Thursday, December 31, 2015

Auld lang syne

I can't believe another year
is almost at a close.  They
all tend to blend into one another
now that I'm older and it's not as
exciting to see a new year
come in.  But it still remains
mystifying how another year
could be gone so quickly.
God has brought so many
changes to my life this year.
He has given me a new
church.  I have new friends.
I have also lost friends this
year.  I've become a 
great grandmother!  Who
would have seen that coming
at the close of 2014.  I survived
a whole year during which
John was not a presence in
my life.  When 2015 was upon us,
I told the chaplain of the grief
group I was attending that
what bothered me the most
was that I was going to begin
a year where John would never
have been.  But I made it.
I'm learning a new language.  I 
wouldn't have seen that coming
at the close of 2014.
It's been lonely, too.  Sometimes
I am able to reach out.  But I am
also aware that so many people
suffer in the quietness of
their own souls.  I need to
remember that other people
are reaching out, too.  That
they are just as lonely as I.
That they need to have someone
see that loneliness and reach
out to them when they are unable
to do so themselves.  I ask
God as I go into a new year
to make me aware of people
who are struggling and hear their
silent cries even when no
word is uttered.

Enough philosophy.  
I know someone who reads
my blog (and you know who
you are) has already seen
this but I don't have anything else
ready to post!

I have had to make way too mnay
sympathy cards in the last 
couple of months.  I hope I don't
have to make any more for a while.
Unfortunately, death seems to
recognize no holiday.  I always
pray, when I am not sure, that the
person knew God.  I am relatively
certain that the people who  have
died recently were saved.  That's 
the only thing that helps (and then
only a little) to know that the person
is with God and we will see them
again.  But that doesn't take away
the pain.  I am always amazed
that when Lazurus died, Jesus
mourned his death-and He KNEW 
he was going to raise Lazurus from the
dead!  That's the human experience 
that allows Jesus to understand
our pain and anguish.  He understands
our experiences
 because he's been through
them.   What an amazing God to
be born in human form so that
He could identify with us.  It's comforting
to know that Jesus totally understands
what we are feeling.  That way if
we simply can't pray for whatever
reason all we have to do is 
cry, "Abba Father" and He
hears our heart cry.  And
what a blessing to know that
when the words won't come
the Holy Spirit groans for us.
(Romans 8:26-27).
OK, now I am done with
the philosophy, I promise!  and
to think I dropped that
class in college!  The professor
put me to sleep.  True story!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

More screen cards

I couldn't get a sharp picture of the
second one for some reason, just shaky
I guess.  I'm really happy with
both of these and that's
what happens when you don't 
"wing it".  I don't really know what
use they would be as greeting cards
since there's no where to put
a sentiment.  Maybe I could put a 
white panel on the top one, but
not on the bottom as each of the
windows is vellum so anything
behind it would show through.
But I think they're pretty!


Bri will be 16 in February!  I
don't know how they grow up
so fast but I am feeling older by
the minute.  I especially felt
old Christmas eve!  Anyway....I love
how this card turned out.  It
looks a little washed out in the
picture because of the
pastel colors.

This one is a die cut of a gilded
gate which has the ends trimmed off.
 It's two gates set opposite each
other.  I'm not crazy about it, but
it's the first time I've played with
the die.  My friend, Karen, sent
it to me.  I'm not getting good
sharp cuts because of the
intricacy of the die.  I need new 
plates for the machine.  
Which I was going to
get yesterday....except that we
got an ICE STORM!!
That is my punishment
for making fun of NM.  God has
such a sense of humour.  :/

Monday, December 28, 2015

Screen card

Had I given it more thought,
I would have made this card
way different.  I didn't really
know where I was going with it
so I winged it and I 
don't like it much.  I'm planning
on doing another one which
hopefully I will post tomorrow
which will be much more
planned out! 

And another picture of my adorable
great grandson!  

