Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

My friend and I went through a corn maze
this afternoon!  It was so cold and
breezy that we gave our hayride
tickets to a young couple, but
we still had a lot of fun.  I've
only been through one maze
 years ago with my two
oldest grandsons and Cody.  They
were probably about 5 and 6 at the
time and had a blast.  It was much
warmer that day!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

bookmark card

Since I'm pretty sure Pam
(my daughter in law) doesn't read
this blog, it's probably safe to
post this card.  It's going to be
a hard birthday for her.  She said
she wasn't going to celebrate.  But 
I also know that her dad wouldn't
have wanted her to do that.  As well,
she encouraged Cody to celebrate his
birthday after John died.  So while
I'm not going to make a big deal
about it, I did want to give her a little
something.  Since she loves to 
read, I thought a bookmark
card might be in order.  

Card with bookmark on front

Card with bookmark removed

Card inside

I was pretty pleased with how it came out.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shaker card

OK, so I know I said I wasn't good at
shaker cards, but I just had to
try one I saw on pinterest.  I didn't 
have any sequins which probably
would have looked better,
but I think it looks all right
anyway.  Those are micro
beads inside.  They are about the size 
of the head of a pin.  Maybe smaller!
It came together perfectly
the very first time.  I couldn't
believe it!  Well, I guess the
quote is true.....

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another Bible page

Another Bible page.  I really should
not have undertaken this project.  I
get frustrated with myself because my
artistic ability is less than nothing.  That's 
pretty impressive if you think about
it.  I mean, I can't even draw a stick
figure.  I did one today
that I totally messed up and
not only would I never show another
soul, but I don't even want to look
at it ever again!!!  I guess God doesn't mind 
and that's what counts.  As for this one, I
blatantly copied the whole thing.  Except
for the "love" stamp and you can't
exactly call that mine either.....Well,
maybe someday I will get better.
If not, It's for God anyway, not
for anyone else!  And since He
gave me no artistic ability whatsoever,
I guess He understands.  (I hope!!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ghiradelli boxes

Last year I didn't celebrate Christmas, or 
any other holiday for that matter.
Now I guess I need to move back into
the land of the living.  So, I have begun
to work on some Christmas projects.
It's hard to do these boxes for
one simple reason:  I LOVE Ghiradelli!  
Especially the sea salt carmel
and naturally that's what I bought.
Since they are made of paper
rather than cardstock they're a bit
floppy, but I don't think the recipient
will mind with the delicious 
candy inside!  
I have some other projects in
mind as well.  Money doesn't go around
with so many
they get handmade gifts instead,
with lots of candy to sugar
them up and make them
insane for their parents!
Isn't that what good grandmothers 
do?  It's called payback, kids!!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Angels watching over us

I am so thrilled with how these cards
turned out.  I just wish the picture would
show the shininess of the
perfect pearls.  This is a dusting
rather than  painting like the
last one I posted.  You use a sticky ink
pad called an embossing pad.  Then
you dust the perfect pearl
powder over the image and set
it with a spritz of water.  As you
can tell, I am into the angel image
at the moment!

I got leaves raked last night~there will
be plenty more before it is
all said and done.  It was good
to get some exercise and be out
in the fresh air.  My neighbors 
invited me over to  have some
barbeque with them.  It was
nice to get to know them a little
better since they have been
mowing my lawn and weed whipping
all summer!  What a blessing that
has been!  I was hoping
at some point someone would move
in that I could get to know.  The
house has been empty for years.
When they moved in at the
beginning of the summer I would
never have guessed that they would
want to mow for me all summer!
God is good.  It's been hard
for me to do things like that with
the rotator cuff tendonitis.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

bookatrix and gift box

A bookatrix I made last night and
a gift box for it.  Since I am mathmatically
challenged and since I couldn't find
a template or instructions for it
anywhere on the internet (believe it or not)
I had to figure out the box on my own.
It took a couple tries, but I finally got the top
to go over the bottom without being too
big, so I was pleased.  On the right,
the tag is a shaker with tiny beads
like the one in the post the other
day.  I usually don't like making
shaker cards because I'm
not good at it, but the micro
beads lend themselves well
to this type of card.  And
it looks so great on the bookatrix.
I  hope the person it is intended for likes it.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Life is a circus

About a month or so ago,
Sam's husband, Dave, and I
were goofing off during the church
service.  She was giving him "the eye"
because this is distracting for her
while she is signing.   Dave
told her, "You can't put two clowns
together and not expect a circus!"
So....when I saw this circus stamp
I just HAD to get it and make him 
a card!  I already had a set of
carousel horses so this card
came together perfectly!!
To paint it I used a product
called "perfect pearls".  It's a powder
that can be used in various ways,
one is to use a tiny bit of water
and make a paint from it. 
It's really shiny, but I don't think
you can see that well from the picture.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Other craft projects

Today will be a difficult day
for everyone involved.  There is no way
around it, you have to go 
through it.  You never get
"over" the death of a loved
one, but the acute pain
does ease with time.  This 
has brought up some emotions
for me that I would rather
not have had to deal with again,
but it makes me more aware
of what she is going through
and helps me be more of a support.


