Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Happy Birthday, Cody!!

Today my son, Cody, turns 30!  How
in the world did that happen?
I'm so proud of him.  He has a great
wife, likes  his job, is buying his
own home.  I'm pretty proud of all my
sons, as a matter of fact. And even
 though I didn't get a daughter, I have
wonderful daughters in law.

I love this picture of him because he
finally got that long hair cut!!
Sadly, this is also the anniversary
of my cousin Ronnie's death.

He was far too young to leave this earth.  
He had a loving wife and 3 great kids, 
and a family that loved him very much.
He also loved the Lord, so we know we
will see him again some day.

He was also an amazing artist.  He made
hundreds of these-I'm not
exaggerating.  I was lucky enough to
be able to get one from his wife, Cathy.
I had always heard this called "zentangle"
and it's supposed to be relaxing.  Not
for me!  I was anything but relaxed when
I did it.  Then I see his.  some of these works of
art  are 2-3' tall!  I mean, they are amazing!
What a talent he had!!!
Happy Wednesday!

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