Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Friendly snake

Yes, LuAnn, there are friendly
snakes!  Although unless you
look closely you can't really see
his smile.  I don't like how it came
out, and if I do it again I will choose
other colours.  I tried to make it
variegated but it didn't work well.

I guess he's kind of cute!
Class was...interesting last night.
I am still not very good with 
fingerspelling, though I'm sure I'll get
better.  I worked with Matt last
night, who is deaf, and it was
so much fun.  He's very patient
with me, and funny!  I learned
a lot of words, as well.  Then we
had a test to see how many words
we could read a minute-it's a
computer program.  I didn't do very
well, but as my friend said, the only
place to go is up.  I need to practice
much more both doing it and reading
it.  So much harder than I thought
it would be when I first started
this adventure.  But also a lot of
fun and I have met and made
so many friends.  It's been a
real blessing in my life.  And...
I might do ALL the songs in church
Sunday.  I'm not sure yet, but
that's what I'm shooting for.  
It's been raining this morning and is
supposed to get into the 50's.  Maybe
Spring really is here.  Probably not.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Time to Spring clean

Just kidding.  I don't actually do
spring cleaning unless I start something
and then see something else,
something else, something else.  
Every once in a while I get carried
away with cleaning, but I try
not to let it happen too often.  It 
does feel like Spring today, though.

 I saw  a really neat card on pinterest
that used letters she had stamped.
I didn't have any letter dies but 
remembered that I had seen a set
at Hobby Lobby, so off I went.  Well,
I had other things to do, too!  At first
I didn't see them but then, there they
were, the prize I was after.  Only one 
set left.  The price was $19.99, but I,
of course, always carry a 40% off
coupon with me on my phone.  Don't
you love technology?  You don't have
to remember to print a coupon.  So
I justified the purchase that way.
This is 5 of each letter stacked together
which isn't as easy as it looks.  very messy
work with the glue.  I'm working on
another card of similar style but this one
I have used glossy accents to give it
a nice raised shine.  Hopefully the card
will come out as I'm envisioning it
but it may take a few days to get
it out of my head and onto a card.  My
head sometimes doesn't want to 
give up it's secrets. Which is not
always a bad thing, I assure you.

I'm having lunch today with my friend
since we missed last week due to my
illness.  I'm also looking forward to
fingerspelling class tonight.  My 
teacher can do it left and right handed.
Fascinating, right?  She shows me:
A-both hands, B-both hands, etc.  I
try it.  Yep.  I can fingerspell with
both hands too.  I'm slow on either one,
but that's just because my fingers 
don't have the necessary muscle 
memory, but I can do it!  Who  knew?

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The road to recovery

I was so sick last week.  Thursday
I would have to have gotten better just
to die.  I slept all day.  But I
am on the road to recovery finally.
 I never used to get sick...

I managed to get a card made
in the middle of all that.

 I'm pretty  happy with how it turned
out.  I made the card and then 
realized I didn't have any green
ribbon.  Gasp!  A trip to Hobby
Lobby.  Such an imposition in my
life.  NOT!!  I love that store!  I'm
not sure if I ever made that clear or not.

Today I am signing three songs!
"Forevermore", "I will bow to you",
and "Our God" .  The only thing
I'm a little concerned about is the
last song where the bridge is:
"and if our God is for us then who
then who could ever stop 
us and if our God is with
us then what could stand against?"
It doesn't seem that fast, does it?
I'm here to tell you it is.  And we
don't sign most of those words!
It will be a challenge but I have to
remember it's not about me, it's about
God.  He's going to take my hands
and use them for His glory.  (I hope!)

Before I go practice some more,
a picture of my daughter in law,
Heather, and my three grandsons,
Bradley, Sammy and Wyatt.

Isn't that a great looking bunch?!
Also, Congratulations, Judy on your new
grandson!  I'm very glad everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Silly snakes

I know there are some people,
even friends of mine, that don't
like snakes, but these are hard
to dislike because they're so cute!

