Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Graduation time

My son's ex wife, Annette,
had a little boy when they
got married, Jake.  I have
always considered him and
her children with her second
husband as my own grandkids.
Jake is Bri's older brother.
He just graduated so of course
I had to make him something.
I saw a cute grad cap box that I
will put a "little something" in
and also made him a card.
 His party is next month.  Bri says
he is planning on moving to Colorado!
He has an aunt and uncle and cousins
there and a job lined up. 
 I hope he will like it there.  I know
his sisters and brothers will 
miss him, though.

This is the box closed and opened.  I
think it turned out so cute.  The school
colours are red and white.

And his card.  I love how this turned
out!!!  The congratulations is embossed
in gold to match the gold accents
of the rest of the card.  I thought about
doing it in black but it just wouldn't have
stood out as well.

My grandson, Wyatt, has a birthday
in a few days.  This is Andy's youngest.
I saw this Star Wars card and thought
it was adorable.  It's made from
an owl punch.  It's amazing the things
people come up with.  It is also a
pain in the neck to cut out all those
 pieces (some of the punched pieces
have to be modified) and glue them
all together.  So I don't do it often,
but I couldn't pass up this card.

I have to take B'Elanna to her "beauty
parlour" appointment.  She LOVES 
taking rides in the car and  I love how
soft and fluffy and pretty smelling she
is when I bring her home.  I'm sure
they love my money.  So it's a win 
all the way around!


Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial day!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank
my father, my husband John, and
all the men and women who have or
are fighting here in this country or
on foreign lands for their service
and dedication to our freedom!
We take so much for granted and
don't stop to think of the sacrifices
that these people-and their families 
(speaking as an ex Navy wife)
make each and every day.  It's hard
for them to be away from their homes 
and families and hard for the families
to have their service member away
for long periods of time.  We need to
keep them in our prayers!


I made two more monochromatic
cards yesterday with the colours
I had gemstones in.  I love how they
turned out.  I think I'm on to something!

It's hard to read the sentiments for
some reason.  I couldn't get a good
photo.  They are clear stickers
so I think they were picking up too
much light.  The  blue one
has the verse Psalm 118:24
"This is the day the Lord has made
We will rejoice and be glad
in it."
For some reason, this has turned 
out to be Dianne's and my verse.
Not sure how it happened, but
we will sometimes text it to the
other in the morning to remind
each other, I guess.  So sometimes
I use that sentiment on a card and
send it to her. Naturally she's getting
that one as in addition to the
verse, blue is her favourite colour!

Sunday is always bird-free day.
(aka mental health day) .  I leave
them in their cages and just have a quiet
day.  I was able to get some
other cards done during the day which
I will share later.  I love my birds,
but I look forward to Sunday and just
a quiet, slow day.  Yesterday just
also happened to be Harry Potter day.
One of the channels was running a weekend
and even though I've seen them over and
over I watch again anyway.  Mainly
the TV is on.  I'm not necessarily watching
it.  I just like the noise, I guess.  But it's
nice to be able to go in the craft room,
make a card and then come back
out and know exactly what is going
on in the movie!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pretty in pink

Bri and I had a great time Friday/
Saturday.  We went to the deaf
chat and that was fun even though
they still go way too fast for me.
I need more practice but there's
no one to practice with. 
When we came home we watched
Edward Scissorhands which
I had recorded on a freebie
weekend.  I don't generally
watch movies, so I don't
have any of the premium 
channels on.  Why spend that
kind of money when you don't
really use it.  If I want
to watch a movie I have
netflix for that.  Or the
ton of movies that
I have in my collection....
You know, the movies you love
and are some day going to 
watch again.  yes, those movies!
On Saturday we walked to the
ice cream shop, circled around
to the dollar store and then 
stopped to visit Pam for a 
few minutes.  That was so much
fun. We always have fun

I love how this card turned out.  I
did want it to be completely monochromatic
but didn't check ahead of time to see
if I had the correct colours-which I
did not, of course.  I may make another
in green.  I think I have enough
gemstones in that colour.  But I
think the card is still pretty .

