Thursday, June 30, 2016

Artist trading cards

Artist trading cards, or ATC's are how
I got started making cards.  Sorry if
I have already written about this, I 
don't remember if I did or not.
Anyway, they are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2, the
size of baseball cards and as the
name suggests, they are traded.
The group that I belong to does
lots of different kinds of trades
and  one of them is a continuous
round robin.  The one that
I'm participating in is for three
people to work on.  So I've started
3 sets of cards:

which I will send to three different
people.  They will then work on them and
send them to another player.  That player will
work on it, keep one and send the other
two to me and I will send one to player
one.  It's a lot of fun because you never
know what another artist will come 
up with.  I haven't done any trading
in quite a while and my mailbox is
so empty it echoes.  Except when bills 
arrive, but who wants those??
So hopefully I can get back into this
and have some "happy mail" to look
forward to!
I went and did blood work today
for my cholesterol.  I fasted about 7 hrs.
then noticed on the paperwork that
you are supposed to fast 10-12 hrs.
Oh, well.  It will just come back
as high again, probably, which
it probably still is anyway.  Next
time I will know.  Learn to read
the small print!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Early is better

My friend, Dianne's birthday is
tomorrow.  However, for some
reason I thought it was the 20th, so
I gave her her gift (the nugget cake)
WAY early.  Well, I can't let her REAL 
birthday go unacknowledged, can I?

I think she will get a kick out of it.

I am going to go to Fort Wayne
in a little while and get some bird food
and toys.  I need to get out of the house
 and away from the saddness.
The mornings are the hardest because
when I uncover the birds I only have
two to uncover.  I think soon it will
be only one because I am looking for
a good home for Luna.  I love her, but
she was John's bird and she needs lots
of interaction which I just can't
give her.  He let her climb all over him
all the time-he said she comforted him.
So she expects that.  I don't let birds
crawl all over me and especially not on
my shoulder.  That's just asking for
trouble especially when you wear earrings
and a nose stud.  She needs to be with
someone who will give her lots and lots
of time.  She's a very sweet bird and will
make a wonderful companion for someone
who has that type of personality.
I may have to make a stop at JoAnn's while
I'm there.  It's just around the corner in the
same center.  What do they say about
shopping therapy?  I may not buy anything,
but it's fun to look.  And if I do buy something
I'm not telling you, Karen!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More birthdays

I forgot my granddaughter, Sam,
and grandson, Anthony's
birthdays are early next month.  
They always sneak up on me, especially
Anthony's which is the 3rd.  So since
I couldn't sleep (again) I got busy
making the cards and I'm
pretty pleased with how they 
came out.   Anthony's:

Inside it naturally says happy birthday.


And again, happy birthday on the

It's supposed to be a little cooler today
and that's OK with me, but I've been
clear with God that I am not complaining
about the heat.  I do complain about
the cold, but I hope He understands.
I have told Him time and again that
he put me in the wrong part of the
country.  He probably laughs at me.
God doesn't make mistakes.
After losing John and my birds and
dog, sometimes I wonder, but I 
know He has a plan.  I don't know
what it is, but I guess that doesn't matter.
He knows what it is and it will unfold
in His good time.  That doesn't
make it any easier.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sad day yesterday

I lost my Sadie green girl yesterday.
I called her green girl because when
I first got her Cody kept asking me what
"that green bird's name " was.  Then
she laid an egg when she was about 4, I knew
she was a girl.  So it just evolved.  I'm going
to miss her so much.  Saturday she chirped
all day.  I haven't heard her chirp like
that in quite a while.  So I thought she
was finally starting to recover.  My friend
said she saw Heaven and was singing praises.
I'm sure she has found John and even though
they weren't close when he was alive,
(he called her the evil bird, lol) everything
in Heaven is perfect and I know they are
together with all the others.

She was with me since she was 6 weeks old
and would have been 22 this October.  I am going
to miss her greatly.

I made this card yesterday to show, but
never got it posted.  It's really black and
green but the lighting is off.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Playing with vellum

This didn't come out so well,
but it's pretty from a distance, so I
thought I'd include it.  Behind the
vellum is a panel that has distress
ink blended on it.

Sorry about the background.  It's early 
and I didn't want to turn on lights to put
it where I usually photograph them.

I die cut these flowers twice, then
cut the flowers off and added
them to the greenery.  I hate orange
but it looked good for this
card.  The butterfly  hides a little oops!