These are some candles I made a while back.
I used alcohol ink which is an ink
with an alcohol base.  it dries quickly
and leaves vibrant colors.  It can be used
on any non-porous materials.  I've used it
on metal and photo paper as well. The
candles are completely safe to burn
once you take off the stickers.

This is called a bookatrix.  Don't ask me why!
It measures approximately 9.5 x 5.5
and does not close like a conventional card.
Most people make special card
boxes for them.  I think the
shaker tag really adds a lot.
I haven't made one in
quite a while so I think I will make one
today for a friend of a friend.
She is going through some health
issues and needs a lift.  I hope
I can still remember how to
make them!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sympathy cards

These are the other two cards.  The one on the 
left is for Pam's brother and his wife,
The one on the right for Pam and Cody.
They spent some time yesterday going
through photos and deciding
which ones to take to the memorial.
One of the things that will be there is
Dennis' bicycle.  That man could
ride!  He would ride 25 miles a day
from home to work and
back again and work an 8 hour shift!
He loved to ride his bike. For his
60th birthday everyone went
together and bought him a new
fancy schmancy one.  He was
 speechless!  He got a lot of pleasure
from the outdoors, day or night.
He loved looking at the stars and
just enjoyed the world
God has given us.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Pam's father, Dennis, went to be with the Lord
early yesterday morning.  He will
be deeply missed.  Of course, this
is bringing up memories for me of going
 through the same thing .  Life marches on and
the ones who are going through this difficult
time are still "stuck" in the moment, memories
and pain.  I made a vow about a
year ago to God that if I had occasion
to know a widow that I would be
there for her as long as she needed
me to be~however long that might
be.  Grief knows no time limit.
So God is holding me to my vow
and I intend to fulfill it.

The pictures are backwards, the bottom is the
front and the top is the inside.  I will
probably post Pam and Cody's tomorrow,
but this one is for LuAnn (Pam's mother
and my good friend for 15 years).

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Calming the storm

I love this saying!  It is so
true.  Sometimes the storm
rages on, but if you hold on
to God, He will get you through.
I look back on some of the
storms in my life, things I didn't
know how I would get through, 
and now I can see His hand on
the situation.  We can't always see it
while the storm is raging.  I
guess that's where faith 
comes in!

Some very sad news, my daughter in law's
father had a massive brain bleed last
night and was put on life support. 
They have since taken him off and
the doctors have told them it could be hours 
or days.  He is a strong healthy man
besides this freak accident, but I hope
he does not linger on for his family's 
sake.  The one blessing in all this
is that he is saved.  Please pray for Dennis' 
family.  thanks.

Friday, October 16, 2015

New Toy!

I have been wanting this matchbox die for
quite a while, but I wasn't willing
to pay 30.00 for it.  Even with a
40% off coupon it was still pricey.
I happened to look at the 
clearance section and there it was,
on clearance for $17.99.  With my
40% it was a little over 10.00!  Naturally, even
though that's not what I went to 
Hobby Lobby for (like that matters)
I snatched it up.  It was the only
one, too!  I plan to make 
bunches of them, decorate them
for Christmas and fill
with little candies.
 Then I will give the little
kids a lunch bag of match boxes.  That
will keep them busy for 5 minutes
or so.  They are so easy to make.
It will take longer to decorate
than to make them up!  
Many people make accordian
scrapbooks as well and put tiny 
pictures, sayings, things like that
on the pages.  I may try
that.  There are lots of tiny things
you can put in them.  Jewelry, 
beads and other things for
craft makers.  I'm very happy!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

My new bird and a notepad

Ok, it is not a REAL bird, but he's cute nonetheless.
His name is Ribbie, which my sister
suggested.  What is strange about that
is that (this could only come from the
mind of a child) I used to call her "standing
ribroast" when she was a kid. I then
shortened it to "ribroast" and finally
"Ribbie".  Why did I do it?
because she got upset about
it, of course!