It's a little hard to see in the
picture.  In person it looks much
better I think.
Sign classes are over for the time
being and I'm going to miss
them, but maybe I should take
the time and clean the house.
Maybe not.  Pam (teacher
Pam as opposed to daughter
in law Pam previously mentioned)
said that she will probably have
a 4 or 5 week class during the summer
of just review, so I will attend that
of course.  I can't believe how
quickly I forget it if I don't study
a little bit every day.  Which I
don't.  I need to buckle down
and discipline myself.  In more
than one area!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

purple roses?

Sorry I'm late posting,  I had
an early morning appointment
with my ortho doctor to have
another cortisone injection.
They aren't lasting as long but
I'm in no mood to consider surgery.
I just don't think it's that bad.  He
said when I've had enough pain I will
know and will tell him.  Mostly it just
hurts at night and is tolerable during
the day. 

I'm pretty sure purple roses
are real, but I'm not one for flowers.
And even so, this rose is not
purple, it is white on a purple
background so the title is deceiving.

I couldn't find any other colour
gem stones to put on it so I
settled because it needed
My SIL, Laurel, brought me some
hosta and I got that planted.  Finally
things are looking better.  I got the darned
bushes out and some ground cover
going in and I won't have to mess with 
it once it gets going.  Yay!!  Here
is a picture of her beautiful orchids.

Later my granddaughter Bri is coming
over and we're going to hang out at least
for tonight.  I don't know if she will be
staying the whole weekend or not.  I
hope so!  Tonight we are going to go
to Auburn, IN to the deaf chat.  We will
probably only stay an hour or so, but
I think it will be fun.  She took one
class and is interested, but not enough
to commit to it.  She's 16 and has
lots of fun things to do in her life right now,
including cross country.  At least I
think that's the one she's doing.  I know
it's running anyway....  Something I try
never to do.  I hate to run.  Always have.
Anyway, I might be MIA tomorrow
since we will be having girl time.  :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lots (and lots) of roses

There is a Stampin Up!" die called 
rose wonder.  It's really expensive.
Truth told, I think most Stampin Up! stuff
is really expensive, but they have great
things, so once in a while I order.
This I just couldn't order because
it was way out of my budget.  However,
a friend I just met at a wedding
last summer, has the die and she
so graciously cut me some.  Lots of
them!  I will be playing with them for
a while!

Isn't it pretty?  She made me several
different colours as well.  The first
thing I did was emboss one in black.
I started the card, but haven't finished it
yet, so I'll probably post it tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I did want to get a
thank you card sent out in the mail
to her quickly, so I have that to 

I think if I make a card like this again I will
mat the panels. I think it will look better that
way.  Oh, well.  Her cards are so beautiful
that this one kind of pales in comparison.
It's the thought that counts, right?  Apparently
she has everything under the sun in her
craft room so I will have to keep that in
mind in the future before I buy anything
expensive that I can get from her!  ;)

I'm looking forward to my visit with
Pam today.  It is supposed to rain, but
I haven't seen any evidence of that yet.
Not that that will hurt my feelings.
Tomorrow is going to be busy.
I have a doctor's appt. in FW for a 
cortisone shot and that's at 9 am.
Then lunch with Dianne, my Gdaughter,
Bri, is coming over and we are
going to Auburn for a deaf chat.
It's going to be a fun day!  Well, the
shot isn't so much fun, but maybe
I'll be able to get some sleep.  I was
up until 3 am trying to fall asleep.  Night
sucks for pain.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I made a different kind of card
today.  I've made this type of card
once or twice before, but never
quite like this.  Sorry for the paper
clip, but it wouldn't stay closed on
its own.  You will see why on the second
picture, but I don't want to give 
it away....

