Sunday, July 31, 2016

To the zoo!

When I want it to rain it won't and
when I don't want it to rain it does.
You guessed it.  We got soaked to the
skin yesterday!  When I got to Toledo
it was dry and the sun was shining.  
About half an hour later there were rumbles.
We were going to feed the giraffes but
they closed it so they could put
them in.  15 minutes later it started to
rain.  Just a little.  No big deal.  About
10 minutes after that it started pouring. 
I do mean pouring.  But we still had a
great time.  I didn't take too many
pictures because John always took tons
of pictures whenever we went anywhere
and we went to the Fort Wayne
and Toledo zoos a lot.  The one animal
I didn't take a picture of and should have
was a polar bear cub.  I was having so
much fun watching him I forgot to take 
a picture.  He was swimming, jumping
on toys, doing back flips, just having
a grand time.  I didn't even know a polar 
bear could do a back flip!  His mother
was on the cement pacing back and
forth keeping watch over him.  Makes
you think of Jesus.  Wherever we go He
is keeping watch over us.

Baby Galapagos tortoise

Doesn't this guy look like he's wearing
a tuxedo?!

One of my favourites, the Jellyfish!
I think my favourite animal of all is the
meerkat.  Guess where they were?
Underground.  Oh, well.

They had the coolest water wall which
there was no way to get a picture
of.  It had about two inch holes drilled into it.
The water was pure bubbles and  circled around 
all the holes.  It's hard to describe
but was very cool.  I tried to get a picture
but the water was  moving around so
fast that all I got was a blur.

Have a good Lord's day.


Friday, July 29, 2016

On Vacation

Dianne is leaving for vacation tomorrow.
Apparently my muse is over there helping
her pack.  The last time she went, my muse
went with.  I think it's quite selfish of
Dianne to allow my muse to tag along. 
So, this is the best card I could come up
with since she is MIA once again.

This card highlights a cross charm that Karen
sent me.  Isn't it pretty?  I sure wish I could get
the ribbon to stand straight up, but it's not
going to do that unless I tie a double knot
and I don't think that would look very good.

I probably won't blog tomorrow since I
am going to the Toledo Zoo with Nathan
and Crystal.  It  will be the first time I've gone
to a zoo without John.  Well, since we were
married anyway.  We enjoyed going to
the zoo and aquariums all over, Georgia,
Tennessee, Baltimore; where I rode a 
camel at the zoo.  The first trip we took
together was Chicago.  Shedd aquarium
is the second  best aquarium in the
country with Georgia at the top.  They are
there for a reason, too.  But the best 
by far was the very first time I got to
go to a walk through aquarium!  I was 
so excited.  It was at the mall of America
in Minnesota.  It was so amazing!  I will
never forget it.  The mall was great, but
the reason I wanted to go was for the
aquarium.  And the Rainforest Cafe.  If
you've never been to one of those, I
highly recommend it.  It was a lot of
fun. So, this will be a bittersweet trip
for me, missing John.  Crystal said he
will be there with us in spirit and I beleive
that.  I also believe he would not want
me to not enjoy things just because he can't
be there with me.  We loved sharing
zoos and aquariums together.  It was "our
thing".  But to stop going to them
because he can no longer be there
with me would not be honouring his
memory.  I'm looking forward to it.
I'll take some great pictures to put
on the blog next time.  Have a great

Thursday, July 28, 2016

You are so very special

Neat sentiment, huh?  I was looking
for something small and came upon it.
I love how the card turned out in 
general.  I borrowed an idea from 
pinterest but totally changed it, so
no copying on this one!

Black, white and red just look so 
elegant together, don't they?

