Wednesday, May 31, 2017

pink and pearls

This is the last card like this that
I'm making, I promise.  I have one
other card to show tomorrow and
then I'm going to try a project that
I've tried before with very little
success, but I'm going to give it
another go.  I'm not saying any case it doesn't turn out!

I'm seriously thinking about going to
JoAnn's this afternoon.  I have an
appointment and then lunch with
a friend, so I'm a third of the way
there.  OK, so it's still a long way from
Fort Wayne.  I can't really afford
to get any crafts right now.  But it's
the only place I know to get the
shimmer card stock.  What if they
run out?  What will I do?  I
will never survive!  I guess I
can wait.  I wish they carried it
at the JoAnn's here in town or at
hobby lobby.  Speaking of which, they
need to step up their game where 
scrapbooking PAPER is concerned.
They have a lot of card stock, but the
paper selection leaves much to be
desired.  It's a good thing they
aren't the only game in town.
Here it is the end of May.  It seems
like the days go so quickly.  Maybe
that's because I'm getting older.  I don't
remember the days/months/years
flying by so quickly when I was
younger.  Or maybe I just wasn't
paying attention.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Chilly May morning

 I can't believe May is almost over.  I
long for this time of year every winter
and before I know it, winter is here again.
I'm going to do my best to enjoy every
bit of this warm summer weather even
if it is a chilly morning today!  I don't 
think it's supposed to get past the
high 60's today, but that's OK.  
I hope everyone had a fun day
yesterday.  I spent the day doing
some very needed cleaning.

This card looks a little washed out with the
light but as usual, the pastel shimmer
card stock doesn't photograph well.  
On this card I used an edge die that 
doesn't cut all the way through the paper.
It's kind of hard to see, but it looks really
pretty against the different coloured  
background of the card itself.  I like how
it turned out.  I made a bit of a mistake 
but I'm not going to point it out.  Some 
of the experienced card makers
 might be able to spot it.

This is actually a pretty slow week.  Not
much to do at all.  I feel kind of at
odds with no where to go, nothing
to do.  Maybe I'll generate my own 
excitement in the next day or two
and mow the lawn....

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial day

Today we remember those who have
served this country both past and
present.  I don't know any service
members  that are currently
serving, but I would like to thank
my father, Robert, and my husband,
John, for their service.  My dad was in
during the Korean war.  He was in the
Army but was mainly stationed at the 
Air  Force base in Alaska.
John was in during the Viet Nam war.  He
was in the Air Force and served in many
different places including the same base
as my dad in Alaska.  Also, Las Vegas and
Korea.  I'm proud of both of them.

I am obviously into scoring and pearls lately.
This card was supposed to have the embellishment
in the left hand lower corner.  BUT.  I wasn't paying
attention to where the card opened.  Oh well.  It 
looks pretty nice this way, too.  Since this is
a square card I made it for someone I can hand
deliver it to so I don't have to pay for extra
postage.  Smart, huh?  I do have my moments.
We had some great thunder yesterday and 
heavy rain at times.  I don't think we'll get
anything today.  There's only a 30% chance.
I'm so happy that we are going to have a
5 week  summer signing class.  This one will
be on signs that are easily confused.  Such 
as "early" and "empty" which can also be used 
for naked.....Someone told me once
they told a deaf person they had eaten
earlier...but used the wrong sign.  He laughed
and she realized what she'd signed.  Funny stuff!
I have gotten a lot of signs confused.  When I 
first started I couldn't get "have" and "want"
straight for anything.  They aren't that close
but I had a lot of trouble remembering 
which was which.  So I'm looking forward
to the class.   I just love learning sign!
Happy Monday and Happy Memorial day!

Sunday, May 28, 2017


I would consider my style more of
a shabby chic or Victorian , so I
decided I'd try some elegant cards.
I have a special reason for making
these so I want them to be perfect.
This is one of my most favourite 
cards of all I've made.  It took me
all afternoon yesterday because I
knew kind of what I wanted but I
couldn't get it to translate to the card.
When it finally came together it
came together quite easily and nicely.

