Monday, July 3, 2017

Beautiful renewal day

Everything was so beautiful yesterday
and went off without a hitch.  The
home had everything looking so nice.
Robin and dad ordered a cake.
Everyone came.  It was just a
wonderful day!

Thank you to my daughter in law,
Annette (who works there) for
taking this awesome picture!
My sister is going to be helping my
dad go through mountains of
papers today that he doesn't know if
he needs or not.  My mom always
took care of this stuff and he is having 
to learn all of it at 80 years old.  He's
pretty stubborn, though, so I think 
he'll do just fine.  She'll be leaving
early tomorrow morning to go
back to North Carolina.  I wish
we all lived closer, but when we
are together we make the best of it.

Another stitching card.  I think
I have three patterns left to make.
The thing I  like most about them
is that I can sit and watch TV while
I work on them! 
Happy Monday!

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