Monday, November 30, 2015

Northern lights

This is the Northern Lights technique.
I didn't get the sky dark enough,
though.  But I guess it looks OK.
I did one before this but
I messed up the trees trying
to make a "forest".  It did NOT
look like a forest when I got
done with it.  Maybe I'll play
with it again later.

It's cold and frosty but no more
snow right now, so I'm
trying not to complain.  No, that's
just not true.  I'm complaining.
And I have to get up
and out in that cold in a
 minute to get
a blood test.  I hope they
too busy.  It's
a first come first serve basis.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mini me's

These are miniature composition books.
They came out so well I think
I might make some more.  Not
a lot of decorating (or embellishing
as it's called) on the third one.  That's
just the paper itself and then
a ribbon around the spine.
But, hey, it took me some
serious shopping at 
hobby lobby to find just the right
paper pack.  Like I needed
more paper!  I could start
a scrapbook store with
all the paper I have and when
I go to do a project I rarely
have what I want.  Sigh.
It's a good thing that John didn't 
know about them building
a hobby lobby in the next town.
I'm sure he's shuddering
right now watching me shop there.
Maybe I should call it
"banking" there.  They
take enough of my money! 
But I really love having it
down the street practically.
It's much handier than having
to go to Fort Wayne.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

last birthday card set

I just love how these 
cards look with the blended 
colours behind the silhouettes.
I could make them all day!  Lots
of piecing together, 
but I think the result is well 
worth it.

It has been cold and rainy the last few
days, but I know the snow will fly again
soon.  :(   I don't look forward
to it, of course, but it's
a necessary evil for this
part of the country.
So as we get closer to
Christmas, I would like
to give a plug to "Pentatonix" and
their amazing song,
"Mary did you know". 
They are currently on tour
with Kelly Clarkson.  Bear in
mind if you watch this video,
that even though it sounds as
though there is music, there is
NONE.  They are a completely
a capella group.  Their sound
is just amazing.  I could listen
to them all day.  Another of my favorites
is "little drummer boy".  Check
out the video.  You won't be disappointed!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

Is anyone crazy enough to participate
in black Friday?  I did one
time a few years back.  It was
madness and I will never do it again.
John and I had to call each
other in the store to find the other
one.  He nearly got trampled
trying to get a GPS when they  opened
the huge shipping box and everyone dove
for them.  And what we went for
was a laptop that unbeknownst to
us went on sale at like midnight.  Thanks
for the heads up.  Never again.

Last night I went to Pam's brother's
house for dinner.  It was pure chaos.
Friends, family, children running
everywhere, lots of noise. 
Normally I am
acutely uncomfortable in
situations such as this. Especially when
I don't know most of the people.
But last night it was OK.   I'm not
sure why, but I was not
uncomfortable at all.  I think everyone
had a wonderful time of fellowship
and good food.

 I absolutely love how this
card turned out.  Again, I forgot to
take a picture of the inside.  So the
sentiment reads: "May your
birthday be filled with many
blessings"  and is stamped
on an oval like the front.  
It turned out really well.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

My sister in law's birthday
was a couple days ago, but
I didn't realize it for some reason...
I'm claiming old age as my excuse: aka
"old-timers disease"
So...I had to make her a belated
birthday card.  I didn't take a picture
of the inside, but I like how the outside
turned out. It looks much better in person.

I'm putting some tissue paper
in between the card front and the envelope
in hopes that it won't damage the envelope in 
transit.  The post office is not always
gentle in it's handling of the mail.

Everyone have a wonderful day
and don't eat too much.
Yeah, right!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Penguin kiss pouches

Aren't these cute?  I've been
making them to go in 
the bag of goodies that everyone
is going to get for Christmas.
I don't have a punch the right
size so I've had to cut
each little circle out by hand!
What a pain!  But it keeps me
busy and I enjoy it.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.
I have so many things to 
be thankful for: Family, friends,
health, a warm home to live
in. If I started to count my
blessings I wouldn't have enough
paper in the house-and believe
me- I've got A LOT of paper!
I don't need paper, though, to
be thankful to the One who made
my life and everything in it possible:
Jesus Christ.  Without Him I wouldn't
be here to enjoy this life.
So as I reflect on my life
to this point, I always remember
that no matter the problems
that life throws at us; no matter
the sadness or trials we have
to endure, we always have One
who is right beside us every step
of the way.  All we need do
is avail ourselves of His mercy
and love.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Birthday cards

These are one of the card sets I'm
making for a friend's birthday.
I love how they turned out,
especially the piano, since
I had trouble with that...
Inside there are quotes from Psalms
that have reference to music.

