Monday, February 29, 2016

Here's to new experiences!

Yesterday I helped greet at church.
I handed out bulletins and said
hello, shook hands, etc.
I've never done that before.  It
was interesting because I am usually
shy about those types of things.
Yes!  For those doubters out there.
I am shy.  I know I don't
act that way a lot of the time,
but in new situations and around
people I don't know well, I am
quite shy.  Once I get to 
know someone, look out!!
Then Sunday evening I went to 
church and attended the "state of
the church meeting"  I'm not a member
so I couldn't vote, but the whole
thing was interesting.  They talked
about the church mission, changing
the name of the church (very cool
idea!) and things like that.  I'm
glad I went.  It was a very good
experience.  After that Sam and I went
to Bob Evans and talked.  Always
good to talk to her.

So here's the card.  Very plain, just
some embossing and flowers.  I probably should
have inked the white oval. I'm
working on a technique I saw on
pinterest- where else?? which
I think is going to turn out fantastically.
So hopefully that will be on 
tomorrow's blog.  It has to dry probably 

Tonight I'm going to my sister in law and
brother in law's to play cards and I
plan to win!  I've been on a losing
streak and it ends tonight!  Take
no prisoners!  Well, I'm going
to try at least.  With my luck I 
will be stuck on phase one
when they get to phase 10.  That's the
card game we usually play, Phase ten.
Then it's off to farkle.  The thing
is, we are all extrememly
competitive, so it's gets a little
crazy, but all in good fun!!  I have
known them for 28 years in May.
I started working for them when Cody
was a year old.  Larry used to hold
him upside down by his feet.  He loved
it!  Larry is just a big kid.  He's on 
their level most of the time....LOL.
I can't believe my "baby" is going
to be 29 in May!  Where has the time
gone?  In addition to working
for them for years, I married Laurel's
brother so I got to be their sister
in law as well.  It's really weird
how things turn out sometimes.
You meet people in your life
that really turn out to be more than
just people passing through.  I 
have met several people like that
in my life.  People  so very
special to me that I met under
unusual circumstances.  One good
friend I would not have met had
John not died.  The pastor called
that providential relationships.   God 
brings people into our lives at the
right time.  Sometimes they
do just pass through, but
sometimes He allows us to
remain in that relationship for
the rest of our lives.  
Both are such a treasure and a blessing.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Sorry if I repeat titles of the posts
because I can't think of new ones and
I'm pretty sure I used "Believe" before...
Maybe not.  Anyway, I really like
this card.  The mesh is actually
drywall tape that I've embossed
with gold embossing powder.
It didn't show up well in the 
picture, but is really pretty in
real life.  I have so many
eyelets that I decided
it was about time to use some
of them.  I have so many
bits and bobs and I'm always
buying more.  I need to-as my friend
said-go shopping in my craft room!
I bet I would find things I'd
forgotten I even had!

I see I forgot to put an eyelet in the
lower left corner.  I'll have to go fix that.
Eh, maybe not.  Maybe I'll let it
flap in the wind!  It's kind of plain.  
I probably should have put something
under the butterfly, or a trail or
something from the bottom of
it, but I always think of these
things later on.

So we are supposedly going to get
"spring like" weather.  If I ever
see that rodent in Pennsylvania
I will choke him.  He's such a liar.
When he said early Spring I thought
he meant like the next day.   Hey,
I can have my dreams, right?  

Friday, February 26, 2016

Shaped cards

I am not good at shaped cards.  But
I saw some that were really cute.
The controller card was HORRIBLE
to do and I will never do another,
but I guess it looks OK in the end.

I guess the rest of them
aren't technically shaped cards,
but they have cute shapes on them!

This is another shaker card.  I was going
to put glitter on it, but I didn't
think the mom would appreciate
it.  Can't say who it's for, but they
will know soon enough!

Ipod card.  I  like how it turned
out.  I don't have an Ipod myself,
so I'm just going by the card I saw
on pinterest and hoping she/he
was basing it on a real Ipod!!

