Wednesday, January 27, 2016

playing with ink

I have probably said this
before, but I'm not too good at
shading and blending inks.
I made the mistake of putting this
on a textured piece of cardstock
which I wish I hadn't done.  But other
than that I think it turned out
pretty good.

Every time I go outside I 
despair that it will never be warm
again.  But they are predicting
warmer weather this weekend!
While the jury remains out on
this (I'm from the show-me state)
I am hopeful.  Meanwhile, unless
I have to go out-which I have to
do later-I remain in a hibernated state.
I know.  I complain about the
cold weather.  I should have
been born in a warm part of the country.
The older I get the harder it
gets to cope with this weather.
It could have been worse, though.
I'm very grateful I'm not in DC, NC
or any other the other places that
got dumped on last week!    :)
I guess I just don't have anything
else of interest to talk about!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nebulas in a jar!

My  granddaughter, Bri, spent
the weekend with me and we
decided to play with some nebulas!
I'm not sure what I think about them,
they sure didn't turn out like the pictures
I saw, but every nebula is different, right?
The point is that we had a blast.  Now
she wants to do another project.
I told her she had to find the next
one to try!
I found out something interesting, though.
These "mason jars" were the invention of 
James Landis Mason.  . 
Among other common names for them are  
Ball jars, after Ball Corporation
an early and prolific manufacturer of the jar.
Here's the most interesting thing I
found out last night from a friend of
mine.  "Ball state university"
here in Indiana was named for
the Ball corporation.
So that's your trivia for the day.
Sorry I haven't posted lately, I have
been very tired due to an old dog
who apparently doesn't know day
from night...He gets me up at 430
in the morning pretty much every
day no  matter how much I limit his water
and how late I take him out before bed.
He has also taken to not wanting
to go to sleep at night.  
Needless to say, I haven't been
feeling very creative.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

White on white

I love making white on
white cards.   I think they
look so elegant.  This one has
just a touch of brown.

Again, not my design, but I did
add a little of my own twist.
I think if I made it again I would
emboss the butterfly in the
Swiss dots as well.  That would
make it look prettier, I think, and stand
out a little more.

My poor sister in NC got slammed
in winter storm Jonas.  I haven't talked
to her today, but last night they had 8" 
of snow, covering ice and it was still
coming down.  Wind, too.  They can
keep it.  I heard we are going to have
39 degrees Monday.  I hope that's true.
Then probably some snow again.  
I hate winter.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Red Hat ladies

I made a set of these for my
friend, Karen, last summer.
When I started my Etsy shop,
my friend, Kelly, said I should
include them.  

I'm really not into the red hat
stuff, but I'll  make whatever anyone
wants.  If you're happy, I'm happy!

My sister, Robin, in NC, is under
a state of emergency-since yesterday
before the storm hit.  She just texted and 
said they won't be going anywhere
for a couple of days.  They have ice,
four inches of snow, and
it's still snowing!  My son, Andy,
and family are also going to get
 a piece of the storm. Daughter in
law,  Heather, said
yesterday anywhere from 1-5
inches.  They usually don't
get a lot of snow, so even a few
inches will make the kids happy,
I'm sure!  Keep them in your

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dry embossing

I think dry embossing is one of
my favourite techniques.
You can do it one of two
ways: with a template, a light
box and dry embossing tool
(a pain in the neck and arm) or
with an embossing folder and machine. 
 My preferred method.

Sorry the pictures aren't more clear.
I didn't realize it until I uploaded them
to the computer and was too lazy
to do it again!  But you get the
idea. is a card I almost completely
blatantly copied from pinterest! 

They had a sentiment, so I left that
out and added a vellum butterfly
instead.  I'm learning to
just make card fronts without
obsessing over having to have
a sentiment on the front.  I'm getting
better at it!

It's supposed to be warming up again
but for how long?  For however
long it is, I will enjoy it.  Of course,
I'd rather have summer, but I'll
take a little higher temps than we've
been having.  


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What a friend

I've got my Etsy shop set up.  

Hopefully that link will go
to the shop....   I think it
will have to be copied
and pasted though.
I'm really  hoping
that it will generate some interest.