Isn't he cute??

Yesterday a friend sent me a picture of an empty
notepad I made her.  What could I do?
I can't let her go without a notepad, lol.  
It's not like I don't have them laying around...
So I made her another.  The picture was
taken before I tweaked it a little
and added some leaves to the flowers.  I was
too lazy to retake the photo
since I already had it uploaded to the
computer.  But it looks OK this
way, too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Journal for Bri

My granddaughter, Brianna, told me the other
day that she wanted to start journaling, so I offered
to make her a journal.  This is made from a
composition book you can pick up at walmart
or any dollar store.  I put a ribbon under
the paper so it can be tied at the
side.  Sorry, Bri, no lock on it.
I love the paper design.  I don't know
if she will or not, but I hope so.  If not, 
I can always make her another!!!

I'm going to dinner tonight with a friend.
I would not have met this woman
if not for John's death, as she is
the social worker for hospice.
I'd rather not have had to meet
her, but her friendship has
been very special to me.  It's
strange how God can use something
very hard or sad for His glory.  I 
guess that's why James said: 

 "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, 
whenever you face trials of many kinds"
(James 1:2)
It's not fun to go through trials, and I'm not sure 
anyone but James and Paul would find joy in it.
But it does bring a new strength if we 
trust God.  I am very sure had
John not gotten sick he would not
have found Jesus.  Equally, I am sure
that I would not have the closeness
and trust in God that I have found 
since he was diagnosed.
None of us wants to go through
trials, but 

"We know that all things work together for good
 to those who love God, to those who 
are the called according to His purpose."
( Romans 8:28)

So I choose to trust God even though
sometimes it is counterintuitive.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stitched monogram note cards

I love the stitched cards, very relaxing for me (unless
the pattern is difficult) I made monogrammed
note cards for several friends a while back.  
I should make some more.  They are really fun
to do.

Here comes the colder weather.  I know it can't
stay warm forever, but every year
I think more seriously about moving south or
maybe back to California.  Less humidity
there.  I lived in Charleston for about
three years and love it there, too.  But if I moved
anywhere, I wouldn't know anyone and
that would be hard to do, so I guess I'll
just stay around here and complain 
all winter.  I did my best not
to complain about this heat this past
summer, being glad for the warmth, but it
wasn't that bad of a summer anyway.
Unless I have to go out, I pretend
I'm a bear and just hibernate through
the cold months.  Maybe I'll
get some more stitched patterns
to work on!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Meet the mutts!

Sorry no post yesterday, but my son and wife came over and also his kids, 
and they stayed the night with me (the kids) and went
to church with  me on Sunday.  Bri has expressed an
interest in learning sign language!  She's spending the 
night Friday and going to class on Saturday with
me.  I am beyond excited.

Anyway, to the dogs.  They are both shelter dogs.
B'Elanna is a malti poo (maltese and poodle)
and Neelix is a yorkie.  The names are
from Star Trek Voyager in case
anyone wondered.  Everyone wants to 
know where I came up with such names.  The
vet's office laughed at B'Elanna's name as I was
spelling it for them.  Well, John was making
fun of me, too, in all fairness.  They have
really helped me through John's death.  
Being able to hold on to something living
when you are going through a hard time
helps tremendously.  B'Elanna is very sensitive
to my moods.  When we brought Neelix
home we didn't realize he was sick.  He's much
older than her and the shelter wanted to 
get rid of him, I think.  We weren't even
sure if he would survive.  I didn't know
dogs got colds (this being my very first
experience with dogs) but he also
had bad teeth and that didn't help.
Once we got him well the vet went
to getting those teeth taken care of.  Had we
not come along he probably would have
been euthanized, so God really had
a plan there.  He had a plan all the way around
because I never thought I liked dogs.  He knew
way ahead of time that I would need their
comfort.  But then He knows all.
Neelix is wearing a halloween costume and none
too happy about the situation.  B'Elanna on
the other hand, loves to be dressed and 
will even put her head and arms forward
just like a kid!  She also rubs her
eyes like a tired child.  They are 
both a lot of fun!