I was thinking more on the book I talked about
yesterday.  If you haven't read Randy Alcorn's
book "Heaven" it's a really great read. When I was
a kid I always thought Heaven would be
boring, that we would be bodiless spirits floating
around with nothing to do.  After reading his
book I started getting excited about heaven
-not that I'm ready to go any time soon...
But I think, and there's nothing Biblical about
this that I know of, we will be able to go under
the ocean without breathing apparatus, go
to distant planets and star systems, explore the
universe.  Why would He give us such
wonders if He hadn't intended us to experience
them?  He said He saw that it was good.  He
was talking about everything.  There are so many
things under the ocean that we cannot experience
in this life.  Sure, we can see some things in 
aquariums, but many of them most of us will never
be able to experience in real life.  Have you
ever seen a humpback whale in real life?  Me either.
What got me thinking about all this was the zoo
trip on Saturday with my son Nathan and DIL
Crystal.  I would love to run up to a tiger and
give it a big hug.  In Heaven we'll be able to do 
that.  The lion will lay down with the lamb, remember?
And what about the new Earth?  I think it's going to
be just like this one only perfect.  The colours
will be like we could never imagine in our sinful
minds.  We'll be able to race a cheetah and hug the
huge bears.  Maybe even take a nap nestled
against them!  Think about it.  How cool
would it be to take a nap next to a gorgeous
lion?  Well, anyway, I do have one more
picture to show you.  

Isn't he a cutie?!  Heath is 7 months old
now!  The time goes so fast.  He looks just
like his daddy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hacked again!

I got my credit card statement yesterday
and someone helped themselves
to $40. worth of starbucks reloading
the cards they already purchased on
my debit card.  Obviously they hacked
a site I bought something on because
you have to have the security code to
use it online which is how they did it.
It's quite aggravating.  Now I have
to wait 7-10 days for a new card.
I'm certainly not keeping that same one.
I hope they enjoyed themselves.  Jerks.

I got to go to the dentist yesterday, too,
so I'd say it was a red-letter day.  Not.

Sadly, my friend, Dianne, in North Carolina,
(same name, different Dianne) lost her mother
so this card is for her.  I can't begin to
imagine what it would be like to lose a parent.
Cody and Pam have both experienced it.
I know it will be very painful when my time
comes.  I also know that I will see them again.
I saw that Tim LaHaye died Monday.  So
I was looking at his books and one of them I'd
never heard of, but I'm planning on getting
it.  It's called "Life  in the afterlife:What
really happens after death.  I think it will
be very interesting.  To be truthful I am
scared to die.  Not what will happen after,
of that I am certain.  I will be with God
forever.  It's just the dying part I'm scared
of.  Watching John didn't help.  Although
his was a peaceful death, I had never
seen anyone die before and the mystery
of the body just stopping is a terrifying
thing to me.  My sister once told me
that God prepares the body to die and
I didn't understand it until then. I know I
will see him again some day, but until that
day I miss him so much.  For some reason
it has been harder the last week or so.
I'm not sure why since no anniversaries
are coming up.  I just feel very alone.
Sigh.  I'll get through it.  I always do.
How do people go through things like
that without the comfort of the Father?

One other card.  I didn't sleep much
last night.  I have always been a poor
sleeper.  But morning is when I
seem to be at my most creative, so
I was able to make two cards
I am satisfied with.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Swirly scribbles

I searched "swirly scribbles" which is
how I thought it would be spelled
and the search corrected me.  I'm
not sure which is right, spelled with an "e"
(swirley) or without.  At any rate, my friend, 
Karen, was kind enough to send me
a bunch of die cuts from this set.

Sorry about the bottom, I didn't notice
it so didn't crop the picture.  I have no
clue why the picture came out blue, the
paper is white and the scribbles are
red and black, but you get the idea.  So
here is the card I made and I'm not happy
with it.  Obviously I need some practice.

It's OK, I guess, but I think it's a
tad too busy.  Maybe I shouldn't
have added the top flower....

Last night was the last of 4 review 
classes.  We played hangman.  How, you
ask?  Well, you sign a letter to the person
and they write it down if you get it,
if not, you know the drill, head, arms, etc.
If you solve the word you have to sign it.
No talking.  It was fun!  We also did
hand shapes.  How many words start
with the "A" hand.  Not what starts 
with "A".  Lots of words (of course you
can't think of them right then) start with
that particular hand shape, like "girl"
"with" , "aunt" and "sorry".  So that
was fun and challenging.  The next
classes start in September.  If she
offers it, I want to retake either
second or third level.  I'm hoping
she will have a finger spelling
class again, too.  I am really slow at
that.  My fingers are short for
one thing and for another, they
just don't want to do what I want
them to.  I also can't read it that
well because people spell FAST!!
If you get the first and last letter
sometimes you can figure out the
word in context, but it's still difficult
if they are spelling quickly. I guess 
I will have to wait and see what 
she offers and what days.
I'm still looking for a home for Luna
and put an ad in the paper which should
have started on Sunday.  Please pray
with me that I can find her a GOOD
home!  Thanks.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Rainy days and Mondays....