This is my absolute favourite!!  Will
the kid who receives this even 
know what pac man is??  Cody and I
loved playing it at the
laundromat while waiting for
the clothes to finish.  I was so
happy when I finally got my own
washer/dryer.  What a pain going
to a laundromat is!

I'm going to lunch with my friend today.
We're going to a new place that has
been there for a while, but I've never
tried it.  I'm not sure if she has or
not.  It will be an experience.
I'm not really very venturous
when it comes to food, so I hope
they have something I won't be afraid
to eat!  If it's not chicken, forget it.
I do not eat beef, never have
even though my parents tried to force
it down my throat.  Well, OK, once a
year or so I have a steak at Outback
but that's about it.  I am also not
fond of pork.  I will eat fish, but
only certain kinds.  I'm very finicky.
I try to eat more "good stuff" but I  have a 
lot of trouble doing it.  I've got my 
mind made up even though I am
willing to try.  Subconsciously. 
We were not encouraged to eat
good foods, but forced, by threats and
cold vegetables for breakfast.  That is
not a pleasant experience and I'm afraid
I have internalized that forever.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

In Memory

Today is three years
since I lost my beautiful birds.




I miss them so much!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kid cards

I'm trying to get better at
kid cards and I think I
succeeded at these.  I'm
very pleased with them.

Aren't they cute??  I almost never
use these stamp sets so I thought
it was about time to pull them out.
I saw the greatest stamp set today that
I might order from "Our Daily Bread".
Can't say what they are so it will
be a surprise if I get them and post here!
I guess you will just have to make sure
you read every day.  Well, at least
next month because I won't order
them until then.  But why not read
every day anyway??
It is SNOWING!  And when I
say snowing I don't mean just a little
bit.  Since I got up a few hours ago
we have gotten about an inch and half
and it's still coming down hard.  Wet
heavy snow.  Hopefully the snowblower
is in the mood to go....I'm not
a happy camper, but what can I do??
It's really pretty until you have
to be out in it.  It's also a bit
windy.  I took the trash can out to
the side of the road this
morning so I wouldn't have to find
a place to put it tonight.  I may not
be able to tell the difference between
the road and my yard at the rate this is going!
Oh, how I long for summer.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


My grandson, Ethan's birthday
is next month so I thought
I'd better get busy and make
a card for him.  I covered cardstock
with tin foil, then ran through the 
sizzix with an embossing folder.
When I finished that, I got out
the alcohol inks-actually didn't
stain my hands too bad this time!
I think it looks fantastic!

I am happy to report that I
have found my desk.  I knew
it had to be there somewhere under
all the mess  I even got ambitious
and made a pencil holder to hold all
the tools that I use frequently, such
as  pencils, scissors, scoring tool
and the like.  It will make them
easier to find, I'm sure.

Cody figured out how to download the neatest
font!  This says "hello how are you"
you can't use  punctuation because
for some reason it messes it all
up, but isn't it cool?!
Hello how are you
 Well, shoot, can't figure out why it
came out so small.  But you
can still get the idea, I think.

Monday, February 22, 2016

She's baaaack!!

I am super happy with how these 
cards turned out!  My muse was
working overtime this morning.  
(I hope she helps with the house
cleaning as well.)
I was lying in bed this morning-
which is when a lot of my best
ideas come-and I decided
to make another mustard seed
card.  I have made a few of these
in the past and always love how
they look and the verse that
goes along with that tiny little
seed.  And yes, that is an actual
mustard seed in the dome!
The mountain is printed on vellum
paper which I think makes
it look a little ethereal .  Exactly
what I was going for.

This one I  also thought of this morning
and though I didn't know exactly how
to put what was in my  mind
onto a card, it just kind of flowed as I
made it!  I love it when cards
come together so easily.

I bought the paper a few weeks ago, as well
as the gold card stock.  I think it lends a
real elegance to the card.  I don't know why
all of a sudden this thing won't let me center...
Anyway, yet another from the same set
I've been using recently.  There are quite
a few so I will probably be using more
of them.  I have so many stamps that
just sit around and I forget about them
because I have my favourites.  I just
found another set earlier while I was looking
for something else.