Saturday, October 10, 2015


This is my "old woman" Sadie.  It's a good thing
I named her a girl's name because eventually she started
laying eggs.  She hasn't done that in quite a few years,
and for that I'm grateful.  She tried valiantly to hatch
them and laying takes a lot out of a bird.
Sadie will be 21 years old on Monday!!  I'm
thinking of taking her out for a drink since she
will be legal. Do you think people will look
at me strangely?  Sadie used to talk, but
quit a few years back.  I guess she
got tired of trying to express herself!
She said the usual, hello, pretty
bird, etc.  Only a few things, but they
were pretty understandable.  She also
wolf whistles.  Don't all birds??
Well, OK, Lili and Luna don't.
A year ago she had a broken leg.
That was an experience.  She had just
had her wings clipped and tried to
fly.  She twisted her leg on the landing.
When I get her up in the morning she's usually
hanging on the cage door.  I tell her to get off and
she climbs down and sits on the perch
until I open it.  When it's time for bed
I tell her to get back in and she walks in
all by herself.  Which is more than I 
can say for Lili!  Luna usually hangs out 
inside her cage so I don't have to
worry about getting her back in.  She's
more cooperative than the other
two anyway.  So tomorrow I'll introduce
the dogs and then I'll get back to the cards!!

Friday, October 9, 2015


This is Luna, my gold capped conure.  Conures are
EXTREMELY loud birds.  Suns are the worst, 
but she isn't far behind.  Unless Lili is tuned up (and then
you can hear her the next block over) Luna is 
far louder than her, believe it or not.
Years ago we had our deck closed in
to make a four seasons room.  It's
so nice because when the birds
start getting loud all I have to do is close
the slider and it blocks out most of the
noise.  Of course, living with them,
I'm pretty good at blocking out the noise
anyway, but there are days....
She doesn't talk, but that's OK.  She's a real
comic, likes to hang upside down and hide
in her "happy hut" which is a tent that
hangs from the top of her cage.  Her
favorite foods include grapes and almond
slivers, but she will eat pretty much
any kind of nuts.  She's not very adventurous
when it comes to people food.  Lili loves bananas
but Luna won't touch them.  They all
have such distinct personalities.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


This is my girl, Lili (Liliana)  Isn't she gorgeous?  She's a scarlet
macaw.  They are known to have quite the attitude.  I
was cautioned by multiple people not to get a
scarlet but I was sure I could handle her.
 There are days when I
Macaws are not known for their talking abilities.
She does say a few things, though. "Good girl",
"is that better?"  (That's a cue to scratch her head).
"hello" naturally.  don't they all?! She also
yells "B'Elanna" when the dog starts barking.
'Whatcha doin'?  HUH?"  and "Step up"  She said that
to the vet the first time she
went.  The vet got a big
laugh out of that. One of her
favorite things to do is to hang upside down
on her toys, flap her wings and scream.  She also loves
 the orange and pink toy shown here.  It's a foraging toy so
it comes apart in the center.  she puts the pink
part on her head and puts her beak inside the
orange bottom and makes noises.  She likes
the different sound it makes.She's a lot of fun to
watch and cheers me up when I'm feeling kind 
of sad.  Who can help but smile at an upside
down parrot screaming in fun?!  Well, maybe
some, but I'm used to the noise.
And for any of you eagle eyes out there,
yes, those are pez dispensers.  I have
about 800 of them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Make it so!

I'm happy to report that Dennis is
on the mend.  He will probably be in hospital
for at least the rest of the week, but they are
moving him to the rehab section today to teach
him how to move around with the braces he will have
to wear for several months.  His short term memory still
isn't the best, but I think that will straighten
itself out soon.  As I said before, he is a big
Star Trek fan, so I couldn't help but make
a card like that.  I love the expression on Captain Picard's
face.  so appropriate for the caption!

I'm excited to say my Bible page has
gotten 320 likes so far and  lots of really 
great comments!
 Although this is supposed
to be about my worship,
it's always nice to have validation from
other people who are doing this
as well.

My brother in law is on  his annual fishing
trip with his brothers/nephews, etc.
so Laurel (John's sister) and I
are going to lunch today.  I'm looking 
forward to that.  I worked for
them for years before I met him, so I've been 
friends with them for about 27 years.  I met
them when Cody was a year old.
Later, I'm going to help at the food
pantry at the church here in Fremont.
It gives me a chance to say hello
to everyone as I attended there for
about 8 years.  I miss them, but
I am where God wants me and
that's where I want to be!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Thy Word

This reminds me of the song, "Thy Word"
by Amy Grant.
One of the biggest thrills of my life
was seeing her in concert in Hollywood.
She must have been about 19, didn't even
have a band yet, just two huge speakers.
It was held in  high school.  
Afterward, we stood and talked to
her for about 10 minutes just like
you would any other person.
I have always been a big fan
of hers, so to have that
experience is something I will
never forget.
Wow, I posted this on the facebook
group I joined and within 10 minutes had
almost 50 likes!  This is the first
one I was brave enough to post.

