing the
sentiments on some of them, because
as I said, some just aren't really
very usable.  So if I repeat a 
pattern I appologise, but the 
sentiments are mixing me up!

I love the roses.  I have one more that
I'm working on right now.  They are
a little confusing, but I finally got
the  hang of it.  I think they are
really pretty.  I thought after I started
the second one that I should have
made the roses a different colour, 
maybe yellow for friendship, but I 
 didn't want to start all over again.
The stitching isn't so bad, but pricking
the holes sometimes makes my arm and
shoulder hurt.
Tomorrow a nurse and social worker
are coming to evaluate my mom and
I have to be there.  It's at 9 am in Hillsdale
which is about 40 minutes from me...
But if she was in Indiana it would
have been even farther.  I just would
have been able to go 70 mph.  OK, closer
to 75.  I love to go fast.  I wish I had
thought to become a race car driver.
I would have been good at it!  Thanks,
Karen, for teaching me to drive
all those years ago.  I still remember:
yellow means "hit the gas"  LOL!
Happy Monday!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Butterfly blues

I'm back to making butterflies again.
I really get sick of them.  Why do
I keep using them?!  Can someone
please explain this to me?

This was a quickie but I like how it 
turned out.  I'm not sure if you can
tell, but there is a blue vellum butterfly
under the main blue die cut.  It almost
looks like a shadow.

Some more of that fancy thread.  I have
some different colours on order right now. 
Yesterday I visited my mom and as I 
was getting ready to go up the walk I
saw my aunt and uncle (from Toledo)
walking in.  I was going to go today, but
changed my mind and I wish I hadn't.
It was nice to see them, but pretty
overwhelming for mom to have four 
of us there. Since I had driven 40 minutes, 
I stayed, but tried to be in the background 
as much as possible so she could visit
with them.  It was nice that they came
all that way to see her.  Bert is her only
living sibling.  Wednesday my sister
is coming from NC.  My parents will
certainly be happy to see her.  My dad
is not telling my mom right now which
I think is a good idea.
I have to get ready soon to go to the first
service-I need the practice since I
didn't go to practice yesterday.  I am signing
"Blessed be your name" and "Everlasting God".
That one is hard because it's very fast and you
have signs all over the place!  I just know
I'm going to mess up something.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Strange changes

 Before I get to what the title of this
post means, here is the card.  I've been
in the mood for stitching again, can
you tell?

This is from a pattern set of 6 so you'll see
more.  some of he center words were things
that I wouldn't use very often, like
"Happy Anniversary" and "Happy Mother's
Day".  Fortunately, if you line them up
correctly, they can be interchanged.

Here's another.  This one doesn't have
the lines above and below the sentiment.  
So, for the title, It's very strange how
my mother's personality has been changing.
For one thing, my dad says she is perfectly
happy at Drew's place and doesn't even
ask when/if she can come home.  She must
understand that this is her home now.  She
has been making friends with some of the
ladies there and even told my dad he could go
home yesterday because she wanted to take
a nap and then visit a lady in her room 
because the lady had come to visit in
mom's room!  My  mother doesn't
make friends.     She also told one of
the ladies while my dad was there that she
wanted to come "snoop" in her room to
get ideas on how to decorate her own. grandson, Ethan, and granddaughter,
Bri, came to visit yesterday (it is their mom
that works at Drew's place) and my mother 
was thrilled to see them, I am told.  She
has never shown one iota of interest
in any of her great grandchildren.  In fact,
she got mad at me years ago because I took
Andy and his infant son, Tyler, to visit
my grandparents when my grandmother
was very sick with cancer.  She was still
at home at the time.  We put the baby
on a blanket on the floor and they 
watched him with such love.  They
both love babies.  But my mom was
really angry because, well, because
Tyler's mom and dad weren't married...
That's just how she was.  She's a very
judgemental person.  I could tell you
stories but I won't.  But my grandparents
loved seeing their great grandson.  I'm
grateful that I chose to bring him to meet them.
Anyway, the point is that she is changing
so much.  Some may be from the medication,
some from the dementia, I'm not sure how
much is due to what.  I wish she had been
like this years ago.  Perhaps we would  have
been able to have the relationship 
I always wanted.
I'd better go get ready.  I have to leave
soon to go to a ladies breakfast at church.
They are having a speaker, but I can't 
remember if I heard what she is going
to talk about.  My mind is a little fried
these days.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Cute boxes

I have a friend with a birthday
on June 30.  I thought it would
be fun to make a bunch of boxes
with things inside for her to open.
One of them will be the blue 3 sided
explosion box I made a while back.
Here's two more:

This one is going to hold the Hershey
nuggets.  I will probably either
decorate the lid or put a ribbon from
top to bottom to hold it closed.  I'm not 
sure which.  Maybe both!

