Sunday, July 16, 2017

Clear embossing

I'm sure I've done this before and
perhaps even put a card like this on
my blog before.  If so, sorry for

I think clear embossing on black is
just so beautiful.  The sentiment is
embossed in silver.  This card is going
to a pastor in NC.  I wrote a year ago
about his granddaughter, Mya, and her
struggle with cancer.  They have a page
that he writes on and I'm subscribed.
Their grief is still so raw.  I cannot
imagine the pain that would come
with losing a child.  Especially one so
young.  What he wrote yesterday just
brought tears to my eyes, so I wanted
to send him a card and let him know
I was praying for him and his family.

I'm signing two songs today, "Almighty",
which I already know, and "He knows
my name" which I've never heard 
before.  It's slow, though, so I can
handle it.  Sometimes I have to jump
in and do songs even if I don't
know them well or they are fast
and I'm not comfortable with it.
If I don't, I will give up too easily and
I'm not about to do that!

I'm beside myself with excitement
for tonight's concert!  Coleen and
I are going to have so much fun!
We always do.  She's a blast to be
around.  And seeing the Newsboys,
well, what can I say?  I think if I
had the money I would be a groupie, 
but I do see them every time they
come to this area.

Quick joke I saw on facebook this
morning:  A pastor came to dinner at
the home of one of his parishioners.
After he left the woman told her
husband, "I think the pastor stole one
of our spoons!"  This bothered her
for a whole year but she didn't say
anything.  Finally they had him to
dinner once again and she couldn't
hold it in any longer.  She said, "Pastor,
last time you had dinner here, did you
steal one of our spoons?"  He replied,
"No.  I put it in your Bible."

 Happy Sunday!

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