Yesterday a friend told me that she
had two people in her life who
really lived their faith and that one
of them was me!  I was so
blessed to hear that she saw
Jesus in me as that is what I
want people to see.  Not me,
but Jesus living in me.  My greatest
desire is that I can be "Jesus
with skin" to someone who is
hurting.  We never know, we
may be the only person they
see Him in.  So we need to
live our faith every day.
I need to remember this 
while driving!!  Just because
the other driver can't hear me
yelling at him, Jesus can.

Monday, October 5, 2015

New baby

I'm going to be a great grandmother
in December.  I wasn't
too happy about it at first. 
I know how hard it is to have a
baby so young and she is young.  But...
every new baby is such a blessing, 
so I'm warming to the idea.  I LOVE
 I told her I would make birth
announcements for her.  I plan
to include stamps as well, since
I know they don't have much money.
Shhhh.  Don't tell them!

I am planning a new Bible page.
I'm not sure when I will do it, but I've laid 
the idea out in my head.
(not that that always helps!!)
I have so many ideas
but I don't want to do them just to do them.
I want this to be part of my worship.
Something I meditate on as I 
am creating the art.
I need to slow down and be
thoughtful about it.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy Sunday!

I finally found the cards I was looking for.  
This was during my "quilling period".  
I am not good at it, and didn't really like it much,
but I wanted to try it and I think the cards
I did make turned out OK.
There's two more I might  
put on here at some point.
You have to step out of your comfort zone 
every now and again.
I have seen some gorgeous quilling 
and even stand-alone quilling, 
that is, not glued to a card.  
I am just not that talented....

Yesterday my Daughter in law's father
was hit when a dead tree was blown
into him.  He will be OK, I think,
but is injured badly.  Broken bones in
his spine, neck, broken teeth.  He, 
and the whole family, need prayer.
He's a great guy, wonderful sense
of humour (I appreciate that!) 
and a Star Trek fan-what
more needs to be said about that??!!
Hopefully he will have a quick

Saturday, October 3, 2015


A card I made for a new little friend.  I guess I should have 
photographed it before I signed it, lol. 
Anyway, she is a very sweet girl
with a great sense of humour 
and a beautiful smile, so I  thought
she might enjoy a card!  :)

It is cold, windy and rainy.  I don't like
it a bit.  I am, however, grateful for a
warm house, warm slippers and a 
soft quilt to cuddle up under.
My friend, LuAnn, made this quilt
using pieces of John's shirts after he died.
A memory quilt.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Tri fold

This is called a tri fold card.  It folds up and fits in a
Regular invitation-sized (A2) envelope. 
I'ts kind of a pain in the neck, but I think the results are well worth it.

I'm trying to teach myself calligraphy again.
I used to be able to do it...but I see one thing
in my head and my hand draws another.
Kind of frustrating, so I think I should probably
give myself a break. I'm not too good
at that.  I want to do things perfectly
the first time and I can't live up to my own standards!
Usually I can do what I want to do
eventually, except for drawing and origami.
I can watch an origami video, do it along with them
and mine turns out nothing like what they have.
So I finally decided I'd better give up.
Sometimes you just have to do that!

I'm looking forward to this afternoon and
going to lunch with my friend, Dianne. 
I'm going to take my Bible journal
and show her the first one.  I think
she will really like it!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bible Journal

Since I didn't make a post yesterday, and since I decided to plunge right in to my Bible Journal,
 I decided I'd go ahead and post it today.  
This verse is one that my friend, Dianne, and I text to each other sometimes.  
So it's kind of "our verse"  LOL.  I had to start somewhere and 
this seemed like a good place.  
Of course, there's not really a bad place to start in the Bible, is there?

I love you sign

A set of stitched sign language "I love you" hands for my friend Sam after the first sign language class was over at the beginning of the summer.  I love making these.  so easy and "quick" comparatively speaking.

I am happy to report that my dad is doing well.  The doctor thinks the lowered kidney function was due to a medication he had been taking that caused dehydration.  He's going to have another blood test done since all he had was the one from when dad was hospitalized  6 weeks or so ago.  That will tell him more, but he doesn't expect any surprises, so we were very grateful for that.

I got a journaling Bible yesterday.  I'm nervous to start it, but I'm going to try today.  IF it comes out good....I'll post a picture here.  :)

Graduation day!

My beautiful granddaughter, Bri, graduates today-and nine days from now ships out to Virginia for her basic training in the Army.  Go...