Aren't they adorable?  I have two more
patterns, but I haven't gotten anything
done in the last few days.  When I
sit in my chair and just watch TV 
and/or doze off, you know something's
wrong!  I think I'm starting to feel 
better now, but I'm sure not there yet.
I'm absolutely loving this weather.
It's been drizzling off and on, but
other than that, it's just beautiful
out.  So warm!
I have to get motivated to go out to
the store and get a few things.  I'm
going to make sweet and sour 
chicken for dinner tonight
and the only things I'm missing
are the sweet and sour sauce,
pineapple, tomato....It would be 
easier to list the things I DO have
for the recipe:  Chicken.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Birthday greetings

I've not been feeling well the
past couple of days.  I so rarely
get sick, so when I do, I usually
do it right.  Saturday night I was
pretty sure I'd have to get better
just to die.  But I'm pretty  much
over it now.  I just can't sleep
because I can't breathe through
my nose.   I woke up at
3 am and couldn't go back to
sleep.  That is certainly annoying.

My friend has a birthday coming
soon.  This is the new die set I
just got.  I'm not thrilled with
this card.  I like it, but it 
didn't turn out the way I wanted
it to.    I definitely should
have made the flower/leaf
at the top in navy, too.
Classes started again last night.
Monday night is finger spelling
and I need that very much.  I'm
slow at both doing it and under-
standing it.  There's only four of
us in the class, so we pair up and
finger spell to each other.  It
was a fun class.  On Saturday I
have a religious signing class which
I am looking forward to.
I'm loving this weather, but I 
hear Saturday the temps are
going to take a dive.  I have
to keep reminding myself
that it's still only February!
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Offset lines

The weather has been fantastic!
I'm enjoying it so much.  Yesterday
because of the way the wind was blowing
(thankfully very little) I could smell
the bread baking at the McDonald's
bakery factory.  It smelled so good!
Simple pleasures.

I saw a card like this online and thought
it was pretty cool.  I didn't cut it quite
right, though, and I had to free hand
the flower part.  But it's OK.

This is made with a new die and
I wish I hadn't gotten it.  I didn't
realize you had to emboss the
edges after the die cut out
the shape.  I have never had good
results with embossing this way I end
up tearing the images in the paper.
Drives me crazy.  (John would say short
trip!) I was so looking forward to
getting the die and so disappointed
when I tried to use it.  Oh, well.  Thankfully
it wasn't too much.  
I did get some new dies yesterday in
the mail which I already love.  I have
to play with them a little to get just
the right card, but there are so
many different ones and many, many
ways to arrange them on cards.
I'd better go get Lili up before she
wears her screaming voice out....
Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Abstract day

I love abstract patterns although
some are hard to figure out.  I have
one right now that I can't figure
out for the life of me.  This one
was much easier.

Isn't it cool?  I think maybe it  needs
something in the circles, but I don't
know what.  Maybe it just needs
to be left alone!
This is the first card I made with
the mermaid die and I hate it.

It's so plain.  But I didn't know what
to do with it.  The "water droplets"
look ridiculous, too, but there you
have it.
I'm going to church tonight to 
see the movie "Fireproof" which I've
probably seen 15 times, but it's a
good movie and I can see it with
friends, so it's a win-win.
It's supposed to get warmer today!
Yay!  Again.  I'll believe it when I see it,
but I'm hopeful. 
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hello Mermaid

This mermaid die was one that I
ordered recently from Walmart
(free of charge, remember?!)
I thought it would be easier to
make a card with it but it hasn't
proven to be so.  I finally got a
card that I'm happy with.

What I would really have loved to
do is cut it from the sparkly paper
but it just wouldn't cut through 
no matter how hard I tried.  It
would have looked so pretty.  I
love how the marbelled paper looks
behind it.  (My computer flags the word
marbeled whether I use two "L's" or
one, so sorry, I don't know what the
correct spelling is. )  It might have
looked good to mat the circle with
some sparkly paper, but I didn't
think of it until just now.  Naturally.
I hope everyone had a good Valentine's
day on the 14th, but you are all wrong
if you think it's really the 14th.  
Valentine's day is really the 15th.
That's the day all the candy goes
50% off!  ;)  I have controlled 
myself and not gotten any candy
from this holiday.  But I have a feeling
it's going to be on sale for a little
while yet.  I guess I'll have to avoid
stores until everyone buys
what is left.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Two views

I made this card a couple of days,
then realized it would make a 
great card for a guy if it was in
different colours.  I happen to
have a guy birthday coming up so
I used brown and red for the 
second one.

