Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Surprising news

I've had an order for blood work
since January (I hate fasting!)
and when I went to my doctor
Friday he ordered more.  Apparently
he ordered a thyroid test .  Perhaps
because my sister has Hashimoto's
disease which is an autoimmune 
disease you usually develop in your
50's.  She's had it since age 12!
Well, it turns out my Thyroid is
under active.  That could by why
I can't lose weight.  Or maybe it's
because I eat too much junk....I'm
sure it's the latter.  Anyway, they've
started me on medication.  I
have begun to ease into a plant-
based died (not vegan, but close)
and that , from studies, may resolve
some of these things like high 
cholesterol , which for now, the
medication seems to be controlling
nicely.  We'll see.  I'm not much
for vegetables, but I'm giving it
the old boy scout try.  I like
fruit, so that will help.

On to the card:

Isn't this cool?  I think it turned
out really nicely.  These are quilt
block designs in case you didn't
notice...which I'm sure those
who quilt (you know who you are)
surely did.
Robin left this morning, so wish her
a safe journey.  She is stopping in
Dayton, I think it is, to have breakfast
with a friend.  She met this guy on a
bird forum and he, Robin and Steve have
become fast friends. It's surprising
 the people you can meet on the internet.  
I once had a friendship with a lady
 in Great Britain.  We even spoke on 
the phone twice.  She has since died.  :(
Well, I must go get my license renewed
before next month and mow my weeds.
Happy Tuesday!

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