Monday, July 31, 2017

Rough weekend

Saturday I took Luna to her new home.
I think she will be happy there.
The woman seems to be very nice and 
have a lot of knowledge about birds.
She said I can check in any time to see
how Luna is doing.  I won't go over to
her house or anything, just email her.
It's been quiet which is what I want,
but I still miss her .  It's just hard.

I worked on this over the weekend
and I think it came out really nice.
I think I'm going to give it to my mother.
I wanted to go see her yesterday but I
had a bit of a mishap.  I kept smelling
oil when I was driving.  Since I spilled
a little the other day I just thought
that was why.  When I got home from
church yesterday I opened the hood and
guess what?  I didn't put the oil cap 
back on!  I guess stress causes your mind 
to not pay close attention.  Oil everywhere.
The good news is that the cap was still
there.  The other good news is that
apparently it didn't spray much oil.
I don't think I'll even have to add
any.  The bad news is that it's
all over the place.  including the
garage floor.  My brother in law
is coming over today to take a look but
says he's sure everything is fine.  That's
important because tomorrow I'm
supposed to go to Detroit and see 
Rod Stewart!!!!!
How cool is that?
I only took one picture on Friday when we
were looking at the barrels.  This one is called
turning water into wine.

Pretty great, huh?!
Things are going to change a bit
at church.  Pam and Coleen are going
to take turns on the sermon and Judy
and I are going to take turns on 
the songs.  No more one or two for
me, all 5 at a time.  I've only done
that once.  That ALSO includes
the prayer and signing the 
announcements.  That's scary stuff,
but I think at this point I need to be
thrown in and see if I sink or swim-
glug, glug.   It's not that I can't
do it.  I can.  It's just that if I get
hung up on a word I panic and then
forget to keep on going.  But Coleen
(my wonderful mentor) is going to
be there to help me when I get
stuck-which should be about every
other word, LOL.  So pray for me.  :) 
Happy Monday!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Quote from Mother Teresa

I don't use this stamp much, but I
love the sentiment.

The sentiment is popped in the center
so it doesn't blend in with the stitching
around it.  I love how this came out.
This is for an awesome friend who is 
giving me some huge help this weekend
taking Luna to her new home.  The
inside says, :  "Each of us will be a blessing
to the other:  Romans  1:12  Coleen certainly
has been a blessing to me in so many ways.
I think, especially in signing.  She is my
 mentor and is always available to help
whenever I don't understand something.
She's making a schedule for the next 
few weeks and asked me on a scale
of 1-4 how confident I would be doing
all the songs one week.  Each number had 
something assigned  to them: 1. confident,  
2. fairly confident, 3. 1 0r 2 songs, 
4. you are scaring  the (bleep) outta me!  
  She's pretty funny.
Anyway, I told her I didn't want to do
all 5 songs because I probably wouldn't
know them all but I would because I
can follow her from up front if I
don't know all the signs.  A big step for
me but I guess you have to step out of your
comfort zone at some point. Or in my 
case, I need to be pushed out, 
by me or someone else.
I'm meeting (church) Pam this afternoon and we
are touring the painted wine barrels in
Auburn (did I say this already?)  Her
daughter, Samantha, and a friend painted
one of them.  So that will be fun.  Then an
early dinner and deaf coffee  chat.
  I am looking forward to a relaxing
 afternoon and not thinking about 
anything stressful for a few hours anyway. 
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Perfect poppies

At least I think these are poppies.
My knowledge of flowers is limited
to roses, daisies and pansies.
Other than that, I'm not too good at it.