Well, it's Monday at least.  I think
it rained last night at least a little
since the driveway looked  wet, but
it looks like we have zero chance
of any precipitation today.  Bummer.
It will probably be too hot to mow
but the up side is that no one else is
out there either.  

My muse was in fine form yesterday
and I managed to get a card done that
I really like.  

I was thinking maybe it would have looked
better to have the dragon fly and "thanks"
in another colour because the brown blend
 in, but any other colour would blend in, too,
unless it was stark white and that would
look really bad!  Maybe I should have
thought ahead and rearranged the tiles
a little differently.  Oh well.  I always see
things wrong with the card after I get done
with it!  Never mind me.  LOL

I also made a set of ATC's  (artist trading cards)
this morning.  These are backgrounds
that two other people will add art to.
Get your thinking cap on, Karen, these
are coming your way!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Count your rainbows

Ignoring the true meaning of the
statement, I'd rather count my storms!
Sometime during the night it rained.
I'd rather have had a storm, but
I'll take the rain, too.  Now if it would
only cool down so I could mow the
lawn.  Early in the morning it is cool
enough, but I'm pretty sure my neighbors 
would not appreciate me mowing at
730 in the morning.  Besides, the grass
 would probably still be too wet.  One
of these days!

There was no way to get a good picture
of this card.  But you can see the sheen
from the perfect pearls.  After you dust
it on and then brush it off it leaves a sheen
near the clear ink under the stamp. 
There's a little too much on the right side
and I'm not sure why that  happened, but
it shows up much better in the picture than
in real life.

The sentiment is popped up over the
card.  I stamped it directly on the card
but the little girl's name didn't come
out all the way.  So I covered up my
mistake, naturally!  There are a lot
of stamps with children's sayings, names
and ages on them.  They are so cute,
especially the younger ones.  I think I
posted one a long time ago about having
a good day when you haven't hit or 
bitten anyone.

This one I'm not as fond of.  It didn't come
out the way I thought it would, but that 
happens.   Maybe it's too much brown and
I should have added a touch of colour.  I
might go back and try that, maybe a flower 
or butterfly.  If I do and I remember, I'll
post it again.
Happy Sunday worshipping God.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Batman junior

My grandson, Tyler, posted this
a few days ago.  I can't believe Heath
is six months already.  Things change
so much in six months.  Babies, life in
general.  There are times when I wish I
could turn back time.  (wasn't that a
song by Cher??!)  but God moves
us on for a reason.  He puts people
in our lives and then just that quickly
yanks them back out again.  No
explanation.  Sometimes we can
surmise the reasons behind His decisions
but we can never be sure, I guess.  We 
just have to go through the pain and
emerge on the other side better
because we listened to His voice.
So I guess the meaning of all this is
that when God removes someone from
your life don't go chasing after them.
He did it for a reason!  How did I
get from a sweet baby picture to all that??
Anyway, isn't he a cutie?  I am hoping
to get to meet him next month when 
I go to North Carolina to see my sister.

I haven't done spirelli in so long.  We called
it string art when we were younger....Everything
has to have a fancy name these days.  Those
were on a far larger scale, though.  This
is quick and easy.  No nails to pound
in a board, either.  I think it turned
out really well.  I'm not sure why I
got in the mood to do it, but I am afraid
you might be seeing a few more
like it.  Once I get stuck on something
like this it's hard to get out of it.

Speaking of stuck, I keep hearing "killing 
me softly" by Roberta Flack in my
head.  I haven't, to my knowledge, heard
that song in years.  So here's one for
all of you.  What if the hokey pokey really
IS what it's all about?  Now tell me you
don't sing that song in your head the
rest of the day!  Why should I be the
only one?  giggle.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Take two

This is the same basic card, just
two different ways.  I think I like
the portrait one better.  Sorry about
the paper clip but they were being
stubborn and wouldn't stay shut!