My brother in law, Larry, on the floor
playing with B'Elanna.  He's feeding her
bits of food but she'd rather he chase her so
she can bark at him!  He gets down on
the floor with her and chases her
around and she absolutely loves it.
Sometimes I have to put her in the
bedroom while we are playing cards
because she won't stop barking at him
to get him to play with her.  She doesn't
understand she's not the only one
who likes to play games!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Paper flowers

Wasn't there a song like that?
Paper roses, I think, by
Marie Osmond.  Wow, am I
dating myself!  No card
today.  I had trouble sleeping
last night so at 2 am I took
something to help and didn't
wake up until almost 9 am!  That
is unheard of for me.  But I do
have a couple of components
to show.  I'm not sure what I
will do with them yet.

Ideally this would be done on
double sided paper.  I don't
have any and can't find any around,
even hobby lobby, believe it or not!
I should order some, but I don't really
use it all that much, so I hate to order
a whole pack of it and having it
sitting around forever.  (like I don't
have other craft items that don't
get used often.  shhh.)

I think it would look better without
having two pieces put together, though,
and probably would stay closed a
 little better.  It's not supposed to be completely
closed, but I don't think it's supposed
to stick out that much either.

Aren't these pretty?  They are 4 separate
flower die cuts that I inked then
sprayed with water to get it ink
to move around which it didn't do to
my satisfaction.  Oh, well.  and then
you scrunch them all up.  When they
dry they're practically indestructible.  They
feel kind of like china.  It;s very cool.
I'm not sure what I'm going to use them for,
yet, but I'm thinking of making a box
and putting them on it, maybe with
some silk leaves.  To be continued...

I did go ahead and mow the lawn yesterday
so all I have to do is the trimming around
the house.  Maybe it will rain again!  I
can hope.  I hate that.  I don't mind the
mowing but I hate trimming.  I suck at
the weed whip so I just went back to
the old fashioned clippers.  I don't
hate them as much.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


For some reason I've been in the mood
to try frames.  I don't like them a lot, but
they're OK.  As I've said before, I
can't arrange flowers very well.  I've
seen these cards with gorgeous
flower arrangements and when I
try to duplicate it, well, let's just
say I'm not good at it.  It's kind of like
the straight line with a ruler thing.

I think instead of trying to make
a window, I should have just gone
with my window die, but it is long, not
wide like this one.

We had amazing storms last night!  It
started thundering about 7 pm, then a
hard rainfall for a few minutes.
Then it thundered until about 11 pm
and finally a huge rainstorm.  We 
need it, too.  Too wet to mow
the lawn today, though.  Darn!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

According to the news we are 
in for severe thunderstorms!
I could do without the severe
part, but the thunderstorm part
I like!  Now, I'm not saying I
believe this because I have
trouble believing what they say
since we seem to live in the "Goldilocks"
area and it always seems to skirt
around us.  But the map showed
plenty of yellow and red, so maybe...

I'm happy to report that Sadie finally
seems to be responding to the
medicine.  She's been perkier, is
eating more and is fighting the med.
It is difficult to towel a bird and feed
them medicine from a syringe anyway
since they don't particularly want to
take it, plus, they don't like being
toweled (I wouldn't either).  But
when  they are turning their head
back and forth it's a real challenge!
But she's been with me for almost
22 years, so I have to do my best
to keep her healthy for as long
as God allows me to have her.  She's
my longest relationship other than 
my family!

I wasn't sure how these would
turn out, but I like them, especially
the pink one.  I was playing around
with stencils again.  I probably should have
brought the flowers down to the bottom of
the page, but they're mounted on wood
so it's hard to see where they're at.
I like the clear stamps better.  But
overall, I like them!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The first round missed us yesterday
and I didn't think there was
supposed to be any more.  Then
I kept hearing what I thought
was thunder, so I turned down
the TV and sure enough, it
was.  That went on for quite
a while and I thought we wouldn't
actually get any rain.  Then it
started pouring!  We really need it.
I think they need it more in the 
West, though.  My in laws' son
and family are in NM close enough
to smell the smoke.  Unfortunately I didn't 
get to see the full moon, first one on
summer solstice since 1948,
ten years before I was born.
Whenever there is any activity
in the heavens we always miss
it.  I'm not sure why that is,
but it is a fact.

Yesterday I met with a woman
who walked me through the beginning
process of medicare.  I really, really
don't want to do this, but I don't
have a choice.  I have to have
all this in place by the first of
September, so no time to waste.

