Saturday, July 8, 2017

Quilted Irises

I am not the hugest flower
fan so I'm not sure why I'm
doing all this flower stitching
except that that's the patterns
they have...

I like how it turned out.  
My dad and I went looking for a cat
yesterday.  The Angola shelter is
not the best.  It's smelly and all the
cats seemed to have eye infections.
I would like him to go to Fort
Wayne which is where we got
B'Elanna.  It is clean, well staffed
and friendly.  He's looking for the
same colour as his other cat.  I told
him it wasn't a good idea.  He should
know that.  They had a silver german
shepherd years ago.  She died during
a surgery for cancer.  They trotted
right out and got a look-a-like.  
She didn't have the same personality
and they ended up giving her to a
friend.  That's the same reason I
didn't get another blue and gold
macaw.  He will have to decide
this on his own, of course, but I
am going to encourage him to 
get a cat that looks different from 
the one that died a year ago.
I'm going to breakfast with Coleen
in a little while and we'll go over
the songs for tomorrow.  I'm signing
the first three which includes a
greeting, "go shake hands", my least
favourite part of any service.  More
than likely a prayer too.  I am supposed
to try to sign both.  It's not that I
don't know how.  But if I come across
a word that I don't know or can't quickly
change to another word, I get stuck
and don't keep going.  Coleen said she
will guide me through.  I'll go to the
first service tomorrow and practice.
They usually say/pray pretty much 
the same thing for each service.
Happy Saturday!

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