I think they turned out fairly well.  I had
to free hand the circle on the top mats
which I'm not good at, but I couldn't 
figure out any other way to do it.
I'm sure there's another way....I
just couldn't find it.

The oven only cost me 140. which was
way less than I was expecting.  I'd rather
have not had to do it at all but since
I eat a lot of pizza it was kind of needed!

Just a friendly reminder:  To those
of you who have a keurig, when putting a
cup under it, make sure it is RIGHT SIDE
up!  Fortunately I was only running
water through it to clean it after a cup
of salted caramel hot chocolate (YUM!)
and somehow the water was all contained
in the drip catcher.  I'm not sure how
that happened, but I was glad not to 
have a huge mess underneath .

I'm looking forward to having lunch
with Dianne this afternoon.  We are
going on the cheap and going to
Wendy's!  I think I'm going to opt
for a salad today.  I know they still
have zillions of calories, but not as
much ad a chicken sandwich and
fries would have!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

It is what it is

That sums up how I feel right about
now.  I had to  have the fire department
here yesterday because I smelled
gas.  It happened once last week,
but a knob was a little askew so I 
just attributed it to that.  Not the problem.
He said the igniter needs to be replaced.
I have no idea how much that's going
to cost.  More than I want to spend, I'm
sure.  I looked online and the prices are
$20.-25.  Online, that is.  Even if it
is that cheap, you still have to figure in
a service call and labour.  Just after
I had to have my a/c worked on.  This
is when I miss John the most.  He would
have handled all this stuff and I 
wouldn't have to.  I hate being alone.
Sorry, just feeling sorry for myself
today, apparently.  I guess you can't
keep a smile on your face all the time.

At least I got a pretty card out of it.

Isn't my sweet little girl ladylike?  She was
eating a chew stick.  I couldn't resist
taking the picture.

I hope y'all have a better day than I'm expecting.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Good friends

This card came out exactly how I 
envisioned it.  That doesn't happen
too often!  When I was in school
I wasn't in the "in crowd".  But I had
friends (who were also  not in the 
"in crowd").  as kids we thought you 
could only have one best friend and the others
were only regular friends.  I think
that's wrong.  You can have more than one
 best friend.  Best friends are ones who
truly know your heart.  They are there
to cry with you, laugh with you and
sit with you when no words can be
spoken.  I have several best friends.
I know I can count on them whenever
I need to and I hope they know that
they can count on me as well.

I'm taking the birds to the vet today for
grooming.  They are both pretty sharp and
it's hard to maintain an upper hand
when the bird is so sharp you can't stand
to have her on your hand.  With Lili
you really have to have an upper hand
as she is very headstrong .  She knows what
she wants and she wants it.  Period.  Well,
sister, there are times when you just don't
get what you want.  We've had a few
discussions on this subject.  That's where 
the "beak occupier" AKA backscratcher
comes in.  Sometimes we need to keep
that big beak occupied so it doesn't
stray down to the hand.  She gnaws on me
frequently, but never hurts me.  Much.  LOL.
That's the nature of a scarlet macaw.  She
will clamp down when she doesn't want
to go in her cage for example.  But she
never draws blood and knows just
how much pressure she can put on me.
She's really a great bird with a headstrong
personality and we get along just fine.
Luna, on the other hand, drives me
crazy.  I didn't want another small bird
in the first place but John wanted her
so much.  When he was sick he said she
"comforted him".  Since he has died I 
have lost my tolerance for a lot of noise
and trust me when I say conures make a
LOT of noise.  Constantly.  So any bird
owners that read this blog, I know you
will think badly of me and that's OK.  She's
going to have to go to another home.  I can't 
take it anymore.  I will do my best to
make sure she goes to a home that knows
about conures and the noise that comes
along with them.  Again, this is the nature
of this particular bird and I understand
that, but I'm just not the right person for
her.  I'm sad about it, but it's also not fair
to her.  I'm hoping the vet can help me
with this, but if need be I will put an ad
in the paper and then screen out anyone
I think won't give her the best home possible.
If I get any takers that is.  Please help
me pray about this.  Thanks.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Our cross to bear

