Monday, October 31, 2016

Men in black

Before I show you the picture the
title refers to, I'll show the last 
two cards of the set for my 
sister in law.  I think it's pretty
safe to say who they are for since
I doubt she reads my blog.  I don't
think she's on facebook much period.

I'm really happy with how they all came out.
Here's Men in black.  My daughter in law,
Heather, has decided to join the cast!!

Isn't that an awesome picture?!  I love it!
Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I love going
to church and I had a great talk with a 
friend later.  I also had a headache
all day, but we won't talk about that.
Tonight though.....I probably mentioned
that I got the story of the three little
pigs for tonight.  I thought (wrong)
that we had to tell the story through one
character's point of view.  We have to
tell the story from ALL the character's
points of view.  This will be challenging.
But I've been working it out in my head
and I know how I want to do it.  Doing
it in front of the others I will probably 
forget the whole thing!  But I told
God a few weeks ago that I would
sign for Him and Matt (the deaf young
man in our class) and if Matt understands
me that's all that matters.  The other
(and main ) thing that matters is that
I feel like this is what God wants me 
to do, so like any other thing we are
called to do, whatever it is, we are
to do it for God's glory. Even if no one
is watching.  Which is what I have
to remember when I'm driving.....  We
won't go into that either!  LOL
Happy Monday!


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Rainy days and Sundays.....

Wow, has it been raining today!
I don't know if it was raining last
night or not, but I think it might
have been.  It was so beautiful yesterday!
I have to enjoy it while it lasts and
I know that can't be too much longer.

This is card #4 in a set of 5.

This pattern came as a set of two, one on the
top and one on the bottom.  But
when you use it that way, you have
to make a square card.   I joined a Christmas
card swap on a facebook page I belong
to, so I'm definitely going to order some
new patterns.  One is, well, never mind,
you will just have to wait and see!  They
are all really nice, though.
My "lunch" with Pam yesterday
almost turned into dinner.  We sat
there for FIVE HOURS!  I couldn't
believe it when she told me it was
nearly 6 pm!  I really enjoyed getting 
to know her better.  I don't think
I've ever had that long of a lunch
before, though, LOL.
Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

This is Amazing Grace

The coffee chat was fun but it's
the first time I've attended that no
deaf people came.  They all had other
things to do, I guess.  The band was
great.  One of the songs they sang
was "This is Amazing Grace".  I can
actually sign a great deal of it, so I
was signing and Pam was watching.  Then
she leaned over and asked Coleen what
the songs were for this week.....I'd have
to get the verses down a little better
before I tried to lead that song in church.
 But we had a good time and it always
helps me to see other people sign so I
can get used to understanding it better.

This is the 3rd card of the set.  I've had
these patterns forever and I still love 
them.  I did look at some new ones that 
I might buy.  This woman charges 1.50 for
them which is such a cheap price for as
much enjoyment as I get from them.
I dropped my phone this morning and
since I don't have a case, it came open
and the battery went flying under
the stove.  As I was pulling it out
I smashed my finger in between it and
the counter top.  That hurt a LOT.  It's
finally not numb anymore.
It's supposed to be 72 today!!  I walked
B'Elanna and there's a breeze but it's not
chilly.  Not warm, but not chilly either.
Is there a word for that?  I'm not 
complaining!  A couple of days ago I could
smell the bread baking from the 
McDonalds factory about a mile from
here.  If the wind is blowing just right
I can smell it and it's like a little slice
of Heaven.  Get it?  A little slice?
OK, McDonalds makes buns but it
was funny nonetheless!!  At least
I thought it was.  But then, I am easily
I'm having lunch with Pam today after 
class.  I'm looking forward to getting
to know her better.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Just a note

This one really has notes on it!

