Friday, July 14, 2017

Branching out

I bought this die set about a month
or so ago and even though I thought
it would be great, I just couldn't
get anything to look right.
I think I finally figured out how to
place the flowers to make it look
good.  Again, I am no good at
flower arranging, so when I see
other cards I think I can do it and
come to find out....I can't.  I can't
even copy someone's flower arranging
and get it to look the same!  I have
challenges in that area.  Also in
making straight lines!

The nursing home did call the paper
for my parents' vow renewal.  My dad
gave me a copy of it the other day.
Three pictures.  One of them in front of
the preacher.  One of the 5 of us.
One of "Bob Sanders placing the ring
on his wives finger".  I asked him how
many wives he had.  He said everyone
he showed it to said the same thing.
I wonder if they are in the market
for a new proofreader?  Sigh.
It has been ridiculously humid the
past few days.  I need to get out and
mow the lawn but I think I'm going
to let it go another day.
Only TWO MORE DAYS until Coleen
and I see the Newsboys!  I can't wait!
 It will be my fourth time seeing them
and I got to meet them in person twice.
My favourite group!  We are going to
have a blast Sunday night!
Happy Friday!

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