You know, you hear the phrase
"that's my cross to bear"
and it makes it sound like a
bad thing.  That's how people
mean it, too.  On Sunday (I know,
I'm a little slow) the pastor pointed
out something I'd never thought of
before.  Our cross to bear is the
things that bring Glory to God.
Witnessing, being there when someone
needs a friend, visiting someone
who is sick or shut in.  I never realized
that before.  But think about it-Christ's
cross to bear DID bring Glory to God.
Bearing our cross is a good thing,
not a bad thing.  I know I don't really
do much for the Kingdom.  I'd like to
be better at witnessing, but each of
us has things that we are better at than
others.  Witnessing is not a strong
point for me.  The body is made up
of many parts, both the human body
and the body of Christ.  You can't make
an arm take the place of a leg.  Each 
part has an important part to play.
So what is my cross?  I guess I'd
have to think about that for a while.

I'm sending this to Robin to send
to Mya's family.  On the inside it says
"thinking of you at this difficult time"
Doesn't that sound so feeble?  It's 
definitely  a difficult time.  What do
you say to someone who is suffering?
I just can't fathom the pain of losing
a child, especially one so young.
The fact is that I have been thinking
of them and praying for them.  It's a heartfelt
sentiment, but it just sounds hollow 
considering what they're going through.
I'm getting tired of making sympathy
cards.  I can't wait until there will
be no more sorrow, tears and death!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Thinking of you

This card didn't come out exactly as
I envisioned it, but I like it nonetheless.
Is that even a word?  Well, my computer
didn't flag it so I guess it is.

I love my distress inks!  And I'm so
glad that I went ahead and got this script
stamp.  I stamped it with versa mark (a wet
ink that you emboss with) and then embossed
it with clear powder.  Once that was cool
I inked it with several colours of distress ink
then rubbed a paper towel over the piece
to remove the ink from the script.  Remember
when we used to do that with crayons
in elementary school?  Voila!  Resist.  I love
how it looks.  The sentiment is popped
on the piece although it's kind of hard
to tell.

Yesterday I noticed that the garage looked
a little dark and sure enough the light
was out.  So I went to take the bulb
out and it broke off.  This morning, after
making sure with my brother in law that
the house wouldn't explode if I turned some
breakers off (hey, I've never done this stuff
before!!) I got it out easy peasy which 
was surprising since I thought it was going
to give me a hard time.  For some stupid
reason, the previous owners never put
any sidewalk or stepping stones to the
front door and although we talked about
it, we never got around to it either.  The
garage door is right in front of the driveway
so we just use that.  The only people who
come to the front door are people selling
something so I know I don't want to talk
to them.  To be polite I open the door
and tell them through the glass that I
don't want to talk to them.  I mean, it's
only right.  I don't want people to think
I've been brought up in a barn, after all!

Sunday, July 17, 2016


I guess I should have waited to put
this card on facebook because most
of you have already seen it, but oh, well.
I don't have anything else ready, lol.

I love how it turned out!  I don't use
this mesh stamp very often.  I should.
I have to admit I pretty blatantly 
copied it from pinterest.  Well, I added
my own flair of course, but the core
idea came from there.

Many mornings I can smell the baking
bread coming from the McDonalds bakery
nearby.  It's one of the best smells in the world!
This was not one of those
mornings.  It smelled like someone had
cleaned out their barn.  Since we are 
not exactly in a rural area, I'm not sure how
the smell wafted here, but  I'd rather
have the baking bread smell!