On to the cards.
I love this card.  I'm not sure
how it ended up this way, but 
I'm glad it did!  I have no clue
what I'm going to do with it yet
since all the birthdays are done 
until August.  Oh, duh, my other
birthday twin.  She lives right
next door!  How crazy is that?!

This next one is for my Mom and Dad's 
anniversary which is August 11.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned
out, too, except I think I could have
put the flower in the left hand
corner a little higher.  I made a 
smudge on the silver cardstock
which shows EVERYTHING
so I was trying to cover it up!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Officially Summer!

Yesterday it became officially summer!
Correction, wrong calendar. Today
is the first day of summer.
I am so glad.  The problem is that it
goes by in the blink of an eye
and the cold and snow is back.
It seems like the winter lasts
far longer than it used to.
I know we had quite warm
weather at the start of last winter
but it didn't last long enough
for me.  It never does.

So in honour of summer, here
are two flip flop cards.

Ordinarily I don't make shaped cards,
but these were too cute to pass
up.  They will be way small for
a regular envelope, but so what?
Maybe I'll even decorate the
envelope for summer.  They are cards
that don't open.  The pattern called
for a stand on the back if you
wanted to make that but I thought
it looked rather dorky.  You can
write a little note on the back
for the recipient.
Church was awesome yesterday.
It's amazing with a little practice
will do for my courage.  Pam and
Coleen both tried to get me to face the 
congregation but I am far from 
ready for that!  I was just happy
to be able to sign fairly well from
my seat.  I made a bunch of mistakes
but no one could see me really, and
even if they do, they don't know 
the signs!
I'm worried about Sadie.  She doesn't
seem to be responding to the meds
and I worry that she might be
in pain.  She does perch though,
and doesn't seem to be having
breathing problems.
The Doctor thinks it might
be a crop infection, but without
blood tests she can't be sure.
They are expensive, so we are
adopting a "hope it works"
approach with antibiotics.  She's
not crazy about being toweled and
taking the med, but she does
pretty well considering. So a prayer
or two for her would be appreciated.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Birthday twins

I decided while I was on a 
roll making birthday cards,
I may as well make the cards
for my birthday twins.  I will be
sending cards to 2 twins, but I
actually met another one, a doctor
I used to see.  How unusual is it
to find that many birthday twins all
in the same area? I always wanted
a twin.  This isn't exactly what
I had in mind, but it's going
to have to do!

I'm pretty happy with how this
turned out.  I am not good at flower
arrangement be it real flowers
or paper ones.  But I think
it turned out pretty well.
On the inside it says "Happy
Birthday to you" and two small
flowers to cover the tiny ink
smudges that somehow got 
on it.  The flowers are on vellum
which I then adhered to the pink card
inside.  To keep it all together
I added a ribbon through both pieces.
Ordinarily I would leave the
vellum not adhered (is that
proper English?) but I had glue
on the back of the flowers and it
would have shown through
too much.  There is no good
way to adhere something to vellum
without covering it somehow behind
the adhesive.  Brads work, I guess, 
or eyelets, but I don't use
 those too often.

Today is my grandson's grad/
going away party as he is moving
to Colorado.  I know
his sisters, brothers and
mom are going to miss him very 
much and I wish Jake all the
luck with his new life!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Botanical builder framelits

I got some new dies yesterday.  
They were expensive, but I love
them, so I think it was well worth
the money.  And Karen and I
have decided we aren't going to
enable each other in buying craft things
for a while.  Wonder how long that
will last???

This die set has 14 dies and
you can make unlimited combinations
with them so you will certainly be
seeing more cards using them.
This first one is for my sister, Robin, and
BIL, Steve, who have an anniversary
next month on the 8th.  They got married
one year and 6 days after we were
married, so this will  be their 16th
anniversary.  We would have been
married 17 years next month.

I met with two friends at the
Cupbearer Cafe in  Auburn yesterday.
This is a Christian coffee house and
they have speakers, singers, etc.
come in, as well as books, and community
dinners.  They also have coffee and
fellowship, of course!!  They  met
with me and we went over the songs
for church on Sunday.  I wish I had
asked them earlier as they were thrilled
to go over them with me.  I need to
start at least trying to sign the songs
even though I don't know them.  I
am so afraid of messing up, so I
don't even try!  Well, Sunday I will.
Especially  "Revelation Song" which
I do actually know.  I have heard 
tons and tons of Christian songs
and most of the songs they sing I've
never even heard!!  On Saturday they
go to church and practice signing while
the worship team practices, which I
didn't know, so I'm going to go to
that as well.  I've got to get over
this fear.  I mean, it's not like I'm up
in front of the whole church, I'm only 
at my seat.  Dianne says I'm too hard
on myself when I mess up and I guess
that's true.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Koko the gorilla

Image result for Koko the gorilla 

Koko is a female Western
lowland gorilla that signs.
Some people say
she only mimics to get a
treat but I've seen her and
I don't believe that.  Even
if true, she knows over
a thousand signs and
that's impressive in and of
itself!  Koko also loves
kittens so this card is
for her.   It's called
a water fall card and has
kitties on it for Koko!