This is a birthday card for
my grandson, Jake.  Believe
it or not, that is embossed silver 
duct tape!  Or as it is know
now, "duck" tape.  Maybe 
since it's silver and not the fancy
designs they have now, this
one is still "duct" tape.  Anyway,
I saw this on pinterest and just had
to try it.  Not as great as I 
hoped it would be, but the tape
wasn't too much so I am happy
I tried it.  Sometimes
techniques don't turn out the
way I think they should, or the
way the picture shows it.
Sometimes they turn out much
better!  So you just have to
try out the ones you like
and see what happens!

We got about 5" of snow
over the weekend and I am
not a happy camper, but 
what can you do?  B'Elanna
loves playing in the snow and
sometimes I'm worried I will lose
her, lol, since she is white.
Neelix on the other hand, hates
snow and will just stand there
lifting one paw after the other 
and shaking.  I can't convince
him that the faster he does
what he needs to do, the faster
he gets to go back in. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Vintage frame and a card

My friend loved the prayer
journal I made, but wanted it
in a frame.  I told her if she
supplied the frame I'd
make it for her.  I love
how it turned out.  The frame
is just perfect for the vintage
feel of the picture.

And speaking of vintage,
here is the card I  made
for my grandson and his girlfriend
for their baby, due next month.
They are calling him Heath.  I thought
since they were making me a great
grandmother at such a young age
that I should at least get to name
the baby, but they didn't go for that.
I was even going to submit a 
list of approved names for
them to choose from.  I thought
that was more than generous on
my part, but again, they were
insistent upon naming their
own baby.  Selfish brats!  :-D
Just for that, I'm filling the card
with plastic baby confetti
so when they open the card it goes
all over the place!  I have to
find my fun where I can...
Besides, it's been done to
me before and if you are
reading this, you know who
you are, Karen!!!  :-D

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shadowed flowers

I am sooooo thrilled with how
these cards came out!  I think
I'm going to make a set of them 
for a friend's birthday.  I have
several die cuts with different
words, so they won't
all be "believe" I just didn't
think about cutting any 
others at the time.
Maybe I'll make some sets
for Christmas gifts, too.

Lunch tomorrow 
with a friend, then a "silent"
lunch on Saturday.  Even
though I don't "read" sign language
as well as I can sign it myself, 
it will be a good learning
experience.  I am also so
excited about another learning
experience!  My dentist's
assistant knows sign.  So I
asked her yesterday
if she knew anyone who would
be willing to practice
conversation with me.  She said
her husband!  Sign is
his first language since his
parents are deaf.  She said
he could sign before he could talk.
So one day next week I'm
going to go to their house and
work with him.  Maybe her,
too.  A three way
conversation would be even
more challenging.  I can't


Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Well, this didn't come out the way
I saw it in my head, but that
happens sometimes.  It's an OK
card anyway, I guess.  Where
did my muse go?  She
must be on vacation.  I
would wait until it's sub zero 
weather, personally, but
maybe she likes that kind
of weather......

I get to go to the dentist today
for a cleaning. Yipee!  Can't wait.
NOT.  I hate cleanings!!

It's raining like crazy today and I love
rain, but not when I have to
go out in it.  It is supposed to
be in the 60's though, and you
can't complain about that in the 
middle of November, right?!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Silver trees

I am absolutely NOT in love
with this card...but I wanted
to try the silver embossing on a dark blue
background.  It didn't turn
out as pretty as I thought it would.  
Oh, well, back to the craft desk.

And another thing.  Why in
the world am I making Christmas/winter
cards when I hate winter so much?
That is a question for the ages.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Card and candle set

This candle set is for a
hostess gift.  I  was invited for
Thanksgiving dinner and told
I couldn't bring anything but
my drink and a friendly smile....
Well, that doesn't really work for me!
So I hope she likes this.  I was
happy with how it turned out
except I wanted the back one
to turn out a little greener.  I was 
afraid if I played with it anymore
it would turn brown instead
of green so I settled for

I was really happy with how this 
came out!  I'm not generally
good at blending, but on one of the
tutorials I watched, she used
a shiny paper instead of regular
cardstock.  And there was a beautiful
blend!  There are a couple
things I would change, but
as I told my little friend Grace,
if you don't point the
mistakes out, nobody notices!
So don't look too close.  But overall 
I am pretty happy with it.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another certificate!