Scoring and putting on those pearls
took a bit of time, but I think it was well
worth it for the result.

I haven't signed in a month.  I'm not sure
why, I just haven't.  I kind of got
told that this week I would, LOL.  It's
true, sometimes I need to be pushed.
And thankfully there are those that are
willing to gently push me along.
 I'm signing three songs this morning:
"I will bow to you"
"Lord, I need you"
"Take my life" 

The last one I'm a little shaky on, but
I think I'll do fine.  Next week there is
only one song I know and since I'm
supposed to share the songs, I'd better
learn one or two before then!  They're
throwing in new songs now so that
is a bit challenging as I don't catch on 
quite as quickly as Judy and Coleen,
not having signed as long as either of them.

Speaking of them, Coleen, Judy, Pam
and I all went to breakfast yesterday
morning at Cracker Barrel.  It was so much
fun and I hope we will do it again very
soon.  These three are so much fun!  I
think sometimes, of how my life has changed
since John died, things I have done and
learned.  People I have met.  I would never
have met them or Dianne had John not
died.  The trade off, of course, is that
he accepted Jesus as his Savior, so I
accept that while I no longer have him
here on Earth, he is with God and I will
see him again someday.  Meanwhile, God
has filled my life with Christian women
and fulfilling activities.  I also submitted
my application for membership, as well,
so hopefully I'll have a new church home
soon.  But I already feel like it's my home
anyway, so that will just be a formality.


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Yet another birthday

I told you June was full of 
birthdays!  One more to go.
This car is for my grandson,
Wyatt.  His momma is red
headed and his daddy's father
was red headed so he and all
his brothers have beautiful
red hair.

This is a pic of him and his momma and
brothers.  He's the little guy in the right
hand corner.  I think this was taken
last year.
I slept much better last night even though
he said the shot wouldn't take affect until
Monday or Tuesday.  We discussed 
surgery and I told him I wasn't ready.  He is
sure it is not a tear but tendonitis and I'm
not sure what can actually be done for
that in surgery.  Anyway, he said when
I was ready I would come to him and
say, "I can't take it anymore!" and he
would take further steps.  Since the pain
coming back is measured in months
yet, and not weeks, I am no where 
ready for that.  Except at night.  At
night I would consider surgery in a heart
beat if I thought it would help!  So
hopefully this will last a while.
Happy Saturday!!


Friday, May 26, 2017

One sheet wonder take 2

The one sheet wonders are fun to
make and you get a bunch of cards
all at one time.  I don't have a clue
what to do with these, so the first 
person to comment on FB that
they want them gets them.

I think we got spoiled with all the nice
weather last week because it's been chilly
all this week, not to mention the rain.
I hope it dries out by tomorrow so I
can finally get the lawn mowed.  The
mower isn't going to be very  happy.  I 
would do it today, but I don't think I'm
going to be much in the mood after 
getting back from the doctor.  At least
that's the excuse I'm using....  By 
tomorrow I ought to be in tip top
shape.  I have to believe that, LOL.
I forgot yesterday to add a picture of
my sister in law, Laurel's beautiful 
orchid plant.  She said she thinks
it's about 8 years old now and blooms
every single year.

Isn't it gorgeous?
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

One sheet wonder

Sorry for being MIA.  I've been
in a lot of pain with my shoulder
and will finally get a cortisone
shot on Friday.  I haven't been
sleeping much so I'll be grateful
for that.  Naturally, when it
rains it pours, so my sciatic
nerve has kicked up again.  It's
been years and truth be told I
haven't missed it....

Needless to say I haven't
been in a creative mood and my
muse deserted me again.  She
is now officially fired, so I'm
looking for another.  I did
manage to get some cards made
yesterday though, that I like a
lot.  This is called a one sheet
wonder.  You cut one sheet of
paper into multiple sizes and make
different cards from one paper.
I've seen some people make up
to 20 cards!  That's way too 
many for me.