My garage light went out and when
I went to take out the bulb it broke in
the socket.  I look at the breaker box and
it lists the garage as #15- that's NUMBER
15, not HASHTAG.  When in the world did
the pound/number sign become a hashtag
and why is everything hashtag this and hashtag
that?  Anyway, I digress.  I look at the
breaker box to turn off the electricity so I
can get the bulb bottom out of the socket.
As I said, it lists it as #15.  The problem is 
that there are FIVE #15's!!!  What will I
do?  What I always do when I have  an
issue such as this.  Call my brother in law
Larry.  Maybe I can get them to play some
cards tonight, too.  Laurel and I need to
redeem ourselves.  He's worse than John
when it comes to winning.  Or losing for
that matter.  If he loses he says, "Well, I'll
let you have that one".  If he wins he says , "You 
tried your best" or "poor card management"
(he borrowed that one from John).  Very 
condescending and infuriating. I mean, it's
all in good fun, but we are all highly
competitive when it comes to cards and try
to set each other whenever we can.  I was
up to phase six (the card game is phase 10)
with 30 points and he set me 6 times in
a row last time we played!  I need to get even
somehow!  I'll let you know how it turns
out in the next episode....

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Finally! Balloons!

As usual, it was too windy for
the balloons to launch, but they
inflated!  We watched them do
that which was so fascinating
and we were as close as they allowed
us which was pretty close.  After dusk
they did the glow.  That was so fun!
We also talked to one of the pilot's wives
while they were inflating and she 
answered questions that dad had so
that was really neat.

Those things are HUGE!!! The person you see with
the rope was holding the top as it went up.  Each
balloon had at least one person doing that.
As the balloon would rise it took them for quite
a wild run!  One of the questions I had was
what did they do with the ropes in flight.  The pilot's
wife said that if they were going to fly he would
shout "bring it in, bring it in" and they would
anchor the ropes to the basket so they didn't
get caught in trees, power lines, etc.  It was
so awesome to see!!

I'm not super enamoured with this 
card, but I wanted to play with the daisy
embossing folder.  What I intended to
do (which I don't think would have made
much difference) is to pop it up with dimensional
tape.  I forgot to do that, naturally.  But it's an
OK card, I guess.  I have a much
nicer one to show, but I wanted to
put up pictures of the balloons first.

Friday, July 15, 2016

A temporary goodbye

It is with a broken heart that  I  must tell you Mya
has gone Home to her Savior.  I've never met her
or her family, and met  her grandfather only once
last year, yet I share in their pain and sorrow.  The
Bible tells us in Romans 12:15 we are to:

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

And in Job 2:13 it says:
Then they sat on the ground with him for seven days and seven nights. No one said a word to him, because they saw how great his suffering was.

When part of the body dies, we all suffer. 
I remember a woman in a grief 
group I attended saying that she didn't understand that
dying meant dead.  As strange as that sounds, I realized
that I felt the exact same way but had never been
able to put it into words.  When we experience a slow
death from cancer, sometimes we wish their pain
would just go away.  But we don't want them to die!
 They are still there with us. 
When they die it is a shock  How do you
process something like that, especially when
it involves a child?  God has mercifully given us
an  anesthetic so we are able to process our
pain little by little.  As we experience the pain
of our loss He is with us each step of the
way with His comforting touch.  As Believers
we know that our loved ones aren't truly
"lost" though. We know exactly where they
are; with the Savior.  But that doesn't take away
our pain.  Jesus understand this.  He also
understand when sometimes our pain turns
to anger.  My sister once told me that God
"has big shoulders"  He understands our anger
and that it is only a result of pain, not the loss
of  Faith.  We aren't angry at God, only
the unfairness of it all.  We know that our
 Heavenly Father understands all these emotions
because He experienced them as well. 
What better way to understand than to become like us.
Please continue to pray for Mya's family.  They
will need the support of the body as they
travel through these uncharted waters.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Today belongs to you

Technically it belongs to God,
but our decisions are ours,
so we need to make good ones.
Like Paul said, I know whats right, but
I do what's wrong anyway, like
buying that candy bar when the
doctor says I have gained weight...
Well, OK, Paul didn't talk about
a candy bar, but it they had had
candy bars in those days I'm
sure he would have bought one too!

I like how this turned out.
Add a little grunge and it really
spices up the card. Those stamps
and the die set for the flowers were
really a good buy.  Kind of expensive
but I'm getting a lot of mileage 
out of  them.

