Friday, July 7, 2017

Just to say hello

I've had a few people come to
my mind which I always trust is
God whispering to send them a
card, so I need to get busy
and get a few made.  This is
one I made this  morning:

I think it would have been much
better if I had inked the edges of
the white panel.  It would have
stood out against the white
card.  If I ever make another like
it, that's what I'll do.  it was hard,
though, to get the angle just right
because it kept moving.  I finally
got a couple corners glued where
I wanted them and then moved on to
the other two corners.
I'm hoping to talk my dad into going
to the animal shelter in a little while to
look at the kitties.  He wants one so
badly, and I think he needs a
companion, but I think he's also a 
little nervous about getting another
cat.  It doesn't help that he is very
overwhelmed right now which is
an excellent reason to get a cat
in my opinion.  He's very sad
right now and feeling quite a bit
of guilt for not being able to keep
my mom at home.  Not to mention
that he is also grieving.  It's a barrel
of emotions that he needs to share
and in my experience an animal
is the perfect person (yes, they are
people and you can't tell me otherwise)
to talk to, cry with, and just have
someone else in the house.  Please
keep him, and my mother as well,
in  your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you.
Happy Friday!


  1. he should get a little furry friend. It would be perfect for him. Cats are great to talk to. I tell Cherokee everything and she listens, most of the time she'll talk back to me in her special kitty way.

  2. We went and looked today. None quite caught his eye, and they all seemed to have eye infections! something is going around. I want him to go to FW. It's much nicer.


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