Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In my thoughts

It's kind of hard to see the card
with the flash glare, but I couldn't
get a good picture of it any other way.

I think it turned out pretty well.
I take my car to the shop today to
have it looked at.  Thankfully the 
guy in FW gave me an estimate so I
can show them and they don't think
they can get away with overpricing
things for a "dumb woman"  He did it
with only one strut and then both.  
Well, if the other strut is fine then
it doesn't get replaced, plain and
simple.  I can barely afford the 
stupidity I've already brought
upon myself.  I don't need to add
more money on to it.  I just hope he
doesn't "find" something else.  If
I think it's ridiculous, I'll call Larry
and ask him.  It's going to be
probably over $500. without the
tire!  Hey, when I do something 
I do it right.  Apparently.  I'm glad,
for a change, that John is gone.  he
would be SO MAD.
The guy I thought might want Luna
adopted another bird.  I'm afraid
I will be stuck with her forever and
I really don't want that for her.
She needs a home where she is
loved and paid lots of attention to.
Sorry, not in the best of moods today.
I will just say
Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I would never want to rub it in
to my son, Nathan, that OSU
walked all over U of M.  Well,
OK, maybe I would like to rub
it in.  Just a little!!

I thought it turned out pretty
good.  I wish I'd had a sympathy
that was a little smaller, but I
had to make do with what I had on
hand.  It would have been cuter with
a stick to wave the banner on!
I had a bad day yesterday.  The
doctor doesn't want to do surgery
yet, so I guess that's good, although
at night I might debate the issue.
BUT...on the way in I ran over a
curb.  Yes, you heard me right.  And
I came down HARD on the tire.  The
good news is I made it home after
5 hours of waiting for a tow, having
them repair it enough to be drivable.
Thankfully I had a halfway decent
donut tire.  The bad news is that
not only do I have to replace the
tire-of course-I also have to replace 
the strut.  That's what he saw on
a visual inspection.  Hopefully that's
all.  I have an appointment to get
it in on Wednesday.  Meanwhile, I
am grounded as I don't think it's a
good idea to press my luck. We
are supposed to praise God in all
situations.  I praise him for a safe
trip home and a prescription of ativan
because by the time I got home I
needed to calm myself somehow.
The worst part was that it was pouring
rain the entire way home.    So...note
to self:  stay away from the curbs.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas flowers

While I'm making these flowers
I decided I should make a couple
of cards with them as well and
I love how they turned out.

I sent my son, Nathan, a condolence
text yesterday...OSU rules!  Cody suggested
I send him a sympathy card, LOL, so I
think  I'm going to get to work on that
right away.  I don't care one way or the
other which team wins, but he does and
that's the point!  I am a Buckeye, so
why would I root for Michigan?  I hate
that state anyway, for reasons I will
not go into.  But he's so into the rivalry
that I just have to tease him about it! 
It's raining this morning!  I want it 
to stay rain and nothing more as I
have to drive more than an hour to
get to my appointment.
Yesterday, my friend, LuAnn, my
daughter in law, Pam's mother,
had a Thanksgiving dinner for family
and friends and it was wonderful talking
to everyone and sharing a meal.  There's 
something about sharing a meal with
someone that brings you closer together.
It's no mistake, I think, that Jesus broke
bread with people because it relaxes
you and puts you in a more receptive
mood.  He had certainly had 
something they needed to hear! 
I found out yesterday that my ex's
grandfather died in August and
no one told me.  After John got sick I
kind of lost touch with him, but I did
send him a card here and there.  His
son got one I sent recently and found
my phone number to let me know.
I realized that I had never asked grandpa
if he was saved.  We didn't really get
into any in depth conversations.  He
lived in Ohio, over by Cleveland, so 
we talked by phone occasionally, but 
only briefly as he just didn't want to
stay on the phone long.  It's really  hard
for me to ask people if they are saved
because I feel like they think I am
judging them.  But it's important to
know.  From now on I will try to be
less self conscious about asking people
such an important question.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Package tags

I wasn't feeling the best yesterday
and forgot to post.  I made some
package tags using a template
called stacked flowers.  It has lots 
of different shapes in different 
sizes and you stack to make 
many different flowers.  Lots
of "different", but I couldn't
think of a better word!