It rained a lot last night, all at once.
Lots of wind and I found some 
sizable branches in the front yard.
So if it warms up a little and the
grass dries I'll have to go out
and mow the lawn.  I praise God
every time I mow, that I am strong
enough to get out there and do it.
I know people who would love
to be able to do simple things
easily, like my mother, not to mention
physical things such as mowing the
grass and I am reminded of it every 
time I do it.  So, thank you, God,
for being able to mow the lawn-
and for the warmth.  I'd rather mow
than shovel snow any day!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mighty Mya

Mya's family posted yesterday
that everyone is calling her 
"mighty Mya".  
She is hanging in there.
I'm still praying for a miracle for
her and I hope everyone who
reads this will pray for that as well!

My grandson, Sammy, has a birthday
coming up so I thought I'd try this
monster card.  It was supposed to
say "have a monster of a birthday"
on the outside but I forgot to write
that, so on the inside I wrote, "have
a monster of a day".  I'm not happy 
with it.  You can't see the teeth very
well.  I think he'll be more interested in the
money inside anyway.
I know the sentiment looks crooked
but that's just how the card was tilted
when I took the photo.  Surprisingly
it's fairly straight!
I ordered this bumper magnet yesterday
Vote parrot party!!   He's the right
bird for the job!  The captions they
put on Felix's pictures are hilarious
He's my candidate!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A trip to the "beauty parlor"

B'Elanna just got groomed.  Isn't
she purty?!  I have them give her a 
"puppy cut" since it's hot out and I
don't want to mess with her long hair. 
When we first got her we just had
her trimmed and I combed her every
day.  That got old fast.  With a
great deal of maltese in her, her hair
can grow quite long.  So I keep her
hair short all year round, but I'm
sure she appreciates it most in the

My mother has a friend who just lost
her daughter to alzheimers  disease.
Here is the scary part.  She was
only 58 which is how old I will be
next month!  How sad is that?
So my mom called and said that
her friend had always admired my
cards and asked if I would send her
one.  While trolling on pinterest
I saw a verse right at the top and I
am pretty sure God put it there
for me to use.

Isn't it a great verse?  I offset the circle in 
the middle so there would be room
for the flowers and I think it balances nicely.

Monday, July 11, 2016

New phone and raspberries

I have had problems with
my phone since day one.  Cody
says it's my fault as I have had
trouble with phones before, but I
think I just got a dud.  So I got a
new one yesterday.  More problems.
I can send but  not receive texts.  After
searching online I found that I'm not the
only one who has had the same problem 
with this phone. I removed the battery,
put it back in and voila, it works.  I'm
convinced John is haunting me since
he told me I couldn't have a smart phone. I'm going to have to take it
back and see if I can find someone
knowledgeable to move the SD card
from the old phone to the new one.
I don't even know where it is!  But
I will when it's over.  I'm learning
all kinds of things that John always
took care of.  Not that I want to,
but he never would teach me anyway.
He always said he could do it faster.
Besides, he wasn't a very patient person.
But then, neither am I.

In order to show the photos today I
had to take them on the old phone.  It's
still good for one or two things.  If I
can get the screen to turn on.  That was
the problem.  The phone was on but
nobody was home.  Frustrating.  I'd
have to take out the battery and reboot
it.  But I do have pictures to show.

Dianne brought me some more raspberries
yesterday.  The golden ones are about gone,
but she managed to get some for me.

Guess what I'm having for breakfast?!

I made another triple time card.  This time
with a much easier stamp.  I think I got
it lined up, but it's still challenging.  I'm
thinking I should have used another colour
mat, though.  It doesn't show up as
well as I thought it would.  Plan ahead.
I'm not good at that.  Obviously.

Wow, it looks better online than it does in
person as far as getting it lined up goes.

I went back to my old church here in Fremont.
Friends have been asking me to come
for a visit and hear their new pastor.  The
church has grown!!!! And it is on fire!!!
I was so happy to see that.  They have
got lots of children now and it was just
full to the brim with people.  I don't think
I've ever seen it that full before.  Even on 
a holiday and that's when most people
go to church.  I miss the church, but
I love learning to sign in church as well
as classes and I think I'm where 
the Lord wants me right now.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Triple time

Before I get to the card, dad and
I thought  it was probably too windy
yesterday for the balloons to launch
and after being there at 530 am, decided
not to go.  The wind died down and they
launched and we missed it.  We were
both so disappointed.  Oh, well.  There are
other balloon shows this summer.  One is in 
Montpelier, Ohio later this month which
is about half an hour from here.

