Wednesday, December 14, 2016

bad news

According to the doctor the MRI
shows vascular dementia.  That
is scary in and of itself.  The most
scary part is that he told my dad it
would be a good idea to get all the
kids together for Christmas.  I don't
know if that means he thinks she's going
to die soon or that she might not 
remember us before too much  longer.
I simply don't know.  Since I have
her medical power of attorney I am
going to call the doctor today and get
an appointment to discuss the situation.
  I need to know, if possible, what kind of
scenario we are dealing with.  Maybe
he won't be able to tell me much,
but I need to ask.

Here is the third card for Dianne's friend.
Tomorrow I will have the card box to
show.  It is supposed to be for 5 cards
so they may move around a bit.  She only
wanted three.  But I don't think that
will really matter a lot.  It's such a pretty
box and I haven't made it in a long
time.  Very easy, too.  As you can see,
I'm kind of into the gold at the moment!
Robin is going to try to be on the road
next Wednesday.  It kind of falls
at a good time since the courts will
be closed for a 4 day weekend next week.
She has vacation time coming so if
the weather turns bad she can always
stay.  I think her husband, Steve, is going
to stay to keep an eye on the dogs and
birds so they don't have to pay a kennel
and person to come take care of the birds.
It would be nice to have him here for her
but we can all rally around each other.
It's going to be a hard Christmas for sure.
Happy Wednesday

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