Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Last of the quilt blocks

Are you sick of seeing them yet? 
Well, here is the last one then.

This one was kind of a pain because
all those little flower dots melded
into one another.  I had trouble at
first distinguishing which pin hole
went with which flower.  But it
was all good.
I took B'Elanna to visit my mom yesterday.
It turns out that she can visit in mom's
room.  I covered her with a jacket so
she didn't see anyone and wouldn't
bark.  She and grandma had a good time.
My mom seemed really tired, though,
so we didn't stay long.  They were
going to an outdoor concert at
the park that evening so I thought
she might need her rest.  This is
the second one they've been taken to.
Now I know, though, that I can take
B'Elanna to visit with no problem.
She behaved herself very well.  I
was shocked-and pleased!
We got some thunder and rain last 
night.  I think we are supposed to get
some more rain today.  I thought about
mowing yesterday but never got
around to it.  It might be a couple 
days now.  

I'm having lunch with my friend Dianne
in a little while and then I need to do
some grocery shopping.  I'm going
to make meatless chili tonight.  It
sounds really good.  I am not a
meat eater to begin with, and I'm trying
to eat more plant based whole foods
now, so this fits the bill nicely.

Happy Wednesday!

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