Thursday, July 6, 2017

Poor Uncle Ron

At my parents' vow renewal
my uncle was telling me how
much they loved the cards I
sent.  He said there was just one
thing wrong with them.  I said, 
"Oh, what's that?"  They are all
addressed to Connie, he replied.
So here is his.  A nice guy card
that I will write a little note of
thanks inside for making the trip
last Sunday.  I know it meant so 
much to my parents.

I don't know if you can see the
scoring on the outside mat all that well.
I wanted to make two sets of scoring
but the inside mat would have been
really small.  Which now that I look
at it, would have been fine. 
I took Pam (church Pam) to her eye
appointment yesterday because they
dilated  her eyes.   After we were done
(which was after 5 pm by that time)
we decided to go to dinner.  In the
course of conversation she told me that
the next time I am signing songs and
they speak-prayer or just general
comments, I am to interpret that.  
Period.  Um, OK....I get stuck on
one word I don't  know the sign for 
or can't recall and can't think of what 
else to use and they are 4 sentences
ahead of me.  Then I get freaked out.
Coleen said she would help me through
it.  Pam isn't usually very demanding
but she actually said she was pushing
me.  Which is exactly what I need....
So we shall see.  Maybe they will
only talk or pray during the time
Coleen is signing, LOL.
I'm going to lunch with Dianne in
a little bit and we always have
a good time, so I'm looking 
forward to that.
Happy Thursday!

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