Class is over for now.  I will miss
going.  They start up again in
January, depending on
the weather, so I am looking
forward to that and to starting
level 2.  Actually, I've taken
level 1 twice, kind of...I started
out when they were about half way
through.  At my church, here
in Angola, they were about
half way through level two
when I started, so I have had
some of that too.  But
vocabulary is vocabulary no
matter where you jump in.

I'm finally feeling a bit better
from this cold.  I spent most
of yesterday ( after
class ) under my
memory quilt watching TV
and dozing on and off.  After
church today I probably will
do more of the same.  By
tomorrow I should be good
to go.  Hopefully it will be another
10 years before I get another cold...

Friday, November 13, 2015


All the grandkids are getting a gift
bag with cute little goodies
inside.  This is one of them.  It's made with
peppermint patties between 
the two pieces of cardstock.
  The first one was a little messy 
because I was trying to do it before
everything was dry but I doubt
the kids will mind.

I made these prayer boxes a long
time ago, but I  just saw the picture and
decided to put it on the blog.
You write your prayer
request on a piece of paper and
put it into the box.  I thought
they were pretty cool.  The
church asked me to teach the ladies
how to make them.  That was interesting
as I am NOT a teacher...  But I
think they had fun.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tis the season!

Christmas cards have arrived!  Well,
only one actually, as I'm not sending
them again this year. This is for
my cousin, Nancy, who specially 
requested a religious Christmas card.
Unfortunately the front
looks a little washed out as
that part of the stamp is lighter
than the other parts due to the 
design.  But I promise it looks a lot 
better in person!

I'm listening to the Christian station
and they are playing Laura Story's
"Blessings".  I love that song, but
it also brings tears as that is one
of the songs sung at John's memorial.  
It was beautifully sung by
a woman named Becky who played
in the church band.  She played
the piano and sang and if you
didn't know, you might have
thought it was Laura Story herself.
She has an amazing voice and uses
it to glorify God!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sparkly flowers

I don't think I've posted these yet.  I made 
them a while back, but I love them, 
so thought I'd share. 

I think I'm getting a cold. This is
significant because I haven't been
sick in probably 10 years, maybe
more.  But note that I said 
I THINK I'm getting a cold.
I'm not really sure.  I have
such a good immune system that
sometimes I think I'm getting
sick and I don't.  I'm not complaining...

I'm getting together with a very good
friend tonight for dinner and looking
forward to it very much.  She's the one
who was in Florida for a week, so
I haven't seen her for a while.
We usually try to get together once
a week and have lunch or
dinner.  It's a good way
to keep a friendship going strong,
don't you think?  :)
And now I must get the 
oil changed in my car before
I blow up the engine.....

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Man cards

I am not good at making cards
for men, but my dad and my
brother in law have birthdays this
month one day apart so I thought
I'd better get to it.  I always go
to Pinterest for ideas for this
type of card and found one
I liked.  Mine is way different from the one
I saw on the site, of course.  I didn't
have the stamp they used anyway
and good thing as I didn't like
that lighthouse stamp.  I happened
to have a lighthouse stamp, though,
that fit the bill just fine.
I added a bit of bakers twine
to make it look a little
more nautical.

It  looks like it's going to be a dreary
day today.  I don't mind that, but
I'm not crazy about the damp and
cold.  This is fall, after all, so I
guess it could be worse.  I'm ready for
another Indian summer, though.
Why in the world do they
call it Indian summer??

Monday, November 9, 2015

Prayer journal

I have a friend that has a birthday next
month and I'm hoping she will like 
this prayer journal.  I think it came out so great!
I love the picture of the little girl
praying.  There is a pocket on
the front inside that a matching
bookmark goes in. 

I had a great time visiting my brother Mark and
wife Stephanie.  Mark and I saw a
Don Henley concert!  It was so much fun!
A lot of fun as well, watching him throw 
a heckler out!  I ate way too
much ice cream and didn't get much sleep,
but, hey, I don't get to get
together with them very often!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

New stamp!