I made this card this morning.
I love  how it turned out.  I really
like the way black and white looks
just by itself.  I considered
colouring in the "friend" and
"Jesus" but I like it just in black
and white.  I made the embossed
panel a long time ago and for
some reason it didn't work with whatever
card I was working on at the time
and I've had it ever since.  I think
it looks great on this card, though!  
That just goes to show that I need
to keep things that don't necessarily
work on a card, because it might
on another.  I have a bad habit of
throwing everything away and then
I think of something to use
it for and it's gone!  When I was
 a kid I was a packrat and as I got
older I started throwing away
all the stuff that I had
accumulated as a teen.  Lots of
notes that were passed in class, things
like that.  Ever since then I've thrown
things away almost immediately.  Things
I wish I'd kept, like letters from my
grandma, yearbooks, and other
things I should really have held onto.
But it's gone now and there's nothing
I can do about that.  Lesson learned.
I try to hold on to things that might
mean something to me some day.  
 I have used the word "things" 5
times in the last couple of sentences!
You would think with a vocabulary like
mine that I could think of something else.
I love words.  I sent my 5 year old
to school one day and he told the
teacher the classroom had a
nice ambiance.   That
was his word for the day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Etsy shop

I'm getting ready to start
setting up an Etsy shop.  I don't
know how it works exactly,
so a friend will be by later
today to help me get it going.
Hopefully it will catch on, but
I'm not holding my breath, lol.
Here are two of the
things I have made so far.
I've also made card sets, 
scroll boxes, and I'm going
to be working on some stitched
bookmarks as well.

I really love how they turned out!
I have several more started
that aren't put together yet,
but I understand that it's a good
thing to add things to the shop
daily or weekly to keep
interest up.   I have
a lot to learn about it, but
hopefully Kelly can guide me
through all the ins and outs!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Have a purrrfect day!

Maybe it won't be a purrrrfect
day, but hopefully a little better than
yesterday.  I think the cold
is getting to me and
making my mood gloomy.
It won't be long until Spring.
I hope.
Meanwhile, I am going
to get out of the house and go
to lunch with my daughter in law,
Pam.  We haven't done that
in a while.  We're going to
the Chinese Buffet.  I love
that place.  

I think this card turned
out pretty cute.  It might
have been a little better with a 
ribbon in the middle.  I debated
that, but I think it would
detract from the score lines
down the right side of the
card.  I haven't used these
stamps in a long time.  I tend
to use the same ones over and
over again.
So, have a purrrfect day!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Missing muse

Apparently my muse has
deserted me for warmer temperatures.
Shes probably lounging on some
beach in Hawaii.  Where did
El Nino go anyway?

So, since I have no muse
I just threw together a smiple
negative space card. 

Maybe she'll be back next week.

Church is in a little while and
if I didn't have a video to
return, I think I'd skip it.  
I rarely feel like I don't want
to go to church, but today is
one of those days.  I didn't go
last week because of the weather.
This week I just don't feel like
it.  I will probably feel more
like worshiping when I get 
there.  At least I hope so.
I don't like feeling like I don't
want to go worship God.  Now,
I realize that you don't have to go
to church to worship, but the
Bible does say that we should
meet with like-minded people.
It gives you a sense of belonging
and strength from others when
you aren't feeling too strong yourself.
So I'm trusting that God will bring
that peace today when I get there
and begin singing and listening
to the preacher.  He's really
a great preacher and brings the Word
to life.  I'm sure my gloomy
mood will improve.  I hope.
I'd rather be on the beach in Hawaii 
with my muse.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Guilded gate design

I had to go get another die
cutting machine because my
other one just refused
to cut out intricate dies.  
And since I have a lot of them.....
Anyway, I saw this card on,
guess where?  Pinterest!
I love how it turned out.  
It looks so dainty!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Heat wave!

Happy Thursday!  Today is
the first day of sign language class
for second level.  I'm looking
forward to it. 

It's 13 degrees
out today right now!  It
feels like a real heat wave.  Why
is it that 40 degrees in winter seems
warmer than 40 degrees in spring?
We are supposed to be getting rain
by tomorrow, so I'm hoping it
will get rid of all the white stuff.

Update on the snowblower:
apparently I flooded it.  I went
out yesterday to see if it would start
and I had no problem-once I
remembered about the choke.
In my defense I only use
it once a year and then
only a handful of times.
Of course, now it's not going
to snow again.  From my mouth
to God's ear!!

I had to go looking on
pinterest for some inspiration
for this card, but I'm pretty happy 
with how it turned out.  Hopefully
the person who ordered
it will be pleased as well!

My son, Andy, has been having 
migraines for a while now.  They are
doing an MRI. today.  I hope
all goes well.  I am
praying he will find God
through all of this and that
it won't take a serious problem
to wake him up.  God is waiting
for you, Andy.  Take His hand!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Just cold!