I'm enjoying the fact that New Mexico
had, last I knew, 14 inches
of snow and it was still
coming down.  That's where
 my inlaws are are!  Better
them than us!  The weather might
be colder today, but still
no snow and that's just fine 
with me!  And...freezing rain.
That's my punishment for
making fun of NM.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

About to fly

I have two quotes that I like
to use on cards, so today I 
was playing around with them
trying to make something new.
I'm getting tired of butterflies, 
quite frankly, since I tend to use
them a lot.  I'm not sure why 
that is.  I remembered I had
a feather stamp which 
seemed to lend itself to the
sentiment and I was pretty
happy with how it turned out.

The second one I wanted to use
a punch on since I have quite
a few and don't use them much.  I
also went looking around online
and found a neat tutorial to make
flowers using a rose die set
that I bought a long time ago
and really don't use.  So I'll probably
be using that more often since I like
how it came out.  I used glimmer
mist on it, but I don't think 
you can really see it in the picture.

Oh, nice.  I just realized that I screwed up
the sentiment on the top one!  Oh, well,
you know it's handmade that way.....
I think I'm going to add a little
bling to the bottom one in each
of the circles before I send it out.  I never
think of those things until I see them
here on the screen.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve baby!!!!

 Little Heath David made his appearance
about 630 yesterday evening.  8 lbs, 7 oz.  
I couldn't get a length for some reason.
I'm excited, but sad at the same time
because he will be at least 6 months
before I get to meet him since I
am planning on going to NC again
next summer.  Mom, Caitee, doing
fine, dad, Tyler, very proud. 
I'm sure there will be more pictures 
in the future!

The Christmas eve service yesterday at
church was beautiful, candle light and
communion.  and I was able to
share it with Cody and Pam so that
made it more special.

Sadly, I have occasion to make another
sympathy card for a friend
who lost a sister yesterday.  Death doesn't 
take notice of a holiday, unfortunately. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful and
blessed Christmas.  Remember the reason 
for the season-
Jesus' birth!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

It hardly seems like a typical Christmas eve.  The grass
is green, it's been raining and it's warm.  Warm!!
So I'm not complaining. No tree; I got rid of that
last year and there really seems to be no need for it anyway.
Christmas eve has always been special to me, 
moreso than Christmas day.  Every Christmas 
eve we would go to my Uncle Chuck's and he had
a huge party/reunion.  I can remember
the crunch of snow under my feet
and all the colorful lights on the streets. 
The air was so crisp.  In those days
it didn't bother me like it does now.  
In his living room was a HUGE Christmas tree.  
At least it seemed like a huge tree to me.
In the basement he had a bar. There was  lots of
noise, cigarette smoke and drinking.
I got my first taste of alcohol at
one of those parties!  My grandma Sanders
called me over and gave me a sip of hers.  I don't 
know what it was, but it didn't seem so bad.  I was
probably 10 or so.  It wasn't  something I would 
have continued, but it tasted OK.  Then she 
told me I could put water in a bottle after I drank
some and it would mix in.  Thanks, Grandma!  I filed 
that away.  Eventually I  tried it with wine my dad was
 making at home.  Busted. I came home from school one
day and he was holding the jug up to the window.
He must have seen me in the window.  He sighed
and said, "Either my wine has gone bad or
someone has been watering it."  I said, "Grandma
told me to!"  I don't think she meant every day...
I was so cool coming home from school
and having some wine and my cigarette (that I didn't
inhale!)    Well, that's a story
for another time.  He actually didn't get
mad, which was a miracle for him .  How
did I get so off track?  So I've always loved 
Christmas eve.  When my kids were
older I would always let them open one
present on Christmas eve-I got to
pick which one.  We would have cheese
and crackers I ordered from the Swiss colony catalogue.
When John and I got married I started a tradition
of having the whole family (both sides) to dinner
on Christmas eve.  It was a wonderful evening of
sharing and just enjoying each other's company.
I wish I could go back to that day but so many
are gone now, either Home to Jesus or just across the 
country.  On Christmas day, starting when my oldest, Nathan, 
was only 8 months old, I started reading the Christmas 
story before any presents were opened. 
 I wanted them to understand that Christmas was 
so much more than presents  to open in the morning.
I'm glad I have those memories to bring out
when I'm feeling sad.  Memories of a more
carefree and happy time when there just
didn't seem to be the pain that comes when
you get older.    But life is not stagnant.
If it were, there would be no point.
We have to continue to grow and experience
all life has to offer.