It took me a while to figure out how
to stitch this.  Sometimes the
patterns aren't very clear especially
when they are very detailed as this
is.  So I slept on it.  The old adage
is true.  I woke up the next morning and 
all of a sudden I understood how to
stitch it.  I love how they both turned out.
I saw this on Facebook and thought 
it was worth sharing:

I don't know about you, but I forget
this quite often.  Recently I've been 
dealing with something that is
pretty much an aggravation but seems
a big deal to me.  I  need to learn to
put things into perspective, for one
thing, but I need to remember to lean
on God and let HIM handle the day
to day aggravations-and worse-
because He sees the big picture and I
don't.  In the end it all turns 
out OK usually, but I don't think that
far ahead.  He knows what's going on
and the whys and wherefore's. I know 
I should trust Him more but sometimes
it's hard not to take things into my 
own hands-or at least try!  So I pray
frequently that he strengthens my faith.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sweet teddy

This is one of the patterns 
from my book:

Isn't he adorable?!  It would make
a cute baby card or announcement,
I think.  I  had to fiddle around with
the pattern to get it to fit on a 
standard sized card.  There was 
another border on the left side
which I could have added but that
would  have required more 
fiddling and I wasn't in the
mood, LOL.  Maybe if I ever
make it again I'll add it.  It's not
playing with the pattern before
you print it, you actually have
to move the card  around while
you are piercing the holes.   That's
a little tricky to get everything
lined up just right.  Sometimes
it's a little off...  although I think this
one is lined up fairly well.
I am glad I'm not in the East!  I hear
they are really getting pounded with
snow.  They can keep it, too!
I took B'Elanna to the vet yesterday.
She is usually very blustery but
when she got in the room and 
realized this was something she
didn't think she was going to like
she started shaking!  Poor girl.
She was a trouper, though, even
when they had to stick her twice
for blood.  The vet had a syringe
filled with peanut butter.  That she
liked VERY much!!  They gave me
a toothbrush and sample of
(eww) chicken flavoured toothpaste
and said she needs to have her 
teeth brushed a few times a week.
I can go online and get the tooth
paste if all works out well.  I'm hoping
she will go along with the program.


Happy Tuesday!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Sun, moon and earth

I've had these peel-off stickers
for a very long time and wasn't sure
what to do with them.  I saw something
similar to this on pinterest (naturally)
and decided to give it a try with 
what I have in my stash.

I like  how it turned out.  I have
no idea what you would use the 
card for.  It's not exactly a birthday
card or any other occasion.  Just a
regular notecard, I guess, which is
what I usually make.  The mesh is
dry wall tape.  It has a sticky side,
so I used that, sprinkled embossing
powder on it and embossed (heated).  
Then I used the eyelets to attach it to the
card.  I got the top ones a little high.  
I should have cut the mesh down a
so I could see what I was doing.  But
no matter.  It still looks OK. 
B"Elanna has an appointment with
the vet in two hours and I was 
able to make an appointment with
the dentist for tomorrow!  I didn't even
have to call, just go online.  And...
you can even download and print the
new patient forms and fill them out
right at home.  How convenient!  
How did we ever live without
the internet??
Expect to see more stitched cards.
Cody brought over the scans from
the book I have.  There are some
really cute patterns in it.
Happy Monday!


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cute little puffin

We saw puffins like this in Alaska 
 the  wild when my dad and I
went in 2006.  They are  so cute
When I saw the pattern I decided
to  get it.  I think I'll send the
card to my dad!