No more snow!  However, since
my lawnmower didn't
work last summer, it shouldn't
be a surprise that my snowblower 
wouldn't start in the winter.  So I 
had to shovel.  I will
have to ask my brother in law
to see if he can figure out
why.  And, yes, I put gas in it!!

I saw something similar to this
on pinterest and decided to give it
a go.  Ordinarily I like fidly
little things, but this was kind
of a pain.  Not sure I  like what
it looks like, either, but it's something
different anyway.  I'm trying
to use up all my funky colors like this
purple and some weird blues.  I get
paper packs and there are certain
colours I use more than others.
Then I'm left with all the junk.  Or 
at least what I consider junk.  I wonder
if I can donate it to Good Will or
something.  There are certain colours
that I  just hate.  Orange being one
of those.  This purple isn't too
bad..but it's not super pretty either.
I just feel guilty throwing it out
even if I don't like it. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

If it's too good to be true.....

Unfortunately I don't think it's
over just yet.  We are supposed 
to get bands of lake effect
snow later today.  Which 
I don't quite understand since
we are not even near any
significant body of water,
but that's what the news says.
So I plan to hunker down
and stay warm.  If I were
an animal I would be
in hibernation right  now.  

I made this yesterday but
never got around to posting. 
I thought I had the pieces matched
up, but when I went to put
the pearls on, realized they
weren't even close!  I never
claimed to do things straight,
in fact, just the opposite.  So it is
what it is and I like it!  I'm
trying to use more ribbon
since I have a lot of it.  I think
maybe I should have used a different
colour  so it would show up better,
but that colour is OK, too. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Guy card

I'm not great at making guy
cards, but I think this one turned out 
okay.  For a friend of my
daughter in law's who is going
through a rough time.

I knew it was too good to 
be true!  Getting snow today.  
That in and of itself isn't
so bad, (it's not good either)
but it rained yesterday so I 
don't know if there's ice underneath
the snow or not.  I hate missing 
church, but I think it's a good
idea just to hunker down and
stay off the roads.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


I've had these two pieces
of mica sitting around forever
and kept thinking I'd use
them eventually.  Today
is that day.  I LOVE how these 
cards came out!
I also found out that
if I mess up the stamp
which I did on the "this is
the day" card, goo-gone 
takes it off !  No smearing
when re-stamping.  You have
to use a permanent ink such as
staz-on on slippery
things like mica, glass,
etc. so I didn't think I'd get it
off, but thought I'd give it
a try anyway.  I'm glad
I did!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Scroll boxes

A friend of my daughter  in law's
is going through a hard
time so I thought I would make
him a scroll box.  Well, once
I get started it's kind of
hard for me to stop...
And as it turns out, for
some reason she never received
the one I sent her a couple
months ago!  So one of
the blue ones is for her
and the other is for my friend's
daughter.  I love how they
turned out.  Even though I'm not
good at "guy things"
I think it turned out pretty well!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Black magic

Black magic technique that is.
I wish they would have named
it something else!  Anyway,
so simple and so pretty.
the image is inked with
white ink and then coloured
chalk is dabbed over the image
wherever  you want it
to be. As you can see, I
changed colours in different
places.  I'm not sure I care
for the "halo" that is left
around the image, but that's
what  it's supposed to look like.
Chalk is a great medium to work
with, and easily changed if you
mess up, by simply erasing.
I used it quite a bit in my
Bible journaling.

This card is destined for
my friend Dianne. It's kind of
"our" verse, and we use
it in texting sometimes, while
wishing  each other a good day. 

Warmth!  It's supposed to be 
in the 40's today and tomorrow
with rain.  It is by  no
means a heat wave, unless you
remember that this is the 
beginning of January!!    

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Everything that has breath

In case anyone is wondering,
I was trying to change the look
of the blog, but I noticed today
that the purple blacked out
the name of the blog.  They don't
have much to choose from that 
appeals to me and if you can
download from somewhere else
I don't know how.  Not that
I've looked into it that much...

One single layer.   Very simple.
The gems make it a little bulky, 
I suppose, but it will go 
through the mail just fine.
 I made a second card
but it's not dry yet.  It uses
white ink and for some
reason that takes forever to dry.
so that will be for tomorrow.

Sign classes start up again next
Thursday and I am looking forward
to that!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It is a cold morning today!
I guess it's to be expected in
January, but I was getting
used to having fairly mild
temps.  It even snowed a little
yesterday.  Or more accurately it
tried to snow.  The grass was
dusted when I got up and
every so often I would see
big fat flakes drifting in the sky,
but no real snow to speak of. 
Bring it on, El Nino!!