I love this quote.  I thought at first that
I hadn't stamped the whole thing
properly, but the butterflies are supposed
to be like that. Sometimes with the
large stamps I can't get the ink to come
off all the way.  Maybe I am impatient.
Maybe lazy.  But I digress.  Are
you impatient?  OK, here's the inside:

Isn't that cool?  The butterfly "flies" off
the page on a pop up panel.  I was surprised
at how easy it was and how great it
came out.  On the body of the butterflies
I used some of the enamel accent dots.
Those little things are hard to keep track
of and harder to get them to go where
you want them to go.  I probably should
have used my tweezers but I was too
lazy to look for them.  They're probably
right in front of me.  Actually, my desk is
pretty clean, considering, so it probably
wouldn't have been that hard to find them.
I think I'm going to send this to Robin 
for her pastor/wife.  I'm starting to
get a large collection of cards again,
so time to send them out.

Tomorrow my DIL, Pam, and I are
going to go to Battle Creek and bum around
and have lunch together.  It is her father's 
birthday and she took the day off.  I know
it will be an emotional day for her, so
hopefully this will take her mind off
it for just a little while.  It's the first
one since he died.  I'm honoured
she asked to spend part of the day
with me.   

Yesterday I finally managed to get
the garage cleaned and it looks great.
Want to hear a "God thing"?  I have
had a grill in the garage that had been
used half a dozen times or so before
John died.  I thought about putting an
ad in the paper to sell it, but then I
just felt this prompting to text Mark and
see if he could use it.  God's timing is
so perfect.  He just threw his out this
past weekend because it was getting
old and rusty!  We are going to exchange
it for his helping me put in some tile
in bathrooms/laundry room when he
has the time to do it.  It's a win/win
for both of us!  God does amaze
me on a regular basis.  Even when
I sometimes feel so far away from
Him which has certainly been happening
in the past few months, He reminds
me that He is always there and that
I shouldn't trust my feelings because
feelings aren't always accurate.  There
is an Amy Grant song to that effect 
called  "Faith walking people"  .  Faith
is what tells us God is there even when
feelings tell us otherwise.  I need to
remember that.  Sometimes it's so hard.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Silent dinner

I have to say, I had a lot of
fun last night!  I was a bit nervous
because most of the group has
far more experience than me, but
that doesn't always mean anything.
I was talking to Coleen, who has
5 years experience.  She is telling
me something about Deaf world, but 
is signing "home".  Both signs are 
done at the mouth and ear, but one
is a finger, the other a closed hand.
So I am trying to figure out what 
she is trying to say about "home world".
I mean, is she looking for the mother
ship or what????  She can't figure out
why I don't understand her.  I should,
after all.  So finally I signed it back
to her and that's when she realized
what she was signing.  I realized what
she was TRYING to tell me.  We laughed
and laughed.  The waitress didn't seem
to be too thrilled with the situation even
though we explained at the beginning what
was going to happen.  She seemed annoyed
at the extra work.  But what if a real 
deaf person came in?  We could hea r her
say,"What do you want?"  They would
not be able to hear that.  So it was good
experience for her, too.

This card did not turn out the way I
imagined it would.  I just couldn't get
the leaves around the butterfly the way I
wanted, and finally gave up.  I've been awake
since about 330 this morning, trouble
sleeping again....I got up at 4 am because
I was tired of just laying there.  So things
don't always come out right when I haven't 
had any sleep.  Here is the inside and
also an embossed envelope.

I don't usually do embossed envelopes but
I thought this one would look pretty 
with one.  Usually I just make my own
envelopes and they aren't plain like this one.
I think it's pretty.  :)

Today is garage cleaning day.  I've 
been putting it off long enough.  It needs 
to be swept and organized.  I don't know
how I have stuff lying all over the place 
when I just did it last year.  Where does
all this junk come from???

Monday, May 23, 2016

Trying out stencils

I found some really cool stencils
at the store the other day, 
but I'm not too good at them.
I've used them with sprays
before but I'm not enamoured
of sprays. This one I used with
distress ink and tried to make
it as neutral as possible so that
the other elements would
stand out.  I'm not sure if I 
like it or not.  I don't
hate it.

These are the stencils.