I have a card in mind to make using
the same template.  I hope it comes
out as nicely as it looks in my mind!
I see my orthopedic Dr. tomorrow and
am thinking of discussing surgery with
him.  I don't know if I want to go that
route, but I'm tired of being in pain and
now would be a prime time since classes
are over.  On the other hand, do I hurt
badly enough to go through that?  It's
kind of a toss-up in my mind right now,
so I'll see what he thinks is best.  He
has mentioned surgery before.  I think 
about all the things I wouldn't be
able to do and one of them is straightening
my hair.  Egads!  I wouldn't be able to
show my face with this mess of hair I've
been "blessed" with.  The back looks like
a scene from "Planet of the apes" with
washboard ripples.  I just hate it.  I
don't dare take a comb to it or I look
like a dark-haired Carrot Top.  You
know, the red headed comedian?  It's 
scary and you wouldn't want to see it,
trust me! 
Happy Sunday!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Christmas door

I hope everyone had a nice
Thanksgiving.  Mine not so much,
but the day before made  up
for it.  Bri came and spent the 
night.  We went to the Chinese
restaurant for lunch, then to
the  movies to see "Fantastic
beasts and where to find them".
She paid for everything and
it was fantastic!  The movie was 
really wonderful, although I think
they could have picked a better 
actor for the main character.  Just
my opinion.

Here's my door card.  I made one
once before that, as I recall, turned
out much better than this one, but
I couldn't find the measurements.

The wreath is a little lopsided.
 I tried to hide that with the
bow but I should have used a 
bigger ribbon!  I would have 
liked to put beads around it
for berries, but I didn't have
any red ones.
It's been raining for a couple
days now, and I'm grateful it's not
snow.  For many reasons, but
mainly because we'd probably be
buried!!  I would be happy
with snow starting Christmas eve
and melting the day after Christmas.
I'd be good with that.  Otherwise,
I'd just rather have a decorated
palm tree.  I remember those from
when I went to Ft. Meyers when
I was 12.  It was over Christmas and
I was fascinated by the fact that
they strung lights all the way up
the palm trees.  I don't remember
if they ever did that in California
or South Carolina, but I've never
forgotten seeing that in Florida.
Oh, how I wish I was there now!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

To Santa

Happy Thanksgiving Eve.  I met
John for the first time on 
Thanksgiving at the restaurant.
When the restaurant closed at 3
pm, they reloaded the buffet and
the workers and families came and
had dinner together.  I remember a 
LONG table set up right down the
middle.  I don't remember him
well, but I know John was there once.
He said I flirted with him.  I really
don't remember that but I'm not
denying it either, LOL.  This thanks=
giving I'm going to my parents' house.
My dad is cooking.  I'm not sure how
that is going to turn out, but it will
be interesting.  I don't think he's
ever cooked a dinner like this before.

I think this card is, as my granddaughter
would say, "totes adorbs"  for normal
folk that is: totally adorable.  I realized
as I was adhering it that I'd not put the
"to" in front of Santa, but oh, well.  I couldn't
believe I could scale down the pattern and
still be able to stitch it.  The background is
blue alcohol ink with gold mixed in.

This is also an alcohol ink background
but with two different colours of blue
and no gold.  I love how both of them 
turned out!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and
I hope you remember that we don't
need a special day to give thanks!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Christmas banners

I don't usually use banners on
my cards even though they are
"in" right now.  Or maybe they
are on the way out, who knows?
Things change quickly in card making.
I'm not super enthralled with this
card, but it's OK.  I wish I'd done the
banners in lengths that looked more
different.  They are too close in length,
I think.  But anyway...

It's a good way to use up little scraps.
It's hard to see, but there are a
couple little snowflake stickers
as well.
Not the best of mornings.  I found out
I dropped 100.00 in my checkbook.  
Math is not my best subject.
Thankfully, I found it before
the bank did and overdrew my
account.  So I guess it's not all
bad.  I'm not sure what made me
check my balance online, but
I think maybe it was God whispering
in my ear.  I've never, ever had an
overdrawn account and I don't 
want to start now.
Can you believe that while we are
freezing our tushes off here in 
the Midwest, Tropical storm Otto
is forming in the Caribbean?   
Right now I think I wouldn't 
mind a tropical storm!  Although
I've been through two and they
are no picnic.  I know for a
fact I don't want to experience 
a hurricane!  I know
several people who have including
my sister and son who were in
the middle of hurricane Andrew.
I'll pass, thank you.  But warm
rain and a little wind I would
be able to handle.  Maybe I'll
just take a short trip.  Anyone
have some spare change I can borrow?
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Have a nice day

This is the last pattern I'm going to 
get for a while.  I mean it.  At least
I think I mean it.  There's just
so many pretty ones.

