Thursday, April 20, 2017

purple vellum card

Sorry about the fingers, but the vellum
wouldn't lay flat enough to see the
stamping inside.  I love how this 
turned out and may try more.

The "thinking of you" is stamped on
the outside, but I was getting a glare 
and it looks like it's inside.  I think it 
turned out so cool. 
We had an awesome thunderstorm 
this morning and possibly more later
on.  At least I'm hoping so!
I may be offline for a day or two.  My
computer keeps freezing.  I'm hoping it's
just the mouse, but I'm going to take
the tower over to Cody and he's going
to check it out on his computer and
see if he can figure out what's going
on.  Just what I need.  Another expense.
I hope it's something easy and cheap
that he can fix!
Happy Thursday!

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