I've been wanting a "splat" stamp for a
while and a friend of mine ordered me
a set but then I saw the stencil and
thought I'd go ahead and get it
too.  I've played with it a little
bit and haven't found anything I'm super 
happy with. I'm afraid I just don't
have the knack.  But I'll play with
it a little longer before I give
up.  I tend to give up quickly
if something I'm doing doesn't
turn out right.

I just got a text from the dentist.
I have an appt. at 10 this morning.  
I totally forgot about it.  I missed a
very important appt. last week and
can't get in again until the end of
July, so I'm hoping they will refill
my scripts even though I missed.  The
last thing I want to do today is go
to the dentist.  I hate to get my teeth 
cleaned.  Actually, this is the second
to last thing I want to do today, and
the other thing I will probably end
up doing tomorrow..  Later today
is the silent dinner and I am looking
forward to that.  A little nervous, of
course, but I'm sure it will be fine.
One thing about deaf people, they
don't mind if you talk with your 
mouth full, LOL!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Signing naturally

I was wrong, (It's been
know to happen!) yesterday was the
last class.  I think she has something
planned for summer for a few weeks.
Usually they don't do anything then.  It
will probably be something small 
like learning songs or something
similar, not a regular class.  I will
miss it, but I need to study when there
isn't classes!!

I enjoy the classes so much!I'm still not 
very good at understanding what someone
is signing to me, but hopefully that
will come along in time.  At least
that's what I've been told!

I just love the bokeh technique so
much.  this envelope would
have to be hand delivered as the 
dots are only glued on.  It's a product
I found called enamel accents. I squeeze
it onto my craft sheet (to which nothing
sticks) and when it's dried it comes right
up and you can glue it to your project.
I imagine you can make pretty much
anything, lines, etc. but I only am
interested in the dots.  At least for now.

Finally, a hinge card.  As you can
see, the top swings over to reveal
the inside, but it doesn't open like
a traditional card.  And more
enamel dots!  Yes, another
favourite apparently!

Off to church today then I plan
to call the parents and see if they
want a visit.  B'Elanna loves to go
for car rides and they love to see
her.  I also need to get the garage
cleaned.  I managed to get vinca planted
in the front.  I still have two more
flower beds but she doesn't have
enough to give me that much, so
I will have to wait until next year, or 
maybe later this summer. She says
it reproduces QUICKLY!!  I
hope so because it looks pretty
bad in the front of the house.
You can't see the side and back from
the street so I don't care so much
about those.  Let me be straight here,
I hate anything to do with the outdoors
and getting dirty.  So this is something
I can do that will eliminate that in 
the future, I hope!  :)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy Saturday!

Today is the next to last Saturday
sign class.  Last Monday was the
last class for that day and this Monday
we are meeting at a restaurant
for a "silent dinner".  No talking
period, even when ordering.  This
should be interesting since I doubt
the wait staff will know sign language!
But it should be fun as well.

It looks like it's going to rain which will
interfere with my planting.  I hate
yard work with a passion which is
why I am planting vinca in all the
"flowerbeds" .  There were bushes
all around the entire house and I
hated them so much.  I finally
got them all out and the vinca will
make them look good and work-
free.  And the vinca is free as well
since my SIL, Laurel, wants to get rid
of some of hers.  It is choking out
her flowers since it grows so fast.  
Perfect for me!

I have made a couple cards, none of
which I am happy with, but here they

The fancy mat is a die cut .  I bought
the die last week on sale big time.  I was
happy about that-wouldn't have bought
it otherwise.  The little sprite is a 3-d
image.  You place smaller parts of the
image on top of each other and they
end up standing out.  I don't know 
how to explain it really.  It's called tole.

Double pocket cards with bookmarks
in the pockets.  The ferns are also a die
I got on sale.  I've been spending way too
much money on craft stuff lately.  But
this months the electric/gas company
settled up with me as I am on the
budget program.  So this month's
bill was nothing and I have 38. credit
for next month.  Soooo, I went a little
crazy!  Hobby lobby being right here
in town is not good for my checkbook.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rainbow bridge

 The Rainbows Bridge Poem Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....
Author unknown...