I was going to do it in variegated metallic
thread but I thought the notes and
hearts were set off better  with the black
swirls.  And yes, I realize the sentiment
is very small in comparison, and I thought
about printing out something bigger 
since I don't have a bigger stamp.  But
when I looked at it, I decided that the
small sentiment actually stood out a little
more just because it was small.  So I'm
going to be doing the others the same way.
I'm just thrilled with how these are coming
out and I hope the person I'm sending them
to will like them.  I don't think she reads
my blog so I'm safe.
I'm having lunch with Dianne today, of course,
and tonight I'm going to the deaf chat.  I 
mostly just watch because I can't understand
it that well yet.  Plus the kids from a local
school come and they are good.  They should
be.  It's a regular class so they have it
every day.  They have to attend a certain
amount of deaf chats and volleyball games
in FT. Wayne to get credit for the class
as well.  What's the point of learning sign
if you aren't going to use it?    I've been
giving thought to my three little pigs story
and I think I know where I'm going with it.
I'm not sure if we all got the same story 
or not, I didn't think to ask anyone.  It 
doesn't matter, though, as everyone will 
have their own interpretation.
I had a delicious fish dinner at my
brother in law and Sister in law's
house last night.  They were in Kentucky
last week and caught a ton of fish.  Laurel
makes the best fish in town!  We played
cards afterward.  Laurel wiped the board
with us.  She didn't miss one phase and
ended the game with only 30 points.  That's
pretty unheard of with us.  We decided to
add two extra phases to the phase 10 card
game.  It's a game where you have to  have 
a certain number of sets, runs and both.
We added phase 11 which is a set of 5
and a set of 4.  Phase 12 is two sets of
5.  She breezed right through that.  We
thought maybe that would make the
game harder, but apparently lady luck
was at her side last night!  We are all
quite competitive so it makes for an
interesting card game! 
Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

No new car

I'm sad to say that Mark will not
be getting that new car.  :(  We are
so used to doing things certain ways
and NOT so used to having our hand
in a certain position for more than 2
days (with 10 minute breaks every hour) 
and he accidentally lifted his hand.  I'm
so sad for him.  After 2 days and about
4 hours, to lose was hard.  They had
already lost about 16 people by then.  It's
just not natural to have to keep your
hand on a car for hours.    I hope he gives
himself a pat on the back for having
lasted that long but he's probably
mad at himself instead.  I'm
proud of him for even trying!

This is the start of another set
of cards.  I am so in love with the metallic
thread that I can even put up with
the tangling that happens.  The thread is
a little bit stretchy which makes it tangle
much easier.  Sometimes the tangle
is too difficult to get out and you
have to start with a new piece of thread.
I got a text yesterday from Pam with
my "homework" for Monday's class.
I have to review the story of the three
little pigs and consider how to tell
the story from each character's
perspective.  I had to read the story!
I totally forgot about the wolf falling
in boiling water and dying and that's
how the pigs escaped from his clutches-
in addition to having the strong brick
house, of course.  It's pretty sad that
I had to read it again to remember
such a simple story!  That's what getting
older does to you, I guess.   I never
liked the story anyway.  Even as a
child it insulted my intelligence, LOL.
Yeah, yeah, I know there's a reason
for the story.  "Do it right the first
time and you won't have to do it again."
At least that's what I get out of it.
But it's still a dumb story.  I doubt
I told it to my kids.  I did read Dr.
Seuss but hey, he's a literary genius.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wishing you joy

I'm not sure if I really like
this card or not, but I don't
dislike it, either.

I was playing around with embossing
vellum.  I wasn't sure if I had vellum
that wouldn't tear when it was embossed
and it didn't.   Then I had a piece of
pretty embossed vellum and had to
do something with it!  I think it
needs something more, but I
don't have a clue what.

This is an antique car I made a while
back.  I'm glad I don't have to drive
around in a car like that on a day
like today.  It is truly a fall day.
Chilly-well, cold-and very rainy.  I
love rain.  I love storms.  I don't care
for icy cold rain, though.  I can't
believe it will be November soon!
Where in the world do these days go??
My brother is still hanging in there.
its been about 49 hours.  He's still
awake.  They can probably rest their
eyes but then run the risk of dozing
off and their hand coming up off the
car.  There are judges walking around
watching for that!  I think at last count
they  had lost about 15 people.  Maybe a
few more by now.  That's cut down by half.
I'm really rooting for him
Do you know what today is?
"It's hump day!"  said the camel.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pegasus for Kaiden

Kaiden is a 4 year old little girl
that was severely abused and is in
rehab to learn to walk and talk again!
The swappers group that I belong to
requested cards to cheer her up.  Right 
away, this pattern popped into my
head.  I think it's something a little
girl would like.

I have three kids and boys at that,
so I understand kids can drive you
crazy at times.  What I don't understand
is hurting a child.  Having to learn
to walk and talk all over again is 
bad enough.  The psychological scars
this little girl is going to live with for
the rest of her life are unimaginable.
Class was difficult last night, but everyone
said they understood my signs.  We had
to retell a story again.  I hate Aesop!  LOL.
I forgot an important part of the story I
was signing, but oh well.  I don't think
interpreting is what I'm going to do
with this, but again, you never know
what God has in mind.
Yesterday I learned that Scott Hamilton
has another brain tumor!  I think this is
the 3rd in addition to the testicular 
cancer he survived many years ago.
The other tumors were benign and
i assume this one is as well, but it
is also life threatening, they said.
And one final thing-my brother needs
good thoughts sent his way!  He has been
up for about 24 hrs now, with his hand
(literally) on a car.  They started out
with 30 people and I think they are down
to 24 now.  The last person standing gets 
the car or money.  He didn't get picked
for the contest last year.  It went for
77 hrs.  He's getting tired.  He's an old
man, lol.  So he needs lots of good thoughts!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Pretty in purple

Nope, I didn't mean pink, I meant
purple.  This card was made for a 
friend who loves the colour purple.