For some unknown reason the
mats are wrong, crooked, or something,
but my dad won't look at that, LOL.
Here is your laugh for the day:
A Dominican newspaper used the
SNL depiction of Trump by Alec
Baldwin instead of a real picture
of Trump!  I got quite a giggle
out of that and I'm sure they got
some red faces.  Someone might
even have gotten fired over the
incident.  If....If it was indeed
an "accident" as they claim!
I woke up to rain earlier this morning. 
I was hoping to hear some thunder, too,
but none so far.  I don't think it's supposed
to rain any more today.   It's pretty mild
for the 12th of February.  The first day
of Spring is March 20, only a little
more than a month away.  It has been
my experience, however, that
Mother Nature doesn't always check the
calendar before letting the snow fly.
How insolent of her.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Basket 'O flowers

I like how this card turned out.

But what I  like even more...
Yesterday I had to kill a little
time so I ran over to hobby lobby
intending to buy nothing.  And
I would have gotten  nothing, but
I saw a package of stamps that
had things like "Made with love"
"hand made" etc.  The reason I
bought it was this:

Isn't that cool?!  I made some stickers
like that after looking all over the net
for the stamp.  Now I finally found one!
I was in 7th heaven.  Which was a good
thing because my day was about to
get REALLY bad.  I ended up with a
dental issue which I hope I can 
rectify very, very soon.  Not a 
good ending to the day.  There is a
prime example of trusting Jesus
when things happen that you don't
expect.  I have to admit I wasn't
very trusting and got pretty darned
upset, but I'm trusting now that He's
going to fix this problem quickly.
It's warm outside!  Well, not warm
exactly, but not bitterly cold with an
icy wind.  It's chilly. Maybe a late fall
day type of chilly.  I'll take it.  B'Elanna
likes it because I don't rush her and
she can sniff around the yard to make
sure no intruders have invaded her
space.  If she can see it (street included)
it's her space.  Her world.  You'd
better not intrude on her world.  Her post
is on the chair looking out the window.
I have tried to explain to her that people
are allowed to walk along the street/
sidewalk but she's having none of it.
I hope she's that vigilant if someone
tries to break into the house.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 10, 2017


I texted  a picture of this card to
my friend and right away she said
she wanted to buy it to send to her
daughter.  I guess their sorority
mascot is an owl.

I LOVE how he turned out!  It's
one of the cutest patterns I have.
I didn't follow the colour scheme 
they had in the pattern because I
thought the variegated thread
would look better and I was right!
Aren't his little feet just the cutest thing?!
It's supposed to get warmer today
although I'm not sure what their
definition of warmer is.  Right
now it's chilly-not necessarily
cold-but breezy.  If the breeze/
wind would cease and desist it
might not be quite so bad.
I have big plans today.
Plans to do NOTHING
at all!  I've been running around
all week and I'm ready to just sit
under a blanket and watch TV
all day long.  It sounds like
a good plan to me.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

We dodged the bullet!

All that nasty weather went
south of us and I'm not complaining
a bit!  We got a very light dusting
of snow.  It is pretty darned cold
and windy out, but no snow, so
I am celebrating.  I'm just doing
it in the warmth of my own home!

I ordered this a while back and
had the holes pricked and everything
but got distracted by one of my games.
I go in moods.  Anyway, I made this
one in purple for a friend who
loves that colour.  I hope you are
ready to see more stitching because
I ordered three more patterns just
now.  They are so cheap and I don't
go out to movies or anything, so 
it's my entertainment.
Although I am going out to lunch
today...  My other form of entertainment.
I do that way too much.  It's no wonder
I can't lose any weight.    But I enjoy
spending time with my friends.  
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Am I blue?

I should be.  After 60's and
rain yesterday, it's supposed to
snow today.  I see no evidence
of that yet, but it is colder
than yesterday.

I got a new die the other day.  It's not
exactly what I thought it would be,
but it's OK.  I should have put 
centers in the other flowers, but I
thought it looked better this way-until
I see it now on the computer screen.  
Isn't that always the way?
I ordered two more dies yesterday
from the Walmart site.   They have
so much great stuff that you will never
see in the store.  I use the  savings
catcher, so I actually paid nothing
for the dies.  Good deal, eh?  Since
Walmart is my unofficial bank, it's only
right that they give me some perks.
One will ship right to the store and
I will probably get it today.  The other
ships from the manufacturer, so I'll
get that in the mail, most likely by
the end of the month.  That's the
one I want the most!  I can't
wait to get it!
Happy hump day!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...