As you pull the ribbon the
card cascades down which
is how it got the name waterfall
card.  I think next time I will
put it on an actual card
though, rather than just a card
base.  I think it will look
a little more finished.  It's
been a while since I've
made a card like this.

We got a HUGE thunderstorm
last night!  What a light show.  
We really needed the rain, too,
so I'm sure everyone was
as happy as I was even if
they don't like thunderstorms.
But who doesn't like thunderstorms?!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More birthday cards

Apparently many parents were
cuddling up keeping warm during
the cooler weather and lots
of summer babies were conceived...
Lots of birthdays in July and August.

This is for a cousin, using some of the
feather die cuts that my friend, Karen,
sent me.  I think it turned out pretty well. 
I hope she likes red!!

A gate fold card with a neat
closure.  A lot of the time I will
put a "belly band" on a gate
fold which is a band that goes
around the middle of the card
to keep it closed.  They tend to 
want to pop open otherwise.
I need to use up this barnwood
paper as I'm getting VERY tired of
it and I need to buy more.  But
I have so much paper already
that I can't justify it until I 
get rid of some of the other.
Besides, Karen and I are supporting
one another in not buying anymore
craft items- for a little while  anyway.
Right after I ordered another die
set....I had to have something to
tide me over, right?!

I heard thunder this morning!
It didn't last long and we aren't
really getting a lot of rain, but right
now we will take anything we can
get.  The grass is turning brown.
I love summer for all the green
trees, grass, etc. and now it's tuning
brown.  Time for a good rain. From
my lips to God's ears.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Childhood toys

Who played with an etch a 
sketch when they were kids?
I did and it was incredibly
frustrating.  Not only can I
not draw a straight line with
a ruler, but it's nearly impossible
to do it on an etch a sketch
even if I could...But
thanks to the incredible talent
of other card makers, I 
can make an etch a sketch
card!  I think it turned out 
pretty well.  It's a birthday 
card for my grandson, 
Bradley, who's birthday
is August 11, same day
as my parents' anniversary!

It almost looks real, doesn't it?

It looks like it might rain today.  We
need it so badly.  The grass is brown.
That hasn't stopped my cherry tree, 
though.  It's bowed down with
cherries!  I've had two people
picking and still tons more.  I'm 
going to have to recruit my neighbors
to help.  My dad went to eat
one the other day and found a
worm, lol.  I've probably
eaten one or two because I
didn't look, but hey, in other
countries they eat worms, 
bugs, all kinds of critters and
don't think a thing of it.  His
is the only complaint I've had...

Monday, June 13, 2016

Blackboard technique

Before I get to the cards, I want
to pay a tribute.  I "met" a wonderful
lady in England, Lynne.  We talked
on the phone a couple of times and
exchanged atc's (artist trading cards)
envelopes for them and other things.
She died from complications of
brittle diabetes among other health
issues.  She was a beautiful
person and an amazing artist
in many different types of art.
She will be missed.

I don't think I have quite gotten
this technique down, but here are
the attempts I've made, lol.

The birthday card says on the inside,
"you're only young once.  You can be
immature for a lifetime"!  Love it!

Playing with the northern lights technique
again.  I like it except I brought the
"stars" down too far.  I should have put
the mask up a little higher.  Oh, well.  I
think it looks pretty realistic-
from a distance!!  I showed one
to my dad once.  He lived in Alaska
for a number of years at Elmendorf
Air Force base and he said it didn't
look anything like the northern lights.
I told him it was artistic license!  Besides,
what do men know anyway?  John
was at the same base, different time,
of course, and said it looked pretty
great.  When he died I lost my
biggest supporter.

I'm going to lunch with my friend,
LuAnn today.  She is my DIL's
mom.  The kids say they have
an arranged marriage.  We used to
work together and would joke that
it would be cool if they would get
married someday.  Well, this August 
will be their 7th anniversary!
And no babies......
I don't think they ever plan to have kids.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Back to the beginning.

