Saturday, July 15, 2017

Just be held

I'm listening to the song "Just be
held" on Pandora.  It's by Casting
Crowns.  It's something I need
to remember.  God's on the throne.
I need to stop hanging on to things
and just let Him hold me.  I think of
John in Heaven seeing God every
day and being held in His arms for
real and it's a very special comfort.

On to the card.  Another one I 
stole off pinterest.  I changed it
just a little but not much.

I love the feather.  It kind of looks
like antennae in a way.  OK, not really,
but I'm going for a poetic  moment here.  :)
My mom's doctor changed her medication
and she didn't do well with it.  I guess
she got nauseous.  She told them she
wasn't going to take it anymore.  I 
tried to tell my dad that that is a common
reaction to new medications, but he
was not a happy camper.  The slightest
little reaction and my mom decides she
is "allergic".   She's not exactly the
easiest person to deal with in any
circumstance, but especially with
medications.  She hates doctors
and anything they represent.
I'm going to practice tonight, but I don't
have high hopes of signing tomorrow.
They are doing songs from before I
came and these are songs I literally
have never heard much less signed.
I listen to Christian music all the
time.  How could I have missed
so many songs?  So we will see.
I Can't wait until tomorrow!!!
Happy Saturday!!

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