It's such pretty script.  You know
they aren't going to be teaching
that to kids anymore?  I think they
need to at least know how to sign
their names in cursive.  It's a lost
art now that the computer is here
and everything is printed.  I'm not 
against printing, but it's nice to 
have the skill of cursive, I think.  
Even if you can't read it and I 
know some people who have
writing so terrible you couldn't 
even read it printed!  

Little Heath will be a year old
this Christmas eve.  Isn't he just
a doll?  I look back at Christmas
Eve from last year and realize that
this year is going to be very, very
different.  But in a good way, I think.
Last year was good as well, but
friends have gone from my life
during the year and that's sad.
God removed them for a reason
and I think I know what that reason
was.  But as my sister says, God
rarely has just one reason for doing
something in our lives.  I have to
remember that all things work together
for good to those who love God.  He
knows what is best for me and this
time he dragged me kicking and
screaming from the friendship.
He knows what is best.
He knows what is best.
I need to accept that and trust
that His plan is better than mine.
 Sometimes I wake up and
kind of go over the plans for the
day in prayer and then I always
say, "these are MY plans".  My
plans may be changed by something
He feels is more important and I
always need to be open to that.
I'm going to miss going to class
tonight.  What will I do with
myself tonight?!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Shepherd

I found some more neat patterns.
 I should not be stitching but
can't help myself.
This is for someone who
lost a little one a few months
ago.  The holidays are hard
when you've lost someone you
love and I thought maybe they
could use a little encouragement.
Their name popped into my head
the other day, unbidden, and I
always feel like that's God telling
me to send that person a card.
I don't really even know them,
having met them only once, but
God knows them and that's all
that matters, right?!

Isn't it a beautiful pattern?  I had
a terrible time with it because if
I made it small enough for a regular
sized card it was too tiny to stitch.
So I had to make it for a bigger 
card (for card makers, that's an A6)
and then it didn't come out centered,
but had lots of space at top and 
bottom.  I cut all that off and
added flowers to the bottom.  
I think it turned out OK. that way.
Two days ago we had a very nice
and noisy thunderstorm.  Yesterday
we had a snowstorm.  I don't like this
weather at all.  Have I ever mentioned
how much I hate cold weather?  LOL.
My mom spent the night in hospital
apparently with a kidney stone.
They were having trouble controlling
her pain so decided to just keep her.
I hope she is able to pass it soon.  I
have never personally had one, but
I hear they are very painful.  My dad
has had them too, and now that she
has had one it makes me wonder if
I will suffer the same fate.  I hope not.
I have enough old age issues
to have to deal with something like
that as well.  Getting old isn't for
the faint of heart. I never thought I
would get here and now I see people
born in the 70's and 80's and
wonder how in the world they could
be in their 30's and 40's.  Worst
of all, everyone looks like a kid
to me.  It's frightening!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Today belongs to you

I really love umbrella man.  I 
need to use him more.  He reminds
me of something, but I can't quite
put my finger on it.
Two days ago I had the bathroom
window open which is rarely
the case.  When  I went to close it
It fell inward (it's the type that comes
in to wash them) and hit me right on
the bridge of the nose.  As hard as it
hit I thought it would have broken, but
there wasn't even a bruise, although
it still hurts a little even today.
It was a nasty little shock.  My
brother in law looked at it and because
it's rarely used the little prongs on
the sides became brittle and  broke
off.  So I need to order another piece
I guess.  He said it was easy enough
to put  on but they don't sell that
kind of stuff off the shelf.  At least
not around here.  There are about
six million different types of window
replacement parts.....  I think I will
just never open it again and let the
new owner worry about it if I 
ever sell the house.

Today is the last Saturday class.  :(
I will miss it a great deal.  I
need to spend more time practicing
my finger spelling.  I am terrible
at it!  I've been told it's muscle
memory.  My muscles aren't in
the mood to memorize, apparently.

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

May all your wishes...

My ex daughter in law (whom I 
love dearly) has a birthday coming up.
This is the card I made.  I have come
to the conclusion that I don't really
like this die much.

It's pretty, don't get me wrong, 
just a pain to work with.  I think
it might look better with some
fibre tied around the fold of the
card, so I may do that before
I send it.