I made a square card which
I don't ordinarily do.  For
some reason they cost more
to send so this would be
a hand delivered card.  
Unless you want to pay more....
This punch design lends itself
to a square card, and I wanted
to try it.  Don't look closely,
I didn't get it even.  I can't
get something even with a ruler.
It's true.
But I figure it's handmade, so
as long as it's close that's
all that counts!

I'm looking forward to going to
dinner with a friend of mine, Dianne,
tonight.  We usually try to meet
once a week to catch up,
but with the holidays it's hard
to get that time in.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Bullet journaling

I've been reading so much about
bullet journaling on pinterest.
Since I am a huge list maker
and always have been, I've decided to
try it out.  I was wondering
how to separate different areas,
such as card ideas, from daily
tasks, appointments, things
like that.  I hit upon using paper
clips (which I have tons of
for some reason), and color 
coded ribbons which will be
recorded in the legend in the
front of the journal.  Now
all I have to do is collect
all those little pieces of paper
that are all over the house and
put them into the journal.
I am usually a messy writer 
(I envy my friend Sam who has
beautiful handwriting) so
I am going to do my best to
write slowly and carefully
so it's more readable.  It's pretty sad
when you write something and
can't figure out what you've written!
It doesn't make much sense to
 have a journal of things
you want to get accomplished,
remembered, etc., if you can't 
even read it!

The legend goes first,
I just got the pages out of order in 
the picture.  I'm not sure what
the other sections will
be yet, but I'm excited about this.
No more (hopefully) little
pieces of paper lying
all over the place.
What will I do with all those
post it notebooks I have?
I thought about getting a
journal that I could decorate 
the front of but was too lazy!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Flourishes galore

Happy Sunday!  I always look
forward to church to watch Sam
sign and also to try to sign 
some of the songs.  I  may have
gotten myself into something....
I told her that the next time
we sing "Happy day" that
I will stand next to her and
sign, since I know most of it.
They just sang it about 2 weeks
ago, so I figure I'm relatively
safe.  But since I opened my
big mouth, you  never know.
God has such a strange
sense of humour sometimes!!

I love this flourish stamp!  This 
technique is called triple
time stamping.  It ends up
to be really beautiful in
my opinion, but you have to be
careful to use a stamp that can
be easily lined up.  This is not
necessarily one of those, but
it came together pretty well.  I
think it looks so complicated, but
is so easy to do.  It's a kind of
card, in my opinion, that is said
to have a "wow!" factor.  So
easy, yet looks so hard to do.

I also love to blend
 distress inks.  It is so pretty.
I think if I make a card like
 this again, I might make 
the front smaller and add a
second mat behind it.  I think 
it would stand out more that way.
But it's OK the way it is, too.

Today would have been
John's 69th birthday.  I wish
he were here to celebrate with
us, but I know he's celebrating
with Jesus and all the Angels
in Heaven.  What a
birthday party that must be!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New year!

New year's eve I get ready to
go to the store and the car won't
start!  It needed a new battery.  I got
roadside assistance to come jump
it and then some friends met me at
Walmart to take me  home while
I waited.  On the way home we
stopped at the local winery and
did some wine tasting so they
could get a late Christmas gift.
I've never done that before and
it was fun!  I'm not much of a wine
person but I did enjoy the blueberry
wine.  And I don't even like blueberries!!

No internet all day yesterday.  That was
annoying, but I need to keep these
things in perspective.  It came on
around 4 am.  How do I know
this?  Because my dog got me
up at 4 am....This is getting
very old.

But as I've said before, my muse
is active early in the morning (although
four in the morning is early even 
for her) so I got a chance to make
a couple cards I've had floating
in my  head.  This one is pretty much
blatantly copied.  Just a bit of
tweaking here and there, but the idea
is the same as hers.  You have
to get your ideas somewhere!

I love how this turned out.  I wish
I could have used the entire flourish
but it was just too big for the
card and would have covered the
"just because".  I need to use
kraft paper more often.  I like how
it looks, especially paired with black.

I hope everyone had a great new year's
eve and let's expect good things 
in 2016!  It's got to get better, doesn't it?!
You have to look for the good even
when it's hard to find....

Also, I've noticed that the blog is
posting at very early morning hours.
Apparently that's the server time
because I'm certainly not posting at 2
or 3 am, LOL!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...