I've seen this saying many times on
cards on Pinterest.  When the
stamp showed up at Hobby Lobby,
I had to have it.  It's a very
true saying.  If we waited
for the storm to pass, we might
never learn to dance in the
rain. In my life
at least, there have been storms
that have lasted for a very long
time.   But  you also have
to have some joy in life.
As a matter of fact, the Bible
tells us that we are to have joy in Him no
matter what the circumstances
around us.  Not an easy task,
of course, but something worth
working toward.  I remember when
John died I didn't think I'd ever have
joy again and when I did feel happy
I felt guilty because I was having
 a moment of joy and should be grieving.
But as time passed I came to realize
that my joy was in the Lord and that
grieving was only for a season.
And of course, the best joy of
all, that I will not only see my Savior
when I die but John and I will also
be reunited.  Now there's something
to be joyous about!

I am going to Detroit for the night to spend
some time with my brother and family.
I'm really looking forward to it!  Not so
much the drive, though!  My wonderful
daughter in law is going to babysit
the dogs.  Thanks, Pam!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Acetate card

It's hard to tell from the picture, but
the front of this card is acetate  (clear).
 I love the look of acetate.   And, yes,
it has a bookmark in it, but I 
promise it's the last one!

Yesterday I picked up my
in laws at the airport, all
tan from a week in Florida.  I
am soooo jealous.  Oh, well. 
They bribed me with Outback
which will always work.  Outback
is the restaurant John and I always
went to on my birthday and our anniversary.
Once in a while we went on a different
occasion, but we didn't go often so
it would stay special.  The last time
I was there was a year ago March,
on the first anniversary of his death.
We went once on Valentines day (bad 
idea, it was so full of people).  We had
an Australian waiter!  It was so cool!
It's cold, windy and rainy today;
 much different from the 70's 
we had all week.  I'm hoping
the wind dies down a little so
I can rake leaves and work off some
of that bloomin' onion!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Faith bookmark card

Another bookmark card and I only have
one left that I'm halfway done with.
I went all out and got the
perforation tool which cost me
a whopping 5. so this bookmark
can be easily torn from the card, leaving
the rest of the card intact.  Since
taking this picture I finished the inside
but was too lazy to take another picture.
Speaking of pictures, my "friend" sent
me yet another picture of a Florida
sunrise....That's OK.  I love her anyway!  ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Buckle card

I saw this card on pinterest
and just had to try it.  Thanks
to my friend, Karen, I have the
slot punch needed to make
the opening for the buckle. 
I thought it turned out pretty 
well.  I think the buckle
might  need to be a tad bigger
so you don't see so much of the slot, but
not too bad for a first try.

My friend, Dianne, is in Florida
this week  (and I consider it
cosmic karma that it's going
to be cold here next week, lol).
She has been sending me pictures of gorgeous
sunrises there.

The first two were beautiful. Now 
I'm pretty sure she's just rubbing
it in.....LOL.  I just want to see
the ocean again before I die.
I don't care if it's the Pacific
or Atlantic since I've seen
both already, but one of them.
I think the ocean is the
most beautiful creation of
God and I felt at such peace
when I was there. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Special gift

I am not happy with what
came in the mail yesterday.
I got papers to fill out for
possible jury duty!!!  My sister
said that I could be exempted
when they found out about
my multiple personalities since
there are only supposed to be
12 jurors....I guess it's worth
a try!

Anyway...I definitely take lousy
selfies, but this is one of a scarf
made by my new little friend, Grace.
She crocheted it out of neon colors.
Even though I am a grown woman,
I am still a child of the 70's and love
those colors!  

And this is the thank you card-

Monday, November 2, 2015

Bri and Me

My granddaughter, Brianna, came
to visit yesterday.  We had a great
time, watching the movie "San Andreas"
and having ice cream at McDonalds
in the evening.  I love having her
come to visit.  She's been spending
weekends sometimes and going
to sign class and church
with me.  I enjoy sharing
that with her. I decided to
take some pictures and post them
here.  Actually, she took them as
I am terrible at selfies!
Bri and me

Bri with B'Elanna

Bri's accidental selfie, LOL.
Isn't she gorgeous??!!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...