Today is cleaning day as I cannot
find my desk.  I tend to have quite
a few projects going at the same
time and then I get involved in another,
and another, and well, pretty soon
I can't find the desk.  It's hard to
create without a surface to do it on. 
I also tend to generate tiny bits of
paper all over the floor.  Yesterday
I vacuumed and then decided
to die cut something with tiny
bits.  Yep, now the floor needs
to be done again.  I'll probably be
out of ideas for the rest of the
week anyway!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Count your blessings

This quote is from another of the "religious" quotes
stamp set that I've had forever.  The card
was just quickly put together so I'd have something
to put on the blog because I've been feeling
quite lazy the last couple of days!

Church was interesting today.  The pastor has
been preaching from I Corinthians 13.  In
front of the church are two crosses and there
are hearts there and in the bulletin that
you can write things you want God to
change in you or that you don't like
about yourself, I guess is the way to put it.
Anyway, then you nail them to the cross.
So I did that today.  What he preached
today directly spoke to what I had
written!  Now, if that isn't a "God-thing"
I don't know what is!!

Yesterday the church here in Fremont,
where I used to go, showed the movie
"War Room" .  It made a real impact
on my life.  If you haven't seen it, I highly 
recommend it and other Kendrick
brothers films;
"Courageous", "Facing the
Giants", "Fireproof"
  They tell stories that will move you
and make you reexamine your life.
Very powerful movies.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

New outfit!

I'm including the first picture only because
it shows the boots (kind of) that I got
for 20.00.  They were 55.00 normally!
I also found a skirt (you need to know I 
am NOT a dress/skirt person....) 2 sweaters,
one short sleeved, one long, and also a cute
peasant shirt.  So here they are.  The
"smile" is because my brother in law,
Larry told me to smile.

And here are the cards.  My muse
has finally returned.  She stayed
a bit longer than Dianne did, which I
thought was pretty rude of her,
but she's here now, so on we go.

For some reason my blog isn't letting me center
the text....Anyway, this is called a collar fold.
I like it, but I'm not sure I would do it
again.  It's hard to find the center  and I ended
up kind of messing it up in the front, hence
the flower.  But I think it turned out nicely.

And now it's centering again.  Go figure.
This is just distress ink sponged
on the cardstock, then I cut it in half
and put it on the mat.  I only wanted the 
middle inked and duh.  Didn't
think about masking.....Oh well.
That came to me just this minute.
Ok, so my brain isn't in gear quite
yet this morning.  It's only 9 am after all!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Gone fishin'

I like to fish but not in
cold weather.  I don't like to
do anything in the
cold weather! So this is the
next best thing.  Maybe it
will make me think warm. Today
is supposed to be in the
50's!  But we're also under a
wind advisory, so it's hard
to enjoy warm weather
when you're trying not
to be blown away.  I'm no skinny mini,
but in high winds I don't keep my
balance well.  Maybe I'm bottom maybe about that!!

For the background, I wiped a
distress ink pad on my craft sheet, then
spritzed it with water and laid the
paper in it.  It gives it a kind
of water colour result.  The fish is 
"fussy cut" and popped over
the coral.  It makes a perfect
guy card.  

I was going to try another technique that
I haven't done in a long time, but
I kept tearing the paper....

Yesterday I had a ferocious headache.  
4th day in a row, but this was the worst.
I spent most of the day in the
lazy boy with the dogs just dozing.
I did make it to class last night, 
though.  She asked me (in sign!)
to interpret for her and I managed
to get most of it, so I was pretty happy.
She's been doing more sign without
it being the lesson, just random, and
that helps me so much.  So, keep it
coming, Sam!

My sister in law, Laurel, and
I are going to Good Will- half
off today.  She is a champion 
good will shopper so I'm hoping
she can help me find a cute outfit
or two.  I usually go in and can't find
anything.  Laurel, on the other hand,
seems to come out with tags still on
the items.  I guess it requires a certain
"eye" for bargains.  After living
with my brother in law, Larry, who
is the champion at pinching a
penny, she's learned the lessons well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

40 today!