No news on Mya.  The last post from
her family was that the doctor said,
"it won't be long". As far as I know 
she is still fighting.  I was so proud
of John for fighting as hard as he did.
Sometimes, though, the body just
gets tired.  I still am praying for
healing for her, but I'm sure her parents
have turned her over to God and
will accept His will no matter how
hard that will be. Songs really touch
our hearts and say things that we
might want to say but just can't.  One
song that got me through was by Plumb
called "Need you now"  I would listen
to that song and sob.  But I always knew
He was there even if I couldn't feel
Him through my pain.  My prayer for 
Mya's family is that He makes Himself
known in such a way that there is no
doubt He is right there in the room with
them.  Peace that passes understanding.
Keep praying.  If God decides to take
Mya Home, the family will still need 
so much prayer.  It's hard to be left
behind.  We know they are in paradise
and that is a great comfort, but
it doesn't take away our pain.

This is a triple time card.  It is
so hard to get lined up sometimes
and I'm not sure I did it very well,
but I guess it's close enough!  Some
people set the middle one  off center
and it looks really cool.  I think I tried
it once and it didn't work very well
but maybe I will try it again. I love
how it looks, but it's a pain to get lined
up with a stamp like this.  If
I were to use a different stamp with just
a line drawing it might be a bit
easier.  Maybe I will try it for 
tomorrow's post.  

This is the day the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be happy 
in it.  
-Psalm 118:24

Saturday, July 9, 2016

No balloons aloft

Well, my dad and I have gone out  last
night and this morning and it's just been
too windy for them to launch the hot
air balloons.  They're going to try again
tonight but I'm not sure if we will go or
not.  I've never seen a hot air balloon
in person before  so I'm bummed.  Last
night, though, they had two sky divers.
By the time I realized they were on the 
way down I was only able to get one picture

It was very cool to see in person.
The flag was flying on the way down
but I was so busy watching that I
didn't think to take the picture until he 
was nearly  on the ground.

This is a spotlight technique although
it looks much better
on a larger image or maybe I
should have made the circle smaller.
On the inside it says:
"May love surround you
May faith sustain you
May hope encourage you
day by day"  I like how it
turned out.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Our Hope

I know I've spoken about my sister Robin's
pastor in NC and the struggle of his precious
6 year old granddaughter, Mya.
The doctors have told them that short
of a miracle, which we know our God is
capable of performing,  there is
nothing more they can do for her.  They
are keeping her comfortable.  She's been in
quite a bit of pain recently.  My heart breaks
for these people.  I cannot imagine anything
worse than losing a child.  When Nathan
was in the hospital at 2 weeks old, another
child died while I was in the room with
him.  I watched her parents grieve.  I
just can't fathom the pain.  Prayers for
this little girl and her family are greatly
appreciated.  This card is in honour
of Mya.  I've been told that her countenance
and courage have been great testimony
to her caregivers as well as her personal
testimony of Christ her Savior.  At 6 years
old, this little girl may lead others to
Christ through her suffering and death.
While this doesn't take away the pain
her family and friends feel, it gives her
life meaning.  We know that if and when
Mya dies she will be with her Savior.
I always am reminded that our pain in
these situations is shared by and experienced
as well, by Jesus.  His example speaks
loudly in two words: 'Jesus wept'  (John 11:35)
Jesus knew perfectly well that He was going
to raise Lazarus from the dead.  And yet He
wept.  He understands our pain and goes
through it with us.  I don't know how I would
have gotten through John's death without 
Him and I know that Mya's family has and will
lean heavily on the Lord.   I have to admit
that I don't understand the death of
anyone, least of all a child.  I have told
God over and over that this is not fair.  But
none of us gets a vote.  We are here on
Earth to do God's will and when our mission
is accomplished, no matter how old we are,
He will call us Home.  Please pray for Mya
and her family.  We are all praying for a

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