I didn't get the picture too straight,
I see.  I take it on my phone and
don't always notice that the picture
is a little skewed.  I'm happy with 
how it turned out.  
The card, not the picture!
I had a nice visit with my mom yesterday
but I can see she is getting weaker.  I
think there have been more TIA's 
but I don't think they've done any tests
to find out.  She's having trouble getting
her right hand to work and it's difficult
for her to feed herself.  It takes a long
time.  It's very hard to watch.  I try to
help when I'm there but I don't want
her to feel like a child who has to be
fed.  She's lost enough dignity as it
is, not being able to care for herself
properly, like showering.  I can't
imagine how difficult it must be, how
humiliating, to have someone else have
to give you a shower and all you can
do is be moved around.  She told me
yesterday that she doesn't want to
live like that and that death would
be welcomed.  That was hard to hear.
But I understand how she feels.  I
wouldn't want to be in that situation 
either.  At 80 years old, she has 
lived a long life and knows what's
waiting for her on the other side.  She
and John can hang out and drive
each other nuts, LOL.  So please say
a prayer for both of my parents.  My
dad hasn't been feeling well and he
told me he fears she is giving up.
Sadly, I think he's right.
I think I have a place for Luna.  It's a 
rescue in Fort Wayne.  I think it's pretty
small though, so she wouldn't have to
compete with a large shelter of
animals.   It's for small exotic animals 
only.  No dogs or cats to worry about.
She said she has a talkative
Quaker for Luna to talk to.  I think Luna
has missed Sadie since she died last year. 
I just want a good home for her.  That's
all.  John would want that, too.
 Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ethereal girl

I saw this card on pinterest and kind
of made it my own, but  used it
as a jumping off point.

Isn't she  sweet?  I wish I'd have 
used the swiss dot folder for the
whole thing, but thought the different
folder would make a separation of 
sorts.  Now I think it just looks goofy.
It turns out I didn't give blood yesterday
after all.  I was up on the bed and everything
and my veins are too small!  They looked on
both arms and said they just couldn't
do it.  I'm glad they didn't try and poke 
around looking.  That would have been
painful for no reason.  I guess I'm
dehydrated.  Must be all the diet coke
I drink.  I had no idea you should drink
a lot of water the day before.  I drink 
pretty much zero water.  If I ever go
to do it again, I'll know.  At least I tried.
I'm going to see my mom in just a 
little while, so I probably should start
getting ready.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Giving blood

This will be the very first time I've
given blood (willingly) and I'm not
sure how I feel about it.  I was 
talked into it, kind of.  There's a certain
person at church who shall remain 
nameless (Pam) who kept nagging me.
So yesterday I told God if she texed
me again I would do it.  Never make
a deal with God... !  I'm not
needle phobic, but I hear the needles
are big.  My daughter in law, Pam,
told me she had done it once and
would never do it again because she
felt like she was going to pass out
and had to stay for two hours!  I
hope that doesn't happen to me.
 I checked the list of meds thinking
maybe they wouldn't want my polluted
blood but none of the meds I take are
on the no-no list.  Hopefully I don't
chicken out at the last minute.  That
would be embarrassing!

This is the second anniversary card.
It came out OK.  I was looking for just
small gemstones at  hobby lobby 
yesterday, killing time while B'Elanna
was being groomed.  Usually I buy a
package that includes many sizes,
most of which I don't use.  I found 
small boxes of one colour each 
that don't have adhesive on the
back, but I glue them on anyway,
just in case.  I got three although the
choices were hard to make.  They were
also half off!  So I am well stocked
in the gemstone department.  I
didn't realize I had this brick embossing
folder.  It's really cool, but I
don't remember getting it.    Maybe it
was during one of my excursions to
Hobby Lobby in my sleep.  They open
just for me at night.  Don't tell anyone
though, because then everyone will
want to shop at 1 AM!
Sunday night I went to my first business
meeting at church, now that I am 
a member.  It was pretty interesting.
I still don't know a lot of the people
who are deacons and elders, but I'm
sure they are fine people.  They have the
congregation split up by last names and
each of the deacons has a group of
people which I think is kind of cool.  You
know who "your" deacon is and exactly
who to go to should you  need guidance
or whatever.
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sweet couple

This image is one of 6 of this
same couple that I purchased 
years ago.  Each of the poses
is a little different.  It's the perfect 
image for an anniversary card and 
since I have two coming up next
 month I thought I'd better get started!