Oh, how I wish!  But my ex daughter
in law's hubby will be 40 in 
a few days.  I consider her still
my daughter in law and him
my son in law and love them both 
very much.  When their children
were born they called
their parents and me!  They've
always made me feel included
with  all the kids, not just Bri
and Ethan and I'm grateful
for that.  Kids can use all the
love they can get.

I forgot to take a picture, so I had
to rip open the envelope
and make a new one, but I really
wanted a picture of this.  I love
how it turned out.

Another birthday for a dear friend
next month and here is
her card:

So pretty on the outside and a snarky
quote from Phyllis  Diller on
the inside.  One of the reasons for
that is that she sent me a picture
of a cat that was made up
to look like Phyllis Diller.  I don't know
where she finds this stuff, but it 
was hilarious!  So I
remembered I had this stamp and
thought it would be perfect.  Kelly
is as nutty as I am so we mesh
perfectly!  I barely hold on
to my sanity most days, but
that's OK.  The voices guide
me through and most of the
time they have some pretty good
ideas!  No, I don't really hear voices
(much) but my sister Robin says
I have multiple personalities
so that must be what I'm hearing...
Just kidding.  Maybe.  Have
you wondering now, don't I?  Well,
here's one thing for sure:  I don't
suffer from mental illness, I enjoy every
moment of it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


This is a very weird card and I am
pretty sure I don't like it....It
looked better in my head.  I've had
this background stamp for
forever and I think I've  used it once.  
I like it, I just don't know how to  use
it right, I guess.  But the whole composition
is off.  Maybe it's the ribbon. It was sitting
on my desk, just a snip, so it seemed
like a good idea, LOL.  In retrospect,
maybe not.

Anyway.  I remembered to take a picture
of the cookies!  They are so good!  I think
I like the mint version better, but these
are better for Valentine's day.  Even
though that is past, I'm not seeing
my friend, Dianne, until tonight
and wanted to give her some.  Hopefully
she'll be feeling well enough to go 
out and to eat a cookie or two as


Don't you just want to reach
right out and grab one?  Well, that
will teach you not to live in Indiana, then,
won't it?  If you did, I would make YOU
some cookies!  :)  That is especially for
those of you who are enjoying the
warmer weather!  The weatherman
says it will be spring-like this
weekend.  I really missed my
calling.  I could be making big bucks
by predicting the weather.  Might
rain...might snow....might have a hurricane
in the middle of the country, who knows?  
I could have been rich.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Vintage, Vintage!

I love the look of vintage!  In cards, that is.  
I'm not into antiques, or anything like
that, but vintage cards are just so pretty.

This isn't really a vintage card, just a vintage
car, but I love it anyway.  

This is more of a vintage card.  It's a birthday
card for my ex's grandfather.  I'm not
sure how old he is but I know he's in 
his 90's.  I haven't seen him in quite a while.
We used to talk on the phone sometimes
but he's had to go into a home after
a broken hip, and since that when when
John got sick, I kind of lost touch with
him.  I still try to send him cards, though.
He's a very sweet man.  The reason
there's two panels in a row is
because (duh) I put one of them in the
wrong place!  Oh, well, no one
would even know if I didn't say anything! 
So just pretend I didn't!

It's darned cold out today and I'm doing
nothing but staying in.  I wish winter
jam was on Friday instead of Thursday.
I decided not to go because you end
up standing outside a long time waiting
to get in with all the thousands of people
going.  I didn't thin I could stand to be
out in the cold for a long time.  Naturally it will be
in the 50's on Friday.  I'm bummed because 
my favourite band of all time, the Newsboys,
is going to be there.  I've seen them
twice and even got to meet them/get autographs
once.  Another one of my favourites,
Matthew West, is going to be there, too.
I hate cold weather.  :(

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Trying out different folds

This is a chevron fold.  It's pretty
easy and I like the zig zag down the front
of the card.  I cut an inch off the front
so that you could see the heart paper
when the card is closed.