Isn't this a neat box?  I just love it.  
I put a sample of body wash and 
hand lotion in this one.  
Another angle:

You can see the the dry embossing
on the top. I used faded jeans
and milled lavendar distress inks
to colour it.
I have a doctor's appointment this
morning, then I'm doing a bit
of shopping, then planning on
staying home the rest of the day!
I have been running constantly
for days and I'm pretty tired.  Not
to mention my sciatic nerve has
kicked up once again.  It's
been giving me a ton of problems
lately.  Maybe due to stress.  I'm
not sure if that affects it or not,
but I can truthfully say I'm
getting a little tired of it!
It's been raining but no storms.
I love the rain and we need it, 
but please, send the storms!!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Waiting and trusting on the Lord

Nice boring card today.  I've made
cards similar to this and for
some reason I just do not have
the knack to arrange flowers
so they look nice.  Good thing
I don't work in that field...

I do like the ribbon at the bottom and I
love these flourishes.  They make
a really beautiful touch.  So tiny and

So, on to yesterday's fun.  We've
started the medicaid process.  It's 
complicated as all state/government
things have to be.  But both of the women
we worked with yesterday were Christians
and freely told us how they loved the
L0rd and what He has done in their
lives.  Unsolicited, I might add, so that
was even more awesome.  They were
not afraid to share that, not necessarily
knowing that we knew the Lord as well.

The first  woman (Kandy) set up the 
appointment next week to have mom evaluated 
by both a nurse and social worker.  After 
that we need to get our ducks in a row and
quickly get all the financial documents
faxed to the second woman, (Becky) who will begin
processing all the paperwork.  I said something
about IF she got approved and she said, "no,
WHEN she gets approved".  Kandy said
that the fiscal year slots were filled and
the year didn't end until October.  Becky said
they would see about that and that she WAS
going to get this put through.  They were
both very compassionate and had positive
attitudes toward all of this.  It makes
it easier to go through it when you have
people who really care helping you.

My mom feels like she is being attacked
and I wonder if Satan uses minds that
are breaking down to spiritually attack.
I told her I read the end of the book and
we win!  She smiled and said, "hey, that's
right!"  I've printed out Eph. 6:10-15 about
putting on the armour of God and will take it
to her next time I go.  I don't know if this
is just in her mind or if it is real.  What I
do know is that she belongs to God and
I'm trusting that He's got this.  It's very
hard to watch her like this.  She's quite
intelligent and knows that much of 
what she says is probably not real
but still is unable to always distinguish
between reality and her mind's betrayal.

I continue to trust the Lord with
 this because I know He loves us
all so much!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Home for mom

We moved my mom to her new 
home.  It's a place called "Drew's 
Place" in Hillsdale, MI.  Not your
typical nursing home, it's more like 
a home.  Only 20 residents.  She
loves it there already.  She kept saying 
it seemed like a dream and she was
going to wake up.  As we are getting
her out of the car I hear a voice 
behind me saying, "what are you 
doing here?"  I turned around
to see my former daughter in law
(and daughter of my heart) standing
there!  It turns out she works there!  I
hugged her and just cried.  I feel even
better now, knowing that Annette will
be there helping to watch over my mom!
And that, folks, is called a "God thing"!

These are the same cards that I posted
the last few days, just done with the
new thread.  I haven't much been in
the mood to be creative, but maybe
now that things are settling down I 
will be able to concentrate more.

Doesn't that thread really make a
difference?  I am probably going to order
some different colours since no one around
here carries much of it.  I also wrote
the company that makes some of the
patterns and asked them to consider
designing a  "Jesus" ASL hand
sign (it would only be half the sign)
and they said they would put it on their
list of possible future designs!  Wouldn't
that be so cool?  They have an "I love you"
sign, but I have made so many of those
that people are probably getting sick
of them! (smile)
We got a little bit of rain last night and
the weeds are growing so well.  I'm
quite proud of them.  Proud enough
that I'm going to mow them over
later today.  They are they only
things that are growing, but at least
there's something green in my yard!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Last oval flower

I finished the last flower in the set
and also made all three in the other
thread which I will post tomorrow.