Here is the blinged up version
of the card I posted last time:

It looks a whole lot better that
It's been raining for two days and my
lawn needs to be mowed so badly.
I am hoping everything will dry
out by Saturday.  I have a window
of opportunity in between a breakfast
invitation and practice at church later
that day.  Not that I'm anxious to
get it done, of course, but it needs
to be.  I hope my leg/back settle down
before that.  I'm loving the rain, 
though, and we even got a thunder-
storm yesterday!
Happy Thursday!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Negative space birthday card

I tend to use only what the die cuts
and ignore the negative space it
leaves behind.  I thought I'd
utilize that in this card.

I like how it turned out.  I think monotone
cards are really pretty anyway.
Maybe I should add a little bling
here and there before I get it ready
to send, though.  It looks kind of plain.
If I do, I'll take another picture and post
it tomorrow. 
As I suspected, all the storms went around
us.  Actually they went east of us.
It's really no fair.  But I don't get a vote,
I guess.    Maybe this weekend.
The zoo trip is off because my son, Nathan,
has to work, but since it's double time,
it's well worth it and we have the whole
summer to go.  Wednesday I found out
that the church here in Fremont
(which I am still currently a member of)
is having a seminar on the end times
on Saturday, so I think the Lord
worked that out very nicely.  I
am looking forward to going and I'm
right around the corner so I can step
out at lunch time and walk B'Elanna
 quickly.  That works out
very well.  I don't think the ministry
talks about the end times enough.
Maybe they are afraid that people
will not want to hear things like that
and just want to hear "warm fuzzy"
things about the Bible.  There's a place
for that, of course, but we need to 
be prepared for what is to come.  I
think more pastors need to take that
and run with it even if they offend
a few people.  Jesus wasn't afraid
to offend people when He told
the truth, right?!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stacked die cuts

I found an awesome new technique
yesterday that I want to try again
with some different dies.  The way
the demonstrator did it didn't work
for me, because she used tape to hold
them to the paper and the only tape 
I had would tear the paper.  So I just
winged it and it worked perfectly.

Isn't that so cool looking? I used the
satin cardstock and I think it looks
fabulous with this technique.  Maybe
I'll run to JoAnn's (which is where
I got this paper pad) on Sunday and
see if they have some darker colours.
When I'm at church I'm halfway to 
Fort Wayne, so it's easier to go then.
I heard that we may have thunderstorms
tonight.  It will probably pass us by.
We live in what I call the "goldilocks
zone".  We're "Just right" and get 
passed by for storms pretty much
every time!  It's not fair!  It's also
supposed to cool down over the week-
end.   80 degree temps in May!  I'm 
loving it!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


One of my favourite artists is
Mandisa.  Songs like "Overcomer"
and "Stronger" really helped me
during hard times in  my life.
Because she's an artist, we tend
to think, like other artists, she
has this fabulous life.  In reality
they are people just like us, subject
to doubts, depression and other
life challenges.  She has turned her
life's challenges into song.  She
has a new song now, that really 
speaks to me called "Unfinished".
She sings of how she has had doubts
and times that really got her down,
but God isn't finished with her yet.
He's got something really special in
mind with her, but she's "unfinished"
right now.  That's how I'm feeling
lately.  I have so  many doubts and
wonder if I'm doing the things
that He wants me to do and doing
them the way He wants me to.
I have to keep remembering that
I am a work in progress.  In
card/scrapbook lingo that is
WIP.  I'm God's WIP and I know
He will never give up on me!

Here's the card which is NOT

I'm happy with how it turned out.
Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Black and white with a dash of red

Lots of birthdays are on my calendar
for June, so I'm sure I will have more
birthday cards to show.  This one
is in my favourite colours, black and
white.  I had to add something else,
though, just to make it stand out a 
little more.

