Saturday, July 1, 2017

Monster birthday wishes

Isn't this card just the cutest?
I made it for my grandson and I need
to get it out because it's already
going to be late.  Or I can give it
to his mother when I see her at
the nursing home!  I'm not sure
I like all the splatters, but you
can't help that.  I used a aqua painter
which is a paintbrush attached to
a barrel that you put water in.
Then I squeezed some of the water
onto a stamp block and added some
ink to it.  Then I blew on it through
a straw to make the monsters.  The
card I saw used regular cardstock
but I used glossy for mine.  The ink
spreads better on that type of paper.
So, in the process of blowing, the 
paint splatters and there's nothing
you can do about that.  Maybe it
adds character, I don't know.

Things have been crazy around
here.  My mother is getting in full
swing for the "wedding" and wants
a new dress, etc.  Rather than try
to take her to stores, Robin bought
her a skirt and top which, thankfully,
she likes.  They also got flowers, 
a cake, the whole works, apparently.
But she was very demanding and borderline
nasty yesterday.  Better Robin than me.
I would have walked out and kept walking.
She has much more patience than I do.

Last night Robin and I went to the
church pig out and then went to a 
coffee house with Pam afterward.
(church Pam, lol)  It was a lot of
fun and I came across some valuable
information while talking with her.
Information about a situation, that
until this time had mystified me.
Now that I have the additional 
information it all makes a whole
lot more sense and although I 
feel bad about the situation, it's
good to know what happened.   Today
while Robin is visiting my mom and
hopefully having a calmer day with
her, Pam and I are going to breakfast
and have decided that it will be a
silent one, at least for part of the
time.  I  need the practice very
much.  It's harder to have a conversation
especially for me because I have
to think of how to word things to
use the vocabulary that I have
to this point.  But I need to 
practice more and this is a
good way to do it.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Love the card! When is the 'wedding'? Sorry to hear your mom was in a 'bad mood'. That's not fun. Let's hope today is better. Tell Robin I said "HI"!


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