My great niece, Maya, is having
her 8th birthday next month.  She likes
to go to tea rooms so I thought this
would be a neat card to send her. Much
easier than making some sort of
Star Wars card which she also likes.
She is just the cutest girl.  Her parents adopted
her from China.  She's smart as a whip
and a personality that is  full
of sunshine! They live in NM, so I
only get to see her in pictures (her mother
is a photographer and posts lots of them) and 
 occasionally when they come to visit his parents,
my in laws.
I forgot to take a picture of the cookies
this morning, but I'm making another batch
tomorrow night.  Maybe I'll remember to
take a picture then.   I also made
some raisin cinnamon bread yesterday and
I did remember to take a picture of that!

Isn't it gorgeous?! I let the bread machine
do the first rise then took it out, let
it rise a second time and put it in the oven.
Yes, there's a hole in it.  I was nervous
about it being all the way done since I'd
never made  bread that way before so I 
stuck a skewer in it!  It was done!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Drapery fold

The computer is finally up again!
Cody could not figure out what
was wrong with it, but it's working
now, so that's all that matters.
He's going to put some more
RAM in it, so that might help.
I'm hoping it's just a hiccup.
The computer isn't that old.  
I mean, it's not new, but not
 to the age that it should be crashing.

My friend, Karen, has been posting
"fun folds" on pinterest.  I saw this
one and really wanted to try it.  I think
it turned out pretty nice.  The person who
was showing it put it on a flat
card, not one that opened, but I like
it better with a card that opens so
you can write a  note inside.

This is the same paper, just a double
sided, so I thought I may as well
make two cards instead of having
extra paper I'd have to find
something else to do with.  I think
if I ever do it again I might put a pretty die
cut where the flower is.  I didn't think of
that at the time, naturally.

I need to make a quick run to the
store this morning and then I plan to hunker
down the rest of this COLD day!  Tonight
I am going to make some more meringue
cookies, only this time I am going
to use red dye (for V-day, of course) 
and some cinnamon chips I found at
the store.  My friend, Sam, told me 
I should make them for more than 
just Christmas, so
I'm interested to see what these
will taste like.  ( Guess who will
get some tomorrow?)  Shhh. Don't
tell her!  The chips are good.
I'll try to remember to post a picture
of the pretty cookies!  I'm not
good for much in the kitchen-
other than putting some pizza
in the oven, but these cookies
always turn out beautifully.

Oh, yes!  And I got my  hair cut!
I LOVE how it turned out!
Sorry, I am terrible at selfies, but
you can get the idea.

And last but not least, my poor dog, B'Elanna.

I hope I didn't post this already.  She was sleeping
in the corner of the chair and when she stood
up, this is what she looked like!
I grabbed my phone as fast as I could and
got the picture right before she shook
it all out.  I just love this picture!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mathematically challenged....

I'm going to put it right out there...
I'm mathematically challenged.
As a matter of fact, in 
college, my math teacher (beginning
math, mind you) told me I had
number dyslexia.  I didn't know
there was such a thing.  I just thought
dyslexia was  words.  It turns
out  so is my dad and also
one of my grandsons.  That explains 
a lot over the years.  So, I tried
to make the box for the cards
today.  Got all the measurements
wrong and when I finally got them
right and got everything together,
I put it together upside down.  
I bet you can guess where it is
now.  In the round file.  So I wasted
a bunch of card stock and a long
piece of ribbon.   I'm bummed.

Here are some stitched cards I've
made in the last couple days instead.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Bri is Sweet Sixteen!

Here's Bri with baby sister Sam.  She was about
7 here.  I don't have any of her baby
pictures loaded to the computer since
I was using "real" film then...Anyway, and the bottom
picture is Bri a couple months ago with
 B'Elanna.  She was cute then and
 beautiful now!  I'm so proud of her.
She knows her mind, doesn't follow
the crowd and has plans that
I truly believe she'll stick to.  She's strong
willed and her mother says she reminds
her of me!  What an honour!  And they
gave  her my middle name.Love this kid!!!

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Brianna Louise!