Aren't they adorable?  The main 
mat was made with silver glitter paper 
and the mat under the picture is
black glitter paper.  I love that stuff,
but you have to use a very strong
adhesive (I use red lined tape) to
adhere anything to it.  The red lined
tape is very sticky and gums up my
scissors not to mention the static
that comes from peeling the plastic
liner from the tape.  It sticks to the
walls and anything else nearby-
including me.  I think it works better
than glue, though.  I usually use a
tear tape but I'm out of it right now
and the stuff they sell around here 
isn't any better than the double stick
I use for ordinary card assembly.
I woke up this morning thinking I
didn't have a thing to do today.
Then I remembered it was Sunday.
For some reason I thought it was
Tuesday.  I'm not signing today,
so maybe that's why.  I didn't
spend the entire day yesterday 
practicing!  Some of the songs I
can just do.  Others require me to
practice a LOT and then I still
mess them up!  Oh, well.  God
knows I do my best and He's the
only one who matters, right?!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Birthday twin

I actually have two birthday twins
in my immediate area-one lives 
right next door.   I met a doctor 
a few years back in Angola who also 
 was my (much younger) birthday twin.
 This card is for the lady who lives
next door and calls herself my
old birthday twin! 

The image was downloaded from a 
site that has tons of free images.  I
picked a few little girl images that
were really cute.  I think it looks
great with the stitching.
I'm planning on going to see my mom
for a little bit this morning.  The last
visit went pretty well until she wanted
me to rearrange her clothes-again.
She's always been a perfectionist, but
now she's kind of obsessed as well.
I managed to  convince her it
would be better to wait until my dad
arrived.  Smart, huh?!
We had a great thunderstorm this
morning although I fell asleep in the
middle of it, I think.  I did hear the
rain pounding down and we really
need the rain very much.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Absolutely awesome

This is the coolest stamp ever.  
And it was 40% off.  You can't
beat that.

I've never made a starburst before, either.
 I think that turned out pretty well.
I saw the stamp, though, and I just
had to have it and had someone in mind
for it before I ever picked it up off the shelf. 
I love this stamp!
I think I have grass spiders again.  I used
to have them in the bushes which is one of
the reasons I wanted them gone.  Now they
are all over the grass again and also in the
vinca.  I don't see funnels in most of them 
but I did see one in the yard that had a funnel
down to the ground and a hole in the ground.
 I'm not sure how to get rid of them short of
calling pest control and having the yard 
sprayed.  My neighbors do that every year
because of ground bees-which I have had
three times.  I imagine it's expensive.  I
sure don't want them coming into the
house, though.  My house is locked up
pretty tight and I rarely even get a fly in
here, and although I'm not technically
scared of spiders, I would prefer not
to live with them.  Maybe I'll call the
pest control peeps out and have them
give it a look.
Yesterday my brother in law and sister
in law came over and we tore apart that
huge 80's tv stand which has been dominating
my living room for the past 18 years.
I can't BELIEVE how much better
 it looks in here!   It looks a little bare at
the moment because I'm used to seeing
that behemoth, but I'm loving the
cleanness of it.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Playing with hairspray

Whaaat?  Hairspray in the crafting room?
It's true.  Crafters come up with some
strange things.  I've been thinking of
trying this technique for quite some
time, but I didn't have pump hair spray
and never remembered at the store. 
This time I put it on this list!
You use glossy card stock and pump
enough hair spray on the card to
make it moist but not dripping.  Then
you sprinkle alcohol inks on it-as many
colours as you like.  I wish I'd taken a
picture at this point, but forgot.
I took my finger and smeared the
ink around the card.  It didn't turn
out as pretty as the card on pinterest
but not too bad.  I then pumped a
few more sprays on it and it came out
like a galaxy on the orange one! At least
I think it looks that way, even though
it's orange.

This is the card I came up with for the 
purple one.  I haven't done anything with 
the orange one yet.  I was busy playing
with a new stamp I got at hobby lobby!

I'm not super crazy about it to tell
the truth.  it seems kind of plain.  Maybe
with the orange one I will leave it as a
background and not cut it.  It's hard to
see some of the stamping on the inchies,
also.  I guess that's from the flash.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Another sympathy card

I hate having to make sympathy
cards.  It's so hard to lose someone. 
My friend, Nancy, whom I met online,
lost her husband yesterday.  He had
cancer.  It's hard to watch them die
and it's hard to be left behind to pick
up the pieces.  I will be praying 
for you, Nancy. 

When I heard the news, I remembered
I'd seen this card somewhere and was
able to find the pattern.  I think it's 
 a perfect image for a sympathy card.
On a lighter note, my grandson, Sammy
got his card exactly on his birthday.
 Isn't he a cutie?  All three of them look
like their momma, but I think I see
some of their daddy, Andy, 
in them too.   I like that she sends
pictures of them when their cards
or something else I've sent arrives.
I'm lucky to have three fantastic
daughters in law:  Heather is Andy's 
wife, Crystal is Nathan's wife and
Pam is Cody's wife.  Maybe someday
I'll have all of them together at
the same time and we can have
a picture of the three of them.