I do have a card if you are not bored to
tears by now and skip it altogether!  This is just
a simple black and white die cut card.  I'm shocked
that I was able to get it centered perfectly
on the first try!  I can't draw a straight
line with a ruler generally!

Still no baby.  Obviously her body just isn't
ready yet.  I'm not sure why they insist on
pushing things when mother nature will
take care of it on her own if just left
well enough alone.  When I had my babies
I didn't know what they were before they
were here and I gave birth when my body
told me it was time.  Everyone is in
such a hurry these days.  Life is meant
to be enjoyed and you can't enjoy
it if you are rushing through it.
Wow, I'm quite philosophical today.
I'd better quit while I'm ahead!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Early Christmas gifts

I got a keurig last month, so
for Christmas my sister and hubby
got me a bunch of k-cups
of flavours of cappucinno.  I don't
drink regular coffee, but I do
love the cappucinno. Then my
friend Dianne and I went to
dinner at the Mexican restaurant
at Lake James and she gave me
a big coloring book and some yummy
dark chocolate sea salt caramels.
And they're made by my very
own company-Sanders!!
I haven't been coloring lately as
I have been working on Christmas
presents, so I got down to it yesterday
while I drank a cup of cappucinno and 
ate a salted caramel!  I'm going
to be as big as a house after
the holidays and definitely am 
going to have to get back on WW and
the treadmill.  You play you pay.

It looks like I will be a
great grandma today!!!  I just
wish I was close enough to
hold him in my arms.  :(

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

cookie time!

I rarely bake or do anything
else that sounds domestic.
But at the holidays I make my 
famous (infamous?)
mint chocolate chip
meringue cookies.  I only
make them at the holiday
which  keeps them special-
and my waistine from
getting even bigger.

They are so good!  this picture
doesn't show very well the minty 
green color.  Everyone loves
them and looks forward to them
each year.  Including me!!  I
think I've had three so far.
 I need to make sure
I save some for a friend 
I'm seeing tonight!

I love how this card turned out! 
I'm getting very low on flowers, though.
I'll have to hit the internet as I
can't find any vendors that sell this
type of paper flower. I use them a lot.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Monday!

December is almost over!  Where in
the world did it all go?  This
entire year seemed to fly by.
The older I get the
faster it seems to go.  It's kind
of scary.  Here it is 
December 21, and it rained
most of the night.  The lawn
is going to need to be mowed 
soon.  I've never seen it
so green in the winter!

We are still waiting on
that great grandson.  He was
due three days ago, but
is being stubborn.  My friend,
Sam's granddaughter
had hers last week (and
on Sam's birthday to boot)
and she wasn't due for
two more weeks.  Sigh.
 Little Heath David will
come when he is good and 
ready, I suppose.

 On to the cards.

I'm not sure if I like it
this way or not.  I may add
something in the  middle at a later
time.  I have to look at it for a while.

This one I am a little
annoyed with because as much
as I like it, I see I could
have added a dark mat behind
the embossed piece and it 
 would really have stood out.
After I took the pictures
I decided both cards needed
a little something, so I blinged
them by adding some glitter
glue to the flowers.  They look
really cool that way.
All in all I'm pretty happy
with how both turned out.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas card

