Monday, August 22, 2016

Back from NC!!

I had a really great time at
Robin and Steve's this past week!
Here's a picture of my new buddies,
my niece and nephew, Belle and Noah.

While there we went to the Greenville zoo
in South Carolina.  I didn't see any  palm
trees, sadly, but it was great being back
in South Carolina.  One day I hope to go
back to Charleston.  

I didn't write down the name of these guys
but aren't they cool?  One is a male,
the other female.  I think the female is
the one in the back.

This is a baby giraffe.  I think he/she was about
a year old.  Not much shorter than mom!

We also went to a nature preserve in 
Asheville.  this poor bear was so hot.  I accidentally
deleted the better picture, sadly, but stuff happens,
I guess.

I won't bore you with more pictures.  Suffice
it to say it was a fun trip. The trip home not
so much.  For some reason they funneled off
4 lanes of traffic from I 75 into Monroe Ohio.
No explanation and worse, no detour signs.  When
I felt it was probably safe to try to get back on
I ran into an accident before I could get to the
on ramp.  It was over an hour before I was back
on my way again.  That was annoying.  But I 
made it there and back safely, so I am very grateful
for that.

I should have a card tomorrow to add to the blog.  
One more picture to show, though.  I forgot.
Robin and I did some crafts while I was there.
She made this tray and I think it turned out

I also bought a little wooden dresser
which I  hope to make to match.  I've never
done anything like this before, so I  hope it
turns out well.  While I was there I also
started cross stitching again and found that
I can do it with almost no pain at all!  I
go today to get an injection for my shoulder,
but the problem was the radial tunnel I
have in both arms.  I'm hoping to make
some nice Christmas presents now that I
can do it again.  Hopefully I have time!!!
Where did the summer go anyway?



  1. Welcome home! Happy you, Robin & Steve had a great time!

  2. glad you got home safe and had a good time


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