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Z fold variation

In true hand made tradition, I 
folded this card backwards.
So not only did I make a lot
of extra work for myself,
but it also looks goofy.
Fortunately I have friends
and family who will overlook
my stupid mistakes and like the
card anyway.  Maybe I'll get
ambitious and make another
the correct way.

It's been a rough weekend.  I think
it's going to be time soon, to let my
dog, Neelix, cross over the rainbow
bridge.  I can't bring myself to say
the words that that really means.  I've
never had to do anything like this before,
and certainly not alone.  He's become
incontinent over the past few months
and I am sure this doesn't make him
any more happy than it does me.  So
I take him to the vet that is here
in town and explain the situation.
They've been seeing my dogs for
years and I have become increasingly
certain that they enjoy spending my 
money more than I do..  So these idiots
want to do expensive blood tests
because he might have kidney
disease or diabetes.  And?  I told
them no.  Well, maybe he's in pain.
I'm sure he is.  He stumbles sometimes
and I think his hips are hurting.  But
that doesn't have anything to do with
incontinence.  So I let them talk
me into pain pills, came home
and called the vet in Ft. Wayne that
cares for my birds.  She has seen
each of the dogs when we first
got them , but
I thought it made more sense
to take them here locally.  I can't
do that with the birds.  They need
an avian vet.  I have known
her for about 17 years, trust her and
 know she's not going to take my money
for something that there's no cure for.
I'll be taking him there on
Monday morning.  She will give
me the guidance I need.
Oh, and to top it off, this vet here
in Angola kindly gave me an
extremely expensive
estimate for a teeth cleaning.


Friday, May 13, 2016

Bokeh technique

Bokeh is pronounced bo-kay.
It's actually a film technique
that photographers use to blur the
background and bring out an image
in the front.  So pretty and we've
all seen it.  Some genius figured
out how to make it on a card.
When I saw it I just had to try it.
I think it lends itself to a dream
scene which is why I put the
word "dream" on two of them. 

I think they are so beautiful!

Last night I went to pizza hut with the
sign group and met a deaf couple.
Didn't get to talk to them much
but it was a good experience.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Firekeepers casino

Not such a good time was had by
all...some idiot (who will remain
nameless) left her wallet at home.
She had never, ever done that
before.  Ever.  Moron.  Anyway,
the food was good, Cody loaned
me some money to play with-
I used 3.00 and that was enough.
Went to the craft store to get a couple
things since I had my checkbook.
Naturally.  Wrote the check-no
electronics for this store-gave it to 
him and wouldn't you know, he
wanted my drivers license? How 
inconsiderate.  So that didn't happen.
A few other irritating things happened
during the day, but the topper was 
when I decided to eat some 
strawberries and realized I'd left
them at the store.  It could have
been a better day.  On the up side,
I got a bill from the electric/gas co.
saying i didn't owe anything and that
I had a 38.+change credit for next
month.  I guess they settle up in
May when you are on the budget plan.
So I had a little extra money and 
bought some rubber bands to make
bracelets out of.  It's not like I 
don't have tons of them, I just get bored 
using the same colours.  

Isn't this a gorgeous waterwall?

No, we didn't play craps, but I thought
the sign was cool, so I had Pam take
a picture of the two of us in front of it.

Cody having a good stretch after

Cody and I won a little here and there,
but it didn't add up to anything, esp.
since I was playing a penny slot.  I
think I won 65 cents at one point.
Pam, on the other hand, won 23.,
took the money and ran.  They both
had 10. credit because every once
in a while the casino sends them a 
"haven't seen you in a while" letter
and adds a little money to their account.
so she used that up, ended up with
23. and I think that was a pretty
good deal.  She was happy. 
Maybe we'll have a do-over sometime.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Found it!

I thought I accidentally threw away
my new lamppost die.  It
was only 10.00 but I couldn't
remember if I got it at Hobby lobby
or JoAnn's.  Now I don't have
to worry about it!  That's what I
get for keeping my desk a mess!