When I began this journey of art
I began with ATC's which are
Artist Trading Cards.  I belong to
a very large group which, sadly
I am not very active in, but for
a long time I traded extensively.
After a while it led to scrapbooking
and finally card making which is what
I enjoy the most.
So my friend, Karen, and I
decided we would swap atc's.
My muse flew the coop and
I couldn't come up with anything
for the past two days.  So then 
I wake up at about 2 am (not sleeping
well these days, again.) and there
she is!  Crazy broad.  Anyway,
I was able to come up with 
3 that I absolutely love and
hopefully she will too.

I think I should have put the palm trees
down further but it took me three
tries to get the sunset right
and when I messed up the stamping
I was frustrated.  So hopefully she 
doesn't mind too much. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Your special day

I said i was going to be making
a lot of birthday cards this
month, so here's another.  I'm
not thrilled with it because I
didn't think about the fact that
the markers would bleed through.
It doesn't look horrible, I guess.
Next time I'm going to do it on
a separate piece and then mount
it on the card.  I also think I'm going
to try to do it the way the tutorial 
was shown, with a clear stamp to I can 
outline emboss it on the front of the
vellum, but it's my first time so oh, well!

It's an OK card, but I don't know
if I will send it or re-do it.

Sadie is enjoying the kleenex box the
vet suggested I add.  She is on 
antibiotics right now.  We aren't
sure if she has an infection in her
crop or not and blood tests are
really expensive, so we're giving
this a try first.  She's lost weight and
is more subdued than usual. She's
not acting sick exactly, just quiet.  But
she still comes out of her cage and
sits on top, things like that.  Maybe
it's just because she's OLD!!!  She
will be 22 in October!
Lili loves suckers-or anything else
sweet for that matter, so sometimes
I will give her a little bit of the 
sucker when I've finished it.  She
will hold her foot open to take the
stick and then starts eating it.
I wish to state here, my
animals are NOT spoiled!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Decorative corner

Is this not the coolest card
ever?!  It's called a decorative
corner card.  I may have to make
more of these!  I think I'm going
to send this one to my aunt for
her birthday.


Open.  The whole circle pops up 
from  the page!

And the back panel.  I thought at
first the decorative paper would be
overwhelming; on a 12x12 
sheet it looks that way, but once
I cut it into panels I think it looks
great.  And I still have another
piece to make an envelope with!

How hilarious are these?  I have no clue
what I will do with them but the whole
set was only 5.00 so I just couldn't
resist!  I love the sunglasses and hearts
for the plain circle.  I don't know that
I would use the teardrops, but who knows?

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful
day which means I should probably do
the lawn....but maybe not.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Double zed card

I didn't name it!  Obviously it's British,
although I try to adopt all things
British because I identify with
my family's country.  I love the
words that add the "u" like "colour".
What can I say?!

3 views of the card.  Isn't it the coolest
fold?  I love it and may make more.  I have
several birthday cards in the next 2 months
so you'll be seeing a lot of those.

The other card I made is using the
distress inks which I love.  I have been up
since 230 this morning.  I was tired last  night
and went to bed about 945.  Watched TV
until about 1030.  Do the math, that's about
4 hours sleep.  :(  My sleep patterns
have never been good.  However, as I
have said before, my muse is up bright and
early in the morning so I can usually
come up with a good card or two.

I'm pretty pleased with this card
although the jury is still out on the
butterfly.  It needed something at the
bottom, but I'm not sure that was it.  But
it's done now.  It's 530 am now.  I'm thinking
I will get dressed and go to the store before
I have to wait for the a/c guy.  He will be
here between 8-10 am.  Remember when stores
weren't open all night long?  The sidewalks 
rolled up at 5 pm.  6 pm if you were lucky.  
Forget about Sundays.  You'd better make sure
you have what you need before that.  Holidays?
Those were for families.  Life was simpler
back then.  I sound so old!  I feel old.  I
just realized yesterday that I'm going to
be 58 soon!  I don't know how or when
that happened, but my mind is still at 16.  I
don't ever want to act old.  My psych
professor told us something which I've
never forgotten (hopefully I've never
mentioned this).  The only time you act
like an adult is when you have to, like
going to work, things like that.  At any
other point you act childlike.  It is a good
thing to keep in mind, I think.  Adults are 
so wrapped up in being adults that they
forget what it was like to just enjoy life
like children do. 


Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...