OK, so I said I wasn't going
to make Christmas cards.
More accurately I am not
going to send  Christmas
cards.  I saw a card
similar to this on pinterest 
(is there anywhere else to surf?)
and had to try it since I had
all the punches.  Naturally I made
it my own, but it's based
on the one I saw.  I am going
to make one more like
it only in blue as my friend
loves that color.
Who says Christmas has to
be red and green?  Well, I guess 
blue is now an acceptable 
color for Christmas, but in my
book so is pink.  The reason for
that is that this did not 
begin as a Christmas card!
Now you know my secret!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

six fold card

I've been wanting to try this card
for a while and every time I cut
the triangles I cut them wrong.
I get frustrated easily so I 
decided it best to put it
aside for a few days.  Went
back to it today and it came
out right except that the cardstock
cracked along the score lines.
Every once in a while
you get an uncooperative piece.
Usually I can bow it and see
which way the score line
should go.  Unfortunately with this
card there is a myriad of ways
it folds, so that doesn't work well.
But I'm not planning on giving
it to anyone  (obviously) .
But here are the pictures
anyway.  Sorry the second
one was blurry.  I didn't realize
it until I was cropping it.

Ideally it would have a belly band
around it to keep it closed but
since I'm planning on pitching it (or
keeping it as a template more likely)
I didn't see a reason to go to
the trouble of creating that.

Friday, December 18, 2015

No muse

My muse deserted  me, probably
because my dog got me up
at 5 am again.  He's been
doing that a lot lately
and it's really getting 
on my nerves.....
So here are a couple
cards I made a while
back, called candle
cards-at least that's
what I call them.
They will fold flat in 
an envelope, but will open
up and you can put a tealight
candle (flameless) inside
and it lights up.  Pretty cool.

I must not have a candle inside
the pink one.  But you
get the idea.  The light shines
through the vellum and
looks a whole lot better
when it's dark.  It would
have looked better, as well,
if I had cropped the first picture,
but I'm too lazy to go back and
do it now.  Sorry.  :(

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Special request

Not sure why, but my muse is
always  most active in the 
morning.  And since my dog
has been getting me up at
5 am.....  Hope you 
like them, Nancy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Harry Potter!

My Daughter in law, Pam, is a 
huge Harry Potter fan.  OK, so
am I, but she even went to
some of the midnight releases.
I was looking around for something
else and came upon this tutorial
for a Harry Potter wand.  I just
had to try it!  The box was
a little more challenging, but
I'm really happy with how
it all turned out considering
this is the first time I've ever done
anything like this!  I have another
one, too, but it's not finished
yet.  Maybe I'll post it tomorrow.

Guess what Pam's getting for Christmas??

Monday, December 14, 2015

Another Sympathy card

Unfortunately I have occasion
to make another sympathy card.
A couple in our church
lost His father yesterday.
He's been ill for quite
some time, I understand.  
I never met him, since I've not
been going there that long.
But I also understand he was
ready to go Home, so that's 
all that matters.

 Last night our small group from
church went to a concert
of Handel's "Messiah". 
I have never been to a concert
like this.  It's never really
been on my radar.  But I thought
it would be fun to go with
the others.  (My horizons are 
expanding these days and I'm
getting some culture, lol)
Anyway, I loved it.  It was
quite an experience.  I'm glad I
decided to go.  I've really
been getting out of my comfort
zone since John died.  My mother
says she thinks he was holding
me back, lol.  But truthfully, I didn't
feel like I needed others when
I had him.  Now I'm seeking
other people and experiences
and I really feel like God is
using these things in my life to
draw me closer to Him.  It's pretty
scary to step out on the water, 
but if you keep your eyes on Him
you will walk on that water!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A snowflake is....

I read about a little girl (and yes, 
I verified it with snopes) who
was in a fire, lost her
family and was burned pretty
badly.  All she wants this
year for Christmas is lots 
of cards.  I can help with
that!  I'm not sure if
they are getting snow in
New York or not,
but in case they are
getting our beautiful weather,
I decided to send her
a little of the white stuff.
In the case that they
are getting the white stuff,
I would appreciate it if they
would KEEP it there!!
As I was putting this in the
envelope, I decided that some
pretty blue fuzzy yarn
would look good tied
around the fold.  It looks really
great that way.

