Monday, July 10, 2017

Rainy stormy day!

My favourite kind of day.  I need
to get the computer shut off
quickly, but I wanted to get
this blog done before I did.
Here is the next to last quilted
flower card:

Even though I'm not fond of flowers
I really like how these are turning out. 
They're really easy and quick to stitch,
Tonight we are having a silent dinner.
It will be Pam, me, Coleen and Judy.
We're the only ones who have consistently
shown up for class, so I doubt anyone 
else would show up even though they
received an email.  It is, after all,
summer and people have plans, vacations
and other things they want to do while
the weather is still nice.
My songs went well, I think.  I barely
remember the first one!  Didn't do so well
on the interpreting part, but that will
come-I hope.  I told Pam I tried and she
said, "You didn't try, you did it."  I guess
so.  I need to rely on the Holy Spirit 
more than on myself-and Coleen, LOL.
Happy Monday!!

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