Afterwards-because that's how
it always happens-I thought it
would have looked really nice if I
had used the metallic thread.  I don't
have anything that's truly purple,
but one that has a purple tint to it.
Oh well.  Maybe I'll make her another
one some day and use that instead!
I was surprised with how well I did with
the songs yesterday since I only knew one.
Judy was signing and Coleen was standing
beside me, so she was telling me the signs
before the next part was sung.  Immensely
helpful!  It's not that I don't know the
signs, it's that number one, I don't even
know the songs and two, I can't keep up
on the fast ones.  But hey, I'm trying.  Thanks,
Pam.  All I needed was a push, I think.  I 
don't know what we're doing tonight, but
it will be interesting, I'm sure.
Today my brother is going to try and win a
car and needs prayers.  They narrowed down
90 applicants to 30 and those 30 have to
stand with their hand on a car.  Last person
standing wins it.  He said last year it went
to 77 hours!!!  That's three days!  So he needs
a lot of prayer support.  He could really use
a new car.  He still has 4 (I think) out of 7 kids
at home and he and his wife both work.  
He's forever fixing the cars for this and 
that and drives them until they choke 
and die.  So I'm really  hoping he can do this.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fancy border die

I shouldn't have, but I got another
die the other day.  This one is so
pretty and so darned delicate.  I need
to remember to use waxed paper when
I cut it out.  I put another paper under
it because it came out of the die  looking
a little funky.  I didn't want to re do it!

I think it came out pretty nicely,
I also made the penguin in all silver.  
He came out great, too!  I love the
iridescent paper behind it.

Finally, a picture of the necklace
I got yesterday.  I've been wanting
a cross necklace forever and Pam
(teacher, not DIL) sells Avon.  The offer
was 2 for $40. and I didn't want two
necklaces nor could I afford $40. so Coleen
bought one and we split the cost.  I was
a happy camper!

The flash reflected off the table but
when I put something underneath
it the camera wouldn't focus.  But you
get the idea.  In the center is a gem-
Cubic Zirconia I think.  I'm not sure
I spelled that right because my computer
is flagging it, but I think it's right.
I think I might have a home for Luna
and they live in LaFayette which is a
couple hours from here.  I'd be willing to
meet her or go all the way.  I just want
Luna to have a good home.
I must get ready for church.  
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Very holly Christmas

OK, the title is lame.  They always
are because I can't think of titles.
My grandparents lived in Anderson,
Indiana and outside their house they
had holly bushes.  I always thought
they were so pretty.  This card
reminded me of that.  I love how it
turned out.  It is so beautiful!!

I was just so thrilled with the card
when I was finished!  It makes me
want to buy more patterns!  They're
only about 1.30 each and it's an
instant download.  I shouldn't be
buying all these patterns, but
they are turning out so pretty!
I haven't even been outside yet
and I just know it's C.O.L.D.
I was right.  When I get home from
class today I'm going to curl up in 
a blanket and never come out again!
I'll watch some more purflix movies.
I watched two yesterday.  Wow.
I've never been a movie person, 
really, but the movies they have on
this channel are really powerful.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Dashing through the snow

Penguins ski don't they?  I mean,
they live in the North Pole.
OK, so some live in warm areas,
but maybe they water ski?

It's kind of hard to see.  If I make it 
again, I might do it in silver.  This card
used a bluish thread.  I'm having a 
great time with all these metallic 

I'm not as enamoured with this one.  I think
I should have done more different shading.
They look too close and then you have the
violet underneath that doesn't seem to 
match anything but the mat.  I may remake it.
I think I will also make the die cut stand up
a little more.  Maybe even put some shine on it!

I had a bite on Luna today and when I looked
up her phone number, I found she lives in
central Indiana!  So that sounds very promising.
We haven't really spoken beyond is she still
available.  I just want her to go to a good
home.  She is a sweet bird.  We are just
not right for each other, sadly.
I can't believe this is Friday already!  Tonight
starts the new series "Encounter" on pureflix
and I am so excited to see it!  
In a little while I will be going
 to  lunch at Pizza hut with Dianne
and then I have another card I'm
working on that I need to figure out
what to do with!  I have it half done
and now I'm stumped.  Where is
Reflections when I need her?   Again,
she has abandoned me.  Or should I
say still?  It's hard to keep track of her!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Christmas pointsettia

First I want to say Happy birthday
to my grandson, Austin, who is
15 today.  And whose grandma is
late on his card because Yahoo did
not remind her...I knew it was this
month, but thought it was at the
end of the month.  None of my rotten
kids would let me name their babies,
but I suggested Austin's name and
his mom liked it, so I kind of feel like
I named him.