I can't believe what wonderful
weather we have been having!  It's supposed
to rain a little today, and I say
bring it on!  Better than snow and
ice!  It's supposed to be in
the 60's today!  Now all
we need is a few decorated
palm trees and I'll be in 7th heaven!!
Meanwhile, I've got about everything
made for Christmas.  It's getting
down to the wire....  I need to
stay off pinterest because I keep
seeing more projects and thinking,
"that would make a great gift".
I don't  have the time (or money)
to make all those awesome projects.
Pinterest is almost as dangerous 
for me as hobby  lobby!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Embossed card set

I'm pretty happy with how these came
out.  The top 1/3 is dry embossed,
then a ribbon and a die cut word.

It's going to be in the 60's by
the end of the week!
In December!  What more can
you ask for?  Well, Palm trees would
be nice, but I'm trying not to push
my luck!

Nothing to talk about today, sorry.

Monday, December 7, 2015

getting ready for Christmas

Last year I skipped the holidays.
It was too hard to be 
around people.  This year
I've come back into the
land of the living and having a
fun time making things
for people for Christmas.
Top on my list is journals,
and I made another one this

I love how it came out.  I found
the spray of beads and flower
at hobby lobby.  Your one-stop
shop for spending money you 
don't have....But hey, this
is for a gift, so that's justified,
isn't it?

I had this picture nicely cropped,
and apparently deleted that
one and kept the original,.
Oh, well.   you can see my pretty
rug, too.  B'Elanna loves
being dressed, so I thought
it was about time to bring
out the holiday dresses.  
Isn't she cute???

Friday, December 4, 2015

Cody to the rescue!

Something got changed on my phone.
Not sure how that happened since
I don't even know where he
found it at, but it's fixed now,
so I'm happy.
I ordered some new patterns
and I have stitched three
of them:

They're kind of blurry, I'm not sure
why, but you can tell what it looks like.
The others I ordered are an Eagle,
panda and dinosaur.  The latter two
are kiddie patterns, the Eagle
is more realistic.  I also ordered 
a sweet 16 pattern that I'm going
to make for my granddaughter
as she turns 16 in February.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

phone/computer disconnect......

OHMYGOSH.  My phone and computer
have decided not to talk anymore.  So
I had to email these to myself and 
in the process the bottom cards are 
washed out.  I'm not a happy camper
as I've had problems with this phone
since day one.  Anyway, the journal
is a new stitching pattern I made.  
There's a praying little boy, too,
but I didn't get that pattern.
The cards are for my cousin, Jane,
who wanted cards with a daisy,
 bear (not pictured)
and a Christmas card and two
others.  Hope she
likes these.  

I may not post again until I get this
straightened out.  That will
be when my son, Cody, has a chance
to come over and figure out
the issue. It's good to
have a nerd in the family, but
he's pretty busy, too.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

File folder card

I love miniature anything.  
So when I saw file folder cards
I had to try it.  This isn't
my first one, I just haven't made
them in quite a while.  I was going
for a vintage look; not sure
I actually accomplished that!  
But I'm still pleased with it.

And this time I remembered to 
take a picture of the
inside as well!

Happy December 1st.  I think.  
It's raining today and fairly warm
for this time of year.
  I just can't figure out how it
got to be December already!
Wasn't it just January 1st?
Soon another year.  I remember
how exciting it was when Year
2000 began.  Now it's going
so quickly. Before we know it,  it will
be 2016.  Where does
the time go?  I find myself wondering
what I did with the whole year
and if it was pleasing to God.
Every day I thank Him for another
day.  None of our days
is promised and since John (and now
my friend, Dennis) has died, 
I am more acutely aware of that.
 Kids don't think
of those things.  But as we get
older and our loved ones
go to be with the Lord, it 
reminds us that life-in this
world-is not forever.  I am
so thankful to know that this isn't
the only life there is.  That someday
I will go to be with the Lord as
well.  I'm hoping I don't have to
die to do it....  Come, Lord Jesus!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...