Dianne and I missed our lunch
last week, so we had dinner last
night.  We were going to go to
a new place that just opened
called Moe's, but it was jammed.
It is, as best as I can tell, a burrito
bar that you just tell them what
you want and they fix it on the spot.
Nice idea, but it's still so new that
you just can't get in without waiting
in line forever and neither of us was
in the mood for that.  Neither of
us likes crowds much, either.  So
we opted for a nice quiet restaurant
farther up the street. 

I'm looking forward to spending a
quiet day today and tomorrow.
I have nothing to do either day.
Nothing that is, except get on the
treadmill which I should be doing
more of.  I've gained some weight...
again.  We won't talk about that, though.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Say your prayers

These are cards I made a while
ago, and I don't think I've posted
them yet.  I haven't been doing
much card wise.  My arm has been
hurting a lot and I don't see the 
doctor until the end of the month.
I am wondering if I will need surgery.
The cortisone shot lasted about 6 weeks
this time.  I can only have one every
three months.  Not good.  I guess I'll
find out soon but he has already
mentioned surgery.  :(

Aren't these just the cutest?  They
would make good cards for a new baby
or baptism, things like that.  Maybe
even a shower announcement.
I see that Dwayne Johnson AKA 
"the rock" has just been named sexiest
man alive.  He makes MY list for sure!!
He also is a Christian.  I have seen
articles in which he tells about his
salvation.  I think that is just so
awesome.  Whenever I watch a Christian
movie on TV I am always looking to
see if the actors are Christians.  I don't
know if he's ever been in any faith
based movies, but he would be welcomed
in any movie I watched!  Too bad he's
married with kids, LOL!
What day is today?
Hump day!
happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Know that you are loved

I made this card for my ex's grandfather.
He is in a nursing home in Norwalk, 
Ohio and is the sweetest man in the world.
So I drop him a card now and then to
let him know I'm thinking about him.

The interpreter prep class is over
and I enjoyed it so much.  We had to
interpret last night as someone was
reading and try to keep up with them.
The person reading for me went nice and
slow so I liked that!  They weren't
allowed to look at us so didn't know
how fast or slow we were signing.
I think I did well, but I really need
to work on my "I'm freaking out"
facial expressions, LOL.
I had some blood work done this morning
for an appointment with my kidney doctor
next month.  I'm hoping for good news.
Last year he came in with a smile on
his face and said, "I never get to give people
good news and this never happens, but
your kidneys are getting better.  I think
they're healing themselves."!!  The lesson
there is don't limit God.  A few prayers
would be appreciated.  I am really
hoping he will tell me I'm even better
than last year, but not getting my
hopes up either.  The kind of kidney
disease I have usually never gets
better, only worse with time.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Game time

I went a different route for
these journals and made a score
pad with one.  What I use now
when we play cards is just a mini 
legal pad and it works fine, but
this is much cooler, right?!

This way you can keep track of 
who wins.  Larry likes to look back
and say, "you lost this week, you
lost that week" etc.  He's such a pain!
But I love him anyway.
The bathroom floor looks so
beautiful and every time I walk in
I think I'm in the wrong house!  It 
was so nice to be able to hang out with
Mark and just have some family
time.  We don't get to do that
too often.  He even went to church
with me and got to see me sign,
so that was fun as well.  I
wish he could bring his wife, Stephanie,
with him but the only time he can 
come is weekends and that's when
she works the most at Kohl's,
especially right now with the Christmas
season coming.  I just don't get to
spend enough time with my siblings
and their spouses.  Sometimes I wish
we could go back to Mayberry times 
when no one moved across the country.
I don't think God intended us to
be so alienated from each other by
distance or by other things.  I also
think that people don't spend enough
time trying to cultivate relationships
when they aren't right around the 
corner.  It's so easy to become
complacent when you don't
see the person every day.
God created families for
a reason and I want to make sure I
let my family-and my friends- know
that I love them.  I don't think
you can say that often enough.  
Tonight is the last Monday sign class
and I am going to miss it so much!  
After Saturday-the last class for
that day-I will only get to see my
friends once a week at church.
I am sad about that.  I'm
not sure when the next ones
will begin.

Please pray for those in the wildfire
zones.  My sister isn't in any danger
(I don't think) but yesterday they
weren't allowed out except for
emergencies and the smoke was so 
thick at  one point that they could
barely see their neighbor's house.
They all need our prayers.  Thanks.   

Happy Monday!!

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...