Isn't this just beautiful?!  I know I've said
it before, this metallic thread is very 
hard to work with but it makes a striking
card.  I'm thinking maybe I should have
put 4 gems in the center to make it look 
round, but it looks OK this way, too.
A rainy day today and last night as well.
I'm loving it.  It could be snow!  You
won't get any complaints out of me
for chilly damp days.  I'd rather have
warm stormy days, but we can't always
get what we want.
My pastor has a blog that I recently 
found out about and today he was talking
about coincidences.  When something comes
into your mind and you just know it's
God nudging you to do something.  I call
that a "God thing".  You look up and say,
"I just know that was you, God!"  So here
is one:  I was thinking of a cousin the
other day that is far younger than me and
whom I have had little contact with throughout
my life.  I haven't even talked to her (nor the
rest of the family) in years.  She has had
a lot of problems in her life.  She has had
all of her children (I heard 7 but can't
verify that) taken away from her, one at 
least, immediately after birth.  She's had
a rough life.  So, for some reason she popped
into my head about a month ago.  Yesterday
my sister called and said one of our
other cousins was contacted on
from a young woman who believes she
is a cousin and is looking for her birth
mother.  We believe her to be one of the
children taken away, but my sister hasn't
gotten all the information yet from this
other cousin.  Since her mom (If this is
her mother) is from Jackson, it's possible
that she is still in the area and I could be
in contact with her.  Last we knew, 
her mother is in MO.  Even if things don't
work out between her and her mother, 
we want her to know that she has a family
that loves her and can provide her with
pictures of her grandmother, great
grandparents, stories, etc.  So please be
praying that if this is her daughter, we
would be able to make her feel like she
has an extended family who loves her
and if not that she is able to reunite with
whoever her birth mother is.  Thanks.
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We three kings

This is one of the patterns I ordered
the other day and I just love it.

Initially I was planning to put it on
a dark blue background, but the gold
didn't show up very well.  Frankly,
I was surprised, but oh, well.  It looks
just as nice on the white background.
I also made a magazine holder from
a postal priority box.  When you cut it
you end up with two of them.  I tried to
put scrapbook paper on it, but it was
a real pain, so I ended up painting it
and black was the only colour I had 
enough of on hand.

My dad has an appointment at the VA
this morning so I told him I would go
and then we are going to go to Sam's
club after.  I got a membership when
I was in NC, but haven't been to ours
in Fort Wayne yet.
Happy hump day!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


What brings me joy in life?  Beyond
knowing that Jesus is my Savior, 
I guess it would be learning to sign,
friends, family, people I know
are in my corner.  I hope they 
know that about me as well!

I have had this song book for ages
and all of a sudden I'm getting a 
lot of use out of it!  I think the card
turned out OK.  I'm just not doing
my best right now, I don't think.
But it is what it is.  I did order a
few more patterns so get ready to
see more stitching.
Class was OK last night.  I had a bad
headache all day so I don't feel like
I did all that great, but Matt, the deaf
young man, understood what I was
saying and that's what matters.  Pam
read an Aseop's tale.  Then one person
put it into "real" words, and a second
signed the short story.  Thankfully
most of them were very short!
Pam did tell me that she felt like
my confidence was getting much better,
so I was glad about that.  Maybe next
week I won't have a headache.
A year ago today the world lost a
really wonderful man.  My daughter in
law, Pam, her mother, LuAnn, and brother,
Tim, as well as his wife, Sue, and Cody,
are all remembering the year anniversary
of the death of their husband, father and
father in law, Dennis.  He was a quiet guy,
but look out for the zingers!  He had a
sharp sense of humour and would do
anything for anyone any time.  The world
is a little less happy without him here
but Heaven is really celebrating him.
Usually anniversaries are used to celebrate
a good thing like weddings.  But as we 
remember Dennis, it can be a good thing,
because we celebrate his life and the
things that he brought to the world and
all those around him.  Most of all, we
celebrate the fact that he knew Jesus as
his Savior and is with Him this very
moment.  In the end, no matter how much
we mourn a "lost" loved one, we know they
aren't really lost if they knew Jesus.
And we know we will all be reunited
once more!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...