I'm hoping my brother in law and
sister in law will be able to come over 
today or tomorrow and help me start
tearing down this behemoth of a TV
center that was John's.  It takes
up two thirds of the living room and
as it is from the 80's or who knows, 
maybe even the 70's.  No one wants
that stuff anymore.  Everyone want
small and compact.  So rather than
try to drag it out to the street and
hoping  someone will take it
we're just going to disassemble  it
and get it over with.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Polished stone technique

I will get the cards over  with before
I rant and rave about last night!

I've seen this technique before but
never tried it because A-I didn't have
re-inkers and B-I thought it looked
too much like alcohol inks.  A friend
of mine sent me a bunch of re-inkers
(Thanks, Kat!!) a while ago, but I
just kind of forgot about them.  Then
I saw this today and decided to give it
a try.  It's really different  from alcohol
ink, I think.  Much softer.  So here's
my version.  I stamped the images in
distress ink which stays wetter for
longer, then embossed it in clear
powder.  It almost looks like glitter,
but there's none.

This is for my grandson, Bradly, whose
birthday is next month.  After I embossed
it I looked more closely and though, "Oh,
no, I didn't get the whole image stamped!"
When I looked at the actual stamp, it's
not fully drawn out on the grille.  I was

It's hard for me to say which one I like
better.  I think I like the green/brown hues
just a little better because they are more
subdued, but this one is so
pretty, too.
Now, on to the concert!  WOW! There are
no words to describe it.  We were standing in
line and I heard someone behind me say,
this will be the third time I've seen them.
I said, "My fourth!"  Everyone was so excited.
The opener, and sorry, I can't remember his
name, sang several songs, one was, "I need
you" and Coleen and I signed the whole song.
We also signed some of the Newsboys songs
although they were singing a few that we
either didn't know well or were new.
I had such a wonderful time!  They are so
talented, and it is always such an experience
to be worshiping with so many people
all at one time.  I told her on the way home
that even though I'm not ready to go, I
hope that if I am alive when Jesus comes
in the clouds, I hope it is at an awesome
time like that.  Not that any time wouldn't
be awesome, but you know what I mean.
In November we are going to see Matthew
West!  I love him!  He's got some songs
that speak to me so deeply.  Coleen got
4 tickets, and Judy, you'd better be
ready to go-November 11.  We'll make
sure Pam is going too, or we'll have
to drag her there by the hair, LOL!!
Happy, Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Clear embossing

I'm sure I've done this before and
perhaps even put a card like this on
my blog before.  If so, sorry for

I think clear embossing on black is
just so beautiful.  The sentiment is
embossed in silver.  This card is going
to a pastor in NC.  I wrote a year ago
about his granddaughter, Mya, and her
struggle with cancer.  They have a page
that he writes on and I'm subscribed.
Their grief is still so raw.  I cannot
imagine the pain that would come
with losing a child.  Especially one so
young.  What he wrote yesterday just
brought tears to my eyes, so I wanted
to send him a card and let him know
I was praying for him and his family.

I'm signing two songs today, "Almighty",
which I already know, and "He knows
my name" which I've never heard 
before.  It's slow, though, so I can
handle it.  Sometimes I have to jump
in and do songs even if I don't
know them well or they are fast
and I'm not comfortable with it.
If I don't, I will give up too easily and
I'm not about to do that!

I'm beside myself with excitement
for tonight's concert!  Coleen and
I are going to have so much fun!
We always do.  She's a blast to be
around.  And seeing the Newsboys,
well, what can I say?  I think if I
had the money I would be a groupie, 
but I do see them every time they
come to this area.

Quick joke I saw on facebook this
morning:  A pastor came to dinner at
the home of one of his parishioners.
After he left the woman told her
husband, "I think the pastor stole one
of our spoons!"  This bothered her
for a whole year but she didn't say
anything.  Finally they had him to
dinner once again and she couldn't
hold it in any longer.  She said, "Pastor,
last time you had dinner here, did you
steal one of our spoons?"  He replied,
"No.  I put it in your Bible."

 Happy Sunday!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...