I didn't do much during the day
yesterday, so I will try to get the card box
done for tomorrow.  I did go to my old
church though, for a Bible study
and everyone was glad to see me.
I go usually go there twice a month
when they have their food pantry and say hello.
I make rubber band bracelets and give them
to a lady there who gives them to the 
kids when they learn Bible verses or
whatever.  It keeps me busy, 
makes me feel useful and the kids
love it, I'm told.   I enjoyed
seeing people last night and fellowshipping.
my "small group" was cancelled last night
due to the super bowl.  Anyone know
who won?  Guess what?  I don't care!


Sunday, February 7, 2016

One sheet wonder

I need to find another place/way to photograph
these cards.  This one is very washed
out.  The orange and yellow are much
brighter in person.

This is called a one sheet wonder
because you cut one sheet into multiple
sizes and shapes and make sets of
cards using all the same paper.  I was lazy
and only made 4, but out of a 12 x12 sheet 
of paper I've seen people get 15 gorgeous
cards.  I've tried that and find
it's overwhelming for me to try
to make so many cards all at once.  Each
one is different, just using the same
paper.  Today sometime I'm 
probably going to make a box I
found on someone's blog that they
can go in.  She calls it a "book box"
because it really does look like a book
when closed.  I've never seen anything 
like it.  It's very unique and looks very

My friend, Dianne, is headed home (finally).
They stayed in Lexington last night and will
be home today.  So if you're reading
this, please say a quick prayer
for their safe return.  I've missed
her a lot!    I Can't wait to
see her next week and hear all
about her vacation!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ocean view

Ok, so maybe the seaweed and
this particular fish don't go together,
but I consider it artistic license!
I've been thinking about getting
this stamp for a while since I've
seen cards using it.  I'm glad I
got it as it lends itself well
to guy-cards when paired
with this fish.  I have lots of
little kid stamps I could probably
use it for as well.  I'm not good
at little kid cards either, but
that's OK as I don't have
too many little kids in my life.

I've been thinking of donating
some cards to "Gray Matter Foundation".
They support people with brain tumors.
I think they mostly want
blank cards and cards that
are encouraging.  Since I have a 
cousin who died from brain cancer
and John had a tumor in his brain
(which was actually lung cancer that had
metastasized)  it's kind of close to my 
heart.  I donated some cards to
them several years ago.  It's a worthy
cause and something to channel
my creativity into.

Friday, February 5, 2016


I think I need a little inspiration
myself, but this card turned out OK.
I was going to put a different
sentiment on it, but none of the
ones I had looked right.
I have had these little metal
embellishments for forever.
I like them, but just forget about them.
I have LOTS of things I have
forgotten about and keep buying
more....  John would not have been
happy about having a hobby
lobby right down the road!

I also haven't used this die
in a while since I was having
so much trouble getting my machine
to make a clean cut on the
intricate dies.  I must have
worn the other one out.
I have a friend who asked me to
make her some cards to
send to her daughter who is in college
and in return she bought me lunch a 
couple times.  About two weeks
ago we went to pizza hut for
lunch and she handed me a card
that looked kind of familiar...
I'd been kind of down then and
I guess she thought I needed a lift.
Inside was a gift card for Hobby lobby.
No particular reason, just because.
What a wonderful surprise!
I used that to buy a new die
cutting machine and I'm happy that I'm
getting better cuts on most of the
intricate dies.  They're beautiful
but a bit frustrating with all
the tiny cuts.  

I made these panels a few days ago and
while I love them so much, I'm not sure
what to do with them yet.  They're kind of
bulky because they have a product
called crystal effects on them which dries
raised and leaves a gorgeous shine.
I suppose it wouldn't be much more
bulky than a couple of layers on
a card, but I also don't have a
clue what kind of card to make
with them!  Maybe I'll get some
ideas soon.  My muse is still on
vacation with my friend who
is at this time in Charleston, SC. 
I miss that place so much!  I lived
there for 3 years and it's an amazing
place to live!  I'm so jealous of
her, lol.  She went last year, too.

Graduation day!

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