Out of the three I think this is
my favourite.
Yesterday's silent breakfast wasn't
too silent....I thought that might happen,
My brother is coming down after
church today and then he and my father are
going to see my mom.  I can't stand to see her
in there one more day so I'm not going.  Also,
she gets overwhelmed easily so it's probably
better that there aren't too many of us
there at one time.  She speaks of Angels all
the time and sees them frequently.  Who
am I to say that God isn't actually allowing
Angels to come and comfort her?  So yesterday
while Coleen and I were out, we went to Hobby
Lobby and I found this sweet Angel figurine
which I will give her tomorrow.

Maybe this will bring her comfort as well.
I probably should take the price tag
off first, though...  Too lazy to take it off
when I was taking the picture!
Happy Father's day to all.  My father has
 been talking about strawberry shortcake for
two weeks now, so that is my gift to him.  When
they come back from the hospital he will have
strawberry shortcake to enjoy.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wonderful news!

I finally figured out what type
of thread these patterns call for.
Obviously you don't have to use that
but that's what they  use in the examples.
It's called Krenik and it's so thin I
never thought to use it.  But it works
pretty nicely.  It's all pretty and
sparkly.  I might do a set with that
thread and post it.

I still think it looks good with the
regular embroidery floss, though.
This morning I'm going to Bob
Evans with my friend, Coleen, to practice
signing which I need badly.  So-we'll see
how long we stay silent, LOL!
Last night I went to an "empty nesters"
meeting or group or whatever you call
it.  It was nice, we all had a potluck
dinner and the ladies played dominoes
while the guys chatted and told jokes.
They only do it once every couple of
months, I guess.  I made broccoli salad
(with ramen noodles)  and everyone seemed
to love it.  Since it's mostly sprouts, I
love it, too.
Now on to the great news.  We found a
nice home in Hillsdale, Michigan, called
"Drew's Place".  It's not a nursing home, 
per se, more like a home, but they probably 
have 15-20 residents.  It's also a Christian
home.  She is going to be  moved there
on Monday.  The person in charge, Tena,
went and evaluated my mom yesterday
to see what level of care she needed.
She told my dad she showed my mom
pictures of the place and my mom loved
it.  The room she will be in frequently has
deer right outside the window and
that will really make her happy.  So
we are thrilled.  I don't know
what will come down the road; we are
still struggling with medicaid.  But for
now she will have a nice and safe place
to stay, close enough for my father to go
whenever he wants.  He can have meals
with her, just visit, whatever.  There is
a hairdresser that comes and does the
ladies hair for $10.  Mom's hair dresser said
she would ask this lady if she minded if
she did mom's hair.  She's been doing
it for years.  If not, she will just visit. 
Dad popped in for a quick hair cut last
week and she refused to even take his
money.  I had tears in my eyes when she
hugged us.  You really find out who
your friends are when you go through
something like this.  I am grateful for
the wonderful support system I have
through my friends.  I'm very lucky.

Oh, and also I am going to be sending
cards to people in the church who need
a little encouragement.  Very excited about
that.  I got a list the other day.
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

flowers in oval

I got a new set of stitching cards yesterday.
It's a set of three.  This is the first:

You're supposed to use a floss called
confetti, but I can't find that anywhere.
I looked online a long time ago.  Maybe
I should take a look again.  Meanwhile,
the variegated thread looks fine, I think.
My dad and I are going to another nursing
home this morning.  The one is called
"Drew's place" and they have multiple
sites throughout Michigan.  It's not a
nursing home in the traditional sense.
He has been there and wants me to visit
as well.  He loves it.  The problem is
getting her on medicaid.  That's been
a slight issue and it's really getting me
down.  Instead of revering our elderly
we shove them aside.  The money
is funneled elsewhere and that's all the
rant I'm going to do.  It's not fair and
I guess no one promised it would be.
So right now all we are doing is clinging
to God and hoping He's going to work
things out.  It's been hard to even pray
these days.
Speaking of God, I am a member of
the church now.  This is a picture my
friend Coleen took for them:

Ordinarily I don't like pictures of
myself but this one is OK.
Sunday I went to my first ever baseball
game!  We had so much fun and I
really needed to get out and away from
all the stress.  They lost by one point!
We were right behind the batter's box
under a nice overhang and got our orders
taken and food  brought to us.  It's good
to know people who have connections, LOL.
Thanks, Coleen!!!  It was a fantastic day.

Left to right:  Me, Pam, Johnny tin cap, Coleen and Judy.
Happy Thursday!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...