Monday, July 17, 2017

Polished stone technique

I will get the cards over  with before
I rant and rave about last night!

I've seen this technique before but
never tried it because A-I didn't have
re-inkers and B-I thought it looked
too much like alcohol inks.  A friend
of mine sent me a bunch of re-inkers
(Thanks, Kat!!) a while ago, but I
just kind of forgot about them.  Then
I saw this today and decided to give it
a try.  It's really different  from alcohol
ink, I think.  Much softer.  So here's
my version.  I stamped the images in
distress ink which stays wetter for
longer, then embossed it in clear
powder.  It almost looks like glitter,
but there's none.

This is for my grandson, Bradly, whose
birthday is next month.  After I embossed
it I looked more closely and though, "Oh,
no, I didn't get the whole image stamped!"
When I looked at the actual stamp, it's
not fully drawn out on the grille.  I was

It's hard for me to say which one I like
better.  I think I like the green/brown hues
just a little better because they are more
subdued, but this one is so
pretty, too.
Now, on to the concert!  WOW! There are
no words to describe it.  We were standing in
line and I heard someone behind me say,
this will be the third time I've seen them.
I said, "My fourth!"  Everyone was so excited.
The opener, and sorry, I can't remember his
name, sang several songs, one was, "I need
you" and Coleen and I signed the whole song.
We also signed some of the Newsboys songs
although they were singing a few that we
either didn't know well or were new.
I had such a wonderful time!  They are so
talented, and it is always such an experience
to be worshiping with so many people
all at one time.  I told her on the way home
that even though I'm not ready to go, I
hope that if I am alive when Jesus comes
in the clouds, I hope it is at an awesome
time like that.  Not that any time wouldn't
be awesome, but you know what I mean.
In November we are going to see Matthew
West!  I love him!  He's got some songs
that speak to me so deeply.  Coleen got
4 tickets, and Judy, you'd better be
ready to go-November 11.  We'll make
sure Pam is going too, or we'll have
to drag her there by the hair, LOL!!
Happy, Happy Monday!

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