I have to say, I like how it turned out.
 I'm not super crazy about the wishes
stamp.  it's very bold on the words 
"come true"  I would like to have it not
so dark.  I don't think it looks quite right.
But then, I've never been asked to design
stamps (good thing) so I guess I have
to take what I get or find something new.
It's really old anyway.
I pulled out all the lights around the house
yesterday.  They were wired into the house
so it was a chore.  More than I thought it
would be.  They never work right anyway
and half the time aren't lit even if I
get new bulbs.  I WAS going to plant grass
seed around two sides of the house until
I remembered that I had bush stumps.
We just chopped them down but never 
dug out the stumps.  So I guess I'm back
to my original idea of vinca.  I am going
to toss out the railroad ties, though, as
they are pretty rotten, and put in some
pavers that stand upright.  My brother in
law says they last forever and don't cost much.
Speaking of Larry and Laurel, they were
over last  night and I took pictures when
they weren't expecting it.  I told them I
was going to put them on my blog, so
here they are:

writing down scores for cards.

Trying to figure out what I'm
doing.  TOO LATE!  Snap!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mini album (lots of pictures)

I haven't made a mini album in a
long time and had some trouble getting
started.  It finally came together, though, 
and I love it so much!

I made the backs of each page plain so I could
put an embellishment on it.  These are the
cards that go inside each pocket:

I was so happy with how it turned out
and hopefully the person it's going to
will love it too.
I didn't even write Happy Mother's
day yesterday!  Hope everyone had a
great day.  My friend, Coleen and I, went
to subway and had lunch and talked. 
We have so much in common while
being very different.  It's pretty cool.
I have to talk about Pam, too.  "Church
Pam" as my friend Dianne calls her,
to  differentiate from my daughter in law,
Pam.  Anyway...Her signing is so expressive.  
She uses angry faces, happy faces, etc.
so much so that you feel like you are really
hearing the person speak (when the pastor
is talking about Peter or something like that,
I mean).   Singing,  even moreso.  She
signs the songs with so much love and
worship for the Lord.  BUT.  Her signing
"You are good" by Kari Jobe is an
experience to behold.  It is one of the
most beautiful things I have ever seen.  You
can see the worship and love on her face,
in her eyes (when they're open, LOL) and
in the way her hands move.  It's a very 
emotional song anyway, but seeing her
sign it moves me to tears.  Someday maybe
I will be that expressive.  I have trouble
remembering to smile!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hello in aqua

I don't use aqua very much.  I like bolder
colours as a general rule, but I'm 
getting tired of them, so I decided to
go for something a bit more subtle.

I meant to cut off the little curly cue
at the top of the flourish, but forgot.
I think it would have looked better that
way.  Otherwise I think it turned out
nicely.  Not like I expected, but then
they rarely do turn out the way I envision
It's a gorgeous morning, not chilly but
not hot either.  I think it's supposed to
get pretty warm later, though.  It
was in the middle 70's yesterday and
I was loving it.  Except the part about
mowing and trimming.  My next big
project is to pull out all the lights around
the house-which don't work right anyway
and even when I replace bulbs don't 
stay lit for long.  I'm going to get rid of the
RR ties around two of the "flower beds"
and replace it with grass seed.  I think
I have to get the weeds out first.....I 
need to get some new RR ties for the front
and side of the house too.  The other 
ones are quite rotten.  I've been
meaning to do it for a couple of years
now.  Outdoor things are not my
forte and I don't like doing them.  
Unfortunately I can't afford a landscape
guy.  I'd like to find a cute one who
will do it for free.  You know, kind
of like a pool boy, only for the
yard instead.  Anyone know someone
like that?  🤣
I have to be at church early today,
but I woke up way earlier than I
meant to.  Actually, I didn't sleep
most of the night.  My shoulder has
been killing me for a couple weeks now
and night time is the worst.  So I haven't
been sleeping very well.  You'd think I'd
be too  tired to care after doing yard work.
Happy Sunday!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...