Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Emoji birthday card

My grandson, Sammy, has a birthday
coming up soon.  I finally found a
use for those emoji dies I bought a
while ago.  This is so cute.  I have
to admit I borrowed this idea
from someone else.  I can't come
up with this stuff on my own, LOL.

Isn't this hilarious?!

Judy, Coleen, Pam and I had a great
time last night just signing.  It's good
for me especially, I think, because
Pam signs so fast and I have to figure
out what she's saying.  Sometimes I have
to ask her to sign it again, but I'm getting
much better at it.  I took a couple of
pictures of Pam and Coleen but they
would probably kill me if I put them online!
Suffice it to say they are very goofy!

I'm thinking of taking my dog to the 
nursing home this afternoon.  My mom 
loves her so.  But she has to be away
from people because she barks at
everyone.  I'm having my dad ask for
permission to bring her and then we can 
bring mom outside either in front or the 
garden and she can play with B'Elanna.

Happy Tuesday!

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