This card did not turn out right
because There were no instructions,
just pictures.  So I decided to try
it and since I am mathmatically
challenged, I kept making the wrong 
sizes.  Finally I decide I could
live with it.  I mean, it IS
hand made after all, so by
virtue of the word handmade,
it isn't perfect...

I guess it's OK.  I  like the composition
of it, but it isn't how the picture showed.
I don't think I will try it again.

I'm going to clean for a friend today. 
I hate it, but he pays me well.  He and
his brother just got back from Florida
so it won't be too messy, but probably
good and dusty.  And I'll have some
money to spend at the casino tomorrow!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Triple flip card

As I've said previously, I don't
usually make square cards simply because
they cost more to mail.  This one I couldn't
resist and I'm thrilled with how it turned
out.  The card is supposed to be 
made with a special die, but so what?
Why spend the money for a die when
you can make your own?  It looks
just as good (if not better) than the
one made with the special die.

Note to self: make sure you have enough
of the same paper when starting a 
project.  So the envelope will match
the tan piece in the third picture.  But 
I'm really, really happy with how
it turned out.

Tonight is the last class for level 3.  I 
definitely want/need to take the class
again. I also need to buckle down
and study more.  I am stunned at
how quickly I am forgetting words
if I don't use them much.  The problem
is that I don't have anyone to practice
with.  I am enjoying the new church
I'm attending and learning quite a
bit from watching Pam.  So I'm glad
I decided to give it a try.

I may not post anything on Wed. ,
I'm not sure.  Cody and Pam are
taking me to the casino in Battle Creek
(did I already say this?  If so, sorry)
so I'm looking forward to that.  It's kind
of a birthday/mother's day present to
me and Cody.  I lived in Las Vegas
and never set foot in a casino!
I was only 20.  I played the slot
machines in the grocery store, laundromat
(no kidding!) and other places, but
not the casino.  And who had the money
anyway?  So this will be exciting.
The Chief of the casino came into the
store where John was working years
ago to buy some furniture and tried
to get John to be the IT guy for the
casino but he said no because he
wanted to retire and not keep driving
back and forth to Battle Creek.  It would
have been pretty cool, though!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Baby cherry trees

My cherry tree is prolific
at reproducing so I decided last
year to plant a baby.  Three of them
were kind of in a clump, so I thought
one might choke out the other 
two.  Not so far.   All 
three are flourishing!  I've wanted 
a tree in that corner for a long
time and John said no.  So.... he 
doesn't get a say.  I'm thrilled with
how they are doing so far.  
Next year I will probably remove
the rocks around it.  I didn't
want them to accidentally get
mowed over last year while my
neighbor was mowing my yard with
the rider.  Aren't they cute?!

Now on to the new card fold
I tried this morning.  This is called 
a corner fold.  It is so cute and
came out really well the very first
time!  I'm going to send it to Robin
for her pastor's little granddaughter.
She is either going to or has had, I 
can't remember, a bone marrow transplant.
I'm glad they were able to find a 
donor so quickly.

I had to put something on the corner
to take the picture because it
doesn't want to stay closed.  It wants
to stand up and be seen!  But she can
put it on  her side stand and it won't fold
up.  I saw a challenge for using 
corrugated cardboard on a card so
I decided to get out my  little tool and
give it a try.  Unfortunately it's not
as tight as it used to be so I had
some trouble get a good piece.  This
was the best and it's not straight 
because I can't draw a straight line
with a ruler!  True story.  All in all
I think it is adorable.  the little
bear is popped off the pink piece 
and inside the butterfly is only
attached by the center so it 
"flies" off the page.  I love doing
butterflies like that.  It makes
them look a little more real.

This last picture is of my SIL's lilac bonsai.
She says it's about 20 now.  I wish I
had gotten a better picture of the 
full pot but the sun was so
bright I couldn't tell that I cut off
the bottom.  Doesn't she have the 
cutest faerie garden??
Well, off to get ready for church.
I am liking the new church so far
and learning a lot watching
Pam (my teacher, not DIL)
signing the sermons.

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