Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Asian birthday card

My granddaughter, Sam, has a
birthday in a few days, so I made
her this card:

I just love these little Asian girls.
 It didn't turn out quite like
I thought it would, but I like
it nonetheless.
Today is going to be  kind of  a busy
day.  I've got to get my license renewed
and apparently I cannot do it online.
So I have to trot on down there
and get it done before the 5th August.
I hope they don't want to take
another picture!  The horror!
I also am going to go to the food pantry
this morning and drop off some
bracelets.  I usually go in the afternoon
when they are open, but I am going with
a friend to get her eyes checked. She
thinks they will dilate her eyes which
means she can't drive home from
Fort Wayne-although John always
did.  I tried to get him to let me
drive as it is dangerous, but you 
know how men can be. 
My sister made a safe trip back 
yesterday.  It was great having her
here.  We just don't get to see
each other enough.  
Happy Wednesday!

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